Some Fixes and Updates for our Latest Release!

Hello everyone!

Thank you to everyone for downloading the latest release and sending us all your feedback! Thanks to that feedback, we’ve been able to correct a few issues and make some adjustments. Our July 13th, 2018 release is not the final release, but it’s BIG enough to deserve some patches if needed.

Issues Addressed in this Patch:

  • Rifle (semi-auto w/scope) examine view fix:
    • The game would crashed when you examined that model.
  • Silencer (Leon’s Handgun) has been re-included in the inventory:
    • We originally removed all beta and repeated items in Leon’s inventory “.dat” file in order to gain extra space to store higher polygon versions for the other inventory items. However it seems that some people still use that silencer via a Trainer. No 3D detail of the other models has been lost because of this re-inclusion.
  • Chinese language fix for the “Got something that might interest you” Merchant cutscene:
    • The MDT file included in the evd file was wrong and made the game crash when subtitles were ON.
  • Chinese language fix for the Miniganmes item descriptions:
    • The MDT file included in the omk_pzzl.dat files was the wrong version.
  • Motion blur restored to default values:
    • We originally increased the motion blur effect for certain areas of the game to better match the Gamecube version (that effect was more obvious at SD resolutions), but this has caused dizziness for some, and many simply do not prefer it.
  • Adapted r100.udas file (the very first area of the game) for the “Flawless Widescreen” mod: 
    • This will address crashes encountered in the first area of the game for those using the Flawless Widescreen mod.

DOWNLOAD: 7/13 Release Patch (MediaFire Download)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the patch 
  2. Extract it in the Resident Evil 4 folder (for typical Steam installations, the path is: “C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Resident Evil 4”).
  3. This is what the folder should look like after you’ve extracted the files:
  4. Run the “install-713-patch.bat” file by a simple double clicking. DO NOT run as administrator. Some Windows 10 users you *may* need to follow these steps.
  5. The script will ask you three questions:
    1. In addition to installing the rifle, silencer, and cutscene fixes, would you like to install the corrected Motion Blur files[Y/N]?
    2. Are you using the Ada RE2 costume for cutscenes included in our Release-3 pack[Y/N]?
    3. Are you using or planning to use the Flawless Widescreen mod[Y/N]?
  6. After you answer “Y” or “N” to these questions, the script will take a few seconds to complete and you’ll know the script has completed when you see a prompt to “Press any key to continue…”
  7. Enjoy the fixes!


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313 responses to “Some Fixes and Updates for our Latest Release!”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Excelente hay errores que yo jamas tuve como el FOV, porque no tengo problemas con eso :v o el de la mira con el rifle, solo comento que el efecto motion blur persiste en caminos separados.

    • albert says:

      Arghhh! Olvidé los archivos de la carpeta St5… los de Separate Ways.
      Gracias por el aviso! En cuanto podamos, actualizamos el mini-parche 🙂

    • albert says:

      I’ve included the missing Separate Ways stage files with corrected motion blur. Could you download it again and check it?
      Thanks! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Por cierto, creo que tu nuevo pack entra en conflicto con la actualización que acabo que subir. Puedes comprobarlo?

      Creo que puede ser lo siguiente:
      Añadir una textura en el pack 02000002.pack y una textura en el pack 20000002.pack

      El problema es con la pistola (wep02.udas / ss_wep02.dat)

      • NEGAARMAX says:

        OK, Entonces actualizaré los archivos de las pistolas y creo que también de una vez los de el rifle, en cuanto revise lo de caminos te aviso.
        Gracias por el aviso para actualizar los archivos.

      • NEGAARMAX says:

        Listo agregué ya el update, nuevamente gracias por avisar.
        Y si ya no esta el motion blur en caminos separados.
        Pero anímate, siempre esta el Re-Shade apara agregar el motion blur que uno que uno quiera en la cantidad deseada XD

        • albert says:

          Hahha gracias! qué ràpido 🙂
          Si. Yo me quedo con mi motion blur, que a mi me gusta 😛

          • m4nu88 says:

            tu que equipo tiene albert
            el mio es ya un poco antiguo con el fx 6300 750 gtx ti 12gb ram

            lo digo por la escenas esas de video un poco adelnatadas lo mismo es por el sistema operativo
            windows 10 17134.167 ese es el que tengo ahora mismo

          • m4nu88 says:

            lo de las escenas solo me pasa hasta donde se escapa leon y luis nada mas capitulo 1-1 voy por el 2-2 y ceros problmemas otras cosa las texturas sd me da fallo al ver el inventario com o no sea por las armas de negaarmax lo dudo por qyue las armas van en imgagenpackhd ….

  2. DarkSamus says:

    Great job guys.

  3. Frank Nitty says:

    This is Xmas in July. Thanks guys, you freaking rock

  4. Anjudhunter says:

    How to get that silencer if we didnt use trainer?

    • albert says:

      It’s not possible. That’s why I removed it. It was an unused beta item. But some players force the game to make it to appear via trainer or cheats. It’s the same silence Wesker uses in The Mercenaries.

