Prelude to Krauser’s Final Fight (room 31d)


I’m getting closer to Krauser but before reaching him I must go through some kind of Ganados militia camp…

I thought this small area would be easier to re-create until I realized there are 3 different kinds of textures in just one room: industrial, mountain, and ancient ruins.

But I enjoyed recreating the last door. I found the original in Sevilla! (I guess it will be the next “Look familiar” post)

You’ll notice I added extra 3D detail and shadows here and there. I think there’s room for further detail in certain stones and cliffs, but I’ll leave that for the next revision stage.

I took certain liberties. So, feel free to comment about these work in progress pictures and video as usual! πŸ™‚

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40 responses to “Prelude to Krauser’s Final Fight (room 31d)”

  1. Alvare says:

    Looks great. I’ll have a good look at it when i’m home. πŸ™‚

  2. Boris says:

    Looks fantastic. The only imperfection that stands out to me are the repeating textures seen in picture 3 and that room in general. Perhaps it would be possible in future revisions to keep the textures faithful to their original counterparts whilst modifying them slightly in places where cracks, patterns etc. give away how often the texture has been re-used.

    • albert says:

      I agree in that particular screenshot. The column in the corner was an isolated 3D model that needed to be remapped. When I did it I didn’t notice I used the same exact portion of wall you can see at the left of the picture. It’s quite simple to fix πŸ™‚
      Other than remapping job, the only thing we can do is to add a new texture with different cracks and dirty and then we should combine and alternate it with the original (but re-created) one so it doesn’t look that repetitive.
      Thnk you!

  3. Cris Without H says:

    The first screenshot looks a little bit too different from the original.
    Also, I’m not quite sure what you meant with that one. “That’s why the details you see in the original wall texture are not here”. If anything, I’d say the new texture has things in it that weren’t present in the original.
    Also, the wall and the door in 31DT screenshot look a little different, but that’s just me nitpicking.
    Overall, great job as always πŸ™‚

    • albert says:

      Yes, I think the wall needs to be somewhat uncontrasted or something.
      Sorry, the explanation was somewhat vage. What I meant is the most obvious differences you see (different cracks, marble typical lines, missing tiles, etc…) are due to the modified wall mapping. They are there (those details) but they are in other places of the room.

      Haha don’t worry, Yes, but the question is: Would you notice that if you didn’t have the original and the re-creation side by side? that was my point πŸ˜‰

      It’s impossible to re-create every single rust spot, crack or plaster lump… well.. not exactly. It is possible! but then we would need one month per texture… XD We must say “stop” at some point when doing a texture.

      I think we’ll modify that rusted airduct you can see on the top of the wall. (31DU) Now it’s too red…
      Oh! and now that you mention the door… I changed the texture of the door frame too. It was using a bad mapped wooden texture and I change it to a rusted metal texture (the airduct one)

      Thank you for your feedback as usual! We’ll take care of lots of things in the next revision stage πŸ™‚

      • Cris Without H says:

        Well, I looked at crates and trees screenshots you uploaded. First, there were the original textures. Then, your first HD attempts. And then, revision of these attempts. The revision always looked more faithfully to the first attempt, and I must say, most if not all of the details seemed to be exactly as they were. Besides, with a project like this, and that’s just my opinion, I wouldn’t really hurry so much. Chances of both of you dying before you finish it are rather slim ^^

        • Cris Without H says:

          *revision always looked more faithfully THAN the first attempt. I’m as focused as a gold fish.

          • Cris says:

            Yes, but if we aimed to recreate every mark in the exact location for every texture, we would never finish. πŸ™‚

        • albert says:

          Hehe well some of those were redone based on the original texture we found in HD, or a new picture of the original location made by myself. That’s why they are almost identical to the original.
          And sometimes (because we are illogical humans) we get obsessed with certain textures and we can’t stop until it’s nearly perfect! But we can’t allow ourselves doing that for every single texture.

          • Cris Without H says:

            Oh, I know that feeling, Albert. I find myself almost compulsive with that wall and door for some reason ^_^
            Also, Cris, I do realise it would be much more time consuming, and still, it’s amazing how much you’ve already done.
            I’m really excited to see character changes, as these are the ones I’m most curious about. There are some things that annoy me, such as Krauser’s arms bending oddly during the knife fight cutscene or Saddler’s robe clipping through the floor like crazy during the final boss cutscene.
            I’m super excited to see what will be done about it, since you were able to fix the hole in Krauser’s body during the knife scene.

