Look familiar? (XXXV)

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10 responses to “Look familiar? (XXXV)”

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    Good find

  2. Alpha_94 says:

    Wonderful job

  3. Nacery says:

    Capcom just released a new trailer of The Umbrella Corps featuring the Village section of RE4. Maybe when it gets released you can get a few textures from it.

  4. Mark says:

    Hello Albert and Cris, you should send your final work directly to Capcom and ask for a real HD Remaster release of the game as they have just done with RE and RE Zero, asking to add lighting, post-process and shader effects. I would like to see your work sold on Steam as definitive RE4 version! Now RE2 Remake is on the way, then it will be the turn of RE3 I think, you have not so much time to complete it for the submission to Capcom 😉 You should contact Shinji Mikami in person, and I’m not joking! Come on guys, you are great!!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your comment Mark.
      Unfortunately, that doesn’t depend on us. Capcom is aware of our project long ago and they decide if adding our porject to a hypothetical future remaster of the game is profitable for their bussiness or not.
      And Shinji Mikami is no longer part of the Capcom staff (I think he doesn’t keep good memories about this game anyway XD)

  5. Alvare says:

    Guys.. That trailer shouldn’t be compared. As it says in the beginning, it’s powered, thus created within Unity. it has physical based materials, shaders and post-production effects all built-in. I also think no-one can reach the level of quality Cris and Albert create. Yes Re4’s engine is old, but it is still going to look at it’s best when they’re done. 🙂

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