Announcement Trailer #3!

Hi everyone! We are happy to share this announcement with you! Take a look at the video (in fullscreen, of course) and then read the details below!

Here are the details about what this release will include.

Note: This does not mean the project is complete – there are several things that remain, like enemies, NPCs, playable characters, etc.

  • Village Pack – UPDATED
    • All textures, 3D edits, lighting and effects improvements to date
  • Castle Pack – UPDATED
    • All textures, 3D edits, lighting and effects improvements to date
  • Island Pack – NEW
    • All textures, 3D edits, lighting and effects improvements to date
  • Separate Ways Pack – NEW
    • All textures, 3D edits, lighting and effects improvements to date
  • Assignement Ada Pack – NEW
    • All textures, 3D edits, lighting and effects improvements to date
  • The Mercenaries Pack – NEW
    • All textures, 3D edits, lighting and effects improvements to date
  • Subscreen and Menus and Weapons Pack – NEW
    • Re-created menus and subscreen background images
    • Improved inventory item models and textures
  • Weapons Pack – NEW
    • In-game weapon 3D models and textures based on the higher quality “examine view” version
      NOTE: Weapon textures will receive a complete makeover in the final release
  • Items Pack – NEW
    • In-game item 3D models and textures based on the higher quality “examine view” version
      NOTE: Some item textures will receive a complete makeover in the final release
  • Cut-scene Pack – NEW
    • Fixed and restored effects from the Gamecube/Wii version that got lost during the HD porting process
    • Improved cutscene-exclusive textures and 3D models
    • Low-polygon Ganados have been replaced with the higher-polygon version
    • Some lighting adjustments here and there
    • Some effect adjustments here and there
  • Miscellaneous
    • Enemy torches and crossbow arrows cast real time light
    • Improved barrel and tank explosions
    • Fixed some minor sound bugs

More details to come, but for the time being, we hope you look forward to its release on Friday, July 13, 2018. Thank you all!

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191 responses to “Announcement Trailer #3!”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Esto debió haber salido en la E3 :v
    Bueno solo falta esperar

  2. MAGG says:

    Impresionante. Por la cantidad de material, esto es la version 1.0 del proyecto HD ; es increible la cantidad de trabajo que vendra incluido. Espero poder checarlo pronto.

  3. Ben says:

    So the project is basically done? Will you be moving to another game?

    • Cris says:

      There’s a fair amount left: Enemies, NPCs, Playable Characters, weapon textures (the higher res “examine view” textures were brought over to the other weapon views, but they haven’t received a real HD treatment), etc. I’ll update the post to clarify that, so thanks for asking!

      • jake says:

        Hello, is it possible in the future that this project is compatible with the previous version of res4? the new version of res 4 runs very slowly on my pc

        • Cris says:

          Hi Jake! Unfortunately the scope of the project (including updated 3D models, corrected lighting effects, restored visual effects, etc.) is now at a point where making it compatible with the original 2007 PC release wouldn’t be feasible, I’m sorry. 🙁

          • Roberto says:

            Ciao,sono un ragazzo di 14 anni e se vi scrivo questo commento è perché Resident Evil 4 è il mio videogioco preferito,oggi volevo darvi dei consigli per rendere questo capolavoro ancora più realistico e apprezzabile da giocare:

            1.Cambiare la prima schermata del
            gioco,quella dove c’è Leon,Ashley e
            alcuni Ganados,io ne aggiungerei una
            più bella e significativa.

            2.Migliorare le texture del terreno e delle
            foglie della parte iniziale del gioco
            perché sono davvero orribili.

            3.Migliorare le texture dei
            protagonisti(aspetto e abiti)per renderli
            il più realistici possibili,inoltre io vi
            consiglio di applicare due elementi che
            sono stati introdotti in Resident Evil
            6,ovvero l’effetto “bagnato” dei capelli e
            dei vestiti nel venir a contatto con
            l’acqua o con la pioggia e l’effetto dei
            vestiti sporchi e rovinati nella fine del
            gioco a causa dei continui scontri.

            4.aggiungere le ferite e il sangue dopo
            essere stati colpiti(questo vale per
            Leon e tutti i nemici),inoltre cambierei
            l’aspetto dei Ganados con la
            motosega, io lo farei più macrabo.

            5.Un elemento di Resident Evil 4 che non
            mi é mai piaciuto é il vedere ripetere
            continuamente gli stessi Ganados,io
            ne aggiungerei altri.

          • Cris says:

            Thank you for your feedback!

            #1: If you mean the title screen, we plan on staying faithful to the original.
            #2: Yup – this is part of the project.
            #3: While we are improving the textures for the characters, our intent is to stay faithful to the original (as opposed to “making them as realistic as possible”). Adding “wet” effects to the characters is currently not possible.
            #4: Adding wounds is currently not possible.
            #5: Adding new types of Ganados is currently not possible.

            Thanks again!

  4. jweezy says:

    So other than the item and weapon textures, is there anything else left for the final release?