  5. Leon Kennedy says:

    Nice, but please recheck gun with silencer model, the texture is not applying correctly

    • albert says:

      Hello! In which context? Emanine view, Inventory screen or ingame? I think I fixed all 3. Could you send us a screenshot?
      Thanks! 🙂

      • Leon Kennedy says:

        In-game gonna send screenshots after several hours.

        • albert says:

          I’ve corrected the files.
          Could you download the patch again, install again, and check if it looks ok now?

          • Leon Kennedy says:

            Yeah, now it’s ok. You rock!

          • Leon Kennedy says:

            Well but it’s not perfect seems like silencer using low poly version compared to wesker’s in merc mode

          • albert says:

            Yes hehe I didn’t improve the gun+silencer 3D model yet. We just brough back its functionality so people using it won’t have crashing issues.
            But it will be remastered in the final release! 🙂

  6. zctang305 says:

    I give a advice. If possible, could you reduce the light flicker frequency in most room? Yes, it’s a wonderful effect, I want to keep it, but I think the flicker frequency is a bit high. make my eye tired, although I‘m not Light-sensitive epilepsy.

    • albert says:

      We’ll try to optimize that as much as possible. I also noticed som flickering is way too much… I still have to learn how to edit the frequency values but I gess I’ll figure it out 🙂

      • zctang305 says:

        thank you for the reply, albert. I am a chinese player, follow this project just from its beginning in year 2014. Everytime you and Cris update with new screenshot or video, I will be excited to show them to others. Please accept my sincere thanks.

  7. Max says:

    Albert I have a question?
    1. When you said change color gradient, do you
    mean change the atmosphere of the game
    2. Cold filter mean making the game snowing right?

    I haven’t it yet because my pc is broken

  8. Dean Tsavaris says:

    Hi guys. Unreal work over the past 4 years. looks fantastic. However I am having problems with constant crashes. I have installed the 4gb patch tool and also the recent patch. No effect at all game still crashes every time. Do I need to patch the exe file? I have only found and patched the bin 32 file in my res 4 folder and also the bio4 folder. I cannot find the exe. where would it be? Please help.

    Regards Deano

    • Xenomorph says:

      You should only be using the 4GB Patch tool to patch the bio4.exe INSIDE the bin32 folder. You do NOT need to patch the folder itself, just the exe file.


      • Dean says:

        Sorry I still don’t un understand..I can find the bin folder no probs which I have patched..but when I open the bin folder the exe is not in there..Game crashes in various spots. 3-1 entering the door leading into bug area for the first time and the bright red door up the stairs after this area where the merchant is.. Anyone else having this issue in these areas?

        • Pauls says:

          Well, you should have exe somewhere. Try looking for it with steam, right click on game in your library, and go to “properties”, from there to “local files”, and click on “Browse local files”. There should be bi04.exe you need to patch. Also my folder don’t have any bin32 files in game folder.

  9. m4nu88 says:

    Ultimate HD Weapon Pack UPDATE For Albert And Cris Release 3

    esto se puede usar con vuestro pack¿?
    y las escenas de video en 30 fps estan un poco desincronizadas no ¿?

    • albert says:

      Si, Negaarmax lo ha preparado expresamente para que sea compatible con nuestro último pack 🙂
      Lo de la desincronización… pues depende en gran medida de cada PC. En mi caso, que no es una gran máquina, no hay problemas, pero sabemos de casos que sí, y que depende de las escenas… es bastante aleatorio la verdad y difícil de dar una explicación o consejos para solucionarlo.

      En cualquier caso, para la versión final intentaremos que el sistema de archivo, las texturas y modelos estén lo más optimizados posibles para minimizar al máximo los “daños colaterales”

      Puedes jugar tranquilamente a 60fps. Los errores que comentamos en el post ya existían sin nuestro pack instalado y son bastante menores. Lo único realmente molesto es que algunos “QTE” también se ejecuten a doble velocidad, lo que hace que algunas partes del juego en que has de pulsar dos botones a la vez sean muuuuy difíciles de pasar…

      • m4nu88 says:

        es la pistola lo acabo de comprobar por lo que sea algo pasa con el invetario y se cierra el juego pero bueno es es cosa del que hizo el pack de armas y no cosa vuestra pero es que con el update de ayer 20 de julio si que me iva bien

        • albert says:

          Ahh pues hay que avisar a Negaarmax que algo entre en conflicto con nuestro parche.
          Creo que puede ser lo siguiente:
          Debe añadir una textura en el pack 02000002.pack y una textura en el pack 20000002.pack

          • m4nu88 says:

            por cierto estoy probando tambien los personajes hd y va muy bien podrias pedirselo a negaarmax por que esta muy bien hecho asi te ahorra trabajo o en la version final podras tu modificaciones hd de personajes¿?

        • NEGAARMAX says:

          Ya agregué un update para hacerlo compatible con el patch fix actual.

