Look familiar? (XLVII)

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18 responses to “Look familiar? (XLVII)”

  1. Alvare says:

    That’s insane.. xD

  2. Majora says:

    People were asking on Twitter how you find these places. How exactly do you find such random places? It seems like you have a direct line to someone. Really interested in learning your method.

    • albert says:

      Hehe nope. It’s all years of work with RE4 textures. At the end I recognize them when I see them in real life…
      I’m not sure if it’s something I should be proud of… XD

      • Kaludio says:

        hahahahaha it is completely normal, I’ve played tons of smash brothers melee and i pretty sure that if i saw a final destination texture somewhere out there, i would be able to recognize it xD By the way how did you feel when you found out re4 had spanish speaking characters? I remember being surprised to hear spanish being spoken on a video game, we rarely get that in mexico. We usually get the same NTSC games form the US. Plus the ganados had pretty memorable line xD I’ll never forget “detras de ti inbecil” and “te voy a hacer picadillo”.

        • albert says:

          Do you know what? This game is almost laughable for Spaniards because of that… Just imagine the game takes place in Mexico and all people in the village speaks with Gallician, Catalan or Basque accent (I’m talking about people talking Castilian Spanish influenced by their own region language accent, which differences are reeeeally noticeable)
          Well… this is exactly the opposite.

          Every time a Ganado open his mouth, the game exudes how bad documented the developers were when they created the game.
          As the years went by, this Mexican accent in Spanish people became a classic, almost a hallmark XD

          • Alvare says:

            Lol. Reminds me how most people think Italian people speak like retards. I mean, why do the commercials on telly make them sound like that? Wtf

          • Sergey Tokarev says:

            I feel the same every time I hear fake ‘russian’ voices in games/movies 😀

          • Alvare says:

            @Sergey Tokarev
            Hahaha, so true. Have you ever played the short parody game: “Duty Calls”?

            Skip to 2:51

          • Sergey Tokarev says:

            Yep, classic)
            But I’m talking about actual ‘russian speech’, just search for:
            “Daniel Craig speaking Russian” – is a cringeworthy example for a native speaker.
            “Steven Seagal speaks Russian” – not too bad but very funny.

  3. tumtst says:

    Oh man you’re the best!!

  4. Thumba-umba says:

    Hey, just wanted to ask – do ypu consider putting high-poly weapon models from “Examine” mode into main game? They look good, and with today’s hardware there is no reason to keep separete low-poly world model for them.

    • albert says:

      That was my idea ;D
      We certainly will do something about the guns but we haven’t made any decision yet

      • Thumba-umba says:

        Just for reference: if you do so, then you may encounter a problem with a Benelli M3 (Riot Gun) – it seems to utilise the same holding position as Remington 870 (Shotgun), but, unlike Remington, high-poly model of Benelli has a pistol grip – so if you replace world model with it, the pistol grip will likely protrude through Leon’s hand.
        Also on a topic of high poly models – i’m sure as shit there are better quality models for Leon hidden somewhere in game files, because in cuscenes his head has more polygons and his face texture does not make him look retarded, unlike in-game.

        • albert says:

          Thank you for the advice! I had no idea!
          Yes, there are better models for Leon’s and Ashley’s faces, Ada’s and Krauser’s entire bodies, etc… 😉

      • Thumba-umba says:

        Overall – big thanks for making me ralise just how immensely shitty those “HD” textures were.

  5. isaac pavon says:

    guys, you’re doing an amazing job. i hope they take this mod and make it an official patch.
    keep it up!!

  6. mofailed says:

    Hello Albert could you check your inbox at re4 invision website. I sent you a pm.