Stormy Night and Merchant’s Cave

Hi! After my trip and a successful texture hunt, I’m back with a new video and pictures. It’s night, and Leon awakes after a premonitional nightmare. Time to continue with his mission.

As usual, everything shown here is work-in-progress.

Rooms 11b, 10e, 10c (video appearance order). Fortunately we can recycle some prior textures from previous “rooms.”  Anyway it’s quite hard to keep a good balance and fidelity to original textures with all those organic textures!

You’ll notice I found 2 of the original textures Capcom used too 😀

And that’s all for now!

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19 responses to “Stormy Night and Merchant’s Cave”

  1. V I D A L says:

    Great as always. I think the biggest challenge is still yet to come. Some of the Island locations might be the hardest work… specially the indoor areas. The labs, the garbage… lots of details and objects scattered around those areas. I look forward to see that.

  2. KALUDIO says:

    this are my thoughts; all looks very good as always, however this are the things that bug me at the moment. the gate that lead to the waterfall section, the gates that shut down the waterfall and the ones after getting the round amulet have the iluminados logo and other round ornaments stretched into a ovals (which bothers me a little). The waterfall gate (on the jumping section) has some round ornaments that have a 3D effect, however due to the level design Leon runs parallel to them, ruining the 3D effect, in this case could you make an exception go back to the lion head ornaments present on the first updates, since it does not have such a strong 3d effect to it. Also the gates have a much saturated color to it than the other textures around them, specially the ones inside of the cave (of course this is my opinion, it could be my monitor o just my imagination). Now the following are just things that i noticed but do not bother me nor i think is worth much time but I’ll list them for the sake of documentation: the gars seems greener and lack the gray tough of the original, the torches have metal round circles inward instead of outward, and the ornament chains that hold the round amulet on the cave seem to be really light in tone compared with everything else. Now just one last thing xD… in the initial cutscene, the camera makes a close up to one of the chair’s leg, and the texture seems very muddy ‘cuz the close up, now could you replace it for a texture that looks good with the closeup? Thanks for the time and effort, hope my comments helps. BTW I’m full aware that they are still in the works and nothings if final, so you don’t need to reply to the comment.

    • KALUDIO says:

      I just noticed that the torches have the metal circles outward, just that they are smaller. my bad. Also I meant grass instead of gars xD

    • albert says:

      Hello Kaludio!
      Thank you for your analysis! No worries! All this info will be helpful.
      That door texture is overused all around the waterfall area. We must take care that adjusting the texture to make it looks good in one place doesn’t ruin the look of the same texture in another place. Anyway I know what you mean with that floral ornament.
      That soft look of the chain is fixed already. I noticed it by the time I uploaded the video. Now it’s more contrasted and balanced with everything else 😉
      Good catch with that green/grey grass!

      And yes, Everything I post is on first stage of recreation. And there are a total of 3 stages!:
      Albert-Cris-Final revision

      In a side note, those isues with the cave textures have been solved too! 😀 So even after the Final revision some textures can receive heavy modifications if needed!

  3. Vladimir Damian Ianuzo says:

    Excelente trabajo.
    Realmente están dejando el juego como debería haberlo dejado CAPCOM.
    Gracias 🙂

  4. luis garcia says:

    Hey Albert..
    is there any way to make the (background transparent) when you pick up ammon, herbs. etc .the background is supposed to be transpatent like gcn.

  5. luis garcia says:

    A little feedback to your beta pack at the village. the leafs, change color after the door.
    see video.
    after the door they are at the perfect color. (red)
    before the door, they are like purple.

    all in all good job.

    • albert says:

      We’ll take this into consideration in order to make the final “product” closer to the original. Thanks!
      I’ve checked by myself and in fact the texture is more yellow in the first area and more red in the second area.
      They both should be red as you stated 😉

  6. Luis garcia says:


    Puedes enviarme:
    1. El texture de las hojas roja.
    1.el cabello hd de leon .

    A mi correo


  7. Luis garcia says:

    Enviame el updated pack file pues. ??

    • crisdecuba says:

      Hola Luis. Gracias por compartir tus comentarios. Lo agradecemos. No vamos a poder enviar texturas o paquetes específicos. La razón principal es que si empezamos haciendo esto, el proyecto se demorará por el trabajo adicional de cumplir con estas peticiones (varias personas han pedido). Además, queremos sólo compartir nuestro trabajo final cuando esté listo. Gracias de nuevo por los comentarios – vamos a tenerlo en cuenta a medida que finalicemos el proyecto.

  8. luis garcia says:

    nevermind, I was able exchange from 44000101 to 44000100. don’t know how to edit the other textures though. but just checked the game, it looks identical to gamecube now!

  9. luis garcia says:

    do you know where can I find the background texture, what file?

  10. Drange says:

    Great work!

  11. therealest says:

    Man you guys did such an amazing job, I had to check out some of your old stuff. Hey Albert, what made you remove the stems on the fruit? lol! I’m talking about in

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