Look familiar? (XXXVIII)

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  1. Brad Bice says:

    How do you find these??

    • albert says:

      I live in one of the cities Capcom took the textures from. And after years of research I was able to locate the other cities they visited in year 2000 πŸ™‚
      But I can’t explain the process that takes place in my brain when I see something in real life and I then I realize it’s in the game XD

  2. terminator says:

    Que grande! cuantas ganas de verlo ya! por cierto albert, te envie un privado en animelliure, ya tengo una de las pelis hd de selecta, bueno ya te comentare

  3. DanielRE4 says:

    Incredible how you always find these πŸ˜€ always excited to see updates on the project!
    Speaking of updates,I saw the update page and the last update was on 2/5. Shouldnt it be updated now that the castle section had another part re textured?

    Keep up the good work! ?

  4. Roland2 says:

    Amazing find as always, mr. spanish albert einstein v2.00 alpha!
    I will appreciate the “final product” much much more thanks to this “behind the scenes”-progress blog. Of course i don’t see the hours of difficult work on the computer piecing this together and recreating textures from sratch and remodeling objects and feeling the pain of sitting on the computer and encountering various unexpected problems and annoyances that you both do.

    But I wanted to ask a question since a long time but hesistated because it was probably answered already or is logical:
    Now that Full HD (1920×1080) is finally more or less established and adopted by the mainstream consumer, it is considered old technology. You wrote your custom hd textures are up to 8x the resolution of the original sd textures, is it future proof for 4K Resolution? Does the HD Port of the game even support 4K?
    You guys probably don’t even own 4K Monitors yet as it is very expensive but you should think about the future as technology advances relatively fast. Recently I even read somewhere 4K could be surpassed by 8K very quickly. But this is probably a bit too far in the future.


    • Cris says:

      Thanks for the encouragement and for the thoughtful question! When the project first started, 8x the original resolution was our standard approach and we would go higher if needed. But I have now shifted to 16x the original as a default. (This is why the FAQ now says “8-16x.”) I can’t guarantee it’s future proof for 4K (partly because I don’t know exactly what that would mean), but that’s the general approach. I hope that helps!

      • Roland2 says:

        what i meant with future proof was that i hope these textures will still look sharp at 2160p.

        since a year or two 1080p tvs aren’t sold anymore at consumer electronic retailers anymore, i’m only seeing 4k tvs being available. i don’t own one yet, i’m still on a small 42″ edge-led samsung lcd hdtv bought in late 2009 with a crappy tn panel.

        i was just imagining how stunning this game must look with your guys epic remaster-addon on a huge 4k screen with 16x af & aa applied. i don’t even know if that ultimate hd port offers 3840×2160 res as an option though.

        fullhd tvs became a thing with the ps3 as a cheap bluray player almost ten years ago. so it is normal thing that it gets replaced by superior tech.
        i hope you get my point guys!

        • DarkSamus says:

          I own a 4K monitor and run RE4 at 3840x2160p on my PC.

          • DarkSamus says:

            Oh, and RE4UHD along with these guys demo is awesome, uses about 1500MB ram usage with Albert/cris’s village area textures.

          • DarkSamus says:

            Visuals are super crisp and looks good with lower AA settings.
            I get 3840×2160 30fps with a single GTX770 4GB
            With 2x GTX770 4GB SLI I can get 3840×2160 60fps.
            Seriously, you need to see it to believe it

          • albert says:

            Thanks for the info DS! I’m not sure about Cris, but I just have a simple full Hd monitor. So, I can’t test anything beyond 1080p
            Could you post one screenshot at that resolution if you have the time? I’m just curious πŸ˜›
            Roland, I bought a TV 2 weeks ago and I can’t remember seeing any 4K model in the store XD I’m guessing it depends on the country. I think here in Spain 4K is not the standard yet.

          • Roland2 says:

            Thanks for your input, DarkSamus. That is nice to hear that it looks great in 4k.

  5. Roland2 says:

    sorry that i have yet to spam an irrevelant post again.
    but about the 4k tvs: i thought the few tv manufacturers left in the market ceased to produce tvs with 1080p panels. i think the situation will change very quickly at spanish retailers in the future!
    though i know that cheap laptop monitors often have sub 1080p panels.

    now i will comment only on topic in the future.

    sorry for spamming your blog guys!

    • albert says:

      No problem! It was somewhat related after all πŸ™‚

    • Kaludio says:

      i would like to argue otherwise, consoles right now are struggling to pull 1080p graphics and there isn’t enough content 4k to push people to adopt it as a new standard. In my opinion i think 1400p is the next logical step in resolutions. In other words 1080p is still king, plus most 1080p content look good enough on a 4k monitor unlike 720p on 1080p or god forbid 420p on 720p. Now if we could just get descent 1080p tv, we could call it a day. Most tv right now have tons of latency and have shitty connectors and or scalers. So no, 4k is not going to be a standard for a while no matter how much money samsung and sony spend on marketing. If you’re looking to upgrade your monitor/tv try looking into 1440 fps g-sync or free-sync monitors, you will notice a bigger difference than just scaling up the resolution, trust me it make a huge difference.

  6. Emptybag says:

    These are awesome updates, albert! I’ve been following bth you ad cris since the very inception/rebirth of this idea a good (2 or 3, I think?) years ago. I want to say great job so far, and I am waiting to beat RE4 for my 38th time once all these texture updates are done…Guess you can say I really really enjoy RE4 hahaha.

    I do have two questions, though: 1) Once you find these real-life samples of textures they used in game, how do you get a new picture at a good angle for use in game? I am at university to be a game designer myself (in my 3rd year) and I can’t imagine how you capture some of these given their distance/height or even the sunlight!
    2) What camera do you use to grab these with? It always comes out super nice πŸ˜€

    Maybe at somepoint in the future you guys could do a quick runthrough/timelapse on your youtube channel about how it goes from picture to game. I have a good idea myself given my university background, but I think it would be interesting none the less πŸ˜›

    • albert says:

      First of all: thank you for your patience! 2 years is quite a long time. We hope you enjoy all the updates as much as we do!

      About the way I capture the textures… well. I just have basic photography knowledge and my camera isn’t a professional model at all (Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 EG-K)
      The hard work comes after taking the picture. All Photoshop work is the key to get good textures. Of course, the base picture is the other key. My experience tells me the best way of taking outdoors pictures for texture use is during the middle of cloudy days. And the picture must be taken as much perpendicular as you can.
      In some instances I even took partial pictures and then I joined the pieces in Photoshop to obtain the complete thing (a window, a door or a wall, for example). That way I was able to obtain super-ultra hi resolution textures needed for some huge walls.
      The idea is making some “making-off” video/document at some point πŸ™‚ It will be fun!

      Thanks for following us and I wish you the best with your University projects!

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