  5. LunarD3ATH says:

    You almost have it finished? That’s great to hear! I am actually in the mood to play a zombie game and RE4 would be a good choice.

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Thanks guys for your amazing work. Much respect for all that you do

  7. José Antonio Mora Made says:

    Excelente trabajo. No me canso de repetirlo, se nota el esfuerzo y entrega ha este proyecto durante tanto años. Cuál será el peso de la siguiente actualización?

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias! 😀
      Este próximo pack, descomprimido, unos 25 GB.
      (Calculo que el peso de la versión final-final será de unos 35 GB, pero no lo toméis muy en serio, es solo una aproximación)
      Espero que en algún momento podamos volver a recomprimir los archivos al formato comprimido original .lfs lo cual reduciría muuuucho el peso de los archivos.

  8. Alpha_94 says:

    Several years have passed, but we are finally approaching the end. Thank you both for doing this!

  9. Snake says:

    Great news, can’t wait to play the whole game at its best <3

  10. aymj says:

    HELL YEAAAAAH ! Thank you so much ! I will still wait for the final release but seeing how close it is to be finished is wonderful to hear.

  11. HHH207 says:

    Thanks for all your big effort for this game. Let me ask you something: Will you remaster unique weapons menu screeen when we unlock them, right?

  12. DarkSamus says:

    Cool, cats out of the bag and I can now talk about it 😛

  13. Dmitry says:

    This should be on E3=)

  14. Kamilu says:

    Wow !!! Bravo ! You did it !
    I don’t write a lot of messages but I saw each of your publications and I’m so happy you finally release this last part !
    Once again : you’re the best, bravo !

    Since you seem a bit perfectionist, do you already plan other things you want to work on RE4 ?
    And, don’t think I didn’t see that Chris had witten that post ! Welcome back ! Hope everything better for you and that maybe you take a new part i this wonderful project of yours !

    Mes meilleures pensées à vous deux !


    • Cris says:

      Haha thanks for noticing! My time is more limited, but I’m never going away altogether. 🙂 I was a stay-at-home-dad for a while and now have a new job that I really enjoy, and things are settling down for my family for the time being (until the next curveball life throws at us). Thanks for taking the time to write and for following the project — we really appreciate the encouragement!

  15. anon says:

    Awesome work guys, you rock!

  16. Y.Z. says:

    Hmmm… I see a lot of disjointed repeating/mirrored textures in the Remastered shots in the trailer:

    Although that’s relatively minor stuff compared to what I saw next; during the shot of the Mercenaries “Waterworld” stage, while I *think* you *did* add that static gradient layer as I suggested in prior comments ( ), I still think the clouds are *still* moving *way* too fast.

    I don’t want to put pressure on you to fix these things before your release date, but at the very least I hope you consider, perhaps, creating updates/patches or so for this upcoming release if possible.

    • albert says:

      Don’t worry. We’ll ask for feedback once it’s released. We’ll probably create some sort of “put your feedback here” page so people can post their comments, images, etc…
      We already updated a lot of things according to previous feedback (including yours ;)) but I’m sure we missed a few things and some others are still on the list waiting for extra feedback/ideas
      This is not the final version and we’ll be happy to polish some more things according to the new feedback! 🙂
      Of course, there will always be some things we consider they doesn’t worth the efforts or they are simply not possible because of technical reasons.

      BTW! Those red bricks in the picture… I updated the texture in another room (following someone’s feedback that told us they needed more brightness variation), but I forgot to do it in this area in the video XD It will be updated in the release 😛

      • Sean says:

        I was the one who suggested mixing the color variations of the bricks 🙂

        thank you and great job guys!! looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAY

      • Sean says:

        [We’ll ask for feedback once it’s released. We’ll probably create some sort of “put your feedback here”]

        That is why this project was so much fun to watch 🙂 wish you guys could make an all new sequel to RE4 with the same level of detail and care I wish you could make a whole new game for us please continue modifying this great great game! RE4 is a very special one of a kind game 🙂 Hope to see you all on the remodding forums! Peace

  17. Tatacloud says:

    Absolutamente monstruoso y brutalmente genial!!!!
    Que mejor noticia para el E3 xD
    Saludos y agradecido por vuestro trabajo 🙂

  18. iguanabeyourdog says:

    enhorabuena!! un grandisimo trabajo sin duda.
    Con respecto a los personajes principales, no pensais añadirles mas poligonos o retocar aun mas sus texturas??

    • albert says:

      Si! Las texturas seguro. Los modelos 3D ajustaremos muy pocas cosas, solo lo imprescindible.

      Este juego tiene muuucha limitación de polígonos con respecto a ciertas partes de ciertos modelos. Pero en mi opinión no es necesario añadir muchos más polígonos a los personajes/enemigos, ya que los escenarios tampoco tienen un nivel de detalle exagerado. Y siempre digo que tan malo es que algo destaque por lo mal que se ve, como que destaque por lo bien que está, ya que hace que todo lo demás se vea pobre. El equilibrio entre todos los elementos es lo mejor.

