How Does Leon Know that Ashley Should Wait?


Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing some of the work from the room that leads to the famous Lava area.

This room was satisfying to update (and a learning experience), as I was able to create some additional depth to the Lava room door and a 3D model for the emblem that appears throughout.

The little platform that Leon rides across the lava was also a small challenge. The original was made from a random portion of the door that you have to open in the garden maze (image here), which is then repeated in a kaleidoscope-like manner. Simply restoring to the original source created an ugly looking pattern. With some UV mapping edits I was happy with the results.

Hope you enjoy!

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10 responses to “How Does Leon Know that Ashley Should Wait?”

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    Amazing as usual. I always look forward to ur updates

  2. Sean says:

    This is the kind of stuff, that for a texture freak like me, is what I love about modding in video games. The lengths taken to give a game from 2005 a shine that puts in in place with it’s contemporaries like “The Evil Within”.

  3. Alvare says:

    The additional depth, to otherwise flat textured walls look beyond great.
    Updates like these make me want to visit this site every day. I’m very glad you keep improving texture + 3D meshes. 🙂

  4. Phelaidar says:

    Amazing as always!
    Can’t wait to see the 3D Edits back at the village!

    And more and more excited to think the game is nearing it’s final part.

  5. kaludio says:

    is it me or did you added improved candles to the room xD? also are you guys plannig on improving the big hanging chandelabras that leon uses to jump from cleiling to cleiling? not that the don´t look good with the curnet textures but they could look even better with few 3D improvements 😛 also are you guys doing away with the square candles? hahaha chexagonalal maybe? heck, even pentagonal ones would be nice xD

    • Cris says:

      So far the candle holders have been improved so they are no longer simply flat textures that disappear at certain angles. Re: other improvements, nothing is set in stone and we will continue to look for opportunities to enhance where it makes sense. Or to put it more concisely: “Maybe. ;)”

  6. Pedro says:

    It’s me or the emblem is getting through the border? Nevertheless, amazing work.

  7. Alvare says:

    I’m currently replaying the game once again and I’m already at “IT”.
    But man do I realize the amount of work on your hands.

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