          • m4nu88 says:

            donde puedo bajar tu update megaarmax ¿?

          • m4nu88 says:

            tu pack de armas es solo copiar y sustituir en el directorio no ¿?

            lo de los personajes si se que devo eliminar lo mismo nombre pero acabado el .lfs

          • NEGAARMAX says:

            si, es solo reemplazar con las armas gracias que esta siendo compatible con el parche de Albert & Cris.
            Mientras que si, con los personajes debes asegurarte que no queden esos archivos extra .lfs que interfieren con el mod

          • m4nu88 says:

            ya se por que me sale desincronizacion de las escenas creo que se debe a los personajes hd por que e puesto el juego base y el update nada mas y ya las escenas todas me van bien supongo que habra que adaptarlas para el mods de albert y cris no NEGAARMAX o a ti te va todo bien con todo lo tuyo ¿?

  10. M4nu88 says:

    Gracias e aplicado el Packard de armas pero antes e aplicado tu yo date pero tengo un problema al iniciar el juego la pistola y darle al menú se me sale del juego ayer si me iba a si o al ponerle un update actualizado

  11. m4nu88 says:

    isntalo el juego base
    luego tu pack y tu update y al aplicar la armas al darle a menu se sale del juego creo que es por el tema relacionado de la pistola

    con tu update de 20 de julio no pasaba y e puesto el update de 21 de julio y ya si me pasa graciass

  12. Vanderlei says:

    Uma pena que não consegui instalar, meu jogo está em outro HD, tentei seguir os passos da instalação no windows 10 mas não deu, ficou meio confusa a explicação sobre instalar em outros HDs.

    • albert says:

      Hello! Do you mean you have the game installed in another hard disc?
      If you have the game installed in F: (for example), start the process by typing F: in the cmd and it will change the HDD directory to F:\>
      Isn’t that working?

    • .gif says:

      Eu consegui instalar tranquilamente e também tenho Steam instalado em outro HD, não afetou em nada. Você só precisa colocar os arquivos do patch na mesma pasta de instalação do Resident Evil 4 HD senão o .BAT não encontra os arquivos originais para fazer backup nem coloca os novos no lugar.

      As instruções são bem claras.

  13. Cougnition says:

    This mod is looking so good, especially with color filter 1! I hope the character textures and model edits go smoothly for you guys!

  14. Dante Sparta says:

    Hello, I installed 7/13 Release Patch.And some problems had fixed.
    Thank you so much.
    But it still have some problems when I use Ada,Krauser,Wesker or Hunk to play.
    The item examine description is still garbled when using the Simplified Chinese or the Traditional Chinese language option.

    PS.Leon is correct.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Could you do something for us?
      Could you send us the following files?:

      \Resident Evil 4\BIO4\SS\chs\omk_pzzl.dat
      \Resident Evil 4\BIO4\SS\cht\omk_pzzl.dat

      \Resident Evil 4\RE4HDPROJECT-RELEASE3\BIO4Backup\SS\chs\omk_pzzl.dat
      \Resident Evil 4\RE4HDPROJECT-RELEASE3\BIO4Backup\SS\cht\omk_pzzl.dat

      \Resident Evil 4\Bin32\bio4.exe

      Thank you in advance!

  15. HawkX says:

    This is absolutely amazing! thank you so much for all your work on this! 🙂

    I will not personally be playing this version as I prefer to wait for the actual final version… and my backlog is already quite full… but I really cant wait to get the final version and play it with my wife for the first time 🙂


  16. BernyMoon says:

    Gracias por los arreglos! Ya los he aplicado 🙂

  17. Jebat says:

    Some of the enemies weapons are floating after i kill them. Is that normal?

  18. Martin Sp. says:

    Thank you, guys!

    One question: Do I need the Flawless Widescreen Mod if I use a standart 16:9 screen?

    • albert says:

      Nope, that mod is to change camera position and see a wider portion of the area:

      • Martin Sp. says:


        Thanks for the information, albert. 🙂

      • Sean says:

        Im confused, what is the difference between “ultrawide screen mod” and this “camera position FOV mod”… in that video you posted it almost seems as if that mod is giving wider FOV but is still on 16:9??

        Which one is better, ultrawide mod, the FOV mod, or both? Can you use the FOV mod with ultrawide at the same time? has anybody tested the latest HD mod on an ultrawide screen? I’m thinking about upgrading my PC to play this game, and I wonder if I should go for ultrawide or standard 4k

        • albert says:

          I have no idea XD
          I never used any of these mods. All I know is the fov/flawless widescreen mod changes the camera position in a way you can see more image around Leon

          • Sean says:

            It just looks weird because the FOV mod is distorting the image giving a slight fishbowl effect which looks interesting but is not how the game was intended (so I wouldnt call it flawless =P )

            Now ultrawide = truely flawless because its not changing the perspective like the FOV mod, but instead it simply gives you extra screen space on either side of Leon… if you want to experience a wider view you should try looking into an ultrawide screen (they are pretty cheap these days) ultrawide is like 21:9 instead of 16:9 and doesnt distort/stretch or askew the image like with the FOV mod

  19. LHAF178 says:


    My game is crashing right when I climb up the ladder from the area where you can get your first fishes in the game (Chapter 1-2), and I can’t go further than that. I already tried changing game specs and configs (including switching 60 to 30 fps), tried deleting some game files so it could install again, but nothing solved my problem. My PC does have what it’s needed to run the game perfectly, and I can play it normally until that point. Can someone possibly help?