  19. m4nu88 says:

    para instalarlo que seria el pueblo el castillo y luego el pack que hagas o ya para julio lo pondras todo en un pack¿? es impresionate asi deberian ser las remasterizaciones y no con poner 4 cosas en hd y a vender las cosas ..
    lo suyo seria en un pack todo no supongo que sera asi como lo tendreis pensado muchas graciasss por ofrecer algo y encima gratiss

    • albert says:

      De nada! 🙂

      Este pack nuevo ya lo lleva TODO y los otros 2 que publicamos antes ya no tendrán razón de ser.

      Lo aconsejable desde mi punto de vista es restaurar TODOS los archivos del juego, dejarlo como recién comprado, e instalar después el nuevo pack.
      Pero ya entraremos en detalles cuando compartamos el pack y las instrucciones de instalación 😉

  20. LeonVendetta says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOhhh My GAAAAAWWWWWD !!! Its E3 happening and you guys just HIT iT RIGHT 😀 😀
    Really awaited long for this!!! (tears in eyes)
    m crying lol 🙂

  21. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for doing this.
    Looking forward to playing RE4 in the glory the HD version should have been!!!

  22. V I D A L says:

    This trailer was better than the entire SquareEnix E3 presentation just now.
    So I understand the characters and enemies are still to be done, but question: Are you guys done with the environment? Are all the locations 100% finished?
    Great work!

    • Cris says:

      That is high praise, thank you! And good question: some texture work in the latter part of the Castle and throughout the Island will be improved even further in the final release, so I would consider this nearly final.

  23. RuiTheTuga says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! I hope to be as happy with Resident Evil 2 Remake as I am with this project! Again, thank you two for all the efforts.

  24. Ascaron says:

    Impressive!!! Hope you will finish soon!

  25. Vick S. Bateman says:

    Absolutely amazing! Again, thank you guys for all your incredible efforts.

    Ah! I can finally admire that wonderful shadow outside the cabin, incredible job! 🙂
    If i have to nitpick though, i’m not a fan of the tap texture at 0:26. Looks like reflective metal in the original, not so much on the HD edition.
    Also, i know that green herb already had it’s ammount of passes, but i think i’m weirdly bothered by the inverted mapping on the leaves, the “veins” should be more like these:
    Than these:

    But it’s probably just me, hope i managed to make this feedback understandable anyway. lol

    Cris.. Albert is doing god’s work, but man do i miss those “from 75-80 to 100” passes of yours.
    Outside of minor mirror issues, there are lots of too contrasted/sharpened textures all over the Island that look bad under bright lights because of that, these same textures would probably look way too processed with a different, less blurry AA solution, so i really hope to see more of your adjustments at some point.
    Oh, amazing Trailer btw, E3 worthy. 😉

  26. Pliskin says:

    Better than E3

  27. Nicolas Oliveira says:

    can u guys fix leon mafia outfit cutscene ?

  28. jim says:

    is it going to be done this year?

  29. Max says:

    Thank you so much. BTW does this update have that intro with the criware logo

  30. verdugo7 says:

    Hi again guys! It’s me again Leon S. Kennedy (verdugo7) from the forums 😀
    This is a reaaallly good thing to hear from you guys! I look forward to its release,And I couldn’t thank you enough lol
    By the way I’ve “remastered” Leon’s textures myself, and I’ve been thinking maybe I can send it to you guys and maybe you could make adjustments to your taste and include it in your release?
    I mean I already created them and I’m kinda happy with the result, if you want I can send them 🙂
    Here’s a preview

    Kudos to both of you!

    • verdugo7 says:

      Well i mean probably you guys would do A LOT better, perhaps you could only use :
      -Hair tex
      -Shirt tex
      -Arms tex
      Since those are mainly the things I’ve improved a lot 😀

      Because, I’ve been thinking that it must be easier to do “adjustments” rather than creating things from scratch lol
      But, you could take it or leave it tho, 🙂

      I’m waiting for your response

      PS : sucks there isn’t any edit button so I have to type again lol

  31. mofail says:

    I hope crapcom learns something from all this, them & their useless defenders. Great work worthy of appluse, well done & to think there’s still more to come!

  32. isaac pavon says:

    The only thing I’m asking is for them to put it on steam as an official download or automatically update the game with the latest version. By the way, I’m gay.

  33. Krusenstern says:

    You people deserve so much more attention for this. The consistency and faithfulness you keep to the original style of the game with this makeover is remarkable. I can barely recall how many other retexture or “re-lighting” mods for other games actually manage to stay true to the intended style of their games like this mod It is friggin good. I’m glad you’re finally nearing the end of your years-long project. I was waiting for a final release of your mod before I replay RE4 and I’m so happy we will be able to see the work you’ve done this weekend. I can’t wait.

    I’m also very curious to see how you will handle the retexturing of the characters and weapons.
    Leon’s jacket needs to get a proper treatment!

