Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part II)

Hello people!

It’s time for a second round of 3D improvements in the Village area. This time I reached the church and the update covers rooms 104, 107, 105, 102, and 108.

I’m showing you just a few of the most apparent improvements I made, but it’s almost impossible to list the countless little details I was able to fix… (mostly mapping and shadow issues). I gave extra 3D detail to the most blocky-looking objects and the objects you are able to see closely (doors, puzzles, etc).

As an extra, I’ve added a final picture showing the differences between the original and the final models and textures for the courtyard church puzzle panel. The original wasn’t that terrible but I thought it was a beautiful comparison to show. 🙂

And now let’s get back to the truck area! Yahooo!!

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50 responses to “Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part II)”

  1. Alvare says:

    This is great! 😀

  2. Arthandas says:

    It’s better than porn!
    I love watching those comparisons, I can’t wait for the finished project.

  3. Jeff R says:

    This is so amazing! You are just jamming on this now. It looks like you’ll be done in a couple months. Keep up the good work!

  4. ED2P says:


  5. eduardo says:

    nossa, com certeza deu muito trabalho. Mas como sempre está de parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho realizado, mostrando que a comunidade MOD é sempre superior em tudo. Muito obrigado por fazer essa obra de arte.

  6. Steven says:

    Too many Polygons, I’m afraid this wont run on my 980.

    Joking aside, looking better and better with each revision. I love reading and seeing more updates on this site.

    The only constructive feedback I can think of at the moment is about the door on picture 16. The latch things that hold the door bar are lighter color than the rest of the metal of the door. I think maybe a color that matched the doors color might be a good way to blend it in together so its doesn’t break immersion as much. It’s not a big deal considering you hardly look at that door for longer than a few seconds, but its up to you. You’re the perfectionist.

    Keep up the good work you two.

    • albert says:

      Thank you everyone again for your comments!
      Hehe In case someone is worried… I don’t think the polygons are a problem. We didn’t increase the polygon count of everything. We did it just to those things that look really ugly or that you can see really close 🙂
      Mmm… I thought about that too. So, I’ll touch up that at the end if we have the time 😉

  7. Gutiar Player says:

    That thing on picture 16 is great , sometimes Albert and Cris work make much more sense than Capcom stuff in my opinion.

  8. gsm says:

    A small suggestion for the courtyard puzzle panel’s decorative grating:

    • Kaludio says:

      Capcom used this technique on couple of instances. The mayor example i can think of is the floor on the fight with the two gigantes on the mines…. which they already fixed with 3d models. Proof —> – The game doesn’t push that many polygons, not even back on 2005. With a good engine and a better api, modern integrated graphics would have no problem rendering all the polygons on any given scene. However re4UHD is a bad optimized port that uses directx 9, so it banks on the pure horsepower of modern graphics cards to do the heavy lifting of the game, which is probably is used to emulate the console architecture, not rendering polygons. It is safe to say that one could push quite more polygons on the game before seeing a dip in performance. The only down side of using 3d models instead of techniques to simulate depth is the time spent on the 3d process, but Chris and Albert already said that they are only using it when necessary.

      • albert says:

        I think you nailed it. Sometimes I experience some performance issues and I’m afraid all the improvements we are doing are the cause. Then I go back to the original textures and models and I realize that issue is there even with the original assets…

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I may use this technique at some point actually 😉

  9. Alvare says:

    I think the wood barrier support for the door in the 16th picture needs to have the same colour as the door itself too. Or, perhaps even better, if the texture had some rust layer around the edges of these attachments. just to transition between the two different colours more smoothly.

    • Kaludio says:

      I guess they are keeping the original intent, flawed as it might be. I think it look better this way to be honest. It make it stands out form the door and it even matches the color of the leaves, plus it probably a part of a texture that used somewhere else on the that loading area so altering it might mean altering other texture.

