Look familiar? (XLVI)

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13 responses to “Look familiar? (XLVI)”

  1. Majora says:

    On the left original game
    On the right RE4 HD Project


  2. Roland says:

    This will be insane again. I can’t wait for the walktrough video and comparison screens!

    Amazing find, but are they renovating the cathedral or something?

    By the way, today I found something amazing, too which is related to Biohazard/ Resident evil series.

    Somebody remade the Mansion of the Resident Evil Remake in Unreal Engine 4. Check it out, i am impressed that he was able to stay so true to the original just like you guys with RE4:



  3. terminento says:

    Too bad the actual cathedral doesn’t have a giant robotic statue of Salazr inside

  4. terminator says:

    Dios es igualito! que ganas ya de que termineis el mod, os esta quedando fabuloso!

    Por cierto albert te envie un mp por animelliure

  5. ac.amir says:

    Amazing job again 🙂

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