  4. Alex says:

    Are you planning on re-texturing the guns, character models and character shadows as well? Forgot if you ever said anything on it, sorry.

  5. Marius Johnsen says:

    Great work πŸ™‚ Only thing that caught my eye was the bricks in the 4th image looks a little bit too clean compared to the original and should maybe look a little bit more worn down and dusty.

  6. MetallicA says:

    Please make HD water and sky (sun, night, stars, rain etc…) textures. I know this would great if you do this

    • albert says:

      We are redoing that too (when it’s possible, of course) πŸ™‚

      • Sophia Sparks says:

        Are they feasible at least?

        If not, the maps will looks unfinished…

        I’m probably worrying too much.

        • albert says:

          Yes, it’s possible to re-create everything but certain broken water effects… We can edit the water textures but we cannot modify the way the game engine handles them.

  7. Adrian says:

    this looks so great!
    thank you for your effort. i see so many retexturing projects idling and stopping after some time … you are constantly not only updating the textures, but also the community about your progress. i love that!

  8. Steven says:

    I enjoy watching your labor of love come to fruition and I mean that in the most non-sexual way possible.

  9. BG says:

    I suppose the inside of the air duct in 31DU could be textured so it has 4 sides instead of 3. Also maybe lift up the texture in the corner wall in 31DP so the horizontal line lines-up with the walls to the left and right.

    • albert says:

      I’m making a note for these two details you mention. Both are possible πŸ™‚
      I’ll revise them when I’m home. Thanks!

  10. Alvare says:

    Lots of respect guys. Most likely gonna donate once more when next update is there.
    This game is now one big museum of high res and good looking set pieces. πŸ™‚

  11. Nacery says:

    Love the idea of faking the AO.

  12. Sophia Sparks says:

    The more this project go further, the more it’s looking like RE4 was released recently.

    Wondrous work!

    Just two little nitpicks: The sticks who support the tents outside, before you enter the mining trail tunnel, kinda looks ugly.

    The rock textures, that coats the walls in the tunnel, are kinda bizarre: you can clearly where the seams begins and ends.

  13. Sergey Tokarev says:

    Great as usual, Albert and Cris.
    Time to donate, I guess πŸ™‚

  14. Frank Nitty says:

    I must say the improvements u are doing compared to the originals are freaking beautiful. Keep up the good wrk. U guys continue to amaze w/ each update u present

  15. therealest says:

    Hey Cris and Albert! My friend is a seismologist, and predicts that Spain and Portugal will likely experience earthquakes in either the fall or winter. Obviously earthquakes happen around the world all the time, (you can even track them here: but from my knowledge Spain and Portugal rarely have big ones. I’m just giving you guys a heads-up to backup your data, because I know computers and hardware can be sensitive stuff. You wouldn’t want to spend all this time working on the project and end up having to restart portions of it, due to the hardware falling off shelves, etc. He’s also a physicist (I myself am partial to physics as well, but I don’t work in the field like he does). I’m just passing this info along to you both, just in case anything happens. This isn’t a doomsday prediction or anything like that. Take care.

    • Cris says:

      Hey thanks for thinking of us and for the warning! The good news is we have redundant backups of our data, though hopefully it won’t be necessary!

  16. Nick McGuire says:

    Man, can’t believe you’ve been able to stay motivated in this project all this time. Can’t wait till it’s finished, truly an inspiration.

  17. AntΓ³nio says:

    First and foremost I must say this project is very awesome and your work and devotion are admirable πŸ™‚
    Since I’m not really sure what you guys are messing around besides textures (and my modding knowledge is very limited) can you tell me if it’s ever going to be possible to mod the wii version with these texture improvements?
    The wii version is very fun to play, plus it has lighting effects that the PC version doesn’t have and so it would be awesome if that was ever possible!
    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    • albert says:

      Hello AntΓ³nio and thank you for your comment!
      Modding the Wii version is only possible via Dolphin emulator as far as I know. Anyway, only the texture improvements would be possible to import, not the 3D edits.
      But (just in case you didn’t know) this PC version we are updating was released in 2014 (It’s known as UHD or Ultimate HD edition) and has the GC/Wii lighting effects and hi-poly models, unlike the old 2007 port.

      We’ll do our best! πŸ™‚

  18. Charles says:

    Are the shadows baked on or have you implemented some ambient occlusion?

    • Cris says:

      Hi Charles! The shadows are baked in, sorry. As far as I’m aware, there’s currently no way to implement ambient occlusion. πŸ™