      • albert says:

        Yes! it’s part of the metal roof texture for the wooden cabins.
        In fact, we could add as many new textures as we want with no limits (as fas as I know). The question here is: Where’s the limit?
        As I said in the past, We don’t want this project to be a neverending story. So, we must self-control ourselves when doing these 3D edits 😛
        But I agree those supports are too bright compared to the original. Even I also like they stand out, maybe that’s too much…
        We’ll take that into consideration!

        • Alvare says:

          Thanks pal. You’re doing a great job.
          Also, the water tower in picture three has always catched my attention by it’s fuglyness in each playthrough. It’s texture isn’t really supporting the shape at all. It just looks like a rust texture over a cylinder and cone. xD

  10. staale says:

    keep up the great work!

    will there be a guide to how to patch this when its done?

  11. metroidguy says:

    Fucking amazing! Can’t wait for release 😀

  12. Frank Nitty says:

    Wowzers. Great work guys

  13. wasabi says:

    very good job

  14. Guitar Player says:

    And how do you stare wood on metal door ? super glue ?

    Seriously..that thing on picture 16 is perfect in my opinion.

    Use your brain people, not only your eyes…

    • Alvare says:

      Of course there’s nothing wrong with it. And it looks way better than it was.
      It’s just that the aesthetic could always be improved on. 😛

    • Steven says:

      I was simply offering constructive feedback. As a artist myself I find that constructive feedback is way more interesting to me than when my friends and family just simply say my work is “great.”

      I personally think that the door bar holders on the door in picture 16 stands out too much, but like I previously said in my initial comment, its not a huge concern and not a big deal.

  15. Flávio says:

    Are these changes already available on the current downloads? I installed them but haven’t seen some of the things shown, like pictures 7 and 8 (the hearths on the room with ganados throwing dynamite at you). I think I only have the revised textures, not the revised models. Is that right?

    • albert says:

      Yes, that’s right. These edits are new and they are not included in our demo. Our posts are always of our newest work on the project 😉
      The Village Demo is not the final version but all these changes will be inclued in the future releases.
      Thanks for asking!

  16. Mono says:

    Great guys, little details make everything ! i love the new texture for the stairs, everything looks better and it was already amazing, you nailed it, good luck for the truck part, with a lot of metal shit pipes

  17. Roman says:


  18. terminento says:

    Gotta had it to you, Albert: the use of the term “Origami” to refer to 2d alpha cutouts is cool. I’m gonna use it myself whenever I have to explain opacity maps when teaching 3D Studio 🙂

    • Alvare says:

      Huh? I thought it was geometry related, because the ‘walls’ are just turned to various angles to make the bush or chandelier.

  19. SilentResident says:

    I am stunned with how talented this HD Mod Team is!

    You guys are talented. Such professional touches there and there! You have motivated me and convinced me that 3D sculpturing and mesh creation is a very rewarding experience.

    By seeing the comparison screenshots of the Before (Capcom) and the After (Your work), I am realizing that the game has a greater potential in the graphics than expected. It truly starts shinning.

  20. BG says:

    Ah, I was waiting for this one. These might be my favorite updates – going back and revising older work with your modern skills and abilities. Being able to edit 3D models sure goes a long way in cleaning stuff up.

    One old example I remember you showing is a tree near the beginning of the game that had a spot where the texture was super warped and blurry in comparison to the rest of the object. I’m curious what you guys ended up doing with that. 🙂

    • Alvare says:

      Yeah, these kind of updates are my fave too. And because I feel obligated to do so, I donated them another 20 just now. Anyway, there’s only so much they can show us. There are a lot of origami models throughout this game. 🙂

  21. Flávio says:

    Is there any ETA for the castle to be ready? Those awful wall textures inside it are the ones that bother me the most.

  22. Manuel says:

    Wow how much love to resident evil 4, a game like no other, the one i have play nearly 20 times.


