Brief Update: Ganado Torches Casting Light, New Coin Chest


This is just a small update. I already posted the new coin chest in one of my answers in the previous post, but I also found a way to implement realtime light sources for the Ganado torches and I wanted to share the provisional results with you. 🙂  It seems there are no side effects so far. I believe they didn’t add these lights in the original game because of hardware limitations.




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60 responses to “Brief Update: Ganado Torches Casting Light, New Coin Chest”

  1. Prabhveer says:

    The real time torch lighting is epic! But I’d prefer that the coin chest light on pickup was a little less. Other than that its a pretty cool effect!

  2. E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

    That’s just brilliant. It’s starting to look as if this game were made *much* later than it was. Fair play, lads.

  3. V I D A L says:

    This is simply fantastic! I kinda need to go see the way it was before.. Looks so natural that I can’t even visualise how it looked without it. Great job.

  4. Tony B says:

    I love the effect! Looks super realistic and “next -gen” Great work!

  5. Frannz says:

    That is really impressive.
    I just can’t get to play this game… I have it installed and everytime I start playing I think “No, let’s wait for the mod.”

  6. ElTioRata says:


  7. Abz786 says:

    Nice work! please release another update within a week, if you can. I’m too excited, i cant wait 😀

  8. Ascaron says:

    Sencillamente impresionante.

  9. Zoe Astra says:

    Looks amazing!!! (if not maybe slightly too much falloff/brightness/whiteness?)

  10. MAGG says:

    ¡Se ve increible! La intensidad me parece bien, se ve mucho mejor sin perder la atmosfera.

  11. Anthony says:

    The game immediately changed!

  12. kisamee says:

    fantastic job

  13. Pliskin says:

    YES! This is what I was talking about. It looks amazing, great job. The atmosphere looks even better now.

  14. NEGAARMAX says:

    Definitivamente ese efecto no estaba en la versión original realmente estas (n) llevando el juego al siguiente nivel, realmente espero ver mas de estos updates.
    3 preguntas.
    ¿Postearas también el Re-shade que usas?
    ¿Es posible que la sombra del personaje que usas Leon, algún mercenario, Ashley y leon con Ashley tengan la sombra en tiempo real tal como se ve en las cinemáticas?
    A las armas cuando hice el MOD le agregue el efecto de los spectacular maps, pero en las incontables veces que lo he jugado desde el parche del castillo me di cuenta en las antorchas (donde conoces a Salazar) tienen el spectular maps aplicados pero se ven como si fuesen reflejantes ¿Es posible agruegar ese efecto a las armas solo en las partes que lo requieran?
    Un saludo.

    • albert says:

      Hehe gracias de nuevo!
      Reshade: Solo tengo un efecto activado que enfoca muuuuy sutilmente la imagen. No hay absolutamente ningún otro filtro activado. Por algún motivo este juego procesa la imagen con un sutil efecto de desenfoque y el reshade que uso lo compensa. Es como si hicieras un pantallazo y en el Photoshop le aplicaras el filtro sencillo “sharp” más o menos.

      Sombras: Imposible…. Esas sombras son muy inestables. Si hay más de X enemigos a la vez, el juego se cuelga. Además, no esas sombras no se ajustan en absoluto a la geometría. a veces aparecen, a veces no (se quedan debajo del suelo), o se quedan cortadas, etc…

      Specular maps: Ahora me he dado cuenta de que siempre los llamas “spectacular” 😛 El efecto en las torchas es el mismo que los otros efectos. La diferencia está en que en lugar de usar las texturas 0000 0001 0002 y 0003 dentro de 07000000.pack puedes elegir una textura a tu antojo y eso provoca el efecto de que se está reflejando algo, pero no es así

      No se si estás muy familiarizado con el tema de editar manualmete los valores especulares.

      Un bumpmap normal vendría a tener este formato:

      03 XX YY FF 00 3F 3F 3F 00 00 32 00 FF

      XX = difuse map
      YY = bump map
      El 03 indica que se un bump map
      Los 3F 3F 3F indican la intensidad de efecto especular (en valores R G B)
      El 32 es el tamaño del specular map (que por defecto son esas texturas de dentro de 07000000.pack)

      Pues las antorchas decorativas usan otro valor:

      13 XX YY FF 00 3F 3F 3F 00 00 32 00 ZZ

      XX = difuse map
      YY = bump map
      ZZ = specular map
      El 13 indica que vamos a usar, además de un bump map, un specular map “a la carta” es decir, no usará los de 07000000.pack, si no la textura de dentro del que queramos nosotros
      Para que el resultado sea bueno, esa textura debe tener mucho contraste, que vaya del negro al blanco, pero puede tener los colores que quieras. En el caso de la antorcha, la textura que se usa de specular map es la propia textura de la antorcha

      Complicadito eh? haha

      • NEGAARMAX says:

        La verdad no estoy para nada familiarizado y se ve realmente complicado el asunto , seria cosa de intentarlo, pero luego.
        es una pena lo de las sombras, porque la verdad si se ve feo ver como sombras dos manchas negras nomas.
        Vale, a mi me gusta jugar mucho con el Re-shade da para muchas posibilidades y si he notado el efecto de desenfoque que tiene, por eso también lo saque.
        gracias por responder, esperare por mas updates.

