Look familiar? (XXXIX)

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  1. Cam says:

    Capcom needs to just wise up and hire you guys. This is an amazing project.

  2. Flávio says:

    My God, did they copy everything in this game? Couldn’t they even come up with an original door design?

  3. Alvare says:

    Lol. Believe me, most game artists work that way. Using reference from real life and mixing stuff up sometimes. I do think Re4 has one of the most inspirational level design.

  4. Kaludio says:

    since this image is form Walles, does it means that you will be updating the texture that is already on the hd demo?

    • albert says:

      Yes. I already found a good quality picture of that door before I went to Wales, but it was just 2000x2000px aprox.
      Now we have a nice and super detailed 8000x8000px picture 🙂

  5. Lukas says:

    What happened to the last update?

  6. Alvare says:

    Some information, that might be interesting to share:

    -After seeing the last big update, the one with the merchant torch not lightening up the wall, I couldn’t help but to think that the lighting shader is vertex lit. Which means that if a surface doesn’t have enough vertex count, it will only be catching the ambient light. Dolphin Emulator has a trick called per pixel lighting, which solves that. But that might cost more fps than just adding in a few extra edges in the geometry.
    -Re4’s mpg movie files from the original Sourcenext port were sized: 512 x 336 (Terribly small)
    -When deleted from the folder, it actually shows the realtime cutscene leftovers. Including the ones from Seperate Ways, in realtime 3D (Camera angles and environment), but without characters and effects.
    So while it’s not complete, not entirely useless in order to recreate them.
    In Re4uHD they have all sound and music merged together for the cutscene anyway. But animation is really difficult to be recreated. Some of it will require scripting.

    -r214_ev_jp.sfd is the file that shows the pre-rendered bridge.
    -r229_ev.sfd is the file that shows the pre-rendered intro to Verdugo. Those were always pre-rendered, even in the Gamecube version. You can look into these quick by renaming the extension to mp4, but it loses it’s sound and possibly, the video dimensions too.

    -When exporting sounds from Re4uHD, I noticed that some sounds have terrible quality. Most of these are mono too. (I hate the vase break sound, and the collect key item noise. Those ones are the worst in quality and give me immediate earache.)

    • albert says:

      Thanks Alvare! I appreciate your analysis 🙂
      I tried removing the video files in this new port but the game crashes (unlike the old port).
      Cris did some test upgrading the bridge prerendered video using a HD one but (if I recall correctly) the game zooms in the new video to the original low res size O.o.
      So, you only see the central 512 x 336 pixels portion of the new HD video (or something like that…)

      And there’s something I want to fix about sounds:
      Garrador doesn’t scream in this port when you shoot at his weak point.
      In room 212 (Ceiling trap + 4 statues puzzle), there is a “painting frame falling on the floor” sound instead of the “breaking the door lock” sound.
      But I didn’t try any kind of audio edit yet.

  7. Alvare says:

    Ouch. That’s some pretty bad news. XD Have you guys considered contacting a Capcom developer about this?
    Didn’t notice the sound issues before. I hope you can fix them. Sounds not triggering might be related to game script rather than the sound resources.

    • albert says:

      That would be interesting… if we’d have the way to contact them XD Specially if we’d consider remastering the ending movie too…
      Anyway, all that would come after all texture/models work is done. Otherwise, we’d be sidetracking the main focus of this project too much 😉

      • Alvare says:

        Haha, you guys should put your names in with an exclusively large font. xD
        But yes, that would be a very interesting turn for all of us.
        I know it’s not the scope of the project and that these things are to be looked into when you’re done. Just hoping that Capcom would be more involved with the community and improving the quality of their game technically and on content.

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