Leon vs Krauser (room 31c)

Hi! Today I’m sharing my progress on the ancient ruins area where Leon fights Krauser.

First of all, I found out the way to edit the ugly shadow that Leon and the enemies cast on the floor in this room and in the previous one. The shadow looks okay when the light source is in the right position, but most of the time it looks bad, too dark, and it gets cut off by walls or just floats when Leon is near the edge of a cliff / hole / stairs. I just needed to hex-edit a few numbers inside one LIT file that you can find inside the UDAS file for this room (just in case someone is interested) so I was able to change the length and projection angle of the shadow.

It’s been pretty hard to find the right materials for those ruined bricks and walls, but I think the end result is quite faithful.

As usual, I added some extra 3D details here and there and fixed some distortions, bad mapping, and several 3D issues. I’m satisfied with the results but I feel the animals in the Holy Beast puzzle  could be re-created in a more realistic way…

I made the final door a little bigger because it’s huuuuge on the other side! And I’ll make it a little smaller when editing the next room. So they will look more or less the same size on either side. The text is placeholder. We’ll listen to any suggestions! Currently it says: “Warning: Entering a military training zone. Keep out during training periods. Danger of death by possible stray bullets.” XD

I hope you like these work in progress pictures and video!

Fins la propera!

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