Island Improvements (Part V)

Hi! It’s been a while since the last post…

But it’s all been for the best. I’ve done a lot of boring and time consuming mini-tasks:

  • Multilanguage sub-screen menus:
    All text and textures in all 6 languages for the inventory, Merchant shop, map, file organizer, etc.
  • Optimization of hundreds of cutscene repeated textures:
    As some of you know, there are certain textures repeated in most cutscene texture .pack files (like Leon’s face, all of Ashley’s textures, Ada and Ganado textures, etc.) I’ve included them inside the 07000000.pack file (a “master” pack file which is loaded at the start of the game). So, the same texture that was repeated more than 100 times is now just one single texture. All the repeated textures have been replaced with dummy 4×4 dds files.
  • Some redirected cutscene texture calls:
    A lot of cutscenes use stage textures, but they were copied again inside the corresponding cutscene texture .pack file instead of using the stage texture .pack file. I’ve redirected these texture calls to the stage .pack files and all the repeated textures inside the cutscene texture .pack files have been replaced with dummy 4×4 dds files, too.

I have no idea how big the cutscene texture packs would be if these 2 last points hadn’t been possible. I’d say the final version won’t reach 1 GB (only the cutscenes textures I mean), which makes me think that an non-optimized HD version would easily reach more than 5 GB in size.

And here goes the regular update:

Finally, I’ve revisited ALL the Island rooms. Their lights and effects are now revised and improved, just like all the other areas of the game. As usual, I’ve improved more of the 3D models and textures as I went. I hope you like the comparison images (a small selection) and the cutscene comparison video!

And now it’s time to prepare something BIG. We’ll keep you updated about it 😉


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115 responses to “Island Improvements (Part V)”

  1. Necdilzor says:

    Nice space optimization! And great job as usual!! Keep it going 😀

  2. Abdullah says:

    Great job Can’t wait for the final version

  3. warby says:

    that kind of texture reuse stuff is exactly what i do at work all the time so i really just want to high five you guys for caring enough to do this. Most optimization tasks are really not sexy but if you re-frame it in terms of download size,boot up time or frame-rate all of a sudden people care 😀

  4. Jack says:

    Lovely. Great work as usual. I installed the game like 3 or more months ago, but not playing yet cause of this project 😀

    I’ll be waiting for final version of this project to play the game from beginning again.

    Praise be 😀

  5. Dago says:

    Hola, ahora que juegue de nueva cuenta el titulo note algo. En la zona de la batalla con “El gigante” note que la primera vez que llegas al lugar siendo de día no estan los famosos arboles que luego usa para golpearte, simplemente no estan, ¿es eso normal? o alomejor me estoy perdiendo algo xD. En todo caso me preguntaba sí alomejor ustedes podian hacer algo para darle coherencía al asunto, me imagino que cargar un par de arboles a la zona no supondría un problema de memoria o algo parecido.

    Como siempre excelente trabajo. =)

    • albert says:

      Buena observación. Imagino que no daría problemas añadir esos árboles y realmente es un “fallo” de coherencia que en medio día hayan crecido de golpe ;-P

      • TheMarkusBoy says:

        Otra puntualización en esa zona, es gracioso ver que, cuando es de noche, en la zona de la iglesia y del pantano llueve, pero en la cantera donde luchas con el Gigante no. ¿Eso se podría arreglar?

        • albert says:

          Cierto! eso creo que ya se comentó en algún momento.
          No creo que haya problema en implementar la lluvia durante el juego, pero en las cinemáticas creo que habría ciertos problemas, entre ellos, no se podrían implementar los salpicones de las gotas de lluvia sobre los hombros y cabeza y al pisar el suelo, con lo que quedaría como un parche a medias…
          Yo imagino que se decidió eliminar el efecto de lluvia en esa zona o bien por problemas de hardware (que no tendría mucho sentido, pues en la cabaña con Luis también llueve y han muchísimos enemigos con muchos políginos), o bien para que El Gigante tuviera más protagonismo y la lluvia no entorpeciera durante la batalla.

  6. Mark says:

    “Verifica la presion de esa valvula”

    Can you add a valve somewhere on the map so that Ganado makes sense? I always found it funny that there’s not a single valve in the entire map. I picture the Ganado that got that task assigned is running around the whole place looking for the damn valve to check.

    Now seriously, I was starving for news on this project. Very happy with what we got.

