Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part V)

Hello! Let’s continue with our Village area refinements post series!

This time I’m resuming the “normal” Village progress update you saw in Parts I & II. This means I’m focusing mostly on 3D edits and some texture, lighting, and effect improvements in rooms 109, 10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, 10c, 10d and 10e.

Fortunately nature is not as strict as a castle’s architecture in terms of model precision, and several inaccuracies can be understood as “variable.”

I also tried to make the rain effect more intense and closer to the GC/Wii version’s rain.

This gallery is a small selection among the hundreds of adjustments done and I’m saving a pair of surprises 😀 and a more in-depth lighting and effect difference analysis for the next update, so… don’t miss it!

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73 responses to “Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part V)”

  1. metroidguy says:

    Amazing work as always

  2. Nelson says:

    Excelente Albert, cada vez se ve mejor 🙂

  3. Pliskin says:

    Very nice, just when you think you can’t outdo yourselves.

  4. NEGAARMAX says:

    Oh man en serio amo estos pequeños detalles, muchas gracias por su dedicación a estos.

  5. V I D A L says:

    Love seeing the stage progression. You guys came a long way going back and perfecting what was already great.

    • albert says:

      Thank you everyone for the comments. The Village needed a lot of work after everything we learned during the last months 🙂

  6. sean says:

    that first shot of the merchant looked so amazing! i dont know if its just me but these pics are some of the best yet! there were so many little details you improved that I will never notice in game lol but its still really nice to see. When I played the village my biggest complaint was the wood looking flat and clean, but you have fixed that from what these pictures show 🙂 very nice job on the wood textures, also some of the metal stuff too, and of course all the rocks and foliage. It really feels like you are making an even better game than the original while retaining the original feeling perfectly.

    If I had one suggestion: give the candles a bit of wax dripping down the side, or at least make it more noticeable as I cant see it as much as in the original and it was a nice touch. I also noticed a lot of things being more rounded, the vases or pots, and the lanterns. I actually liked the jagged edges on the lanterns, made them look scary, but not a big deal lol. Another thing I remember from playing the village was the cloth bag. I forget where exactly but in the village are these cloth like bags and in your hd version they are way more detailed, but missing the torn hole in them 🙂 just a minor detail lol

    • Alvare says:

      It is proven that shapes that involve pointy jagged edges have an psychological effect on humans. It is in our nature and instinct to believe it’s more evil or harmful. This has been used on every character design for video games ever since. You can see for yourself by looking at the characters sillhouette.

      I agree with the candle wax thing. Speaking of jagged edges, I now see something that truly bothers me.. the geometry and smoothing groups of the candle look bad in combination with the re-positioned light source. In other words, I recommend to either reset the position of the light or improve the candle’s top geometry.

      • albert says:

        I fixed that candle smoothing groups issue 2 hours ago XD It was an accident!
        Oh! And I guess the melted wax texture can be somehow more apparent

        • Alvare says:

          I’m starting to believe I shouldn’t even need to post about the more obvious things anymore. You have mad skills.

          Cool, one more thing about the candle comparison picture that I can’t help but notice is the fact that the rock texture doesn’t support the edges of the wall’s geometry at all. Cave rock textures are smoother and have brighter rough chamfered edges. Believe me, it’ll look really eye candy if you pull that off.

          • albert says:

            Agree. I was tempted to fix that but I needed to stop at some point. However, now that you mention it… I have no choice but to improve it! XDD

          • Alvare says:

            There a good reason behind it all: As it is in the picture, it’s making the candles look like they’re floating instead of resting on a ledge. Believe me, it’s worth the hassle. It’ll look absolutely great after you’ve done a final revision. 🙂

          • albert says:

            Take a look at the comparison again :^)

          • Sergey Tokarev says:

            Oh, sneaky update 😀 Looks great.

          • Alvare says:

            Yes, that looks way better. I suggest blending the colours a bit to make the colour difference from the original less visible and then it’d be perfect. 😀

          • albert says:

            Done! (But not picture updated this time :P)

          • Alvare says:

            I felt like I was whining a bit too much there. But thanks man. You’re the best! 😀

          • albert says:

            No worries! I was completely agree with your observations and it was easy to fix 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you again for the feedback!
      Agree with the candle “issue”
      I think Alvare made a good observation about the jagged edges hehe
      I already made that hole you are talking about more visible 🙂 (It was there in our previous version but it was more subtle)

  7. Frank Nitty says:

    Omg! Ur craftsmanship is freaking amazing and attn to detail has me speechless. As soon as I think u guys can’t make it any better, u prove me wrong once again

  8. Leonardo says:

    Great work, always better !

