Look familiar? (XXXII)

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  1. Terminento says:

    Ha ha ha! Amazing!

  2. Terminento says:

    There’s this one thing that I’ve been wanting to ask you guys for a while. Right after obtaining the key that opens that building in the village (in the town square where you first fight the chainsaw guy before the bell rings and everyone goes to “play Bingo”), you enter a subterranean passage that leads to the graveyard and the church. Inside that passage, there’s this pond of water, this puddle. I thought it kind of looked weird in the HD version, as if it’s UVWs were wrong. I saw a similar puddle near the huge door before facing U-3 in the falling cages, and it also looked weird, like when you texture a cylinder in 3D max and don’t bother fixing the UVWs for the cap of the cylinder, and the texture smears in a curve like pattern.
    I don’t remember these puddles having this issue in the gamecube/wii versions. Could it be that they got messed up in the hd version?

    • albert says:

      Hello Terminento!
      Yep! That issue is not in GC. I’m not sure if it’s present in the Wii port or if it’s something exclusive to the new PC port. Anyway, I think we included a “fix” in the Village Download Pack and that terrible water effect is not that terrible anymore 🙂 (Now I can’t remember if I fixed the water before or after that release)
      That distorsion in the water is hardcoded and we can’t do anything to fix that but editing the textures themselves in a way the problem gets somewhat hide 🙂

      • Terminento says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! I was starting to think that I was imagining things, as nobody complained about that graphical glicth when the latest PC version launched.
        To me, it was quite noticeable, because when RE4 first launched on gamecube it had some of the most amazing water effects ever seen, and I was mesmerized by every water surface.
        I wonder, for other areas, the reflection effect is achieved by mirroring the room geometry and then aplying a shader on the water surface (thus, inside the water room, if you go to the top part after the crank and look through the water downwards, you can see the interior of the green room with the pressure pads. I always LOL to that), and the same shader, with a different texture, is applied for refracting effects (like in the fish pond, rivers, or the lake).
        However, given that this one is harcoded, it means it uses a different technique. Amazing.

        • albert says:

          You are right… that water effect looked beatiful back in the day!
          It seems there are 3 or 4 type of water reflection systems in this game. The distorted puddles is one of them…
          Haha we already fixed that “magical” room. It’s no longer visible when you look inside the water ;P

  3. DarkSamus says:

    Amazing eye you have Albert.

  4. Mersus says:

    Excelent! I want to play again Resident Evil 4 with this news textures.

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