    Good luck to you and cris on these final touches that you guys are working on. 🙂

    • albert says:

      Heheh I always think the valve is behind the tank but the entire thing gets destroyed by Mike’s attack XD
      Thanks for the encouraging message!

  7. jim says:

    by something big do you mean character etc. models?

  8. MAGG says:

    La peor textura de RE4 siempre me parecio el suelo cuando Leon recoge la muestra de la plaga. Me alegra ver que en su remasterizacion se ve bien y sin pixeles. Gran trabajo como siempre. Saludos.

    • albert says:

      Para mi, las peores texturas están después de que Leon rescate a Ashley de la cápsula, en la zona de piedras y ruinas donde está el buhonero. Ese trozo del juego parece una versión beta de algún juego sin finalizar XD
      Pero sí, el zoom que le hacen al suelo metálico es tal, que te pueden sangrar los ojos por lo pixelado que está haha

  9. Ascaron says:

    Guys, you are the best! I’m very excited about the new thing!

  10. E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

    Thank you for helping us awaken from our world of clichés. Also, how many Hollywood movies do you think Saddler has seen? Do you think he and Salazar have Movie Night or something? Maybe Bitores cooks.

    • Tina says:

      I would totally have a movie night with Salazar, I think that would be hysterical. Saddler can stay home, though, and I don’t think I’d trust any food prepared by Bitores.

  11. Pliskin says:

    Does this mean all cutscenes will get remastered (except for Separate Ways of course)?

    • albert says:

      Yes, I’ve fixed lights, missing effects, polished 3D models, etc. In general, they are minor fixes and some of they aren’t noticeable unless you compare side by side becasue cutscenes are too fast to pay attention to the detail. To the extend possible, I tried to improve all visually distracting elements.

  12. NEGAARMAX says:

    Osea que al estar en el pauqete maesttro 07000000 cargaran màs rapido las texturas, lo digo porque yo he modificado las texturas de las cinematicas y como que tardan en cargar y causan desconsideración.
    las comparativas como siempre se ven increibles y en el video ni se diga al fin se ve la cara de ADA y lo más importante Mike en HD :v
    ¿por cierto no me respondiste se puede implementar las luces dinámicas de fuego a las granadas incendiarias?
    Un saludo y espero más updates.

    • albert says:

      Si. De hecho, estarán cargadas desde el inicio de la partida, así que tardarán 0 en cargarse 😛 Ideal para prevenir desinconizaciones.
      Cierto, Ada ya no tiene cara amarilla haha

      Ah, y las granadas creo que ya emiten luz cuando explotan en el suelo, al igual que las lámparas de aceite cuando caen al suelo. Hay elementos que ya tienen esa luz, como cuando Leon dispara, el estallido del tiro ilumina a los alrededores durante una fracción de segundo.


      • NEGAARMAX says:

        De hecho es solo esa fracción de segundo lo que dura la iluminación, ¿no se puede hacer que dure lo mismo que el fuego de la granada? tal como tu mismo lo mencionas con las lamparas que iluminan cuando estas caen

        • albert says:

          Ya le echaré un vistazo. Tengo que retocar varios efectos de varias armas, así que cuando lo haga podré ver con exactitud los efectos de las granadas y qué se puede hacer con ellos, pero no debería haber problema en eso 🙂

  13. Zoe says:

    Looking great!!!

    Something big = character textures? :3

  14. C. says:

    Great work as usual. I feel the new textures for that canyon shot are too busy though. I have no idea what is going on in that with such a low res sample. Neither the original or the HD version look very good.

    The explosion at the epicenter is too bright. Tone down that bloom a bit.

    Otherwise stellar job as usual, and I will support on release with cash. I probably already donated as small bit once.

    • albert says:

      Hello! Could you mark in a screenshot that canyon?
      About the explosion, could you mark it aswell? I don’t see ant bloom effect particularly bright. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong place.

      Thank you for the support! We’ll keep doing our best 😀

      • C. says:

        Hello, the explosion is the first shot you posted on the right side. I feel like the explosion in that one shot is really bright. But I have no idea how it looks in motion. But it looks almost too bright compared to the original.

        And the canyon shot is the last shot on the right side you posted. It just seems really busy, and I am not sure what is what in the new one either. I think the lighter areas in the retextured rock could be improved. Not a huge deal or anything, just though I would give my two cents.