    • Cris says:

      Have you used the 4GB patch tool? This resolves random crashes: – Hope that helps!

      • LHAF178 says:

        I have used this patch on the RE4 .exe file and now I get an error (“The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142) Click OK to close the application.”). I am using Windows 8.1, and already tried to go back with the original backup, but the game is still crashing in the same area. I searched about the error and you said it was due to pirate version of the game (I have both the original Steam version and the pirate version, and both have the same error. The pirate one even has all the files and archives just like the Steam version, and besides that, the texture pack installed just fine). Is there any way you can help me? Even using this version of the game, is it possible to play it fully with the texture pack?

        • Cris says:

          My best advice would be to:

          1. Remove the pirated version from your system to avoid confusion (I’m assuming you are able to do this because you also have the steam version)
          2. Restore your steam installation to the original files.
          3. Check whether the regular installation results in crashes (without the 4GB patch)
          4. Apply the 4GB patch and see if that causes the crash / the inability to start the game
          5. Assuming everything is ok, install our mod

          I hope that helps!

          • Carlos says:

            I encountered this crash too, these are my specs –

            Win10 Pro 1803
            i7 4790
            16GB DDR3 RAM
            GTX 1080 Driver 416.94

            I got this crash with only release 3, no patch was installed. The patch did not fix this issue when I did install it. I then did a reinstall of everything, including release 3 but this time I selected “No” for all of the questions that came up during installation. This got rid of the crash and I was able to proceed. Seems like one of these options *might* be causing the crash. Would have to investigate further to be sure. Hope this helps anyone who encounters it.

          • albert says:

            Oh that’s strange. We’ll take it into consideration.
            Thanks for letting us know and for sharing the provisional solution! No body else reported this problem, but we’ll make sure the final release script (or whaterever installation method we use) is as easy to install and potential-bug free as possible

  20. Leon Kennedy says:

    Chicago Typewriter with drum mag (when using special outfit) doesnt have any signs of rework texture or model, but I guess it’s cause the weapons are not fully reworked yet and it’ll be fixed in final release.
    Anyway just wanted to report that.

    • albert says:

      Yep! The ingame weapons use simply the examine view original textures (and the 3D detail, that’s te real weapon improvement). We are redoing ALL of teir textures for the final release 🙂

  21. Fran says:

    When we can download the final release?

    • Cris says:

      We don’t have a final release date – we’re simply focused on making progress as efficiently and consistently as possible.

  22. Ediel says:

    I’ve been following your amazing work for some years and it was baffles me to see it. With the recent release and even on more update now you guys just show how incredible and passionate you’re with this wonderful game that is RE4.

    Since my misarable life condition (BRL is worth 3 times less than USD) don’t allow me to afford a decent donation… the least I can do is help you guys share you austounding work: [long image url removed – it was an image of the torrent client showing the seeding of the file].

  23. Excelent!
    Tomorrow I’ll publish a piece of news with its corresponding spanish translation for the instructions for those who may be interested.

    Unrelated question: Am I the only one that has the sound volume be too low? I have to crank the speakers all the way up… Anybody got a solution for this? I’m running a freshly installed v1.1.0 on 64bit win10

    • albert says:

      Esto del sonido que raro… Ha sido siempre así o te está ocurriendo ahora con la versión 1.1.0?
      Por cierto.. De donde has sacado la 1.1.0?? No hay manera de que a mi se me actualice a esa versión!

      • Pues ya me pasaba con otras versiones, y en otro ordenador diferente, con windows vista 32 bits. Además, lo curioso es que los videos pregrabados parecen tener mayor volumen, es como si fuese el sonido ingame en tiempo real el que se ve afectado.
        Igual tendré que buscar algún programa para forzar el volumen del juego de forma selectiva…
        Para actualizar el juego, tendrías que irte a la biblioteca de Steam, hacer click con el botón derecho sobre el juego y escoger propiedades. ahí, aunque el juego esté marcado para actualizarse, deberías ir a la pestaña “archivos locales”, y hacer click en “verificar integridad de los archivos”. de ese modo, steam restaurará los archivos a la versión más reciente que tenga en el servidor. ¡Ojo! Esto supondría tener que volver a parchear el ejecutable y puede qe volver a aplicar el mod.
        Y sí, lo acabo de comprobar y tengo la 1.1.0. No sé qué novedades tendrá…

  24. Bruno says:

    Hi, Albert is having problems in the game closes out of nowhere.

