Beautiful Sunrise (Rooms 331, 332 and 333 – END)

Hi everyone!

I still can’t believe I reached the end of the game… But there’s a lot of work left to do!
After this, I’m going back to the Village and I’ll apply everything we’ve learned about 3D, lighting, and effects. It should require just a portion of the time that was needed to do all the texture work. So, don’t panic! 😛

About this update: today I’m showing you comparison images of the last 3 rooms of the game. This time the texture and 3D work was of an average difficulty.

You’ll notice the typical texture and modeling updates.

Ashley’s shadow has been toned down. In fact, originally it was doubled! This seems to be a typical mistake in several rooms. Her shadow is sometimes placed twice and it makes it look terribly dark.

I also brought back some missing effects during the cut-scenes (Leon’s knife, lights, and sun bloom effects) and I fixed as much as possible the terrible water effect in the last cut-scene. It doesn’t look as beautiful as the Gamecube / Wii versions do, but at least they are not visually distracting anymore. 🙂

As usual, enjoy the work in progress pictures and video and feel free to leave your comments and feedback!

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57 responses to “Beautiful Sunrise (Rooms 331, 332 and 333 – END)”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Interesante ya puedo ver el parche para isla terminado antes de que finalice el año y quien sabe los fix para el pueblo también,
    asombroso trabajo como siempre seguiré esperando mas updates 😀

  2. Y.Z. says:

    I understand the fixes you were attempting irt the water during the ending cutscene, but… I feel that you’ve somehow made the water look even more… “distracting”, as you put it.

    While it doesn’t look all too bad in these “far-shot” shots (and *especially* during motion):

    I feel it turns *really* sour once you get to shots that are closer [camera-wise] to the water, where the visual “deficiencies” are more apparent:

    I think the problem lies in two things:

    1. The fact that the original GC/Wii versions applied some sort-of specular effect (or something similar) to the moving water mesh that gave said water it’s initial “natural” look. Something which, of course, cannot be easily replicated/fixed – due to it being hardcoded/not yet reverse engineered, and due to the port itself being somewhat shoddy in general.
    2. The original water textures, even without the proper shading/specular the port omits, were small enough that the “water-y” look was still retained, even if “distracting”. I think you made your wave/water textures *far* too big, resulting in the warped/distorted look in the last two example screenshot comparisons.

    I’d advise you work more on perfecting the water during that cutscene (much like how you perfected this other water fix: )…

    • sean says:

      personally, I thought the water they made looked much better than the comparison of the original UHD. not sure if it can be better, but its certainly not worse

    • adam says:

      New water looks great, almost like original GC version.
      Definitely better than original UHD version.
      If you can do it better please show them how to do it.

      • kaludio says:

        I think Y.Z. has a valid opinion. Personally i think the re4hd water looks better, however we kind of need a comparison with the original effect to on GCN. So that we can compare them objectively and see which one is closer to the original artistic intent and and not which one is “better” or “worse”

        • albert says:

          I saw GC videos as reference and the UHD water is completely different (I still ned to see it running on Dolphin emulator). Since it was impossible to replicate the original GC water I simply made the water to look as beatiful and eye pleasant as I could.
          But as I said, I’ll try to do something even better during the next revision 😉

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your feedback and comments!
      1. Yes, that’s the main problem I had when trying to replicate the original water effect
      2. The original water texture waves were completely out of proportion. I remapped the entire water mesh in order to obtain a more natural wave size.
      I understand your concerns about the warped look but the texture is not the reason. It’s the broken water effect. If you look at the original you’ll notice the same effect at smaller proportions but in motion (to my eyes) the overall look is much more realistic now.
      Anyway, I’ll try to make it even better during the next revision stage. But I’m not sure if it’s possible.

      There are several water effects in this game. The one in the cave is a different type 😉

      • therealest says:

        The water you made looks fine, and better than the other version. No one is staring that much at the water to worry about it’s physics–the water is largely a background phenomenon. As long as it doesn’t look bad/stand out, you did your job.

  3. Alvare says:

    Great job once again. 🙂
    I like the water in the ending cutscene better this way. Original had terrible repeating/tiling texture.
    Did notice something weird tho, around 7:12, when Ada runs to freefall, the sun flare moves oddly and it doesn’t look like it’s fixed to a 3d position. Everything else is good imo.

