Island Improvements (Part III) + Assignment Ada (END) + Surprise


Here is the surprise:

As you can see, this is a cutscene using the “Special 1” costume option, which (as you probably know) gives Leon his costume from RE2. The surprise is that now Ada is wearing her RE2 outfit as well! This is something I’d like to include at least as an extra / optional pack (as this requires just a few files to be replaced).

Making this change possible comes courtesy of Son of Persia, once again. In fact, I really have no idea if another modder already did this, but when I first played through the game with the “Special 1” costume option I was disappointed to see Ada just wearing her spy costume. I expected to see Ada wearing her RE2 outfit just like Leon (just as we can see in the Assignment Ada ending).  I’m sure many people thought the same thing the first time they saw it… 

Don’t miss the last part of the video 🙂

As for the rest of the update, the Assignment Ada stage files finally received their first big remaster job (as well as Leon’s equivalent areas).

In the screenshots below, I’m showing things that weren’t polished during the first Island revision.

I hope you like the improvements and feel free to post your toughts as usual!

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103 responses to “Island Improvements (Part III) + Assignment Ada (END) + Surprise”

  1. warby says:

    I cant tell you how much I am in love with this !

  2. Zoe Astra says:


  3. Bilal Dous says:

    Great Job dudes ♥ keep it up !!!

  4. Bilal Dous says:

    Great job dudes, Keep it up ♥ such an artistic game especially with these new tectures.

  5. Sean says:

    I have requested this before on the modding forums… but…

    I wish there was a way to mix and match the special costumes, like I would rather have Gangster Leon with Popstar Ashley, and RCPD Leon with the Armor Suit for Ashley

    As for Adas special costume, does it have to be with Leon RCPD? can I put it with Gangster Leon if I want to? or even with the standard costume?? Thanks for any info 🙂

    • albert says:

      Don’t mention it!

      Unfortunatelly, we can’t choose the costume at will. So, this costume is just when you choose “Special 1” costume (Leon RPD)

      Mafia Leon has serious scarf animation issues during cutscenes. And both mafia Leon and Armor Ashley have a looot of clipping issues (just think the hug moment after Ashley areas XD). These models weren’t designed to look well during the cutscenes I’m afraid…

  6. Drov says:

    Nice! the details are amazing, some people might say touching up little things is a waste of development time but when all of it comes together it’s amazing. This will surely be an obligatory mod in the future for RE4.

  7. Sean says:

    The detail is crazy here, it almost seems like too much xD haha jk!

    I noticed on the faces of the ganados, there masks have the illuminados logo on them… I never noticed that before, but it must have always been there… you didn’t start working on the character models yet, right?? or did you…? I mean Ada is a character model! =P

    One tiny nitpick, theres a pile of bricks in the video at 2:29 and its not a big deal, they look fine, but I had mentioned in the last update that you should maybe try giving the bricks slight variations in there coloring (if you compare to the original the bricks have a mixture of pink and red colors, where as your bricks are mostly the same color) not a big deal though 🙂

    • albert says:

      No.. and yes… Son of Persia created a tool that converted all Wii models to UHD models. Why? Easy: Every single molde in UHD has the mapping slightly screwed up.
      Now all of them have the original and precise mapping! This is something almost unnoticeable but I’ll post some comparison shots someday and you’ll see what I mean. Other than that, we still didn’t edit any enemy model yet

      About the bricks, yes, it’s still on the “things-to-fix” list. We’ll do all these edits during the final revision. So we don’t need to revise and revise one time and another 😉

  8. Max says:

    I have questions
    1. Are those just random scribbles on the white board?
    2.Are all the cutscenes in the game including the ending are pre-rendered or cinematics?
    3.Not long ago, i was watching a youtube video called resident evil 4 all cutscenes including Ada on the ps3 and ps4 versions and i notice that when every time a cutscenes plays out, the resolutions looks like 480p while the gameplay is somewhat in HD. Is this normally suppose to happen?