    • Martin Sp. says:

      I think, Albert and Cris need some more detailed information.
      Nevertheless, did the game works without the HD patch?

  25. john_123warrior says:

    Is it possible to make a crosshair reticle instead of laser?

  26. Sc ott says:

    Wow! Just wow. Made a great game much more playable by today’s standards. I honestly probably wouldn’t be playing this game if it wasn’t for this project. Great job!

  27. HHRSN18 says:

    I’ll miss the subtle motion blur. ?

    • Bonk says:

      I’d rather have the option to disable it if possible. On a VA monitor with slow transitions in low light levels. It just makes the motion blur feel much worse.
      On an IPS screen it’s not too bad.

      Either way if possible it should be a 3 way switch.
      3.higher strength as in this release.

    • albert says:

      But the installer asked you if you wanted to change it or not! O.o

  28. .gif says:

    Hey guys! Finally got to play after this release and your work is absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail is amazing. Didn’t have a single crash. I’m really curious to see how much more this game will be improved with the new character models and textures. 🙂

    I just tried to send a small donation but Paypal is claiming I can’t do it with my CC, which is weird because I already used it multiple times for international purchases. 🙁 I’ll try again later.

    • albert says:

      Hello! I’m glad you are enjoying it! Thank you for the report 🙂
      It’s strange… maybe you need to clean your browser cookies and temporal files or something… thanks for the support! :DD

      • .gif says:

        Paypal support is claiming they couldn’t process my payment because the site wasn’t 100% sure it would be a safe transaction, except it doesn’t make sense since it’s using https.

        I just tried it again in another PC, another browser and without logging in and it’s still not allowing me… It also had a bunch of redirects and captchas (like at least 4), it’s like they’re making it hard to donate on purpose. >_>

        I’ll keep trying though. It’s worth it. 🙂

        • Cris says:

          We appreciate the desire to support the project! Question for everyone: Is anyone else having this kind of issue? This is the first I’ve come across this.

  29. LeonVendetta says:

    I know this is weird , but m’ having issues with the patch now 🙁 before installing it the game was working completely fine at 60 fps & looked gorgeous at 1440p with gradient filter 1. But I installed patch only for motion blur fix & now FOV is reduced & camera is not as it was before. Is there any way I can only install motion-blur fix & not the whole patch ??

    • albert says:

      I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 One thing is sure: It’s absolutely impossible the latest “mini-patch” caused this issue. It only includes what’s in the list. None of those files can change in any way the FOV of the game. I can guarantee that to you.

      • LeonVendetta says:

        EDIT : I managed to fix the issue by just copying the MOTIONBLUR folder from the patch to the installed directory & motion blur is fine now! 🙂 Thanks for the reply (i think i messed up with some files but don’t want to reinstall rather just beat the game in HD all again he he he! 🙂

  30. Diego says:

    Hi Albert ! Im very very excited to enjoy this fantastic work you are making !

    Are there any idea of when the final and complete version will be released ? I know we cant have any specific date ..No hurry for this beautiful work… But can we only have a close idea ?

    Looks like all the cenarios are complete . The only thin left are some items and the chacacters ..

    Cant wait to enjoy this thing !

    • Cris says:

      Hi Diego! I’m jumping in to help answer some questions / comments. We don’t have an estimate, I’m sorry. The best we can offer is our progress page, but beyond that we don’t have a target timeframe or estimate. Part of the reason for this is to avoid the stress and pressure that would come with working toward a date or timeframe. Thank you for your interest and support of the project!!

  31. D Bueno says:

    Albert ! Do you think it will take too long for the final complete version ??

    • albert says:

      Short answer: I have no idea 😛
      Long answer: We never think about this because we want to save us the phychological pressure of the time. It’s better this way 🙂
      Thank you for the patience and for following us!

  32. Martin Sp. says:


    Regarding the 3D edits: Did you notice, that there are a floating crate and some floating sandbacks near by the merchant where Leon first encounters the El Gigante?

    Here are some screenshots:!Ait4xHgCAFz2iR2btkJlnGozNC0Z!Ait4xHgCAFz2iR4rHfrdFFNSJBcA

  33. Antonio says:

    I kno that’s a stupid question but i need to ask as well…. why does enemies not disappear when i kill them? is it a new feature of this release or am i messed up something? thank you kindly

    • Cris says:

      Hi Antonio! That is not a feature of this release or this project. The only thing I can think of is that “trainer” software allows you to enable such an option. But that’s about it, sorry! 🙂

  34. Max says:

    Hey Albert, i have a question that is not related to this update. since Resident evil 4 has been ported so many time from Gamecube to PS4, i was wondering, since i can’t see very well, does Leon have a broken seam around his hair even in PS4 port? I can’t tell.

  35. Para los usuarios hispanohablantes a los que pudiese interesarles, hemos publicado una noticia sobre el parche, con una traducción al castellano de las instrucciones:
    Una vez más, Gracias a Albert y Cris por sus denodados esfuerzos. ¡Ánimo, chicos!

