Hated Leon’s Gloves…

This has been the hardest thing to do so far!! So much work and tweaking for minimal, imperfect results. The problem is that Leon’s hands and wrists move around and as they do, the textures (two textures here – one of the hand, the other for the wrist) warp and distort, and no always in pleasant ways. Additionally, I couldn’t a good reference for what the original artists were really going for, especially with the fingers and the padding on the back of his hand. In some shots (and in the orginal texture) it looks like another thin layer of leather, but on the model it’s this thick mass that sticks out from the back of his hand.

So, all of this is to say I can understand why someone wouldn’t spend much time on this texture and simply move on. But here’s my attempt:

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2 responses to “Hated Leon’s Gloves…”

  1. Zheta says:

    I came here from the steam forums… I love your work on this, especially your more recent stuff!! It’s really coming along nicely. I think this is what they were going for with the gloves:


    • crisdecuba says:

      Thanks for this! I was never able to find a decent real life version of the gloves. They certainly match what’s in the official art book. 🙂