  9. Alvare says:

    Perfect.. I’m speechless once more.
    Feel free to crank up the detail at points where the cutscene camera is closest, I like what you did there. 🙂

  10. Sergey Tokarev says:

    I’d like to see a short comparison clip with intensified rain effect in the next update 🙂

  11. Kyle says:

    This is awesome as per usual!

  12. Mark says:

    Albert, do you remember in the z6.invisionfree forum(don’t remember the exact name).. There was a mod that changed the world view model of the weapons/items for the higher poly and more detailed models of the “examine item” screen,

    Are you also going to implement this? Do you believe its possible to enhance the enemy/player/npc models in this game?

    • [ROLO] says:

      Yes, they’re going to improve characters and weapons, but those are going to be the last things they improve. They’ve mentioned it several times, and it’s also mentioned in the FAQs

      • Mark says:

        I know it’s in the FAQ. But I read a comment saying that they may not work on the models at all, since it could cause issues with the animations, and I understand them.

        Just wanted some confirmation is all. Since I remember some years ago everyone and their mother thought that it was impossible to fix the lighting and shadows issues in this game, but albert found a way in the end.

        • [ROLO] says:

          They will at least, upgrade the textures, those won’t mess with the animations. Also, the weapons and inventory can be upgraded (both models and textures) without messing with the animations, so it’ll be safe to say that those upgrades will definitely be in the finished release.

          • albert says:

            Yep, that’s right.
            About the inventor items… I think there was some kind of limitation with Leon’s inventory (the game crashes when you replace the low-poly models with hi-poly versions) but there must be a way of fixing that…

    • albert says:

      Hello Mark!
      That’s the idea (about items/weapons)
      We still didn’t start touching up characters’ models so I don’t have an answer for you right now. If we can do it we’ll only do slight adjustments and we’ll use the hi-poly cutscene model versions where possible (character’s faces, Krauser’s and Ada’s bodies…)

  13. Hellboy. says:

    Maravilloso trabajo.
    En la nueva version hay una sombra en el brazo de Leon.?

  14. Vick S. Bateman says:

    That’s just perfect, Albert. Incredible..
    The water you can barely see in pic 20 look soo much better, so are the improvements on geometry, or the rain.. looks like a legit remake of the best kind.
    Not a big fan of the new typewriter though, it miss some important self shadows after the transition to “full” 3D.. but that’s an easy fix.
    Lighting in pic 15 also appear a bit flattened maybe, but it should depend on where light sources are enabled i guess.
    Keep up the outstanding work

    • Alvare says:

      Typewriter self shadowing an easy fix? I think it is quite the opposite my friend. Only thing that could help and fake some shadowing is: the strings of each key, depending on how they’re unwrapped have shadowing gradient in texture.
      As for the model itself.. I think it looks amazing.

      • Vick S. Bateman says:

        I was talking about baked-painted-on-the-texture self shadows, of course.
        And that’s an easy fix, sure is for Albert.
        The new model looks good but i think it clearly miss some depth now that the fake shadows and highlights are gone.

    • albert says:

      Good eyes! I’ve done something “special” to that water. In fact, it as something that already was there but it was hidden because of the wrong position of another element.
      I guess something can be done when we touch up the typewriter texture 🙂


      • Vick S. Bateman says:

        I appreciated alot the previous water update, especially on the physics, but i think this little “sneak peak” in pic 20 shows a real night and day difference in terms of the tech on the water, like a generational leap really.. but i should see it in movement though. 🙂

  15. Palito says:

    In the 9th picture, it looks good, but isn’t it maybe too dark compared to the previous revision? Looks nice but just a thought :). Thank you for your work 😀

    • albert says:

      The reason is I removed the red/overexposed tone. It was specially noticeable in this room. Also, I’ve adjusted the flashlight light position and probably the screenshots angles are not exactly the same 🙂

  16. Nacery says:

    Have you edited the flame effect? The header image seems to have a different texture for the fire, looks crispier.

