Reaching the church

And here goes a little monday present.

First image shows the recreated textures of the church puzzle. It’s a combination of various textures from several monuments of Spain. Fortunately I could find out the exact monuments and I looked for high resolution images from that specific places. Same happens with countless textures all along the game 🙂

The second image shows the difference between an original texture and its real life counterpart. Yes, I’m crazy enough to look for the exact same wall and also lucky enough to find it!

And don’t forget to participate in our poll about the contents of our future demo release!

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20 responses to “Reaching the church”

  1. Hunk says:

    Wow, dude… just damn. The original textures look so bad that my eyes are bleeding but just one brief look on your recreated textures heals them immediately. Awesome work!

  2. Blaze4687 says:


  3. ThatGuy says:

    This, sir, is AWESOME work! Well done.

  4. Weslley Wesker says:

    I have to say, man, you doing a great work!
    Good luck with everything!

  5. V I D A L says:

    Insane research job. I cant believe you just find the same wall… this is crazy. Really fantastic job. The best retexture job ever.

  6. suyash says:

    Leon’s hair and vest need a bit more of polish and detailing like they did in one comparison screenshot earlier

  7. albert says:

    Thank you for your comments!
    Leon’s textures are not improved in these screenshots. It’s just an environmental textures comparisson.
    We’ll be very very scrupulous and precise when editing Leon’s textures. For now, don’t take too seriously what you see about our hero in our screenshots 😉

  8. V I D A L says:

    I’m curious about how did you find exactly the same wall as the one in the game. Are you based in Europe and physically found that wall or you found it on the internet or what?

    • albert says:

      I live in a city full of textures Capcom used for RE4. And I’ve done a few photographic routes here. I even found a texture of the game in a dirty narrow and scary street. I’ve seen so many times this game’s textures that my eyes jump to that wall instinctively even I was not looking for anything at that moment lol!! Then I though to myself: “Man! You have serious problems! haha”

      But before knowing that, I found by chance a texture on the internet that caught my attention and after years of research during my free time I was able to pull out dozens and dozens of new textures used in the game! And then was the time I knew my city as a container full of those textures!

      I’ll make a “RE4 touristic route” as soon as we finish the project ;D

      • V I D A L says:

        Although hard work, that must be a lot of fun. Getting a car and drive around hunting RE4 textures in real places… lol.. Real great, Albert. Congratulations for the dedication and craziness. As soon as the demo is released and I can try that little prologue, I will give you guys a donation.

        • V I D A L says:

          and I must say I have never donated to any voluntary job such as this which I can get for free in the end… but this one is above everything else I ever seen.

          • albert says:

            For us is a honor people like our work enough to make a donation. Even as a symbolic gesture it’s always motivating. Many thanks 🙂

          • Terminento says:

            Being a Spaniard myself I feel curious about the exact monuments and buildings. Is this all in Toledo? My second best guess would be Salamanca. Anyway, this is an insane documentation work! I’m speechless!

  9. V I D A L says:

    Right. Seriously though, as I said in a previous post here, I work in a big game studio as an artist. Painting, texturing, modelling and animating is my everyday job, however, seeing you guys doing such a passionate work makes me a little bit jealous. In the industry we have no chance to do a work such as this. The guidelines says: “Don’t do art for the sake of the art”… We are always working on a very structured and limited schedule and countless time we artists are held back on the level detail for the sake of the time efficiency. People love to call Capcom lazy for the port and the poor HD textures, but the problem is always time and money rather than laziness. I hate having to hear the lead designer saying: “Its good enough, no need to improve it any further” specially when it comes to texture, as they always say that there is no point spending too much time detailing a texture that will be in a wall where most players will pass through running and will barely notice… Well when I play games, I notice every detail and every texture in every wall, but then again, having the textures a bit better will not sell more copies… Is easy to understand why so many developers are migrating to the indie industry where they can work with passion instead of the “triple A” developers where everything is about business, time and money.

    You guys are doing a job that no “triple A” developer can afford and that’s why texture mods made by fan will always surpass the original textures that comes on the vanilla version of AAA games. Once again I congratulate you for such passionate and well done job. Do it for the community and have fun doing it your way. =)

    • albert says:

      Overwhelming words 🙂
      Absolutely agree. Sometimes the easy criticism over people doing the raw job is very tempting. Even I found myself blaming them for some unpolished results… And I feel guilty for that later!
      I’d say inside game industry (unlike many other industries) is plenty of passion because it’s still a young art sector.
      And I can understand their frustration because they get screwed up from both directions: their bosses and the budget clipping their wings and the unsatisfied fans blaming them for that…
      At the end we must be grateful for getting all this unpolished pile of textures! It’s an enjoyable work! lol

    • crisdecuba says:

      I’ll echo Albert’s comments – thank you very much for the encouragement and the added perspective. We’ll keep working with passion and having fun. 🙂

  10. Luke says:

    How did you know what WALL these textures were sourced from? Just amazing

  11. Terminento says:

    Wait! I got it! That aqueduct in the stone shield… It’s SEGOVIA!!!

    • albert says:

      Bingo! But Segovia is the city containing the lowest amount of RE4 textures of all Spain 😛
      But there are a pair of REmake doors in its streets, too.
      You’re very good observant 😉