Life Update: Albert on Vacation

Hi there! I wanted to give everyone a heads up that Albert is on a (well-deserved, IMO) vacation for the next couple of weeks. On my end it’ll be a couple of weeks before pre-school starts and I can commit more time to the project. All this is to say that things will be a bit quiet here until then, though I will be replying to comments each day. Thanks, everyone, for your understanding!

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34 responses to “Life Update: Albert on Vacation”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Es obvio que entendemos la situación espero que Albert disfrute sus vacaciones.
    Esperare los updates cuando estén disponibles 😀

  2. V I D A L says:

    Take a break guys 😉

  3. Lu says:

    Take all time you need, if there’s people who deserves vacations are you guys! you guys have done a LOT with this amazing project, thank you very much for this and enjoy your time.

  4. Sergey Tokarev says:

    Well-deserved indeed 🙂 Take care, both of you.

  5. E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

    It’s great how understanding everyone here is. Refreshing, as far as the internet goes. All the best, lads. I think we can handle a couple of weeks without high-res RE4 screenshots. Enjoy the break.

  6. Ascaron says:

    Aprovecha y descansa!

  7. Rafael says:

    Hello, Could make recorded a video with improve the texture?

    • Cris says:

      Hi Rafael, generally the updates Albert posts come with a video walk through of that area. Does that help? Please take a look through the previous posts on the site. Thanks!

      • Rafael says:

        No, it is the process of improving the texture in Photoshop. So that on the basis of experience we could improve the textures for other games.

        • Rafael says:

          *with process

          • NightWatch says:

            The process of being able to create hi-res textures for video games is the result of having previous experience in several other areas.
            You need to be able have:
            • Experience of using Photoshop
            • Technical ability to extract pre-existing graphics from games
            • A decent level of Google-Foo to search for license-free pictures to use as a starting point, or
            • A good quality camera so you can photograph your own imagery.
            After that you’d need to have a lot of skill, patience, high levels of concentration and standards of quality.

            If you search on YouTube for ‘creating texture maps for games’ there are many good existing tutorials you can watch to get you started.

          • Cris says:

            Thanks, this is spot on! 🙂

        • Cris says:

          Oh gotcha – that would be more time consuming than the time we have available, I’m sorry. But as the other poster shared, there are a variety of videos available on YouTube that do a decent job of explaining and showing the process. Thank you!

          • Rafael says:

            This is a specific task, a video tutorial might help. Creating textures is not complicated, it would be interesting to see how you create.

            Additional time for this is not necessary, just when you will improve the texture to include the record and then post the video.

          • Cris says:

            I appreciate your desire to see more of the process, and I agree it would probably be interesting to some folks out there. There are several reasons that I’d prefer not to do this for now, given the limited amount of time I have available:

            Primarily it would impact how I work, making it slower and less enjoyable.

            As I work I switch to personal browser windows to answer emails, respond to chat messages, take a small break, etc. If I’m recording I either need to make sure I pause the recording or I have to edit it out later.

            Additionally, I am not comfortable simply putting out raw video footage without any sort of explanation or narration. It would be a half-baked “tutorial” if I did that. This means I would need to verbalize what I’m doing as I go along. This is less enjoyable and would slow down my work.

            Or if someone just wants to see a sped up time lapse of the editing / photoshop process, then that requires editing and encoding afterward, which takes time.

            In addition to that, my system resources are generally taxed as is, since my PC is relatively old and I’m often working with multi-layered 4k and 8k files. Running the recording software on top of that would slow me down further, especially during saving.

            I hope this gives you the right amount of insight into what’s going on on this end. Maybe this is doable in the future once more time is freed up, but for the time being it doesn’t really make sense (to me) as the best use of time.

            Thanks again!

          • Rafael says:

            Maybe Albert will be interested? The voice-over is not necessary, the simplified process of changing any test texture is suitable, just for example.

          • Cris says:

            Maybe he would. However, you are overestimating the instructive value of a raw video with no explanation. You would see what’s happening onscreen with no understanding of the thought process, the rationale for certain decisions, the techniques being used and why, and so on.

          • Rafael says:

            This is important for other similar projects, so that people know how to improve the texture for old games. You are very cool to improve the texture, so it’s so interesting.

