Del Lago surroundings

Hi people!

We are pleased to announce that the demo will be released next week (Saturday 4/19). It will include the first two areas of the game: from the start to the end of the first battle in the village. The details of its contents will be explained the day of the release πŸ™‚

But before that, I’m showing you my progress so far, as usual. I’m reaching the “Del Lago” creature area. This zone is full of grunge/rotten/chaotic textures. We could end up with a mass of terrible and unidentifiable surfaces  if we don’t pay attention!

First 2 images are from “El gigante” area (daylight). As you can see, I found the original texture for that little door! The giant door is a recreation using the same real life door (like that church area wall).

The next image is an example of improved bumpmapping (and HD texture of course). The light reflection is much more detailed. The original bumpmap is too low res and it gives the feeling the item is coated with a gelatinous substance or something…

And the other 3 images are a few instances of all recreated textures from the swamp and lake areas.

Everything is work in progress.

Feliz Semana Santa!

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13 responses to “Del Lago surroundings”

  1. Lukas says:

    Amazing work, though i’m pretty sure the El Gigante door is supposed to be METAL, not wood. :^)

    • albert says:

      Thanks! πŸ™‚
      That door is wood, that’s for sure. Look at it carefully and you’ll notice lots of wooden characteristics. Besides, I found the original door and Capcom only aplied some layers of dirty and recoloured it a little to make it more suitable with the stage πŸ˜‰
      Sure the low resolution of lots of textures makes hard to notice which material they are made of.

      • Gabriel says:

        I agree that it’s wood as well. Whoever textured the mud and puddle in the last image did an amazing job! Kudos!

  2. Blaze4687 says:

    Powerfull !!

  3. ThatGuy says:

    Amazing as always. Looks great!

    Good to hear the demo’s on its way!!

  4. V I D A L says:

    excellent work

  5. KALUDIO says:

    could you elaborate a little on how you got the pipe textures and why does it look so good? also i herd that qloc is doing some stuff to fix the lighting and effects that where missing on the 360 version, would that affect your current work? Thanks for your time and fleiz semana santa, ojal te la pases bien chido.

    • albert says:

      Well it’s pretty simple. The Hi-res texture is from the “Check item” model which contains better textures. And the bumpmap is done from scratch by using that hi-res texture and filtering it using some emboss photoshop filters. This bumpmap creates the selective reflection along the item surface. So, the more detailed is the bumpmap, the more detailed will be that light reflection.

      Yes, Qloc fixed that missing effects in their last patch (I think it’s still in beta testing) But it was already fixed with better results by a modder. In these screenshOts you can clearly see the bumpmapping in action. Anyway, that effects issue doesn’t affect textures.

      Thank you for all your comments and interest! πŸ˜‰

  6. Mitch says:

    Looks amazing can’t wait to check this out.
    Will this mod work on the 2014 release or the the classic 2007 release?

  7. Viper Snake says:

    As a fellow ’07 modder, I’m very impressed at how much you’ve improved upon your craft albert! Your old version was great, but this is just outstanding. Keep up the good work!

  8. Geoffrey says:

    Loving it!!!

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