        • albert says:

          You can see it in motion in the video 🙂
          About the second comment… I’m sorry I don’t understand it. What’s “canyon” and “busy”? The last picture is the water picture

          Ahh! You meant this one, right?

          It’s not a problem. It all makes more sense in motion 😉 The area looks quite plain because the mercant torch is not lit yet. This is a forced camera angle from the previous area.

  15. Beto A.R.V. says:

    Saludos Albert!
    Tengo que decir que de nuevo vuelves a sorprender con estos cambios y mejoras del juego, tanto de forma visual como en composición y estructura técnica.
    Por otra parte, me da curiosidad saber si el juego te posibilita cambiar la dirección de las fuertes de luz, porque en tu vídeo, durante la última cinemática, la dirección de la iluminación parece ilógica, teniendo claramente un sol que te ilumine bien y en la dirección correcta y más lógica, aunque debo decir que en el último segundo que Leon se da vuelta y tiene al sol a sus espaldas, ahí si parece bien hecha la iluminación en tu vídeo.
    Eso es todo.
    Que tengan un buen día!

    • albert says:

      Hola! Gracias por tus comentarios. Me alegro que te guste el trabajo que estamos realizando 🙂

      En cuanto a la iluminación de las cinemáticas, efectivamente, podríamos decir que en muchas ocasiones tienen poco o ningún sentido. Y eso pasa a lo largo de todo el juego y está hecho a propósito por los desarrolladores.
      Contado de manera breve y que se pueda entender: Cada ángulo de cámara de una cinemática tiene su propia configuración de luces, tanto en posición, intensidad, cantidad de fuentes de luz, color de estas… TODO. Los creadores del juego, aprovecharon eso para conseguir un aspecto “atractivo” a cada uno de los ángulos de cámara, sin ser muy estrictos en el realismo o el sentido que tuvieran esas luces.
      En este caso es muy similar a lo que se hace en las películas. Muchas veces no reparamos en ello, pero hay iluminación en ciertos planos de películas y series que no tienen sentido a un nivel estricto de lo que sería realista, pero la finalidad es que “quede bonito” y a veces realzar elementos que se verían poco con solo la iluminación natural.

      Es posible arreglar toda esa iluminación, pero costoso. Así que en principio solo lo haríamos en aquellos casos en que realmente no haya ningún criterio estético que justifique ciertas decisiones de iluminación. Por ahora no he encontrado ningún plano que me haya molestado en especial, aunque todo es mejorable por supuesto.

      un saludo!!

  16. HHH207 says:

    Great update, thanks all your effort! I must talk about two screenshot that i pointed in the Google Drive :
    1. In the 1. screenshot, the oar position glitchy with the table
    2. In the 2. screenshot, the walls are somethig like different walls and that button in the screenshot, will you remastered pc and xbox bottons (when we play with controller), please make them HD like all other things, Thanks! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the screenshots!
      The first one is easy to fix 🙂
      About the wall. They merge properly in the original because the textures are blurry but they are 2 different textures (wall and arch) and I’m not 100% sure I can make them to perfectly match. I’ll do my best!
      And finally the buttons, They are not remastered yet.


      • Suckable_lemon says:

        Was he talking about the shaft of the shovel clipping with the table in the screenshot with the tent? That’s the only tiny thing I noticed that could be adjusted.

        Great work and I’m looking forward to the BIG thing.

  17. HHH207 says:

    In the comparison video that show the last mission, the clouds-sky movements are too fast i think, please make them slowly or non-moving.

    • Jesús says:

      I actually like the way they are:(

    • albert says:

      Hehe you already have an answer. It seems I can’t please everyone 😛
      I made the clouds to move because someone mentioned it in the past and the static texture really looked bad and unrealistic. I don’t think emove specially fast now but I’ll take a look again and I’ll do it with critical eye once more time just in case.

  18. Superuser says:

    Hi, just letting you know that ‘[Show slideshow]’ on the blog post doesn’t work, leads to an error page.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for letting us know!
      I think it’s not the first time… I have no idea what the problem is :/
      I guess the only way is to click the first picture and manually move forward.

  19. DarkSamus says:

    Looking forward to your surpise Albert.
    Funny how noone has guessed correct yet.