  34. ItchyTasty says:

    I’m so pumped for this! I’m still going to hold off on replaying until it’s 100%, but it’s really incredible the amount of work you’ve put into this. This announcement on top of RE2’s new remake trailer at E3 have me so excited to be a RE fan! Feels good.

  35. V says:

    looking like the greatest game remaster ever. gonna hold off to play until the project is complete, but seriously hats off to you guys! this is historical.

  36. Fer says:

    Great, it looks like it´s going to be finished prior to RE2 Remake´s release in January 2019.


  37. Adriano says:

    Congratulations to you, really. Been following this project for years and I respect you for all your hard work!!!
    Keep like this, the heroes we need for Resident Evil.
    Un gran abrazo desde Brasil, hermanos!!!

  38. Graccio says:

    I told you that this year was the good one.
    Thanks guys 🙂 the universe blesses you.

  39. Burnin_S says:

    You guys did great! I’m checking every your update for about three years for now, and every time it gets better and better. I hope you’ll finish this, just don’t drop it halfway done, please! Thanks for all your effort.

  40. ¡Con tanto E3 no había tenido tiempo antes, pero ya he subido la noticia al!
    ¡Deseando echarle el guante a este pack! ¡Muchas gracias por vuestros esfuerzos!

  41. anon says:

    Thank you for your work! RE4 is the last game on my backlog so I am excited with every update for this project. Also, you don’t have to do this if you’re busy, but could you update the progress summary page? I am kinda interested on how much work you have to do left.

    Thank you!

    • albert says:

      Thank you too for following our work! 🙂
      In fact, there’s noting to update right now.
      We’ve done a lot of progress but the “In progress” tag is somehow a difuse term. It can be 25% up to 95% complete. In other words, some of them are now more complete, but they are not 100% yet, so they are still “In progress”
      But I have to create new tables for the characters and enemies 😉

  42. Marius Johnsen says:

    Super excited to play this updated version, played the castle release last year and it was fantastic. This is diffidently one of the best news to come from E3 week.

    Curious if this includes the small patch to disable the lightning affects that i asked about a while back.
    The thunder effects from after del lago up to the castle gives me a headache.

    • albert says:

      Thanks! 🙂
      And yes. The installation script asks if you want to install the alternative files that deactivate the lightning effects or not 😉

  43. Milad says:

    You really did a nice job! Every thing is perfect I hope you complatelly finish this worthful project soon.

    If only you were a fan of Resident Evil Remaster……you know, I really wish someone could recreate those backgrounds of the game that Capcom left them by their old forms, but it seems this one never comes true for me 🙁

  44. lookingforthis? says:

    is it final release? or should we wait for more updates?

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! This is not the final release – there are several things that remain, like enemies, NPCs, playable characters, etc. Thanks!

  45. Shubham says:

    Does this require game to be updated to 1.0.6 version ??

    • albert says:

      No, it’s not necessary. The only requirement is it must be a legal copy of the game –Steam or disc version– of the UHD released on 2014, but it should work perfectly fine with all versions of the game.

  46. Cthulhu says:

    ¿Las diferencias entre este próximo lanzamiento y el final van a ser tan grandes como para esperar a que todo esté finalizado?

    • albert says:

      Lo serán en cuanto a personajes, enemigos, armas y objetos y algunas imágenes de fondo en menús y archivos… porque estas cosas no están incluídas (o lo están en una versión muy “verde”) en este pack que sacaremos ahora.

      En lo que se refiere a escenarios, yo diría que los cambios que puedan haber de aquí a la versión final no serán muy grandes. Donde más puede notarse es en las áreas finales del Castillo y toda la Isla, ya que Cris aun tiene que hacer su revisión de ellas.

      Nos viene bien que bastante gente pruebe este lanzamiento para obtener feedback en cuanto a posibles errores gráficos, bugs, etc…


  47. Drange says:

    This is so awesome!

  48. Omen says:

    Guys, after completing work on the project, do you have any desire to help the author of the project “High Quality Backgrounds Mod”, referring to REmake Remaster? This game needs to improve the texture of the backgrounds no less than RE4.

    • albert says:

      I’ve already did it ;P I sent him a few textures.
      And yes, I’ll offer my help once this project is finished –in terms of textures or whatever he needs– I also want this Background recreation project to be finished 🙂 And I’d be a pleasure to help him!

      • Omen says:

        Very glad to hear it! You guys are just great. 🙂
        If he continues to work on his project, then the future will really need help. It is doubtful that he will be able to finish such a global mod alone. Good luck to him.

  49. Niño Rey says:

    I can’t wait for June 13. Thanks to all of your efforts and work, guys. I hope you keep up with the dedication of working on the mod.

  50. José Antonio Mora Made says:

    Espero con ansias para descargar la actualización.

  51. jjj0309 says:

    Finally, the hell broke loose!

  52. Rafael says:

    Hello, please make a video with improve hd to 1-2 textures? You making very cool textures and I would like to learn also to make hd mods for other favorite games.

  53. GiorgioC82 says:

    Very Great work! Congratulations! I would have a question to ask you: does the mod work on the HD Ultimate Edition?