  15. Sean says:

    The torch lighting is awesome, though I think its a little too bright currently and could maybe be toned down slightly

    The gold chest looks weird, is it too shiny? or is it the wood texture that has the lines all in it which is throwing me off? not sure

    Great work though!

    • albert says:

      Thanks! Yep, in the video it’s too much. The picture is a later edit I did with reduced light intensity and I’d say it looks quite good.
      About the chest… hummm the wooden surface shines just a little bit and I really like how the texture looks now. Maybe the Youtube compression artifacts ruined it a little. Just wait a little and you’ll see it by yourself 😉

      • Y.Z. says:

        …I actually liked the light intensity shown in the video more than the reduced version in your picture… perhaps something inbetween the two would work better?

        • albert says:

          I’m afraid that’s not a good idea because the same intensity looks stronger in other areas because of the light configuration of every stage.
          The same light effect you see in the picture is shown with more intensity in the next room. So, if I use the intensity you see in the video (or some mid-term value) it would be way too much in other rooms…

          • Y.Z. says:

            I see… kinda sucks that the lighting configurations of the Village rooms get in the way of performing proper light source edits (see: the first house’s fireplace and the burning corpse)…

  16. stevens says:

    Are torches illuminate Ganados themself? It’s hard to tell from the video…
    It would be cool to add something like it (less intense, of cource) to the crossbows with flaming arrows and stun rods.

  17. mofail says:

    Beautiful new coin chest, i hated that mirrored texture effect so many items, objects have in re4, the torch effect is a very welcome feature! I wonder if there is anything that can be done about the actual flame the villagers breath/spit out? Does it seem low res to you? Your journey & collaboration here is just amazing & a joy to witness lol FINALLY Resident Evil 4 is getting what it truly deserves!

  18. Steven says:

    The un-mirrored chest texture is looking great, very welcome change.

    The torch light is a good idea, though I’d say the light feels a bit too bright when it lights up the Ganados faces. I think it would be a lot nicer dimmed down a bit; maybe a “flickery” fire light effect might help too.

  19. Frank Nitty says:

    Looking good guys. Appreciate the status update

  20. Dilapidated says:

    Great work on the effects. It’s very encouraging to see these casting light. Honestly thought the engine would freak out with multiple light sources casting light/shadows.

    Hopefully other effects are able to get enhancements. For example when bodies disintegrate they leave a blood pool behind / body debris. Or better smoke trails for fire. I’m sure there’s others too. Not sure how far you can push things 😛

  21. Y.Z. says:

    This looks pretty good! Some suggestions, though:

    1. The light should probably be more orange-yellow-ish if it’s coming from a lit torch – looks a bit too much like white light as it is. (I also felt the altered explosion light source in the last post looked a bit too white as well…)
    2. The fire breathing attack the Ganados perform should probably also have light sources added to them as well.

    (Also, I was gonna comment on you using a piece of Kenji Yamamoto’s [heavily plagerized] Dragon Ball (Z) Kai score, but I noticed someone already did in the YouTube comments of that video and you also had responded to their comment, haha)

    • albert says:

      Agree! I need to find a good colour balance 🙂
      I still have to test if it’s possible to add that light effect to the breathing attack too. I hope it’s possible!

      Hehe It seems Yamamoto score is remembered by more people that I thought! My favourite K.Y. plagiarism by far is “Battle Point Unlimited” XD

  22. Mohsen86 says:

    I love the new coin chests… They look great! ? ♥

    I think the torch light color is too cold! I mean they need to be more yellow/orange…
    Though, they look like LED flashlights or something… Is it possible to add some flickering effect to the torch lights? ?

    There’s also something missing in this UHD 2014 version! The item-pickup background screen is solid opaque… But in wii edition, it was semi transparent:
    Is it possible to bring back those transparent backgrounds?

    • albert says:

      About the light colour: Agree, I have to work on this. Since these torche lighta have not the same file structure the stage light files have, I don’t know if a flickering effect is possible but I’ll try it for sure!

