New hair for Leon

This week I’ve done an exception and I recreated something non environmental related: Leon’s hair.

I found a very very good texture to use as base for his new HD hair and keeping its original feel. As usual, this is work-in-progress. So you can expect some minor differences/improvements in the future final version.

As a side note, next week I’ll make a little trip to the other side of my country to take new photos by myself and get new high quality textures for the game. I’m very excited and impatient! The castle area will be the most interesting part as far as recreation/adaptation of textures is concerned, that’s for sure!

And here goes the hairdresser catalogue 😛

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”29″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_width=”240″ thumbnail_height=”160″ thumbnail_crop=”0″ show_slideshow_link=”0″ template=”/var/www/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/ngglegacy/view/gallery.php”]
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10 responses to “New hair for Leon”

  1. ThatGuy says:

    This is excellent!

  2. V I D A L says:

    I can only imagine how exciting it should be to go in a trip to take pictures of textures… Sounds really fun. Good luck on your quest. =)
    Hair looks perfect btw.

  3. Drange says:

    Nice nice..I have a question, can you make a tutorial on youtube on how to download the demo? Thanks 🙂

    • V I D A L says:

      You mean how to download or how to install? To download you just have to click on the link. It is a direct download.

  4. terminator says:

    Impresionante wesker, vaya diferencia… te tiene que estar costando horrores cambiar todo eso y hacer nuevas texturas!

    • albert says:

      Ei! Pues sí! Pero vale la pena, el resultado lo merece. De hecho estoy incluso viajando para conseguir las texturas originales que se usaron para el juego! El área del castillo estará repleta de esas texturas. Ya tengo ganas de llegar a ella!
      Gracias por comentar terminator 😉

      • terminator says:

        Gracias a ti por todo el trabajo! sorry por no comentar en ingles pero no me llevo muy bien con el ingles, y para escribirlo todo mal…

        Viajando y todo? dios no veas, y el motor no limita la calidad de texturas al ser un motor propio de gc/ps2 de la epoca?

  5. Alan Luna says:

    Hi I have a doubt what happens is that as I install the pack of textures i get an error and i can’t install anything, don’t know if that’s why the game is started or for something more, I hope you can help that have beautiful night and thank you in advance

    • albert says:

      Hello Alan,
      We need extra info. Could you post a screenshot showing the error? Did you follow all installation instructions step by step?
      Keep in mind this mod is for 2014 PC verson of the game. It doesn’t work on 2007 PC port.