          • NightWatch says:

            @Rafael. I think you want to try and pick up some secret tips and tricks from these nice graphical wizards. 😉 Yes, it would be interesting to get a further look behind the RE4HD creative scenes but you know, not everyone is comfortable sharing their workflow and allowing everyone to watch.

            I know that I wouldn’t want someone looking over my shoulder and scrutinise me while I work as it would feel like an intrusion.

            If as you say “creating textures is not complicated” you could find yourself a programmer friend who could extract the textures from your favourite old game and you could them update them using your graphical skills.

  8. Frank Nitty says:

    You guys are awesome, a break well deserved in deed

  9. Leon Vendetta says:

    I dont usually comment much…but when i do…i make sure Senpai notice me 🙂 Happy Holidays guys 😉 & please share some vacation pics ( hd with high improved ultra SUPERRRR…..) Lol.. XD XD XD with us too. 🙂 we will be waiting….♡♡♡♡♡

  10. Caleb Platt says:

    Thank you guys so much for making this. It is truly the best version of Resident Evil 4 I have played. I am currently on 1-3 and everything looks so amazing. I’ve played RE4 for over 200 hours. Mainly on Wii but now only on PC. I am going to install the castle release soon and I can’t wait until a full release is out. I really appreciate the detail and hard work you put into this project. The transformation of 2D textured items into amazing 3D details and revamped cutscenes is a great touch. You guys should take breaks whenever you feel like it, you deserve it. I have a few questions though.
    Do the player models/enemies have updated textures in the Village Release?
    Have you added new sounds to the game. (I heard water drops in the cave after the boulder. Am I crazy or is it new.
    Do the weapons/ammo have updated textures in the inspect view?
    Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Cris says:

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! Some quick replies:
      1. The Village download does not include updated textures for any characters or enemies (with the exception of the dead Ganado in the sewer level, but that’s an early texture anyway that will be completely revised).
      2. I don’t believe we’ve added or restored any sounds.
      3. The weapons will have updated textures in the inspect view, but we have not completed this yet.

      Thanks again!

  11. Luigi Impero says:

    Have a nice vacations guys!

  12. deSeRt EaGlE says:

    It’s awesome project and I adore what you doing, guys 🙂
    Question: Do not you think that backdrops (the background, which is beyond the boundaries of the locations) are conspicuous as distinctive restrictions of locations? Do you plan to do anything with a fog, or simply draw a backrodps further (For example, planting trees or even replace the background image with a real location creation?
    Good Luck in your hard work, guys!

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! Generally we have been revising backgrounds to be at a higher resolution. There are a handful of instances where we have extended a boundary or imported a 3D modeled location to replace a flat boundary where it made sense to do so. Hope that helps!

  13. isaac pavon says:

    excellent work guys!

  14. Marcus Albertsson says:

    I have been following your project for several years and ama amazed by all the improvements you have done! After all of your hard work so far, you guys are well deserved of a break 🙂

    I am not sure this has been mentioned but, how is your progress on the Ada Wong bonus segments of the game? Many of the areas in Separate Ways and Assigment Ada are just rehashes of areas that Leon walks through in the main campaign. But I can atleast recall a few areas that are unique for her. Have you done any work on those areas or are you planning to? Have not seen this in the blog or progress summary. I do not mind at all if you postpone a final release until Adas segments are fully reworked. It will be more complete that way. 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! You’re right that many of her areas are rehashes of areas from the main campaign. This means that the work for those areas will be minimal once we get to it. We haven’t done any other work beyond that on Assignment Ada or Separate Ways yet, sorry. But of course, when we get there we’ll be excited to share our progress!

  15. Oi, Gostei Muito Dos Mods, Quando Vão Lançar Outro?

    • albert says:

      Hello! We haven’t decided about future releases yet, sorry. We are focussed on doing as much progress as possible. Thank you for following us!

  16. Jerry says:

    Ji! Just wanted to say you’re doing amazing work with all the textures and I hope you get a bag of money from Capcom once you’re done! This is so muchbetter than all the lazy “remasters” they’ve put out over the years, and the least they can do is give you some funds for this incredible project!

    Keep up the good work Cris and enjoy your vacation Albert 😀

  17. Charles Rocha says:

    Como Faço Para Baixar Esses Arquivos(Mods) Para o Resident Evil 4 2005