  54. m4nu88 says:

    tendra en la version final la opcion esa de poder usar el traje de ada del re2 ¿?

    • albert says:

      Si, de hecho, este parche que vamos a publicar ahora ya tiene esa opción disponible 🙂

      • m4nu88 says:

        gracias lo espero con ganas aunque todabia quede cosas para la parte final pero asi se puede probar y comentarte algo si es que ay algun fallo que lo dudo sabes cuanto pesara el pack ¿?

        • albert says:

          Gracias a ti por contactarnos y por tu apoyo! 🙂
          Este pack, una vez descomprimido, pesará unos 27 GB
          Esperamos que en algún momento podamos volver a recomprimir los archivos al formato original lfs, lo cual reduciría considerablemente el peso de los archivos

          • m4nu88 says:

            gracias por todo vuestro trabajo la verdad tiene pinta buena y ademas gratis para nosotros que mas pedir ….

            gracias por este projecto

  55. Kleber R portante says:

    I used to play RE4 when it first released in GCN, I was 11 year old, i could say that RE4 was a small part of my and my brothers childhood, a few days ago I bought the RE4UHD on steam, and started searching for a few mods. And I stumble into this projoect. Honestly, I`m so impressed about your work, that made me go into tears hahahah This is so amazing, to be able to revive all that nostalgic moments but this time with a better image quallity and Imersion !
    I could say im a big fan now ! 😀
    Cheers from Brazil !

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message! 😀
      I was 22 the first time I played it in January 2005…. It’s been 13 years already! Time runs fast after the 20s haha

      • Alvare says:

        Everyone’s saying that exact same thing and I’m experiencing it too. Maybe the time we know from the clock and the perception of time aren’t related to one another after all.

        • albert says:

          I’d say that time difference is due to organic/biological reasons. I’ve read in several scientific articles about different species having different internal clocks. Which means every species has a different perception of the time (like Peter Parker dodging the punch in the first SpiderMan movie haha).
          So, I’d say it’s quite normal our perception also slghtly changes as our brain matures and changes its structure and neuron connectivity

          Another theory I have is when we were younger we learn soooo many things that it gaves us the impression we are making the most of our time XD

          • Alvare says:

            A little of both, yes, it seems we are very much aware of that internal clock thing. As our heart rate increases, our internal clock goes faster (shortening our lifespan), but the real time seems to have slowed down in comparison to you, putting the most energy and effort into the current moment. I know this very well because I use to smoke weed. And at that peak moment, when walking a path with friends, looking at cars on the highway, going ever so slowly, talking about what we did last week. We realised how we only walked 5 meters further, and how some dudette took a full 30 seconds to get her groceries bag in the trunk of the car. And I thought we were the weird ones. But we felt so alive and moved at a steadily high speed compared to others. Unexplainably weird, right? xD

  56. Jim says:

    What’s going on with? this it’s past June 13

  57. Paulo filho says:

    How likely are you to put the muffler in story mode

    • albert says:

      This is out of the scope of the project. We simply will upgrade the game’s graphics but all the rest will remain the same 🙂

      • Paulo filho says:

        well, I would really like to have the possibility of picking up the silencer of the gun in story mode, it is only used in mercenaries and becomes inutio and a waste of it, I wonder if you would like to see the possibility of putting in mode history as an opsional patch or a bonus?

    • Sean says:

      I know theres some trucks in the game but… what do you mean by muffler?

      • Paulo filho says:

        I researched the mercenaries’ Wesker pistol muffler and discovered that it was possible to play with the same muffler in story mode using a treiner and modifying some item through the muffler, it would be really cool to get her somewhere in the game without having to use programs to change in game!

      • albert says:

        I think he meant the gun silencer

  58. sunxnes says:

    After all is said and done, what do you guys think the spec requirements will be to run this puppy at 1080p 60fps? BTW please update the total cost and donations of the project, I’d like to do my best to let you guys break even!

    • Cris says:

      Thank you! I don’t think the spec requirements will change much with the exception of the amount of VRAM. Right now the “official” minimum requirement for VRAM is 320MB, but for our project I would recommend 1GB as the minimum. That said, we will know more once the project nears completion. 🙂

      Oh, and we’ll be updating the “By The Numbers” page shortly (within the next couple of days). Thanks again!

  59. Marius Johnsen says:

    Is it too late to incorporate an optional film grain remover in the mod installer ?

  60. Alvare says:

    Playing through the game again. Looks amazing. Noticed some subtle improvements on characters too. But I’m still overwriting some our your files though because I want High Poly Leon Head Fixed. Nonetheless, great job. The game truly looks current gen. (Safe the low res characters) I’m highly looking forward to how you’re tackling that.

    • Jebat says:

      Yeah, I wish Cris and Albert could release high poly Leon first. I don’t really mind about NPC’s and enemies, but Leon is the main focus so it would be great if he’s HD too. Btw, what files do you overwrite? Any download link?

    • Cris says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I do not believe we included any character improvements in this release, though (unless I’m forgetting something).

