Q&A with RageQuitters


Gregs2k2 over at RageQuitters was kind enough to reach out to us for an interview. Check out the Q&A here!


There are also a couple of more recent comparison shots at the end of the article. Enjoy!


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11 responses to “Q&A with RageQuitters”

  1. Mark Gregory says:

    Thanks guys, it was a pleasure. Looking forward to the future of RE4HD. Gregs 🙂

  2. Roland2 says:

    Nice one. It was about time that Gaming Press dedicated an article to your work.
    I didn’t know that Capcom was also a donor.
    All the time I wondered what you guys do as balance to prevent burnout.
    Now I know and am confident you’ll deliver the best and most faithful Transformation Pack in Gaming History.
    You can’t call this a simple texture pack anymore with all the polygonal additions, bugfixes and such.

    Keep it up, perfectionists.

    • Cris says:

      Thanks! One clarification, though – Capcom’s not a donor on the project. They’re aware of it, of course. Thanks again!

      • Roland2 says:

        Sorry, I didn’t want to spread false rumors, you can delete my post.

        I read
        “…Capcom is one of the backers of this project…”
        and understood it like that: backer = people who donated money towards the project

        But I’m completly wrong. Excuse me a lot.

  3. Saad says:

    Hey Cris why arent you uploading your textures for download anymore? are you looking forward to sell them in the form of a dvd or online? by the way i will be happy if you work a bit one the blood of the zombies and make the game more blood gory

    • Cris says:

      Hey there, thanks for the question and feedback! We’ve done one major release and that was once the Village section was nearly complete. There’s still a fair amount of work left toward completing the Castle section, so we haven’t made any decisions yet about future releases.

      Also, we have no plans to sell or charge people for our work — we feel it should be made available for free. At the same time, we truly appreciate the generosity of those who have donated, since that help us recoup costs.

      Regarding the blood / gore, we intend to remain true to the original, so making the game more bloody or more gory than the original is not in scope.

      Thanks again! – Cris

      • Saad says:

        Thanks Cris i can live peacefully now i am now waiting for the game ,again Cris you are the best!

  4. Kaludio says:

    it is really cool seeing more and more exposure on mainstream website. I i’ve seen re4hd a couple of times on kotaku and several occasions on reddit, what’s next? the local news channel? xD that would be odd and awesome at the same time. anyways, the new shots look amazing, are they taken with a camera mod? cuz they don’t look like any view angles on the game

  5. stevens says:

    >…it seems like it will be a complete remake with a control scheme like RE4… And so taking RE2 and remaking it with RE4’s camera perspective and general control scheme sounds great to me!

    Wait, what? Is it confirmed? RE2 remake will have over the shoulder camera?