  23. Dean says:

    Wow, it’s great!
    Capcom should hire you guys for the remaster of ps4/Xbox one version graphics enhancement.
    Or you guys should approach them to sell this stuff for some cash
    Nice work guys

    • albert says:

      As far as I know, this PS4/Xbox new version will be a straight port. At least any graphical improvement are shown in the trailer. Anyway, there’s no time for Capcom to include anything relevant into the game if they want to release the game this Fall…

  24. Palito says:

    I think the third pic was nice like how it was before. Now it looks different, before it looked exactly like the original but better

    • albert says:

      Yes, I know what you meam. In fact, I found the original texture Capcom used. so, the picture in the midle on the comparison shot is the exact same thing… but HD!
      Sometimes we conclude that the original is “bad”. This is one of those instances: it was too blocky, plain and bad UV mapped to my eyes.
      I needed to do something about that. And it’s nealy inevitable to use some of our personal taste for some of these edits.
      I think the final version is an improvement over the original, but it wouldn’t be the first time we revise something even further after someone’s comment. So, I’ll think about that! 😉
      Thanks for your feedback!

  25. Guitar Player says:

    “Anyway, there’s no time for Capcom to include anything relevant into the game if they want to release the game this Fall…”

    Poor Playstation players…

    Long live Steam !

    • Alvare says:

      “Poor Playstation players… Long live Steam !”
      Haha no, poor Capcom’s reputation. It’s so pathetic they don’t do anything other than re-releasing the same game without adding new features or improving on it’s content or anything. Like they only care about the money, not the quality of the product. Upon browsing Steam, I noticed one of the developers of uhd (WBacon) being criticised for ignoring the screams of fans and supporters. Basically, there’s a pattern there too. When the money’s up, they leave the project and never look back. xD

      • Kaludio says:

        companies are big, and some decisions are made my the business people.

        • Alvare says:

          True. And to be honest, wbacon is one of the few at Capcom who deserves positive attention. As he did well with the community. They did fix almost everything what was wrong. It just wasn’t possible, with the money they had put into it, to have all these things work perfectly. Like the framerate / gamespeed / animation adaption. 3D positional audio and gamepad support (other than 360).
          We really had to scream for some missing effects though. Depth of field (which ultimately, didn’t look that good anyway), lens flare effects missing. Wrong color / gamma. Luckily, they fixed the last two. Still, they should’ve put more money into this project. It is Resident Evil 4 after all.

  26. Kaludio says:

    Has there been any substantial improvements on the skyboxes now that remapping is possible? if so could you show us some pictures in one of the upcomming updates? it would be really interesting 😀

    • albert says:

      I just fixed the sky in room 105 (Mendez house area). It had a huge mapping issue.
      If you think there is something else “broken” in the sky feel free to post some pictures. It will be really welcomed! 😉

  27. Alvare says:

    Albert, I’m wondering now, is it a skybox or a skydome?
    It doesn’t shift it’s uv but just rotates it’s model in-game, am I right?

    Oh, reminds me. One part of Salazar’s castle is my absolute fave, because the scene looks really beautiful. It’s the room with the cart ride + rim lighted castle background prop. The hills however ruin the illusion as it’s texture or uv creates gaps. I’d really love to see a screen of that room if you guys fixed it. 🙂

    • albert says:

      They are all domes, yes. And they are sometimes 2 of them with some opacity channel. I’d say the texture flows all over the dome and the model remains static. One texture rotates clockwise and the other doesn’t move or it moves counterclockwise or at differend speed (I think… It may vary depending of the room…)

      If I recall correctly, we did something about that, yes… However, I can’t remember about the exact changes we did right now!
      We’ll keep that secret for future releases so you can check it by yourself hehe ;P

      • Alvare says:

        That’s great news! I wanted to recommend you to look around the Skyrim/Oblivion nexus. But I just totally forgot you’ve bought membership for texture resource sites already, it wouldn’t be necessary for you to to look around ’cause I’ve seen sites like cgtextures before, with ridiculously large resolution available for members. xD

        Alright then.
        I think it’s going to look beyond great. As I already found it looking pretty sharp in original.

        • albert says:

          Yes! (now it’s called simply is one of the largest texture library I think.
          It has everything we need (almost) to re-create those textures we don’t have/know the original source. I love that site!

          • Alvare says:

            Yeah, me too. That site simple rules, just like you guys. I pretty much got every resource from there, when I was in graphics school doing study for game artist.

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