Treacherous Road (rooms 30f and 315)

Hello again!

This time we’ll let Ashley take the control of the situation. This is the truck area and I had a “great” time re-creating all kinds of weird pipes and cables…

I always loved the room that comes after that. It looked quite nice even with the original textures and models. I enjoyed remastering that little place a lot. The floor texture is from my city, Barcelona, and it was quite difficult taking those pictures. They were of a floor in a really dark room, and I needed to take more than 20 pictures with flash at a very close distance, and then I joined all the “pieces.”

It was in a famous tourist building. I visited that place with a friend of mine. He disappeared while I was taking the pictures! Mostly because he felt embarrassed, because I was taking pictures of the floor as if I was nuts… Then I found myself alone with one of the guides of the place and she asked me: “Oh! Were you taking pictures of the ornaments of those banisters? They are beautiful! Aren’t they?”And I answer: “Ahmmm… nope…. I was taking pictures of the floor… Please, don’t ask why…” XD

Enjoy the work in progress pictures and video! 🙂


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29 responses to “Treacherous Road (rooms 30f and 315)”

  1. Alvare says:

    Hell yeah! 😀

  2. Flávio says:

    Do you play the Steam version? It looks like your laser sight is slightly more transparent than mine. Do you use any mods for that?

  3. Alvare says:

    Incredible detail, absolutely love everthing about this.
    “It was in a famous tourist building.. – Ahmmm… nope…. I was taking pictures of the floor…”
    Rofl dat made me laugh. I really admire your dedication for that floor. It looks stunning. It’s that quote: “same, 15 years later” that makes it even more awesome. xD

    Some small things I noticed:
    1:40 too obvious uv mirroring on white stripe
    1:45 large pipe, no cap face, culling visible.

    “I always loved the room that comes after that.”
    Yeah, it has some sort of cozyness to me. With the chesterfield chairs, paintings and the merchant being in one room. Also like the area after this one. Where Ashley gets stolen by Saddler. It’s really atmospheric and evil looking.

    • albert says:

      Oh thanks again! I take note of those 😉
      And both rooms were originally really well modeled. Capcom staff were really inspired doing them!

  4. Arthandas says:

    Very impressive. I like how you change English text to Spanish. Not only better textures and 3d models but also immersion!

  5. Gee says:

    The clock and the floor edit are stunning! Being watching your work since the village, keep on going! 😀

  6. Steven says:

    Sweet a new update!

    This time the only constructive critiquing I could think of was for some of the drainage grates I saw while watching your video ending abruptly and looking out of place. You’d hardly look at that stuff or even focus on it during normal gameplay so whatever though.

    I’m loving the detail you put into this game so much, I really like all the 3D modeling work you’ve been doing and I just love that you are able to find most of the art pieces in the game/recreate them to really give them that true HD feeling. The art looks less abstract now and more like real artwork.

    RE4 has a special place in my past as one of my favorite games so I’m really looking forward to playing again with your mod installed. Keep up the great work!

    • albert says:

      Hehe yes, I didn’t put so much effort to the road precisely because you only see that portion of the game in motion. but we’ll surely polish more details in the next revisions 😉
      Thank you BTW!

  7. C. says:

    Amazing work as always. Keep it up man.

  8. urbanman2004 says:

    Didn’t you post this earlier last wk but took it down? Kudos on your progress by the way

  9. dantheman says:

    Are all these warning signs going to be in Spanish in the released version? Or will you change them to English at some point?

    • albert says:

      Yes, they will be in Spanish. The game is set in Spain, so we decided the texts should be in Spanish (well… like all the enemies’ voices).
      Just imagine all signs and readable text in Raccoon City is in Japanese. To me, as Spaniard myself, it’s the same.
      But it’s not a big deal anyway: Most texts all over the game are just random. Some of them were originally unreadable and some others made no sense…

      I hope this answer helps and thanks for asking!

  10. H says:

    You are doing an incredible job. Capcom should be paying you for this hard work!

  11. Joseph Stalin says:

    genio! Una sola persona haciendo todo el trabajo que capcom tendria que haber hecho en ves de simplemente hacer un port de la version de gamecube, te felicito, segui asi y muchas gracias por darle estos retoques a mi juego favorito desde la infancia. saludos de uruguay.

  12. abi says:

    Everything looks really good, except 1 little thing on third picture. Metal floor texture with pattern looks kinda big and strecthed IMO. Check this link to see what I mean:

  13. Alvare says:

    I remember the fire looking much better in Re4. I’m currently looking into your old effect textures, Albert.
    Got the first fire animation all sorted out. ^_^
    Now the other two.

  14. terminator says:

    Que grande esta quedando! que ganas de probarlo, por cierto ya que estoy te enviado un mp en animelliure, perdona que no escriba en ingles

  15. hamid says:

    Hi Albert,hi Chris,your work is awesome.I wanna ask if your work is released for the ps4 version in this fall of 2016 or not?!because capcom is stupid and i can see another juicy port for my lovely ps4!please you do this port for stupid capcom so that they know how to port a game for the most powerful console in world!

  16. hamid says:

    I love re4 and also your impressive work,it would be so nice to port this great game by means of your impressive work to ps4 and current generation consoles,and i know that capcom is going to mess it up again by another terrible port for my ps4!

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