      • albert says:

        In fact, there is a slight improvement on mapping models.
        Son of Persia found out ALL models in this game suffered of slight differences due to a bad floating point conversion during the HD porting process (or something like this…)

        It’s only noticeable if you compare side by side (specially the examine items) but the problem was there. That’s why I never mentioned it: I thought the change was so subtle nobody would never notice it XD
        Now all the characters, enemies and items have the original GC/Wii mapping coordinates 🙂

        That’s why the pack includes all the Em\ udas files hehe

        • Alvare says:

          In that case, I will revert back to the ‘lower polygon old grumpy looking’ Leon. I prefer clean and correct uv mapping I had to choose between them.

          • albert says:

            I’m afraid other than the face, (not used during cutscenes) the body can’t be improved too much (only minor adjustments), otherwise Leon’s model disapears during a few cutscenes. The most obvious case is the cutscenme where Leon is surrounded by a lot of militia ganados and then Mike’s chopper saves him
            Only a few extra polygons on Leon’s body make the entire Leon’s model to disappear during that rotating camera angle.

            So, don’t expect too many 3D edits on characters and enemies. It will be mostly a re-texture work.

            Blame the people who put so many limitations to the game engine 😛
            But at least, my Leon already has hi-poly ears haha

            BTW, could you share your HD Leon. I’m curious to see how they did it 🙂

  61. Jebat says:

    Hello Cris and Albert, I want to say thank you very much for this true and real HD edition.
    For me, everything looks really beautiful… well, except for Leon. Is there any chance that you could release the HD version of Leon together with the July 13th release?
    Leon is the main focus, players watch him all the time. When compared with the beautiful background that you have created, it looks like Leon doesn’t belong in this game anymore.
    Anyway, I’m really looking forward for this new release, can’t wait for it. Thanks again and I wish the best for both of you.

    • Cris says:

      Hello! Thank you for your kind words! Leon is not in scope for this release, though, I’m sorry. We have not completed Leon’s texture / character model improvements. Thanks again!

  62. Jamie says:

    Wow guys, this is incredible.

  63. Markus Bay says:

    Thank you for the early access (I’m glad I donated ^-^)
    I’m waiting since 2014 for this mod… Great!

    I’m looking forward for the next release.

  64. BernyMoon says:

    Thank you for the early access, but I kind of sad because I wanted to play it at 60fps but you say you recommend 30fps 🙁

    • albert says:

      Hehe it’s just a recommendation. Our project has no problems with the 60fps option 🙂
      The issues we mention in the instructions are already present in the vanilla version of the game 😉

  65. Alvare says:

    Huh? I thought I replied already. But as soon as I hit post comment, my message just disappeared and the page reloaded.. Maybe it’s because I used url tags. Anyway, the limitations are an unfortunate thing. Hope you find a solution one day. Leon’s hand and fingers are the worst. Glad to hear you already fixed the ears.

    Here is the high poly mod:

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Yes… too bad there are so many polygon limitations. Although it’s not a terrible thing because the environtment elements aren’t perfect models either. But I wanted to do a few slight refinements that probably won’t be possible to achieve
      I’ll focus on the textures first, and then we’ll see what can we do with the rest 🙂
      I already started with some character and weapon retexturing work and I like the results so far 😀

      • The ammount of polygons and the overall quality of the models isn’t that far away from current gen games. The ones from the RE remake and RE zero remasters prooved to be good enough with some minor retexturing and some bump maps. Maybe that’s all Leon needs as long as you guys are EXTRA careful with the face. Remember the dead faces in Mass Effect Andromeda, a triple A game, just because of the white of the eyes being too white and the eyebrows possition, as soon as they patched it with a tad of shade in the upper part of the eye texture it looked wayyy better, such a minor detail, but the uncanny valley is such a huge monster: a milimiter diference in a belt buckle or glove doesn’t matter much, but an eyelid line a bit up or down can change the expression, or a milimiter up or down in lips can make them look fuller or thinner. However, as I said, you guys have improved your technique so radically that this shouldn’t be an issue.
        Too bad I couldn’t find hi res pictures of Christian Duerre, Leon’s face model. I guess you’ll have to look for other reference, but please be extra careful with the shape of the eyebrows and lips, and remember that there’s a baked shadow beneath his nose in the texture already.
        There’s one thing that might be able to be improved, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always had the impression that his ear texture didn’t quite line up with his ear’s geometry (making it seem too thin in the edges), that is one area that allows for improvement.
        His clothes might benefit from the use of some bump maps to make some of the detail pop out, though. If it were me, I would ramp up the quality of the clothes (and maybe the hands) and leave the faces alone.
        (Also, Ashley’s sweater texture in the HD version was a close match for her original texture, you might want to reuse that)
        Some of us are used to drawing the human figure, so we will be more than happy to provide feedback!

