The Island of “guerrilla ganados” (rooms 300 and 301)


Finally I reached the Island area!

The first 2 rooms of the last third of the game are specially full of graphical inaccuracies.

For now, I fixed some of them and added detail to the blockiest models (barrels, pipes, doors). There’s still lots of seam and mapping issues here and there if you take a close look in the video. But we’ll take care of them in the next / final stages of the revision. Remember this is still work in progress 🙂

This time, like in the Village area, most of the textures are full re-creations. From now on, the majority of textures you see in the game are quite random (with some exceptions). Some of them were taken directly by Capcom staff but its randomness makes it impossible to find the originals in real life. And some of them are based on textures you can find on the Internet (with patience and a bit of luck ;)). But many times even if we find the original textures, they are not at a high enough resolution to be usable. Consequently, we must re-create them from scratch anyway.

And this time I had to do something “special:” I drew by hand the sacrifice mural painted on the rock. Capcom based it’s design in an actual Aztec sacrifice scene you can find easily on the Internet (again). The original drawing has a bit of a “childish” drawing style and seeing it in HD makes the design less scary than before. We may touch up the faces and hands to look somewhat more creepy…

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