  36. mofail says:

    Could you guys take a look at some of these snapshots please?
    WALL GAP – there is a small gap in a wall early in the castle section near where the catapult is
    CANDLE HOLDERS – a couple of candle holders feet are going through the walls here

    • mofail says:

      Sorry for double post, my comment would not show for ages so I kept trying to post. Ignore my novistidor question also I did not know they were there in the gamecube version it’s been so long since I played that version I forgot about them.

      • Cris says:

        No worries! I replied to the other comment, but for the sake of visibility I’ll just copy / paste here too:

        “Please note that if someone comments with several links, the site will flag it for moderation, so you won’t see it show up until we’ve gone in and reviewed it. The intent is to prevent people from being able to spam or share inappropriate content. Sorry if it created any frustration!”

        Thank you!

        • Alvare says:

          Haha that happened to me too. But I just kept thinking I messed up the
          tag form so I posted multiple versions of the same post. Awkward! ^_^

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for the feedback, and for finding the answer re: the novistador question! 🙂 We’re noting the screenshots and adding it to the log of things to address and refine. Also, please note that if someone comments with several links, the site will flag it for moderation, so you won’t see it show up until we’ve gone in and reviewed it. The intent is to prevent people from being able to spam or share inappropriate content. Sorry if it created any frustration!

  37. Una pregunta que tengo desde hace algún tiempo: las pesetas de loc cofres del tesoro… ¿Son patacos de Alfonso XII?

  38. M4nu88 says:

    El pack perfecto lo e terminado 0 fallos e puesto vuestro pack más las texturas HD de negaarmax de los personajes lo de los vídeos que no se sincroniza dos era fallo mío no sé por qué el pack armas de negaarmax era el problema mío alguno de vosotros a tenido algún problema ??

  39. Leunam Rosalino Cupini says:

    My game is crashing

  40. Edward Martinez says:

    Hi, I’ve been wondering why textures look like the original if I am not close to them. Don’t know if this is intentional or I messed up somewhere so I’ll link an image here.

    • albert says:

      Look for the config.ini file

      It should be stored in:
      C:\Users\***you user name***\Documents\My Games\Capcom\RE4\config.ini

      Open it and edit anisotropy to:
      anisotropy 16

      If this doesn’t work maybe it’s caused by your graphic card settings :/

      • Edward Martinez says:

        Turns out that Nvidia messed with the aniscopic filtering, so I clicked on default nvidia settings and it worked, thanks!

        • albert says:

          Excellent! No more “blurred-at-the-distance” textures 🙂

          • Edward Martinez says:

            Sorry for me bothering you again, but for some reason the game doesn’t boot anymore. It says “steam must be running to play this game” and was wondering if you can point me in the right direction to fix this.

          • albert says:

            Did you delete by accident the steam dll file stored inside the bin32 folder? Could you check what’s inside that folder?

          • Edward Martinez says:

            No, there are only two files, the dll and the exe file.

          • albert says:

            Oh, you can’t run the game directly by clicking to the bio4.exe file. The message I receive when I do this is the same you have.
            The game must be run via Steam (in the library or using the shortcut created by Steam when you installed the game, but a shortcut created manually for you from the bio4.exe won’t work)
            Maybe the problem is simple as that! 🙂

          • Edward Martinez says:

            That’s the way I’ve been doing it all this time, but I legit thought that everyone was able to boot from the exe. I guess that’s out of the question then haha. Thank you very much for helping me out!

  41. Wellington João Franke Jr. says:

    Hi Guys, my game is crash in chapter 1 – 2 after I climb the well stairs. How can I fixed this?
    Its some blur effect before loading?

    • Cris says:

      Have you applied the 4GB patch? Please check our troubleshooting page for more information. Thank you!

    • Carlos says:

      Try reinstalling release 3 again and selecting “No” to the questions during the installation. That seems to have gotten rid of the crash for me.

  42. Dmitry says:

    Hi guys! Thank you very much for this outstanding hard work you did! As well as for the patch. Two days ago the game crashed twice when I tried to examine the rifle. I was already to let you know about the bug, but I found out you had already fixed it. That’s just cool to see how fast you work and that you could release the patch so soon! Again, thanks a lot guys!!! Amazing how much love and effort you put into this game! I have a little question: the 3rd release’s still missing some new textures, am I right? I’ve just finished the game to enjoy your masterpiece, and while playing tried to pay attention to everything (P.S. for enjoyment, not just to find bad textures and then to yell that your mod sucks). Well, I found that in chapter 5-3 textures of the toolset (on the wall in a small room with two soldiers at the beginning of the chapter, right before entering the location where Leon encounters Krauser) are a total mess as if they were original. Is it OK, you haven’t remastered these textures yet? Or might be these very textures were not properly replaced? Anyway, those are just microscopic things, thank you once again for the real HD of the game!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your encouraging message! 😀
      And yes, there are a very few textures that still need to be touched-up. This is one of them. I added actual 3D geometry to that tool box and I found the original source picture. And I even contacted the person who created it just in case he had a better resolution version. But he didn’t… Because as you can see, even the original source picture is terribly low-res.
      Cris still have to revise all Island areas. So, I’m sure he’ll apply his magic on that texture aswell 🙂
      Don’t hesitate sending us as many feedback as you consider if you find more low-res textures!