        • albert says:

          Yep! Too bad only “cutre”-specular and bumpmaps can be applied on this game XD
          And I agree about everything you said. And don’t worry! I’ve already retextured one of the main character’s face and it looks perfectly faithful to the original (In my opinion) 🙂
          I think that Duerre guy is one of the models that really looks exactly to his videogame version (along with Julia Voth of course!)

          Yep! That ear mapping is terribly distracting XDD Easy to fix ;D

      • BernyMoon says:

        Can we see them? 😛

  66. Alvare says:

    -Although it’s not a terrible thing because the environmental elements aren’t perfect models either.-
    With your edits the environment pretty much is perfect. When opening every shelve in the village I could see you fixed the UV’s on the edges. I checked literally everything and I noticed next to zero ground seams, too. 🙂

    -I already started with some character and weapon retexturing work and I like the results so far-
    Great to hear. I wish we could have the pistol look as cool as this:
    But I’d require normal maps. I know it’s not the same design but I just like the texture of it.

    -The amount of polygons and the overall quality of the models isn’t that far away from current gen games- I disagree. Please look at Leon’s hands:
    Real triple A game companies such as Naughty Dog actually do step up their game with each release. Polygon count is massive on the main characters of Uncharted 4. But you’re right, mainly the bone count has increased over the last few years.

    -Remember the dead faces in Mass Effect Andromeda, a triple A game-
    My face is tired from dealing with.. everything..
    Hehe, I actually tried to play the game the other day and asked Steam a refund within 1/2 hour of playing. No offence to them but I just know, from experience that Bioware had done absolute minimum effort with their last instalment Andromeda. Their work doesn’t deserve to be categorised within triple A as it would be an insult to other open world titles released by smaller companies such as The Witcher 3. And I can assure you, uncanny valley wasn’t even the case in this example. (The characters weren’t even close to looking uncanny.) Because not only did they told us they ‘3D scanned’ faces of people (I think that’s actually a lie, but I can’t proof), they didn’t polish it up, neither the model, texture, the skinning, messed up the facial animations and didn’t use any modern shader for the faces or eyes. The result looked really unnatural, atrociously bad and hilarious. Not the mention the ‘I pooped my pants’ walk cycle when continuously pressing A and D after another. If Silent Hill 3 could make Heather look great, just with a tiny team back in 2003, then how could a team of total 200 people and a budget of 100 million mess it up? Yeah their games are huge and open world.. not an excuse considering the budget and people working on it, is it?

    -but an eyelid line a bit up or down can change the expression, or a millimetre up or down in lips can make them look fuller or thinner.-
    Sure, but when some kind of bearded dude spoke, literally his whole face twitched in all directions. I laughed so hard I had to wipe away tears from my eyes. I give Bioware credit for that though. Last time a laughed that hard was to Oblivion.

    -If it were me, I would ramp up the quality of the clothes (and maybe the hands) and leave the faces alone.-
    The in_game faces look weird to me. I want them to be replaced by the cutscene ones. Particularly Ashley looks very different in-game.

  67. Alvare says:

    Lol. I tried to post the comment about six times, but something weirds going on with the format. I keep getting redirected without it having posted my comment on the page. I use Opera btw, should I use another browser?

    • albert says:

      I think I approved the correct version of the text you wanted to post with the quotes you wanted to include. Every version was different! haha
      Correct me if I’m wrong 😛

      The idea is to improve the hands in the cutscenes showing them at a close view like the one in your picture. Every cutscene loads its own model files (the exception is Leon’s body and stage models)

      • jim says:

        so you can’t update leon’s body and stage models?

      • Alvare says:

        Haha yes you are correct. I suspected I used symbols that weren’t allowed, so I thought to remove some of them each go. I always edit my comment 100 times and even then, my grammar and English isn’t perfect. But normally I’d see: your comment is awaiting approval and leave it as is. So I opened up Edge browser and noticed it worked there, multiple times. Whoops xD

  68. BernyMoon says:

    Buenas! Acabo de probar el prerelease 3 y todo perfecto peor tengo una duda. Las texturas de las cajas no se han mejorado? Es que se ve todo bien menos las dichosas cajas de madera xD Adjunto captura:

    • BernyMoon says:

      He reiniciado y se ha arreglado solo 🙂

      • albert says:

        Ahhh ya decía yo haha. esas texturas de la cabaña que veía eran antiguas y el HUD no estaba remasterizado tampoco.

        Me sorprende que nadie se haya percatado y/o mencionado que hemos remasterizado el HUD basándonos en el original de Gamecube! Con lo detallista que suele ser la gente por aquí ;P

        • BernyMoon says:

          Es genial! Una cosa, al momento de instalar las texturas he hecho Y/Y/N (en ese orden). Una de esas era algo de un filtro (supongo para parecerse más a gamecube), pero hay alguna forma de tener todo lo del pack hd pero sin ese filtro? Desactivarlo quiero decir.

          • albert says:

            Los filtros de color reemplazan a los que lleva el juego por defecto. Son las opciones “1”, “2”, “3” y “4” en el menú OPCIONES –> AJUSTES GRÁFICOS –> FILTROS DE COLOR.