  17. Steven says:

    Lookin good! I must of visited the site at least 30 times waiting on your next update. I love this stuff.

  18. Kamook says:

    It’s look more professional everytime i look at it.

  19. Paulo says:

    It’s always a pleasure coming here and seeing the new updates. I’m guessing a lot of the folks are lurkers like me – they come here, drool, and wait patiently for the next update, while visiting the site regularly.
    This time i had to comment something.
    Thank you for all this.

  20. Engin says:

    You guys are doing God’s work, I bought RE4 several days ago on Steam, waiting for you guys to finish Village re-visit so I can start playing!

    Any ideas on release date of Vilalge updates?


  21. Mohsen86 says:

    Nice work as always… ?

    There are some color changes on Leon’s clothes/hair all over the game, especially in the Lake area! It turns to greenish yellow when you enter the Lake area, on the cutscene turns to pink/violet, and returns to greenish yellow when the cutscene ends! ? The same thing also happens in the Wii edition! ? Is it possible to fix it? Check these screenshots:

  22. Rafael says:

    It seems that in the “0128-back-to-the-village-v / V-IVR.jpg” the chain is not quite good (it’s just my vision).

    More polygons, more details in map, more grass. Wonderful!

    I would like to finally see some updated weapons models, npc and so on.

    Спасибо за работу.

  23. terminator says:

    El mejor mod hasta la fecha, a ver si aprenden los de capcom…

    Pd: wesker te hable en el foro.

  24. Cris Without H says:

    I think the first revision of the typewriter looked significantly better and closer to the original. Same could be said for the gate El Gigante is locked behind. Also, I’m wondering if the game was desaturated during the second revision? On the screen depicting pots it looks like it. It’s making the first revision seem way closer to the original, but that could be because of the effects emulating the Gamecube colours.
    Overall, really good job, as usual. I especially like the models and meshes edits. Although, I’m worried that such an increase in the amount of polygons combined with the higher-res textures could seriously cripple the game’s performance.

    • albert says:

      Thanks or the feedback again!

      About the typewriter:
      The first revision is just an updated texture. The second revision is the exact same texture with improved 3D model. So, it’s normal the first revision is closer to the original because… it’s the original low poly model ^_^”
      Same with the Giant door: First revision: slightly lower res texture + original 3D model with several mapping issues. Second revision: higher res texture + re-created model based on the real life door.

      Saturation: It’s not desaturated. The reason of the colour change is I’ve removed a broken effect that made some rooms to look more red. The original UHD has wrong colours in some areas compared to the original GC/Wii because of that broken effect. I’ve just removed that accidental reddish tint and I’ve brought back the original GC/Wii colours.

      We haven’t notice any performance issue in our computers at least. The castle area is almost finished so I’d say it will be a good performance test if you play the game using our Castle pack.


  25. Mp7 says:

    very good job,
    that’s amazing to see how you guys make this legendary video game perfect, I really appreciate it.
    I got a question about the characters. do you intend to remodel the game characters as well as guns; I think they have very poor texture and need big improvement.

    Thank you

  26. Roland says:

    when can we expect the next blog update?
    i am so super curious about the other improvements and surprises you teased

  27. TheMarkusBoy says:

    Impresionante lo que dos fans pueden llegar a conseguir por amor al arte y sin ánimo de lucro.
    Por cierto, ¿añadiréis lluvia intensa a la zona del Gigante?
    Es curioso ver que la zona del pantano y la del cementerio tengan lluvia intensa y en la zona del Gigante no llueva nada.

    • albert says:

      Pues lo habíamos pensado pero no tenemos claro si eso fue una decisión artística o de limitación de hardware de la época. Hay otras zonas en que la exigencia de polígonos y efectos era mucho mayor y la lluvia seguía allí.
      Ante la duda lo dejaremos tal cual.

      De todos modos, si añadiésemos la lluvia también necesitaríamos añadir salpicones en el suelo, encima de los personajes, el sonido de la lluvia, el sonido de las pisadas húmedas y después, para cada ángulo de cámara de la escena debería calibrarse el ángulo del efecto de la lluvia. Todo ello implicaría un trabajazo inimaginable y además, algunas de las cosas que he citado aun no sabemos hacerlas…


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