    • Sergey Tokarev says:

      I don’t remember sun flare was that intense in wii version either, it only appears briefly before Ada’s jump.
      And boss “reward” looks very strange as well, can it be blocked for the cutscene, Albert?
      Water looks fine, in my opinion. Well, as good as it can look without a ‘ripple’ shader.

      • albert says:

        Yep, that sun flare just before Ada’s jump is not exactly like the GC/Wii version. Good eyes! The one in GC was somewhat weird and in a weid position… I’ll see if it can be somewhat improved.
        The others are already like this in the GC/Wii if I’m not mistaken 🙂

        Yep, that “reward” appearing during the cutscene is another one of those bugs that popped up during the HD porting process… I still don’t know how to get rid of that but I’ll do some research for sure!

    • albert says:

      Yep, in the original GC that effect was also somewhat weird. It appeared at the end of that camera angle moment in a weird position. I’ll see if I can place that effect in a more fitting distance next time 🙂

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    Man this looks freaking amazing. Thanks for all the work that you do. Can’t wait to see the finished product

  5. sean says:

    theres certain little things I want to nitpick like the 2 wires on the electrical generator box thing and the little rubber wheels at the bottom looking jagged or sharp edged, but overall it looks great

  6. Snake says:

    I’ve not seen that ending for such a long time. Great ending video there. Awesome job as usual. Can’t wait for the final touch all over the game. Keep up the great work and thanks from all fans !

  7. Rafael says:

    Now it remains to update the models npc, players, etc.?

    Could you think about to add detail on the cards? More grass, more different objects. PS2 could not draw a lot of triangles, so the cards are not detailed enough. Even with updated 3d models and textures, sometimes the maps appear to be empty and old (due to the small amount of grass and other objects, the PS2 limitation).


    • albert says:

      Hello Rafael.
      We need to do some extra revisions to some areas yet, After this, we’ll take care of enemies, characters, items, weapons and menus.

      About adding more detail to the 3D environment. This PC port is not based on the PS2 port. So, it has much more polygons the PS2 version had 🙂
      Anyway, we’ll add new 3D meshes only if it really improves the scene and it doesn’t modify the original overall look of the place.

      • Alvare says:

        I had an idea like that before! 🙂
        At the beginning castle area, after the gate being closed for the Ganados, some 3D ivy at certain walls where there’s moss on them. It supports the texture, aswell as adding a little depth to the castle walls. I have a very nice resource for that if you’re interested.

        • albert says:

          The “neverending spiral of perfectionism” is knocking my door and I’m tempted to respond: “who’s there?” But I must resist!! XDD
          Hummm I’m not sure if that would be too much because there are no ivy plants in those walls, just moss.

          • Alvare says:

            Hehe, you’re absolutely right, it’s just moss and it’d most likely be too subtle too. Every player would walk past it without turning the camera around it. Yes, the perfectionism is never ending.

            I figured how that keeps happening to me too.. I think it’s because the architecture inspires. It triggers new ideas for props and additions. That’s why I would really like to have a couple of tools in the end of this project. So I could add little stuff without changing the feel and look of the scene, without over doing things. I’d focus more on small stuff like ivy, background elements, rubble ect. To make every flat geometry support the texture more.

          • albert says:

            At this point the possibilities are countless! Unfortunatelly there is a number of polygons limitation…

      • Rafael says:

        Please add more grass, garbage and so on to the scenes. Thank you.

    • Toni Ostarcevic says:

      I’m not sure if this isn’t too much to ask. Adding new stuff means changing the design, which is quite a delicate task for a work of art like RE4.
      It also would be a tremendous amount of work to raise the level of detail for the whole game.
      But I agree about the old look of some parts, especially the amount of grass.
      But can it be done? They learned how to change 3D models. But that doesn’t mean that you can easily add new stuff. They would need to tell the game to load additional objects with new ID’s. Can this be done without the original game editor after all?
      However, if it IS possible, it would be great indeed if they could enhance at least the most obvious parts a bit. Like the grass for example. Just the parts where you can really see that they used an extra small amount of something because of the hardware limitations.