            Si dejas esta opción desactivada, no se aplica ningún filtro 🙂

            La opción “1” que lleva nuestro pack es la que hace que los colores se asemejen a los de la Gamecube
            El “2” y el “3” son filtros calor/frío
            El “4” es un filtro que le da un tono ligeramente rojizo/amarillo que habíamos eliminado de varias zonas del juego (era un error gráfico, pero a algunas personas les gustaba).


  69. Alvare says:

    Already mentioned it some time ago. But it’s still there:

    • albert says:

      Haha yes! I reduced a little the clipping issue… lots of times! So I get tired of that (it was even worse before), and I told to myself: “Since Cris needs to revise this yet, I stop this for now and I’ll polish it when the final revision time arrives”

      So, don’t worry, I have it in my list hehe 😛

      • Alvare says:

        Ah, my apologies. I remember you answering that very question a long time ago. I forgot.

        • albert says:

          Did I really did it? XD
          So many years, so many details, so many questions… I’m sure all of us have been repeating questions and answers multiple times haha
          Sometimes I even feel guilty because I can’t remember who said what XD
          so don’t worry! 😛

  70. Mehrab says:

    Well done

  71. Does this mod make the game heavier?

    • albert says:

      It takes a lot of extra HDD (this patch we well release on Friday is 27GB). But the requirements are just the same the original game have, but more VRAM (the exact ammount of extra VRAM needed is still to be determined)

      • sunxnes says:

        Will this update only include the island + separate ways? As in, the island alone takes 27GB of storage? This won’t be a problem for most of us but I’m just curious.

        • albert says:

          Nope. It will include everything we’ve done so far. This means you won’t need to install any previous pack we’ve done before. Everything is in this pack… and even improved!
          But don’t worry, there will be detailed instructions about what’s included and the installation steps 😉

  72. Phae says:

    Any idea at what time on friday it will be published? I Plan on doing a stream of the whole game with the HD project. GG on finishing most of it.

  73. DarkSamus says:

    3 days to go.
    So excited here

  74. Dreadfield says:

    what time spain you will realese the patch guys???? XP

  75. m4nu88 says:

    a que hora en españa estara disponible para descargar ¿?

  76. Cobalt says:

    Well with this mod, the PC ultimate HD edition is definitely gonna be the undisputed best version of RE4 to date and for the foreseeable future.

    • sunxnes says:

      Imagine if Capcom raised the steam price of RE4 tomorrow because of this? Lol

      Even if they don’t, it’d be curious to see if this affects sales at all on steam. We shall see..

  77. Rosie says:

    Today is July/13rd and I’m still waiting for this mod, try your best bro 🙂

  78. Sean says:


  79. LeonVendetta says:

    The wait is over! Here i come RE4HD….. 😉

  80. Sergey Tokarev says:

    Did a complete walkthrough with a mod. Magnificent work. Just a thought: maybe you guys should get in contact with Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry. I think they can give you a lot more coverage and inform audience about all the things you modified and fixed in the game. If not now – you really should do it once you’ll finish it with characters/rest of stuff. It’s the definitive version of the game now in my opinion. Thanks again 🙂

  81. Daffs says:

    You guys ROCK!

  82. Simon says:

    Hi guys, listen, i tried to download the full release, but chrome says that too many people have downloaded it and i have to wait maybe 24hours :(. There is nothing you can do? 🙁 🙁

  83. Simon says:

    They work! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

  84. Spencer says:

    I downloaded all the files from the mirrors, but 7zip won’t even extract the file because it can’t open the file as a zip archive, so I can’t even get the .bin out of it. Any tips?

    • albert says:

      So, you have all 8 files right?

      Are they named the same? (I think some of the mirror files were names “Copy of…”)
      Make sure all 8 files are named “re4hdproject-release3-20180713”

      Are all files 4 GB with the exception of the first part (which is 519 MB)?

      Could you try using a different software like winrar? We tested 7-zip and it should work… but just in case

      You should extract the .zip file. The program will automatically take the other parts (.z01 to .z07)

      I hope some of these tips are the answer for your problem!!

  85. ada says:

    Great work, at the mines now, everything looks flawless so far.

    I had an issue where the button prompts stopped showing, restarting the game seems to have fixed the issue. Just an FYI if anyone has this problem.

  86. thalesx39 says:

    Eu devo parabenizá-lo, espero que você seja muito bem-sucedido e que o leve para as grandes empresas de jogos, e lá você também fará o seu trabalho perfeito, que é

  87. Jean says:

    Will this HD Project ever be possible on the current consoles? (Xbox One/PS4)

    • albert says:

      Only if someone figure out the way of uncompress and recompress the PS4 RE4 file folmats. The directory and file structure of the PS4 version is exactly the same the PC port has!

  88. Rob Valdes says:

    Starting from the original logo which I took from wiki, I recreated a better defined 256×256 icon.
    Here’s a link to download it I hope you like it and share in a next pack if it’s useful.
    Thanks a lot for all of your efforts

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