      About the item-pickup background: Yes… this was lost during the UHD porting process I don’t know how… I know where all the item-pickup texture displaying files are stored in. But what makes the background completely black is not related to any texture nor files inside BIO4 folders.
      Even If I make all textures transparent the black background will remain. And if I swap item-pikup and HUD display files (for example) the item-pikup textures will be on screen while you are playing with the proper semi-trasnparent look and the HUD textures will pop-in when you pickup some item… with solid black background.
      So, it’s some instruction probably in the exe file and we can’t modify it… :/

      • Mohsen86 says:

        Thanks for explaining…

        So sad that we can’t make those backgrounds transparent again!
        On wii edition, all characters, HUD, enemies and items (except the scenery) disappear from the screen just a moment (few milliseconds) before the item-pickup displays on the screen… And if I remember correctly it was the same on PS2!
        So there’s a really complex process happening to display backgrounds in semi-transparent? Maybe a “3D” object is missing there? A 3D object to fill the whole screen and hold the background texture… Or even with some extra process? Maybe it takes a screenshot from the scenery, and then applies the semi-transparent background on that screenshot? ?
        Hmm, these are just some theories! ?

        • albert says:

          Yes… too bad… From what I see in Dolphin, the semitransparent image we get when we pick and item is the stage without dynamic 3D models and then a blur effect on that picture. Maybe that blurry effect got corrupted and it simply makes the image black. That screenshot theory is also a possibility. Maybe it’s not a blur effect but a low resolution screenshot and the process got corrupted and all it takes is just a black picture… Whatever it was it got broken.

          Every time this game gets a port, something new is broken :/
          GC –> Wii — Lower polygon count inventory items from PS2 port
          Wii –> HD Revival Selection — Broken and missing effects, bad mapping conversion for ALL the models of the game, missing sound reverb effect.
          HD Revival Selection –> UHD — Animation and sound issues, black pickup screen, bad optimization with lots of performance issues in some computers
          Also some enemies behavior issues if I’m not mistaken. But I’m not sure in which port…
          And there are a few more I can’t remember right now

          I’m wondering what got broken during the PS4/XOne porting process XD

          • Mohsen86 says:

            Yes, and I just forgot about the broken sound in the UHD version! Apart from missing reverb in some rooms, the sound plays in Monaural in some areas… For example when you finish “the two path” and meet the Merchant upstairs, his voice plays in monaural… (To test the sound when he’s talking, just stand in front of him but tern to right a bit and press the action button to hear his voice. Then you’ll hear his voice “welcome/come back anytime” in monaural from both/all speakers). How they couldn’t even make it in stereo? Can we do anything to fix this?

          • albert says:

            Oh I had no idea about that. About sound issues, I just can fix some swapped sounds. I really have no idea how a porting process could generate such issues O.o They are very few instances of swapped sounds but they are there.

  23. Survivor says:

    Hello. Will you be able to add new more realistic textures for Leon hair, skin and clothes?

  24. kisamee says:

    hello awesome job how is going with the fire effect enhancement ? did manage to add that light effect to the breathing attack to

    • albert says:

      Not yet. I’ve been doing some other kind of progress the last days. I’ll dig into that when we remaster the enemies’ textures. Now we know we can modify enemies effects and that’s a very important information we needed to know. So, to add or edit other simple effects shouldn’t be a big deal 🙂

  25. Dago3250 says:

    Se ve inmensamente increible, por mi no haría falta modificarle nada, tanto las luces como el cofre se ven perfectos!

  26. jhon says:

    how do i download this mod

  27. Abz786 says:

    Albert, when do you think the next update post is here? in a week or two? sorry, but i love reading these. They’re so cool to read and compare:)

  28. Jerry says:

    Nice worrk with the fire! Are you still out taking photographs or do you have all the pictures you need? I haven’t seen any of those posts (“Look familiar?”) for a while so I just figured maybe uou’re done with that part?

    Also: could you somehow try to convince Capcom to use your mod when they eventually port RE4 to Nintendo Switch?

  29. Jerry says:

    Nice work with the fire! Are you still out taking photographs or do you have all the pictures you need? I haven’t seen any of those posts (“Look familiar?”) for a while so I just figured maybe you’re done with that part?

    Also: could you somehow try to convince Capcom to use your mod when they eventually port RE4 to Nintendo Switch?

  30. lavalamp360 says:

    This looks amazing! Great work guys! I began replaying RE4 lately when I purchased the Ultimate HD Edition during a Steam sale and then discovered your project/mod. You guys really put the “Ultimate” in Ultimate HD Edition :p

  31. Bobby says:

    I have been going though all your older posts to catch up on the progress you guys have made. I like this new coin chest texture, the darker brown/rougher wood might fit RE4 better than the original. But I just wanted to point out, that I think the reason this texture from the previous post looked wrong was not because it was mirrored, but was because it lacked the lighter bronze color/polished wood look the original had. Here is a real life example of what I mean.

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