      • Toni Ostarcevic says:

        Oh, I was too slow. ^^

      • albert says:

        “Just the parts where you can really see that they used an extra small amount of something because of the hardware limitations.”
        My thoughts exactly! 😉

        • sean says:

          If it were possible, Id like to see some mods to the actual gameplay. Those 2 big gates in the hedge maze always felt like they should open up and let some big monsters out. Or getting to switch weapons without pausing like with the d-pad would be an incredible addition to RE4

          • albert says:

            Hehe I’m afraid these kind of edits are out of the scope of this project. I know it’s possible to add enemies here and there. But I’m pretty sure the switch weapons during gameplay idea is not feasible.

          • sean says:

            wouldnt that be the coolest mod tho? Like imagine not having to pause every 10 seconds to switch weapons it would make the game so much more intense!

  8. Abdul Rahim says:

    Excellent work. How much in terms of % you have left to complete the game?

    • albert says:

      It’s hard to calculate…
      As I said in a previous response, we still need to do some extra work on the stage textures/models/light. Then, we’ll dothe enemies, characters, items, weapons and menus.

  9. Farid says:

    wow, the end is nigh.

    so after the project is done, what are you going to do next?

    • Alvare says:

      The end is not nigh my friend. How about item placement, inventory weapon models swapping the in game ones. Leon’s, Ashley’s and Luis’ cutscene head and face model. (Without crash on rpg equip)
      Enemies and other main villans being overhauled.
      My reward to Cris and Albert will be even higher than previous transfers I did.

    • albert says:

      A loooong vacations XD

  10. mofailed says:

    Soon …the enemies will be getting that much needed tlc ! I cant wait for the new vs old snap shots of enemies!

  11. æclipse µattaru says:

    I recently started a new playthrough from the very beginning. It’s the third time I do it since the village release, so this has become the only version of the game that exists in my mind at this point; and whenever I look at these updates, I find it hard to believe that the vanilla game could look so awful. I guess I just got used to your version being so damned good it’s hard to believe it’s a mod –especially with all the little details all over the place. Last night I was watching at some wooden beams at some random room or another, and I started thinking how amazing it was that you actually went through the effort of replacing textures most people will just fly by without noticing. It’s a testament of what an awesome job you did that it just feels that it’s how the game should be.

    By the way, it’s gonna be strange not having these updates coming up. I’m already missing you guys.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write these words!
      And don’t worry! we’ll continue posting updates! There’s still a lot of work to do 😀

  12. jkn says:

    Hello Albert and Cris. I have a question. Can you optimize this game for using it with Reshade? I haven’t tried it yet but it says “depth buffer is empty” on their official site but as i know u guys have access to it.

    • albert says:

      Hello! I’m afraid we can’t modify the game to this degree. We don’t do other than “simple” game files edits/hexedits.

  13. Alvare says:

    Hey there, I know it is not yet the time to alter character models. But I found this mod, some time ago.

    Which is swapping the cutscene head of Leon for the in game one. (Working exactly as it should and doesn’t differ from Original design)
    Anyway, it’s working almost 100%. It’s just that equipping the rocket launcher causes the game to crash. I tested this mod multiple times and could reproduce the same crash by equipping it. I’m absolutely sure that it is caused by the mod itself because I have no other mods running, 4gb patch and when uninstalling the mod manually the issue was gone again. I am wondering if you guys could test this, to see if you’re having the same issue. I’d greatly appriciate if you could look into this some time.

    • albert says:

      This is really weird! We’ll certainly try to include the hipoly face model ingame. So, we’ll have the chance of finding out what’s causing this issue when that moment arrives 🙂 I hope there is a solution!

  14. therealest says:

    Hey Albert. Everything looks phenomenal. Obviously nothing is perfect, but as far as a human being can possibly do, you did 10/10 in terms of quality—Zoolander said it best, it’s “really, really, ridiculously good looking”

    That said, here are some small edits you may want to consider:
    The sun is so bright yet the rest of the sky looks dark in a grey, unnatural way. I understand it’s a lens flare, and that the sun appears to be going into sunset, but it looks abnormal. I think the original sky Capcom made was weird to begin with, but with the added sun it stands out more.
    The pole looks funny. Everything in the room looks HD, but the big pole things look N64ish.
    Did Capcom have to give leon Siberian husky eyes? LMAO. Anyways, Albert, what is going on with the side of their faces, was that glitch always in the game; is it fixable?
    Just thought I’d mention how I love that Capcom added a bike chain to the ledge’s structure, lol.

