On the Way to the Clock Tower

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing an update from the section where Leon approaches / leaves the clock tower.

This section was fun to work on because I was able to use some of the new photography that Albert traveled for last year. And it might sound strange, but the bricks you see in the comparison shots are my favorite bricks in the entire game. I hope to someday be able to see that wall in person. 🙂

Another interesting thing about this section is that this is one of the instances where the game uses a pre-rendered low-resolution video (for the rotation of the bridge). The reason for this is because the “cut-scene” happens when you’re inside the clock tower, and the original game couldn’t load this section to show the rotating bridge. So instead they made a video of it.

My hope is that this low-res video can be replaced with an HD-rendered version of the bridge rotation someday.

In the meantime, please enjoy these work-in-progress shots!

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9 responses to “On the Way to the Clock Tower”

  1. X6205 says:

    impossible 🙂

  2. Ache Rock says:

    nice work men!! you amazing!!

  3. Vick S. Bateman says:

    Amazing stuff, really.

  4. Alpha_94 says:

    You are the best ^^ I’m delighted this attention about detail

  5. Gee says:

    These walls… They look so frikin good! Looks very realisticl. Amazing work.

  6. Amin says:

    Great, keep it on

  7. Kaludio says:

    they all look gorgeous, but the wall with the statue on it takes the cake, is rally hard to make what that strip of ornament is in the original xD. excellent work guys! cant wait for the next one.

  8. Roland says:

    I’m absolutely speechless, nice work Chris. Albert is a genius in finding and capturing these old buildings!

    I really need to see these in motion, please please please make a short walkthrough video if you got some spare time! it’s just so unbelievably incredible.

    Thanks so much,

  9. Marco says:

    The textures used on the walls are simply amazing! Great work dude!

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