Hay Everywhere…

Spent the past few days finalizing the textures for the second gameplay section (where you first meet Dr. Salvador and his lovely chainsaw). This time the big challenge was the hay / straw. With lower resolution textures, it’s harder to see the seams, so perhaps the original artists / level designers didn’t have to worry as much about the edges of one texture with hay lining up with another… So, while there might be a final tweak here or there, I’m glad the majority of my work with hay is over. 🙂

Note: The pictures now come from the Ultimate HD version, so if the pictures look different than what I’ve posted in the past (from the Dolphin emulator) that’s why.

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19 responses to “Hay Everywhere…”

  1. ThatGuy says:

    Wow the improvement is amazing! Keep it up!

  2. Drange says:

    Love the details!

  3. V I D A L says:

    brilliant. The project seems to be progressing quit fast actually.

  4. B.O.W. says:

    What the development of beta download?

  5. Blaze4687 says:

    This is what happens when professionals make a texture pack.

  6. Gabriel says:

    Looks great! Altair or Ezio would be proud of those hays!

  7. Mohsen86 says:

    Just as I said before, the best textures I’ve ever seen!
    Keep it up man…

  8. masterturk says:

    amazing work.. can’t wait for the release! this retexture mod is really necessary, the original “ultimate hd” textures are awful

  9. Leon says:

    Hey dude, AMAZING work! I’m just wondering, would you consider redoing Policia’s cigarette pack, to look like the original? =)

    • albert says:

      I guess Cris’ choice is based on the fact that Ducados is a real life and popular brand in Spain.

    • crisdecuba says:

      Hehe we can definitely consider it. It’ll really depend on time, basically. Thanks again for the support!

      • Terminento says:

        Nah… Leave the Ducados thing. As a apaniard, it makes me chuckle a little, it adds to the surreal situation Leon is in, kind of makes me feel at home, at, to top it all, it’s a vintage Ducados package, which has some kind of charm to its design.

        Also, regarding this update, bravo, sir. Just, bravo. Those stone steps on the first screencap are so magnificently done that it could pass as a real life photograph.

  10. Kate Moss says:

    I’ve just enjoyed looking at hay more than I should have…

    Perfect as usual.

  11. Weslley Wesker says:

    Awesome !

  12. TheMarkusBoy says:

    Magnificent! 😀

  13. Drange says:

    When will the next screenshots be released? =)

  14. Andrashi says:

    Excellente. This modification looks extraordinary with each and every pic released.

    I feel a bit naughty, given the fact I cannot contribute – not owning any type of online useable credit card. Well, maybe it is time to consider obtaining one?

  15. Javier says:

    Hola! Primero que nada quiero felicitarlos por el excelente trabajo que están haciendo. Es increíble la diferencia que hacen unas texturas bien trabajadas aun en un juego extremadamente viejo.

    Me gustaría preguntar y saber si las texturas de leon se basaran en las del pack albertmod 2.
    Amo las texturas de sus pantalones, la campera de cuero y la remera (o sudadera). Sería genial si pudieran mantener esas texturas. Pero solo es una opinión personal.

    ¡Continuen hasta el fin con el verdadero RE4 HD!

    • albert says:

      Gracias por tu mensaje!
      En un principio, las texturas de Leon serán rehechas de cero. Lo de “albertmod 2″… ¿te refieres al “texture patch 2.0”? Si es así, ya avanzo que esa textura no está al nivel de lo que estamos haciendo, así que lo que sea que hagamos estará por encima de esa textura. Seguramente será una de las últimas cosas que hagamos, ya que las texturas de Leon son lo que más se ve en el juego y queremos tener especial cuidado con ellas. En cualquier caso, si a alguien le gusta más otra textura para Leon, cada uno puede instalar posteriormente las texturas que más le gusten.
      Un saludo!

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