    • Sean says:

      Adas cutscenes are in 480 because they are not prerendered
      the rest of the game is prerendered

    • albert says:

      1. Yep, most texts in the game are random. They were unreadable at their original resolutions, so it doesn’t matter what they say. We just try to use texts that make some sense in that context.
      2-3. Only the Separate Ways cutscenes and the staff roll videos are pre-rendered. All the others are real-time and they look as good as ingame. Only PS2 and the 2007 PC ports had all pre-rendered cutscenes

      • Max says:

        hey albert, i just realized something about question 3.
        what i meant to say is that why is the cutscenes in separate ways use 480i( half the image is shown) instead if 480p?( which is progressive scan).
        4.did you actually fixed the separate way cutscenes like making it high quality?

        • albert says:

          All pre-rendered videos in this game are MPG1 512×336 29.97fps progressive
          There’s no way of improve any of them 🙁
          If only someone could hack the .exe so the game could load any other video codec at other resolutions… Right now we are stucked with this outdated codec at this poor resolution.

  9. Anas Khalil says:

    Great job Albert, I like the surprise 😀
    What are those white dots on the board?
    And on Leon’s Hair & Body here too
    His Body looks overexposed

    • albert says:

      Those dots… I guess you mean the noise effect ¿? They are bigger in the original but now they are addapted to HD resolutions. It looks much better in motion 😉
      About Leon’s overexposition, there’s a lamp just next to him 🙂 Again, If you play the game and you move around, it all will make sense.
      Thanks for the comments!

  10. Paulo says:

    Hi, Albert and Chris.

    Just wanted to thank you once again for doing this.

    It’s a pleasure being able to take a break, come over to the site, and relax a little while watching the new screenshots. 🙂

  11. Aldo says:

    Gran trabajo.

  12. Abz786 says:

    On the last image, is the floor remapped? It seems like there is a line going through the middle messing with the pattern.

  13. E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

    This looks incredible. It’s like a whole new game. Take your time and all BUT YOU’RE KILLING ME.

  14. Pliskin says:

    Is Ada’s RE2 outfit only for the cutscenes or are you going to make it playable in Separate Ways as well? If so are you going to make her spy costume playable also? Don’t know why the developers didn’t give us the option when we finished her campaign like they did for Leon.

    • albert says:

      This is only for the cutscenes when Leon is wearing his RE2 outfit (Special 1 costume) 😉

      I guess it’s possible to replace Ada’s costumes by modding the game or using a trainer, but we can’t add a “choice your costume” option. This is beyound our knowledge.

  15. BG says:

    Was kinda surprised how good the old floor in “ADA-END-C” still looked. These old textures can still look pretty nice at a distance. The light from the window in the new version is a nice touch though.

    Also I noted the stool in “ADA-END-E” is sunken into the floor a bit. Not that it really matters.

    • albert says:

      Good eye! It’s really easy to fix 😉
      Yep, it’s interesting how some original textures look good even for PS3 standards while some others are using PS1 resolutions XD

  16. NEGAARMAX says:

    Realmente muy buena la sorpresa sobretodo porque es mi traje favorito de ADA.
    Los cambios como siempre realmente buenos en especial el de las radiografías, digo para encontrar las originales, realmente se nota la dedicación al proyecto.
    Esperare el siguiente update.

  17. Mohsen86 says:

    Yes! ✨?
    I had the same idea on my mind, many years ago. I almost have forgot about this! ?
    Thanks to you and Son of Persia, finally we have Ada’s RE2 costume when using SP costume 1… ?♥

  18. iguanabeyourdog says:

    genial actualizacion como siempre! especial mencion a las nuevas sombras sobre todo esa ventana proyectada al bajar las escaleras consigue muchisimo mas la atmosfera del juego.
    Por otro lado me gustaria saber si teneis en mente revisar los personajes, aumentar el numero de poligonos, mejores texturas, etc.

    • albert says:

      Gracias! Y sí, lo revisaremos TODO. Por lo menos las texturas. Los modelos solo si es realmente necesario. Por ejemplo, a mi me gustaría mejorar las manos de Leon y Ada (sobretodo Ada… Son horribles sus manos en Separate Ways…)

      • iguanabeyourdog says:

        perdona si me equivoco pero tengo entendido que los modelos de las cinematicas tienen mas poligonos y detalle que los ingame (con el 5 si tengo la certeza de que es asi), si esto fuera asi, podriais utilizar los de las cinematicas en el juego ingame?

