Look familiar? (XLIV)

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5 responses to “Look familiar? (XLIV)”

  1. Luís Matheus says:

    You guys are some damn detectives. That’s amazing. How do you even find this shit out?

    • Sergey Tokarev says:

      “Toledo and some other cities in Spain are full of RE4 textures ?
      It seems all this years working with re4 resulted in all its textures to be “burned” in my brain so I could recognize them when looking at something in the real life O.o Or something like this… XD”

      I think something like this should be in FAQ 😀

      • Luís Matheus says:

        That’s neat!
        It’s incredible how faithful to the originals your textures are, while maintaining a much higher graphical fidelity. There’s a lot of soul to your project.

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