Get Ashley Out of the Cell (part 1) (Rooms 30c-30e)

Hello everyone and happy new year!!

I’ve been working on 4 different rooms at the same time these last few weeks! Such a stressful time!! My goal was finishing the entire chapter (ending with Leon rescuing Ashley from her imprisonment … again).

You can see the first 2 areas here (rooms 30c and 30e). And I’ve almost completed my revision for the next two rooms (309 and 30a – this will be the next update) 🙂

After all these months of working with lab and medical equipment, I am categorically positive that Capcom’s artists didn’t intent to be 100% realistic when using the texture libraries they had available. For example, they used an anesthesia cabinet machine as the base texture for control panels and office desks…

That said, it’s nearly impossible to be truly realistic when the base material is often not realistic at all. So, our main goal should be to get a “hey-it-LOOKS-realistic” reaction (rather than “it-IS-realistic”) combined with an “it-looks-the-same-as-before-but-in-HD” reaction. I think we will have succeeded if we get both from people playing the game with our work installed ;D

Please, enjoy the work in progress comparison shots and video!

At this point, I can say I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, because these areas are, by far, the hardest to re-create of the entire game…

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19 responses to “Get Ashley Out of the Cell (part 1) (Rooms 30c-30e)”

  1. Bob says:

    Great Work, as always

  2. Alpha_94 says:

    Really impressive, i can’t wait ^^

  3. Guitar Player says:

    It can’t be real Oo

  4. Thatisdifficult says:

    These are incredible. Awesome work!

  5. Realmoonlight says:

    Great job.

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Impressive as always

  7. V I D A L says:

    This is NUTS!

  8. Kirill says:

    Hi. What weapon pack is used in the game? Is it for Ultimate HD Edition? It’s free? Where can I download it?
    P.S. Did not find any weapon mods for Ultimate HD Edition.

  9. Bugbeard says:

    Wow – You guys are incredibly talented! 😀
    This project is quite a undertaking, but the results are gorgeous.
    Truly excellent work in remastering the visuals of one of the greatest games of all time.

  10. [ROLO] says:

    Wow, those broken walls look awesome, I just played through that area last week, it looks amazing in your video.

    BTW I don’t know if it has been mentioned previously, but I noticed that when you pick up the bullets (00:37) the box looks very blurry, like in the original console releases, are you not using the few “HD textures” that Capcom upgraded for this edition?

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      And yes, we are aware of that. They look blurry because I used the SD textures as base for my work. But we’ll worry and replace all the remaining low-res textures at the end. Every ammo/health item texture is repeated in every texture room pack… So, it’s just a copy-paste work 😉

      • [ROLO] says:

        Cool, but I believe the new textures for the ammo boxes on the UHD version are very good. Are you planning to replace those too? I believed they weren’t worth the effort.

        You probably should release a second demo but only for donators so you guys can get more donations for your awesome work.

        Disfruto mucho venir a este sitio a ver los avances y el excelente trabajo que uds. 2 hacen, es increíble, gracias por todo su esfuerzo.

        • albert says:

          I think the textures they used for the UHD are just the “check item” Hi-Res texture you can see when you examine the objects. They placed those hi-res textures inside the ingame textures packs, so you can see them when you pick an object.
          I guess we will only re-create/touch-up those item textures that have some level of blurriness.

          That would be a reasonable option but doing that would affect the project pace of work. That’s why we don’t generate as much demos as we’d like. Preparing a demo is pretty time consuming. But we’ll consider about another one when the castle area is complete.

          Gracias a ti por seguirnos y por la paciencia de esperar tanto! 😉

  11. Palito says:

    Yes, I agree with you, I think it’s best to get a reaction “it-looks-the-same-as-before-but-in-HD” combined with “hey-it-LOOKS-realistic” because it should look like the original, some weird stuff like you said “Capcom’s artists didn’t intent to be 100% realistic when using the texture libraries they had available. For example, they used an anesthesia cabinet machine as the base texture for control panels and office desks…” is what helped re4 being re4 I guess. Once again, your job looks amazing, I have no words :’) re4 for life. I have 4 questions though.
    1- After the project is finished, if players find some textures missing or something like that, will it continue to receive updates? (sorry if you guys already said yes or no in some update)
    2- Leon’s shirt is really black in the ultimate hd edition, in the original it is black but not a so intense black. I’m not saying it is a bad thing but I just wanted to know if you guys are going to let it stay like how it looks in the ultimate edition or like in the original?
    3- This is perhaps a weird question but, as you surely saw more than one time, when you’re playing re4 and you’re in the menu, if you don’t touch the controller for too long a little movie shows up, is it going to be worked out too?
    4- And the last thing, this is probably an offense to you xD but you guys are working on the entire game right? I mean, there are some new things if you play on a different difficulty. And you should know all the places of the game, with or without treasures, but I’m sure you do. I just like to be sure about it because, you wouldn’t like to be in some place in the game and you notice that certain place was untouched (there are even some bugs or a bug that everyone knows about, when fighting the 2 El Gigantes, some people, when making a speed run, go inside the wall and run underneath the map if I’m not mistaken but I guess that kind of things don’t “belong” to the game).
    Take your time to finish your work and to answer my questions if you’re able to and thank you for this :).
    Good luck!

    • albert says:

      Hello and thanks for your thoughts 😉
      And here come the answers:
      1. I guess we’ll make some kind of final demo release and we’ll ask people to search for things to fix. Then we would wait a reasonable time elapse to compile feedback in form of screenshots or something… But this is just a personal guess. We have not decide yet what exactly we will do.
      2. In general… we frankly don’t care too much about the HD textures in this PC port. We always stick to original low-res Gamecube textures.
      3. I’m afraid this is something we can’t control. Maybe someone here has the knowledge to achieve that!
      4. I’m not familiar with that bug O.o Could you post a link to a video showing that?? just curiosity… And… When you talk about “different diffculty” are you referring to the other game modes like “separate ways” “mercenaries” and “assignment ada”? In any case, we’ll retexture everything and every corner of the game! 🙂
      I hope all these answers help!

      • Palito says:

        Hi, I’m sorry I took so long!
        Thanks for your answers 🙂 go to 6:00 and you’ll see the bug I was talking about 😛
        When I talked about different difficulties I was talking about the easy, normal and professional mode. For example (at least in the ps2 version, it’s what I play), if you play on easy, you won’t be able to go into the maze in the castle part, however, if you play on normal or professional (right now I’m not sure about the normal mode) you can go there. Another one, if you play on easy, you can’t even go to the clock tower and there are no enemies in that area I guess. But I overreacted in my last question xD, what is missing in the easy mode and that is on normal and professional, are all things everyone knows about.
        I’m happy that you’re sticking to the original low-res Gamecube textures 😀 but if there is something good about this PC port perhaps it should be tapped if it is worth it ;).
        Ok, thank you one more time and keep it going <3

        • albert says:

          Don’t worry! I had no idea about that! Maybe that’s because I actually never played on easy mode! O.o
          We are aware of the good textures used in the HD mode. So, it’s not a problem. We’ll use the good ones 😉

          Good bugs collection! I’m afraid we won’t take into considerations those glitches haha

  12. Vick S. Bateman says:

    Really unbelievable work here Albert.

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