        • albert says:

          En el caso de Leon, solo la cara tiene más polígonos (y las manos quizás). El cuerpo es el mismo modelo usado durante el juego. Lo mismo con Ashley. En el caso de Ada y Krauser sí que tienen mejor modelos la versión de las escenas. Intentaremos llevarlo todo al juego 😉

  19. Adam XT says:

    Shouldn’t the window shadow you’ve added on the floor have a horizontal shadow in the middle as the bar is horizontal on the window?

    Have you already made some improvements to the character models? As it seems like Leon’s hair looks better in the last picture.

    • albert says:

      Yep, it should. If I recall correctly the new shadow texture has that horizontal shadow, so maybe it’s casted on the wall or maybe it coincide with some of the floor tiles edges. I’ll check it later! 😉

      About Leon’s hair: This is how UHD HD Leon texture looks like. But now that you mention it… I published a post a looong time ago that showed my first attempt of a new hair texture for Leon (but I didn’t used it in subsequent updates)

  20. aymj says:

    Amazing ! I like how you accurately reproduced the board haha

  21. m4nu88 says:

    publicareis para poder descargar y jugarlos nosotros ya todo eso o como lo hareis ¿?

    • albert says:

      Si, espero poder pulir ciertas cosas y en unos pocos meses (muy pocos espero) ya poder ofrecer públicamente otro pack nuevo 🙂
      Pero ya lo anunciaremos cuando sepamos seguro la fecha, para no pillarnos los dedos.

  22. M4nu88 says:

    Gracias por todo ojala sea pronto lo de ada la verdad es que mas me gusta a mi también hacéis un trabajo fenomenal gracias por que encima nos lo dais gratis

  23. rabidrodent says:

    Here’s an attempt at reading the labels on the cabinets in “ADA-END-B.jpg”

    __ __ __

    __ PADS


    TONGUE __
    __ __ KITS
    __ VIALS


  24. Nameless says:

    This is amazing work you guys. I mean really cool. The RE2 Ada when you play as RE2 Leon is such a nice touch. I wish things could move quicker, but I understand everyone has real, actual lives going on. Maybe at least an update to the progress summary?

    At any rate THANK YOU again for your hard work and for making this old RE4 dog want to play it again!

  25. Mehrab says:


  26. Ascaron says:

    Love it! Good job!!

  27. Eufrasio says:


  28. Marco says:

    ¡Excelente como siempre!
    Estaba pensando que con la velocidad de carga al cambiar entre areas, quizá esté de más ese mensaje que pone “Cargando”. Podría agregar un toque a la inmersión si consiguen quitarlo.

    • albert says:

      Es una idea, aunque estoy seguro que a mucha gente le gusta verlo por el simple hecho de la nostalgia, así que habría divergencia de opiniones.

      A mi no me importaría quitarlo, y de hecho es extremadamente sencillo hacerlo. Simplemente se hace la textura 100% transparente. Pero el objetivo es ser lo más fiel al original que sea posible. Aunque esto no quita la opción de ofrecer un miniparche aparte que haga desaparecer el texto de carga para el que le interese. Pero eso tendrás que recordárnoslo cuando terminemos el proyecto 😛

      Saludos y gracias!!

  29. Max says:

    hey Albert it me. I have a few questions
    1. Is it possible to change leon hair to brown? It looks a little blonde
    2. Is it possible to modify his face to look like the resident evil degeneration movie that take place in 2005 (i
    year after the 4th game)

    • albert says:

      Hi! We are just remastering the game and we want to be faithful to the original design/textures. If Leon is blonder in this game he will remain this way.
      It’s not something wrong it’s just a design decision the same way RE2 developers decided to make him almost red-haired or RE6 and the movies staff made his hair slightly darker. So… Who decides which option is the right one? It’s mpossible to answer to this question. To me, all of them are right 😉

      • Max says:

        Oh Ok, but did you like improved leon, ada, krauser, Ashley, Luis and villans character model textures ?
        Also one last question until the next update
        Did you play RE 7. If so, did you enjoy it? from scale of 1/10, how much would you rate it? and what do you like about it?

        • albert says:

          Yes, we’ll improve every single texture for all the characters and enemies and probably some slight model refinements.