  20. Frank Nitty says:

    As always you never fail to amaze. Thanks again for your contribution

  21. Sean says:

    in the last picture there is a very jagged object that was much more round in the original images, you should really try to be careful if your going to be messing with such an important game like this ;P

    haha…. just kidding… everything is just wonderful 🙂

  22. Max says:

    Hey Albert it me, again as always, with the questions
    1.did you do something to the skyboxes
    2.So, i that it then? the main campaign is finished and separate ways is finished including the mercenaries
    right? or is there more that needs to be done?

  23. Dean says:

    Love the work fellas can’t wait for the final version. You guys are the epitome of passion hard work and dedication for taking the time and effort to bring this classic game up to the standard that those lazy morons over at Capcom should have done upon there so called hd version of the game. Can you guys please include an option to turn off the horrendous film grain with your final release. It’s absolutely horrible and it would be wonderful if u guys can at least give players an option to turn it on or off. Completely ruins the game for me. Keep up the outstanding work can’t wait fellas.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message!
      About the grain effect. I’ve edited it in all the areas of the game. Now it looks better in HD resolutions. Anyway, I’m aware some people doesn’t like it at all. So, I’d generate a patch that removes it completely when the project is finished if there is enough demand.

      • mofail says:

        Please do this, that stupid effect never looked good. An option or patch would be great!

        • Dean Tsavaris says:

          Hey mofail!
          Lets get an online petition going on here to win the fellas over about including a patch to remove that film grain effect hey. lol. It is unbearable, especially in the room with the swinging axes in the castle.

        • Marius Johnsen says:

          Yes. Diffidently. That’s one thing i mentioned in my steam review that i was happy to find out was possible to mod in the game since it wasn’t an option in the game itself.

  24. Heber says:

    Hola! He estado siguiendo tu trabajo desde hace tres años, y es la primera vez que comento algo jaja, pero quiero decir que estoy impresionado por tu dedicacion y tiempo que le inviertes a este proyecto! Sin duda alguna algo que muchos estamos agradeciendo! Saludos desde Tijuana, Mexico!

    • albert says:

      Gracias por animarte a comentar! 🙂
      Me alegro que te esté gustando tanto el resultado, y gracias también por la paciencia!
      Queremos poder ofrecer un pack nuevo pronto que haga que la espera haya merecido la pena 😀
      Saludos desde Barcelona!

  25. m4nu88 says:

    que buena pinta tiene todo esto supongo que pronto se lanzara todo en un pack para descargar ¿? o como teneis pensado hacerlo ¿?

    • albert says:

      Pronto publicaremos un pack. Aun está por definir el contenido exacto, pero en cuanto lo sepamos lo anunciaremos en detalle 🙂

  26. Thomas says:

    Nice progress and beautiful optimization! Just wondering, if you could update the progress summary soon? 🙂 If you had a percentage in mind, what would you think about the whole project progression at the moment? More than 70%?

  27. iguanabeyourdog says:

    se que vosotros estareis deseando de acabar, pero a mi me da un poco de tristeza la verdad xD entro casi siempre a la web para ver si hay nuevos progresos o nuevos comentarios desde hace tanto que cuando acabeis, no me imagino sin entrar a la web esperando una nueva actualizacion… pero bueno ya se va acercando el final y solo me queda felicitaros por el grandisimo trabajo.

  28. Irvin Smith says:

    It must be some Wall of Honor for the great modders and your name in the beginning of the list! Great job! Can’t wait the final version!

  29. Max says:

    Hey Albert, in 3:37 in the comparison video, did you add like a sun in the distance?

    • gamer gamer says:

      thats a bloom effect that gamecube had and yeah its ment to be a sun although there isnt an actual sun if you remove the effect

  30. Lázaro Martínez says:

    ¡Un trabajo impresionante, como siempre! Y no solo las texturas, la mejora en todos los aspectos es tan grande que casi parecen dos juegos diferentes.
    Los dioses del gaming deben de tener un sitio reservado en el ciberolimpo para vosotros.
    Por cierto, ya tienes en tu bandeja de entrada aquello que comentamos, (guiño guiño)

  31. mapc says:

    You are the best guys ! Have a nice day !