      • Dmitry says:

        Hi, Albert. Found another weird texture. In chapter 3-1 there are two carved stones above huge gates which must be blown up with the canon. Their textures aren’t too bad when zoomed with a rifle, yet in distance they look as just a grey spot. I heard you said that in distance HD textures might look even worse than original. Is it the case?

        • albert says:

          I have no idea right now haha XD
          Could you post a comparison shot showing both SD and HD textures side by side?

          Some original textures maybe look more detailed at the distance but that’s just an illusion. The original textures are oversharpened to compensate how low-res they are and that’s why at the distance they look more contrasted.
          We can contrast the HD textures as mch as we want and we’ll get the same results but then they’d look weird and overfiltered at short range.

  43. Z0011 says:

    Hi I notice in the castle the Flickering lights speed is fast, and it was non flickering lights before installing this mod, im confused, I like the mod but wan to conserve as much original that can be, no other effects just textres.

    • albert says:

      I agree the speed is too much. We need to calibrate that! 🙂
      A selective installation is not possible. The models improvements, effect edits, light edits and a lot more of corrections are stored in the same files (1 udas file per room)

  44. Edward Martinez says:

    For anyone struggling with pirated versions of RE4, RE4 on steam is $4 currently! I wish I would have waited one more day as I bought it full price but oh well!

    • Edward Martinez says:

      I forgot to specify, but the summer sale is on Green Man Gaming. RE4 should be there for $4 dollars.

  45. Iman says:

    Hi, Can you fix silencer for leon? Fix, I mean just make it that the game don’t crash. Thank you.

  46. coldiori says:

    That‘s GREAT!!!
    And I’m glad to see the final release will fix all the item.
    Thank your very much.

  47. Thumba-Umba says:

    Oi, oi, i just read your note qbout the silencer, and it occured to me – what about making it available at the trader shop in chapters 1 or 2, or as a pick-up item in the main story? Like hide it in one of the far, difficult to access corners of the village map. It’s pointless in Mercenaries anyway, but i could see some uses for it in the campaign.

    • albert says:

      That would be a nice addition to the game, but it’s out of the scope of this project. We are remastering the game, but we don’t want to change in any way the game mechanics.

      • Thumba-Umba says:

        Fair point too.
        How about some glitches then?
        I don’t know if it will be fair to fix them – since devs didn’t care – but still:
        There are some mismatching skyboxes on neighbouring locations. Sometimes it is justified by the fact that devs tried to simulate the advance of time and weather change within a static lightning render. But other times it looks really sketchy; such as when transitioning from the room with Broken Butterfly to the maze room, you will notice that the sky became noticeably darker, as if the moon got in the clouds. But now return to the previous room and the night sky is bright again. Looks sort of goofy.
        Also, in chapters 1-1/1-2, there is a cheat: in a farming location after the village center, there is a lot of chicken strolling around, like 5 or 6 heads. So, consequently, they have a relatively (about 50%) chance to lay eggs, with a good chance to lay golden ones. The thing is, once you have collected those eggs, you can go back to previous location and then returt to the farm, which will cause the chiks to reset, and now you can have another bunch of eggs to yourself. Not the super-OP-game-breaking stuff, but you can potentially make infinite cash that way. I, for once, got myself s stack of eggs for healing that lasted me all the way to the way throught the castle.

        • Johaan says:

          Regarding the chicken eggs. You could just, like, not farm them you know.

        • Eggs are not a fast way to get cash, having to wait and go back and forth. I myself used to fish all of the black bass in the lake. The big ones are worth a lot.
          But I did fill a suitcase with eggs once, just by waiting for the chicken in Mendes house to lay the around in the wii version. I eventually sold them, but not before savingthe game first and covering some ganados in chciekn egg ooze.

  48. News Bot says:

    Hi guys, patch applied. However, the game crashes in Separate Ways chapter five when trying to enter the next area after the cutscene with Leon.

  49. Carajero22 says:

    Hola, tengo un problema, lo instale, y cada ves q se carga una partida arranca bien, pero al pasar de cap. o de mapa se cierra.

    • albert says:

      Has aplicado el 4GB patch en el exe del juego?
      Mira nuestra página de “solucion de problemas”:

      • Carajero22 says:

        Hola, si ya instale el 4GB patch, y el update de 42 Mb, pero tambien estoy usando un archivo de mejora de NEGAARMAXC: SweeFX FIX, si me decis que es eso lo saco.

        • albert says:

          Pues no podemos asegurar qué ocasiona los problemas. Al no estar nosotros involucrados en otros mods, no sabemos exactamente qué archivos modifican. No creo que sea el pack de Negaarmax. De ser así, el juego se pararía al cambiar de arma, por ejemplo, pero no al cambiar de zona del juego.