          About RE7 I just played 25% of the game!! XD I really have no time so I’m saving this (and a hundred more of things) for when this project is finished 🙂
          But I enjoyed it a lot the portion of the game I played. It was quite an immersive and scary experience… 8/10 so far.

          • Sacacorchos says:

            Leon dyes his hair. In the CGI movies his hair color is a slightly darker auburn (in RE2 he was young so it looked lighter). Maybe his roots need to be proper dark auburn (they are black for some reason), and the rest kept blonde.

  30. V I D A L says:

    I really hope when all is said and done, Capcom will put this mod up on Steam directly. Like Piranha Bytes did with Gothic 3 Community patch. You can set the game to beta options on Steam and get the patch directly. They gotta do the same with this mod… that is, if they don’t put it up directly into the main download as officially part of the game and give you guys a crap load of money for your services.

  31. NZNewsboy says:

    I’ve been following this project for years now and I simply can’t wait to get my hands on the final version. Keep up the great work. Take your time… but also…. kinda…. you know… release it already :p

  32. Max says:

    Albert, i went around in MOD db and i found a re4 enhanced environment that release in 2007. do you happen to know a guy called cerberus84

    • albert says:

      Yep, If my memory serves me right, he took the “Texture Patch 2.0” I did back in 2008 and he applied his custom sharpening/emboss filters over my textures. He did it with my permission of course. That mod was for the 2007 PC port of the game.

      • Max says:

        Strange though, the textures are not good but it 2007 and you’re probably busy working or something but otherwise good job.

        • Harban says:

          As Alber wrote: The guy applied some shapening/emboss filters to the textures, which never looks good. It’s a bit harsh to judge Albert by that.

  33. Marius Johnsen says:

    Each time you guys post it the highlight of my month. Amazing how dedicated you both are. Can’t wait to see how the remastered characters will look ingame.

  34. ivanproff says:

    Awesome work!
    And it would be nice to put Ashley in Sherry’s suit))

  35. Frank Nitty says:

    You guys really make my day every time I receive an email regarding the updates. Thanks for all that you do, looking forward to replaying this game in 4K instead

  36. Antonio says:

    Increíble muchas gracias por su esfuerzo y dedicación 🙂

  37. Dmitry Kayson says:

    Couldn’t pass by and not leave any comment. The work is simply outstanding. With every new post the game becomes better and better. Every detail is so carefully remastered that it seems the final version will be just mindblowing. With what u have done so far, it’s hard to believe the game was released more than a decade ago. Hell knows why u even decided to work on RE4 or to share your precious project, but the result is amazing, and u guys deserve not only to see our comments and get little money from us, u gotta be hired by Capcom to work on RE2 Remaster. It’s probably possible, since u have already shown your skills, and what else do they even need? Wish u good luck with finishing the project and looking forward to playing it!

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your words!
      We can’t wait sharing the finished project with everyone. I hope it’s up to your expectations 🙂

    • [ROLO] says:

      RE2 will be a remake (if it ever gets released), like the one for the original RE, where everything is done from scratch, not a remaster.

  38. Tom says:

    You’ve probably been asked this but when will you look into actual characters? maybe upon completion of the island section? I say this cause there’s a lot to cover with all that jazz, especially transformable characters like krauser, saddler and so on. keep up the fantastic work!

    • albert says:

      Yes, We’ll remaster everything.
      Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

      • Steven says:

        Will you be able to up the polygon count on the characters like you’ve learned to do with 2D to 3D objects in the game so far? I just remember you wishing you had more polygons in one of your first blog posts while you were working on Leon and some of the ganados.

        • Alvare says:

          First we need to put the cutscene head in game.

        • albert says:

          I think it will be possible. My priority is to port cutscene faces, and some other models to the ingame models and improve some character’s hands. And then some details here and there.

          • Alvare says:

            Modding community just released a fix for high poly Leon head crash while equipping rpg. Less blocky hands would be great too of course. And Mendez’s shoes could use a higher poly model too, first encounter, with Ada distracting him. Just replayed the beginning section and thought it looked hilarious in contrast to your work (shoelaces are literally drawn on like a pencil.) Especially noticable since the camera does a close up shot while he crushes Leon’s ribs.

