Knights, a Spiked Ceiling, and a Gigantic Drill!


For some reason this is a fun little area of the game to play through for me. Maybe because it has several little traps, but it’s really easy to get through. And I always wonder how long the two monks must have had to hide behind the wall on top of that giant drill. 🙂

You’ll notice both re-created and restored textures, along with a decent amount of 3D modeling improvements. Enjoy!

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19 responses to “Knights, a Spiked Ceiling, and a Gigantic Drill!”

  1. ed says:

    u muchacho are an artis, curator, geek on steroids, thanks!

  2. Lukyz says:

    You’re just f*cking awesome! Amazing work! Looking forward to release, thank you for you effort.

  3. Roland says:

    Hi, all these progress pictures are breathtaking especially with your latest discovery of adding polygons!
    So much time has passed by since this project was started, i’m impressed that you guys haven’t given up! I’m still visiting this site & the twitter account daily because i’m eager about new updates!!! I even remember the old days of the RE4 Sourcenext 2007 PC Port modding, albert’s texture packs was always the first thing one had to install. And this guy is still around, he is clearly the leader here with his real life discoveries, constant updates and perfectionism. But i also like Cris texture recreations, touch ups and so on. You are a great team.

    This will be the one and only “HD Remaster” project am I right? Because it takes so much time and effort and you can only justify this work when you have really deep ‘love’ for the game.

    I was thinking Resident Evil Code Veronica HD could also need updated textures when I saw a PS3 walktrough on YT . But a PC Port isn’t available and you would have to recreate everything from scratch and it is not the best RE game. But i would really love to see this if Capcom ports this game to PC.


    • albert says:

      Thank you Roland!
      It’s “easier” making something “quality-1” to look like “quality-8” compared to going from “quality-8” to “quality-10”. This is more or less what’s happening in this project. The upper quality levels (8-10) are the tough ones! Cris is taking care of those and much more. And this is what makes the difference!
      So, there’s no leader here. we both are working at the same level. While my specialty is finding source pictures and locations, Cris’ exclusive work is maintaining all social network and website “infrastructure”. But in terms of Photoshop and 3D work we both are at the same level more or less 🙂

      I hope a PC port of Code Veronica is released soon… My next retexturing project would be that game (if I’m still alive XD)

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    You guys never cease to amaze me. I always look forward to your updates and I am subscribed to them via email. I was highly amazed by your work Albert in the initial RE4 (sans HD) PC Port Mod and just realized that you were the guy that came up w/ that . Kudos to your contributions to the game. That has been the last RE game I have beaten, and your graphic detail improvements has helped improve my overall experience and immersion into that game.

  5. Terminento says:

    That spiraling torch, wow! Just wow!
    Which software do you guys use to model the 3d edits? 3dMax?

  6. Jover says:

    i Bought the Last humble capcom Bundle, just bc i knew of your project and that bundle camw with RE4, so, im just looking for your project to replay it.

    Cheers! keep it up

  7. There is a door in this room which uses Mekka’s door as a texture base with the illuminados logo plasted over it, this was a reason for many racism/islamophobic accusations and I wonder what are you going to do about it. I doubt CAPCOM would purposely do this, they just most likely googled or got random images from internet and multiple sources and edited them to their needs.

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! We actually addressed this in an earlier update from this room. You can find the post and comments here: — This is the conclusion we came to:

      “It makes complete sense to revise the texture to remove the name of the prophet Mohammad from the door. We totally understand that request and I can imagine that it would be disturbing to see the name of the prophet Mohammad placed behind a video game symbol. We have changed this.

      I think the right decision here is to remove the name, but to keep the artistic design of the door. In this way we strike the right balance between respecting each other and maintaining the original aesthetic of the game. I hope this is a reasonable conclusion. Thank you very much for letting us know of the concern!”

      Thanks for asking!

    • Cris Without H says:

      [Comment removed. It lashed out against a people group based on their religion.]

  8. Cris Without H says:

    Gee, now, if I was speaking the same way about Christians, it would be fine. But Muslims are untouchable.

    • Alvare says:

      That’s your implication. Doesn’t mean that it’s true. But feel free to think so.

      • Cris Without H says:

        Pfff. It’s alwyas like this. Muslims get special privileges. We always listen to them, cause we’re simply afraid of them.

        • Cris says:

          Cris Without H, I would like to ask you to refrain from continuing this specific line of discussion. It is not helpful. Your feedback re: our work is always welcome, but straying into discussions re: your views on Muslims or Christians or any other religious group is outside the scope of this site. Thank you.

    • Cris says:

      To be clear, I will remove any comment that lashes out against *any* people group based on their religion or belief system.

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