Running Into Luis


*** SPOILERS ***

What was always funny to me in this room is how Leon mispronounces Luis’ name as he yells out so dramatically. He cared about Luis so much, but not enough to learn how to say his name. 🙂

One small note about this room: For the cutscene, the game loads a different tile texture just for the close-up shots of Luis’ face, and this tile texture is much darker than the floor normally is. Additionally, the tile texture that gets loaded for the close-up isn’t much more detailed than the regular texture, so I’m not sure why this was done. In my revision this was corrected.

Enjoy the work in progress updates!

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8 responses to “Running Into Luis”

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    Good work as always

  2. Alvare says:

    Rofl never realized this.
    But I always laugh a bit when he yells out like that.
    Must say that I love the castle section and particularly this scene is so beautiful and detailed looking.

  3. eduardo says:

    our, as always perfect. Congratulations for this incredible work.
    One day I will make a donation

  4. Joel says:

    Nice work. Do you guys plan on using shaders for the character models?

  5. ED2P says:

    omg that door looks real!!!! If only MGS5 had textures this good!!!

  6. Biohazard says:

    can we expect a release date before the of the year ?

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