When Shooting a Glass of Wine Opens a Door…

Tonight I’m sharing some of my efforts in the room with the giant cage and the Garrador. I can still remember how tense it was to see the cage drop down, then Cultists running in, and then to top it off, the Garrador jumps down… 🙂

In addition to the comparison shots, I’m also sharing a small number of examples of the texture mapping edits made in this section to correct certain issues.

And finally, the painting with the wine bottle was repainted by hand using a digital painting program. Enjoy!

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21 responses to “When Shooting a Glass of Wine Opens a Door…”

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    Yet again amazing work my friend

  2. Alvare says:

    I love you guys.

    • Alvare says:

      It’s just insanely great that you resolve every single small uv mistake the artists made.
      But you should add the possibility to donate via Paypal without credit card. I can’t donate anything like this.

  3. Lukas says:

    Holy crap!

  4. Emperorsfist says:

    Heck, not only is your project a full re-texture, it can also count as a unofficial patch with all these 3d/UV/texture corrections. You really went above and beyond with this project. Also a quick question: seeing how you find/restore original textures, how is the island area based on real places? It strikes mee that it’s just a typical grimy labs/ruins.

    • albert says:

      Thank you! 🙂
      The island have mostly random/generic textures. But there are a few areas in which we could find some real life locations (similar to the village, more or less…)
      But the castle area is the most benefit in terms of locating the original textures of course 😉

      • togan says:

        You really should reach out to Capcom,and ask where they got the reference for the Island Level…Maybe they will fly you to the “SECRET” LOCATION…blind-folded of course X.X

        PS. I cannot wait to see what you guys do to make the Character Models look “up to date” in 2015/16
        Will you be doing any heavy Mesh modding, or just texture work on Character Models.
        Would love to see an “Busty/Chubby” version of Ashley,and Smexy Svelte Mesh Mod for Ada ;p

        Keep up the AMAZING WORK albert + cris YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

        • Cris says:

          Hi togan! Our intent is to remain faithful to the original game, so I would not expect “alternate” model versions of Ashley or Ada. 🙂 Of course, someone else in the modding community might come up with such a thing independently! 🙂

  5. Lukas says:

    Can we see the full painting? :^)

  6. C. says:

    Excellent work as always guys. Really showing people how an HD texture project is done. Give me a call if you need a bank to be robbed for further progress. 🙂

  7. deSeRt EaGlE .50c says:

    I’ve been watching the project for long time and look forward to completion. Great respect for this enthusiasm, low bow to the creators of this.

  8. V I D A L says:

    Pure passion. Amazing.

  9. matteo says:

    Great work, great effort.

    I really admire your incredible skill and passion.

    Well done ! 😉

  10. Cris Without H says:

    The only thing I’d change are the writings in the dining room. I’d try to make the placement of those letters more similar to those in the original and I’d remove the Los Illuminados sign. I mean, Salazar is the only castellan to support Los Illuminados and I’d presume all the decorations and ornaments are older than him.

    • Cris says:

      Your point about the Los Illuminados sign feels reasonable, thank you! About the text placement: the difficulty here is that the same original texture is used for every writing. In our revision each plaque was given its own texture with the correct writing on it. So matching the placement of the letters becomes somewhat awkward because it would mean matching different text to the same single original texture. Thanks again for taking the time to review and give feedback!

    • albert says:

      Hello again Cris!
      The problem with this writings is the original texture is always the same. We changed that so you can read a different text in every plate. The new text is shorter and since the original one is just a random text (you can even see some sort of signature at the end…) it’s quite impossible to match the ammount of text with the original one. That’s why we were forced to make the text bigger so the plate doesn’t look too “empty”. Hence those insignias, we needed extra content to fill the plate and we didn’t want to use huge text.
      Since the Iluminados insignia is everywhere in the castle, I didn’t think it was out of place using them here.
      But let’s see what Cris (the other one :P) and other people has to say about that!

      • Cris Without H says:

        You have some very good point. However, I would probably slightly decrease the font or even change the font altogether. It looks a little bit too clean for something that seems so old.
        Also, the other Cris has spoken 😛

        • albert says:

          Haha yes, what he said is pretty much what I was about to say. It seems it’s an optical illusion. The original flag is so low res… different people’s eyes will see different things but we found the original Capcom’s design. So, there’s no place for doubt in this case 😉

          I’m taking note of the plate’s texts issue for the final revision. The more I see them the more I feel they could look somewhat better as you are mentioning XD

          • Cris Without H says:

            Ah, I see, Albert. The pixels on the Salazar’s family symbol will haunt me forever. Through my life, I was absolutely sure it was a dragon.