Look familiar? (XLV)

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  1. cikame says:

    As always your ability to track down textures is amazing.
    Quick question, i assume you guys have seen the recent footage from the latest “remaster” of the game seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrVzRtmLAsc.
    Since it’s a subject so close to your hearts it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about it, it’s not coming to PC so that’s one thing, but it seems Capcom have been doing their own texture edits, though i doubt it’s as in depth as re4hd.

    • Cris says:

      Hello and thanks! Re: the upcoming PS4 / XBO versions, I don’t think there are any new texture improvements – it looks like it’s the same minimal texture improvements from the PC UHD version. Regardless, it’s good for folks to get to play it at 60 FPS on consoles!

      • cikame says:

        Thanks for replying!
        I thought it looked a little higher res in places but if anyone would know it would be you guys :P.
        Also i initially thought the reflective water effects were new but those were in the UHD version too, so i’m wrong on both counts :D, re4hd maintains its position as king.

  2. Lukas says:

    Lol, I found out that there was a cigarette brand that was briefly sold in Japan around 2004 (when RE4 was being developed) that looks like this:

    Surely must’ve been the inspiration for the FBI guy’s cigarette pack.

  3. Brad Vickers says:

    How did Albert find this carving? Did he visit Syria and stumble upon this relic or did he use a search engine and feed a screenshot segment through the webpage?

    If the latter, does he or you plan to visit the location and take a higher resolution image of the texture and fuse it with the project?

    • X6205 says:

      Yes of course. Syria is these days popular tourist destination 🙂 lol..

    • albert says:

      No worries. I found a public domain HD picture of that detail.
      Capcom didn’t travel there as far as I know. They used lots of texture stock and random pictures you can find in the Internet and I’m assuming this is one of them.

      I found it by searching something like “stone carving grapes” in Google and when I saw that picture I recognized the pattern. I was lucky… Sorry, no interesting stories about this finding this time haha XD

  4. V I D A L says:

    It always blow my mind how you see a random pattern in a wall and identify that it was used in the game. o.O

  5. gazzellone says:

    Congrats on being featured in the RE4 comparison video of Digital Foundry 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the heads-up!
      Too bad the comparison angles they are showing doesn’t make justice to the project XD

      • Alvare says:

        You’re absolutely right Albert. Plus the fact that reading those comments make me absolutely miserable. People don’t frickin’ seem to get the the fps, hardware capabilities and technical functions of an engine. Can’t blame them, for not following an education on game artist. I’d say pc version is the best when you have anti-aliasing off and force downsampling combined with 16x anisotropic texture filtering. Game will be more demanding but it looks insane, especially with your textures.

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