Salazar’s Fall (r227-228)

Hello! I’m almost done with castle area… Today, the Ritual Tower and the Salazar Battle Arena. 🙂

We still need to work with some ugly shadows in some places (for example, the wooden floor, stairs at the top of the tower, etc.).

Hope you like the pictures and video and don’t hesitate to post your comments 🙂

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23 responses to “Salazar’s Fall (r227-228)”

  1. Bad Guy says:

    amazing work as always

  2. Luke says:

    Hey guys, amazing work!! I’m extremely excited to see the final product 😀

    One question though. Shouldn’t the emblem staamped on the flag have it’s lines written in spanish, rather than english? Something like “Descubra la verdad en sacrificios y sus principios”.

    Sorry if it’s wrong, I speak portuguese and know very little of spanish.

    Also, glad to see you guys are keeping the “Progress summary” tab somewhat up to date. I check that all the time.

    • albert says:

      Hello Luke!
      Thank you for your question! I was surprised nobody else asked this in previous updates 😛

      This coat of arms was designed entirely by Capcom and it’s a different story than translating random warning signs here and there. I’m not sure if translating this emblem would be a major alteration… This is something we still need to consider.

  3. Alvare says:

    Seriously great job. You’l 100% catch Capcom’s attention, I’m pretty sure.
    And you owned Salazar on professional. He’s so easy. 😛

  4. Luís Matheus says:

    Holy shit, good job, man! How is it even possible to achieve such fidelity to the original textures while maintaining resolutions so high?

  5. Zezo says:

    Marvellous! Really, great job Albert!

  6. togan says:

    Hey albert (wesker) 😉
    I was wondering what the Original Texture Files Resolution (MIN-MAX) Capcom has used in RE4 the ones you are basing your Project on.

    You and cris (redfield) XD are doing a real Professional Job, KEEP IT UP!!!

    • Cris says:

      For the original textures, the min I’ve seen is 16 x 16 and the max I’ve seen is 512 x 512. Hope that helps! 🙂

  7. DarkSamus says:

    Looking fantastic as always, can’t wait to see a release (hopefully when both Albert and cris have finished with the castle)

  8. Mono says:

    Good job guys you’ve made a huge part of the game ! i think in term of texture recreation you’ve past the worst part with the castle and it’s details sculptures and paintings stuff pretty hard to re-do, even if it’s never easy 😉 Do you plan to make a making of video when it’s release to present your work and tell some detail on your work, funny stuff and difficulties ?

    • Cris says:

      Thanks! And yes, that’s something we’re considering, though we haven’t made any decisions about what that would look like. 🙂 Thanks again!

  9. Matt says:

    I’m assuming once you’re done with the castle levels that we’ll get another update. Any sort of ETA on that update? There are hardly any rooms left in the castle area, and I’m not sure how long it will take you guys to go back and polish everything, but you look pretty darn close to moving on to the island levels!

    • albert says:

      Hello Matt!
      We can’t say for sure any ETA because of potential issues in the remastering process. Some rooms take a few days to polish. Others take weeks! But at this point I don’t think we’ll find major problems.

      In fact, we don’t know what we will do with future demos. Honestly, this is something we decide on the fly.

      It’s better like this… because establishing a date to complete something (even if it’s an approximate date) generates pressure and anxiety. And we need as much peace of mind as possible to fulfill this project 🙂

  10. Terminento says:

    One simple question:
    I was wondering what happens with the 3d edits if you choose to shift to the original low resolution textures. Do the original models come back too? As in, are they stored in two different sets of data?

    • albert says:

      The 3D models are just in one folder. They are the same using both SD and HD textures. So, the 3D edits remain the same.
      We are preparing new SD packs for rooms where additional textures were implemented or mirrored textures became full textures (in low resolution and preserving the original texture — left and right side are the same, but mirrored) 🙂

  11. James says:

    Hey, it looks fantastic but I was wondering, isn’t the stained glass a bit too lit up? It might have been that way in the original texture as well but I think it was probably less noticeable. With the stained glass having so much more detail, the fact that it looks like its reflecting daytime lighting conditions when its the middle of the night is a little odd. Minor gripe though really, not something anyone’s likely to lose sleep over.

    • albert says:

      Good point James!
      I’m guessing you are talking about room 226 right (Salazar statue)?
      Hum… the problem here is that the huge window is covering a big portion of the room, and altering the light may alter way too much the atmosphere of the place.
      But now that you mention this I have the need of some testing and see if the results are pleasant 😛

  12. James says:

    Yeah, I meant the Salazar statue room as shown in the video. You’re right, in the end its more important to preserve the tone and aesthetic of the original than to make everything perfectly logical. Just figured I’d mention it as something that looked conspicuously odd. Keep up the good work, it all looks great.

  13. Cris Without H says:

    The writing on the Salazar’s flag (or banner or however I should call it) has reversed colours. In original, the font is dark, the rest is bright.

    • albert says:

      Could you mark at the precise point you see the inverted colours? I can’t see it.

      • Cris Without H says:

        The picture showing Salazar’s banner (Banner? More like the flag with his family’s insignia on it.) 228B.
        “Discover truth – in sacrifices – and its principles”
        In the original, the background of these letters is yellow and the letters are brown. In the HD version, the background is brown and the letters are yellow.

        • Cris says:

          I’m sure Albert will reply as well, but for what it’s worth, I don’t see the image the same way you are seeing it. In the original I also see the letters as lighter (yellow) and the background as darker (brown). The cool thing about this artwork is that the official Capcom artwork for this insignia was included in the artbook for the game, and this is what we have sourced for restoring this texture. And in that artwork as well, the letters are lighter and the background is darker. I hope that helps even though you might be seeing it differently than we are.

          • Cris Without H says:

            Well, I find that really hard to believe. I’m not saying I don’t believe you, especially if you have the artbook, but… I can’t help but see it the way I do.
            I can kinda see what you’re talking about on the “and its principles” part, but on others, I could swear it was bright background and dark letters. Like, I can see the difference between the frame and the background, with the frame and the letters being brown and the background being yellow.
            Then again, until recently, I thought Salazar’s family’s symbol was a dragon, not a knight (damn that puzzle that Ashley has to do, it was the pixels on that puzzle that started it.)