    Again everything looks phenomenal, but I know you appreciate constructive critique. Just my 2 cents.

    • Alvare says:

      I agree with the pole back rest in the heli. It should be thinner and the attachment pieces should look more like they’re turning over the pole. As it is now, it looks like its just another cylinder that clips through.

      As for the sun.. there’s a possible improvement that could look really good. Adding a sharp transparent circle texture on a plane in the distance that isn’t affected by any light. Then decreasing the intensity of the overlaying lens effect.

      Leon’s eyes are gray+green ish. But there’s defintely something unnatural about them. Lack of specular or reflectivity. Also, there’s no pupil dilation in any of the dark locations or cutscenes. I always figured that it’s because he’s infected with the las plagas.

      The water is difficult to fix. It’s refraction is screen space based and it causes to draw Leon and Ashleys face being projected onto the water. Maybe there’s a way, similar as the lights to hex edit which 3d elements are affected and which aren’t.

      • albert says:

        I have something in my mind to improve that sun.
        We are lucky because every camera angle during the cutscenes has its own effects data. So, I can make new effects appear just during that moment.
        That’s how I made the water to look like that. I edited the water effect camera angle by camera angle and this way I was able to optimize it as much as possible.

        About Leon’s eyes we’ll do something about them. I think it’s possible to add specular effect only to the eyes but I’m not 100% sure right now…

        • Alvare says:

          Oh wow, didn’t expect that to be the case. Guess we’re very lucky then! 🙂
          Now you mention it, when Leon goes back with the elevator to Ashley after the battle, the old water is still appearant for a brief moment.
          Anyway, I’m very curious what you’ll do with the eye specular and sun effect. Good luck!

          • albert says:

            And yes, This stage water is like this. It’s another kind of water effect, more simple. I still don’t know if it’s possible to replace it to something different and better. But I’ll try it!

        • therealest says:

          Hi Albert. I wasn’t complaining about the eyes and the bike chain, I just thought they look funny. They don’t look bad enough that you should stress over changing them, but do whatever feels best to you.

          And as far as their faces’ edges looking scrambled, now that I think about it I think I did notice it before, but the ps2 version’s quality is so low I didn’t think much of it.

          Speaking of quality, I forgot to add but you probably already saw, the black pole connected to the white pole I mentioned in the heli “needs some extra remastering love” as you say, lol.

          All in all, everything looks great, you guys are doing a wonderful job.

        • Y.Z. says:

          I’d like to add something regarding the “sunshine lens flair” effect that I think you should take into consideration:

          Given the fact that the “Island” rooms gradually transition from night to dawn to day (with the last sun we see being yellow and white), I think the best option would be to replace/change that effect with a *glowing orange/yellow sunrise effect* instead; complete with subtle orange bloom, tint and or lighting (if the latter especially is viable), and maybe make the skybox texture itself more orange/purple, add some reflection to the water (maybe even change the color of the water via color gradients), etc.

    • albert says:

      Hello and thanks again for the feedback!

      Sun and sky: I simply brought back that missing effect. I was so happy it was there again I didn’t thought it looked somewhat off haha
      Let’s see what can we do with that 🙂

      Pole: Agree. It needs some extra remastering love!

      Water distortions: We can’t fix that. This is the way the distortion effect (those old 2005 effects…) works in this game. So, yes, it was always like that 😛

      Bike chain: Haha this is one of the evidences Capcom artists sometimes simply used textures that lookek OK in scene no matter if it had sense or not. And that’s why I always say original is not always good or better. I guess we’ll change that in the next revision XD

      • therealest says:

        On second thought, yeah the bike chain looks ridiculous, lol. It’s one of those things that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Although it does hold novelty. 🙂

        • albert says:

          Hehe you are right 😛
          About the eyes, my idea is to try some specular effect just during closeup cutscenes, like the second one when Leon’s watching from the house window.
          And only the new textures by themselves will be an improvement anyway 🙂

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