Heading to the Operating Room (Room 306)

Hi everyone! Today I’m showing you the hallway leading to the operating, sub-zero, and waste rooms. It took me ages to complete this area! It had plenty of 3D inaccuracies everywhere and the textures were not precisely simple to re-create.

As you know, this part of the game is full of weird panel controls and machinery… I’m guessing Capcom didn’t stay consistent to real life devices because I’m seeing that some textures have obvious evidence of mixing and matching of various elements in Photoshop. In the end, the important thing is that the place should have a realistic look overall.

So, feel free to share your thoughts about this work in progress re-creations. Honestly, some times I had no idea what the hell I was re-texturing!

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14 responses to “Heading to the Operating Room (Room 306)”

  1. Tatacloud says:

    [Eng] I love those details in boxes!!: “Made in China” xD
    I really appreciate your work and I’m really expecting the next update!

    [Esp] Me encantó el detalle de las cajas: “Hecho en China”! xD
    Realmente aprecio vuestro trabajo y estoy ansioso por la próxima actualización! 😀

  2. Marcos Tarifa says:

    I like to use the Spanish in some posters and papers in the game, I think it gives more realism since the island is in an area of Spain (which did not take into account the game developers)
    Sorry for my english

    • ZaBeastto says:

      I was about to say the same thing.

    • togan says:

      I understand we all want to know what we are reading when we look at Signs…but if the game was Originally using English Language for those Signs it should be kept in English.

      Now if albert & cris want to please all the fans WORLDWIDE..then they have some work to do.

      May I suggest an Language Patch, to change all the Signs or Labels in-game from Native English to many other Popular Languages used around the Globe. Possibly create an Poll to have fans vote for which Language they want supported in-game Signs and Labels.

      Just an thought…as your plan was to keep the RE4 HD Project “true” to original vision of creators. And using different Language will give varied results with RE fans.

      Keep up the great work albert & cris =)

      • Cris says:

        Thanks for the suggestion! One point to clarify: our plan has been and continues to be to stay true to the original. As we navigate through each area, though, some interesting questions arise. For example, “What do we do if the original texture is inconsistent with the game world?” This has come up several times. For example, some of the notes that you find in the game are actually a slightly modified influenza notice: https://www.re4hd.com/images/notice.jpg In this kind of situation where something is inconsistent, we err on the side of staying true to the game world instead of the individual texture. For the note above, instead of using the original source, the overall tone was kept but the text was altered to reflect the content of the note. Another scenario is that of what language to use. As you know, the game is set entirely in Spain, with Spanish-speaking enemies and characters. As a result, we find it more true to the game world to have text appear consistently in Spanish. There may be exceptions, but by and large this will be the case.

  3. Alvare says:

    Score! I knew one of these rooms were going to be really difficult.
    Only thing I dislike are the yellow – black striped barrels.
    Things I do like are the new double doors. The card insert panel and the metal shelves with boxes of medicine.
    Absolutely great job. I have no doubt Cris will make this look polished in every small detail. 🙂

  4. rab says:

    Gotta admit, initially I was skeptical about the idea of making 3D edits, thinking maybe that was going too far. But your edits have been fairly subtle and make sense in the context of what’s being edited. Nice work as always.

  5. Terminento says:

    As mush as I laughed with the Amoxicilina box, I’d remove real medicine names, as they are trademarked and their manufactures become quite the asholes when their name is used.
    Other than that, great work as always!

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Your dedication toward your work and progress never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for all that u do

  7. Chris says:

    Excelente trabajo, sigue asi…

    Excellent work, keep it going…

  8. Jack says:

    Amazing job generally speaking. Not sure how I feel about the change to the fence from criss-cross metal to chain-link though.

  9. WeskerGTX says:

    Muchas gracias por su gran labor, la verdad se aprecia muchísimo. Sin dudar 1 segundo realice mi primera donación.


    Thank you very much for your great work , the truth is much appreciated . Without doubt one second I make my first donation .


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