  32. Finy says:

    I still think that Leon needs to have his 3d model smoothed out. His textures are nice but he has lora croft shoulders and roblox feet that really need fixing if humanly possible. In the video I loved the lens flare at 3:45 is very niiiiice but there is a lighting issue on Leons chest thats bugging me. If the sun’s behind him, shadow em’ up a lil’ bit. A couple more HEAVILLY NITPICKY nitpicks:
    -I know your not done but PLZ MAKE THE BEAR LOOK GOOD. ITS IMPORTANT TO ME lol
    -the helicopter cutscene where mike blows stuff up: the fire and explosions are dope but the animation and lights are covering up the smoke filter and they pop out (1:23)
    -The helicopter minigun at 1:08 : the sparking effect is a little obnoxious, no clue on solutions tho
    -2:30 fix his teeth… somehow. good luck. also the eye particle effect needs help

    Alright, thats it. I AM A HUGE FAN OF THIS PROJEEECT <3 <3 <3 ya'll are amazing, keep up the phenominal work. Much love (and fangirling) from Texas.

    PS- Those lense flares are gorgeous. I'm marrying those lense flares.

    • albert says:


      Thank you for all the feedback. I will definitely take into conideration some things! 🙂
      You are right about the fire covering the smoke. I increased indiscriminately all the effects intensity for that camera angle. But the flames (or at least some of them) should remain at the same intensity the original has.
      Characters and items textures are not remastered yet
      And about lighting during cutscenes I already explained my point of view in one of the previous 94 comments XD

      Thanks again for following us 😀

  33. Dean tsavaris says:

    Yo Yo fellas Dean here again.
    Just wondering if you guys are aware of flour bunny and the re texturing of Res evil 1. They are doing exactly the same thing for res evil 1 that you guys have done for res evil 4. The project has been going on now for a number of years and it looks incredible. To see an update of there work just go to you tube. Type in flour bunny RES EVIL hd backgrounds and you will see some of there progress.
    All the best from down under
    Regards Deano

  34. Catbus says:

    Just a nitpick but the door in the back in ISLANDV_87 seemingly looks worse than the original.

  35. Zoe says:

    Ah yea, it does kinda go from elevator-door shiny metal sheen to a bit of a wash. Good catch.

  36. Italicmaze says:

    The attention to detail is outstanding. Good luck with the rest of the project. 😀

  37. Luigi Impero says:

    I thank heaven from the first moment that this incredible journey has begun for you.
    It can be repetitive but thank you very much for the passion you put into this project and the joy you give us for every step you share with us.

  38. russellc says:

    i just can say 1 word :
    awesomeeeeeeeeee !

    Tnx bro 😉

  39. Alex777000 says:

    This port of the game, there is one clear problem is that her vnutrinney the mandatory also
    the screen, a feeling that 640 x 480 is scaled to full hd, although ps4 / dolphin such prblem no.

  40. Alex777000 says:

    In 4k your textures look great

  41. Alex777000 says:

    Albert I have a question for you whether you will port these textures for Dolphin re 4 wi edition?

    • albert says:

      This is a tricky question. I can be done and I’m sure someone will do it at some point. The problem is it’s time consuming and a lot of our textures take into consideration all the 3D edits we’ve done. But unfortunatelly neither 3D edits nor light/effects adjustments can’t be ported.

      In brief: they can be ported (we probably won’t do it but it’s easy for anyone who is used to edit textures in dolphin) but some textures will need some adjustments (mostly the unmirrored textures) 😉

      • Alex777000 says:

        Thanks for the reply.) I follow your project from the very beginning, this is truly a great job, you are good guys respect, I wish you prosperity

  42. HHH207 says:

    It was updated every 10-12 days before but now even a month doesnt updated. Is there a problem? ( ı am asking friendly not for critisize)

    • albert says:

      Oh no, no problems at all. It’s quite simple: all the previous edits we’ve posted are graphically obvious but now we are in a point that most of our work is focused on polishing small details, optimizing the file structure, testing, and a lot of other minor things that aren’t “visually attractive” 🙂
      I hope I can post something soon even if it’s not a great update
      (We are still preparing the “big thing” we announced :P)

  43. alexabdadam says:

    Burn it baby

  44. Goku says:

    Como se puede ver en la imagen esta al reves el logo de policia del brazo.
    En los dos policias el brazo izquierdo tiene el logo al reves.
    Podeis arreglarlo, gracias por el grandisimo trabajo que haceis.

    As you can see in the image, the police logo on the arm is reversed.
    In the two policemen the left arm has the logo upside down.
    You can fix it, thanks for the great work you do.

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