  39. Alvare says:

    Aside from all this pure awesomeness, (I mean, this project is truly heading towards perfection.)
    Is it just me or is the Island battle music the only song in the game that doesn’t seem to fit with the environment? In my opinion it’s one of the weakest sounding ones for sure.
    To me it’s percussion always sounded like something you’d hear when infiltrating a base in a bamboo forest or something, which it’s clearly not. It should have been something industrial, tense and with a deep kick to it. Something that makes you feel alarmed and yet, determined to blast through these enemies more quickly.

    • Steven says:

      I remember my dad hearing the song playing as I played the game. He scoffed and said it sounded like a 70’s Police chase.

      • Alvare says:

        Haha thats hilarious. My dad has the same sense of humor too. xD
        But yeah, compare that to the first half of the game. One of the most terrifying songs appear there. Makes me realize how well the village and castle area were written. Just everything from the story, music and setting fell together like jigsaw puzzlepuzzle pieces. These parts with Mendez were the most intimidating to me because of how it builded up towards that battle. Of course, the island section we have my favourite Regenerator, Krauser and Sadler.

        Meh, I never forget how that the storyboard in the credits would’ve been the prequel to the opening part.. why did they leave it out?

    • albert says:

      Yep, Agree. This music is something that always makes me think the creators were doing a parody of its own game XD
      It works for the Ada minigame but IMO it’s out of place in the main game. It makes me take the game less seriously

  40. Alvare says:

    I donated 40 usd btw. 🙂

  41. Gorgati says:

    I’m in love with you guys hahahaha <3
    The best Graphic Mods i've ever seen

  42. kisamee says:

    will you released new download soon

  43. CrisWithoutH says:

    As much as I don’t like straying from vanilla, I think this is a really good change.

  44. Nicholas Y. says:

    Finally the dream comes true, we can finally see Ada and Leon wears the classic outfit from RE2, But then what about the black spy outfit? I will prefer it appears in the Normal, and the ‘Normal’ one move to Special 2, that will look nice with Leon’s Mafia outfit, but is it possible to see the Ashley’s armor and Leon’s Mafia outfit in cutscenes?

    • albert says:

      This RE2 Ada during cutscenes bonus will be an optional pack 🙂
      Unfortunatelly there’s no a decent way of obtain mafia and armor-Ashley during cutscenes because Leon’s scarf animations are not ready for cutscenes and Ashley armor collides in a bad way with other models. And I’m not sure if it’s possible to change Ada’s model during the “Special 2” mode cutscenes…. or at least I don’t know how to do it :/

      • Nicholas Y. says:

        Thanks for the reply sir, my guess it’s Capcom just too lazy to make Special 2 clothing show in cutscenes… but great work to put RE2 Ada in cutscenes and all these HD texture/lighting fixes, this is more than just ‘awesome’, so much for a game that lasted a decade! 😀

  45. Colonel Mustard says:

    Hi, fantastic job. Is there a way to just download RE2 Ada during cutscenes bonus?

    • albert says:

      I think you’d need to download the entire pack and then jut take the files inside the RE2 folder you’ll find inside BIO4 folder and place them inside your \Resident evil 4\BIO4\Evd folder. But you’ll need to delete the files you’ll find there with the same name but the extra extension .lfs.
      For example s20bs00.evd is one of the new files and you’ll need to delete s20bs00.evd.lfs. Otherwise the game will load the original .lfs files

      Also, you’ll need to extract

      And place them inside your \Resident evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD\ and BIO4\ImagePack\

      Again, you’ll need to delete the original 07000000.pack.lfs files in both ImagePackHD\ and ImagePack\ folers

      I think this should be enough

  46. LeoShaddz says:

    Hello! Congratulations on the great work, I’m really looking forward to the final version. Can you only make the Ada RE2 mod available? As I said, I’ll wait for the full version of the mod to download then while I just wanted the Ada mod. Can you make me available please? Have a good day and a lot more success!

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot!!
      Do you mean the alternative RE2 dress during the cutscenes?
      It’s already available in the pack we released on July. The installation process asks you if you want to install it or not. But you only can see that RE2 dress when you chose the RPD uniform for Leon (Special 1 costume)

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