Salazar Sends Leon into the Pit

Since this room is only presented via a cut-scene, I thought it would be good to share the entire scene in a video along with some comparison clips. For the best viewing experience, watch in full screen of course. Enjoy!

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18 responses to “Salazar Sends Leon into the Pit”

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    With all the cross comparisons of the orig and remasters, and amount of effort and work ur putting into this project, I am def gonna have to donate

  2. Nelson Q says:

    Just an amazing work!
    Keep it on! 🙂

  3. Palito says:

    In 2:08 why is the thing above Salazar with a different color? And great work, it’s awesome 😀

    • albert says:

      Do you mean the yellow-orange thing?
      I guess that’s because… well… nobody is perfect XD

      • Palito says:

        Hi xP
        Yes, that.
        What? xD are you going to leave it like that? It should stay like the original one, I guess

        • Cris says:

          Please consider all of these updates as work in progress. We’ll certainly consider this as we finalize our work. Thanks for the feedback!

          • Palito says:

            The color was just a little detail I noticed but it’s not that bad actually :P, in my opinion. And, no, thank YOU! For everything you two have done 🙂 <3 keep up and good luck!

  4. CantWaitForThis says:

    Damn it man i cant wait for the final.
    Very good work, keep going!!:)

  5. Gee says:

    I’m fuc**** amazed, this is why fanmade stuff is so good! You guys just won yourselfs another donation, ( i’ve already done one 😛 ) Keep up with the amazing work!!

  6. leonardo Oliveira says:

    Olá, Albert! Eu sou do Brasil, acompanho sempre seu trabalho e estou impressionado com o desenvolvimento. Não escrevo fluentemente inglês, por isso não me atrevo, espero que entenda hahah

  7. togan says:

    Great Work so far albert and cris =)
    Now if only the Character Models would get some TLC
    It’s jarring to have high quality environments mixed with low res Character Models. Just saying 😉
    I hope to see finished project in 2016
    PS. Maybe, “hire” someone to work on Character Model Textures while you two toil with Environments.
    Have a Safe and Happy Holiday and New Year al & cris ;O

    • DarkSamus says:

      The characters are part of the next stages of the project.
      Right now they are only working on the environmental textures…

      To quote Cris/Alberts progress page…
      Stage 1 – Environmental Textures
      Stage 2 – Items and Weapons
      Stage 3 – Enemies, NPCs, Playable Characters, Misc.
      Stage 4 – Mercenaries, Separate Ways, and anything not covered above

  8. Alpha_94 says:

    You’re great, I did not think that the good old RE4 can look so impressive. Keep it up!

  9. Roland says:

    I would really love to see more of these comparison videos. Thanks so much for creating this.

    Maybe you could showcase some other rooms with some 3d edits (the village?!)

    Keep it up guys!

  10. Roland says:

    Please man, make more comparison videos. I want to see that, I love that. I visit this site all the time, every day!

    This is the best project EVER!

    How amazing would this game be at 120fps, 4k, 16x af, 16 aa and this texture pack with the 3d edits?! I can’t imagine.

    Then one can do a comparison with the 480p gamecube original in Dolphin!

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