          El SweetFX FIX no lo recomiendo ya que está basado en como se veía el juego antes de que nosotros arregláramos la iluminación y el tono de color. Pero eso va a gusto del consumidor.
          Prueba a desactivarlo a ver si sigues teniendo el problema.

          Por cierto, ¿Qué archivos tienes en la carpeta Resident Evil 4\Bin32\?

          • Carajero22 says:

            Esos 3 tengo en ese carpeta, igual te comento que borre la carpeta completa, reinstale el parche suyo de nuevo luego instale el fix 4Gb patch, y ahora me funciona perfecto. una lastima ya que el sweet tenia una iluminacion que me parecia mejor, pero su parche es excelente, muchas gracias

  50. Andre says:

    Hello. First of all, thanks for the hard work, guys. I’m really enjoying this beautiful mod. I wanted to ask how about how can I get back Ada’s default costume (dress) I didn’t want to install the Assigment Ada costume, but for some reason the patch still installed.

    • albert says:

      Thank for the message!
      Are you playing with Leon RPD costume (Special 1)? If this is the case then that’s how the game was done. We didn’t change anything. The same way Ashley’s custom is also different, Ada’s one also changes.
      We only add the possibility of changing that Spy outfit Ada wears to her Resident Evil 2 dress (only when Leon is wearing his RPD Resident Evil 2 costume)

      • Andre says:

        I see. How weird. I don’t remember that Ada’s costumes changes when you play with the special 1. I mean, I played the old PC version and don’t remember that Ada’s costume also changes. Well, thanks for the response. Your mod was the reason why I’m playing RE4 since 2009. Keep it up! I can’t wait to see the next step of this great project. <3

        • albert says:

          Ahh! The old PC and the PS2 ports had pre-rendered cutscenes, in other words: simple video files.
          So, no matter what costume the player choose the cutscenes always show the default costumes.

          Thank you! We’ll keep doing our best!! 😀

  51. Oldfan says:

    Great work.
    Just one question. Could you add real time shadows like in cutscenes?

    • albert says:

      That’s not possible. The game crashes when more of 5 characters/enemies at the same time castin realtime shadows
      Besides, those shadows clip terribly with the floor and walls. They doesn’t match the stage geometry and it doesn’t look good at all…

  52. Kindred says:

    I think the fire effects look a bit pixelated and blurry especially up close

  53. Antonio says:

    Hola antes que nada felicitarlos una vez más por el trabajo que han estado haciendo durante todo este tiempo, realmente muchas gracias. Solo tengo una consulta, después de que el script se completo correctamente, ¿puedo borrar la carpeta de re4hdproject-release3-patch ? o es preferible dejarlo ahí en la ruta del juego de RE4 ?

    • albert says:

      No es necesaria. Ahí se guardan los archivos originales, pero siempre puedes volver a descargarlos de Steam o del disco original 😉
      Y Muchas graciasa ti también! 😀

  54. I didn’t know they were making an HD version of one of my favorites. I am definitely going to download this!

  55. Sean says:

    New Gradient available on mod forums —>

    maybe you could include this ^ new one in your pack of gradients? maybe you could use it to replace either the cool or warm gradients as Im not sure how useful they are

    personally I have my gradients setup as:
    1- HD Project replicating original Gamecube colors
    2- I replaced the “cool” gradient with the new “dark/green” one I posted above
    3- I also replace the warm one with a black and white (just cuz I think its cool lol)
    4- and I leave the last one as the yellow gradient

  56. Mark says:

    Hi, there seems to be a walk-through barrier in separate ways, just after the ship went sinking.
    Loving the mod so far.

  57. Martin Sp. says:


    Probably it’s not a bug, but I just wonder why the knight’s armor is translucent in the 2014 release?!Ait4xHgCAFz2iR9D4Xu9PkQnZB_L

    By the way, Texture Patch 2.0 is installed on the old version, which someone called albert did create almost a decade ago 😉

    • Wow! It looks… kinda beautiful! Now I want a glass armour in my living room!
      I will have to replay the game again to see if this armor was like this on my copy of the game, I can’t remember.

    • albert says:

      It’s been 10 years… XD

      It’s like this in the Gamecuve version.
      The old PC port was based on the PS2 port. Maybe the PS2 version wasn’t able to generate that effect and they replace it with a standard armor model ¿?

      • Martin Sp. says:

        Or maybe the PS2 port did it right and the Gamecube wasn’t able to handle some kind of environment mapping. 😉

        I still think, that you should write a book about all of your work with a lot of before and after pictures and background informations. This could be something that you can do after finishing the project. 😎

  58. BTW, I didn’t praise you guys enough for your ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSIVE work solving ALL the problems with puddles, ponds and other water surfaces. They ALL look absolutely great and gorgeous.
    The only one that I found a bit different from the original (but not in a bad way) was the one in the novistadors cave with the melting mirror door, the one in which you get knee deep in water to press a switch, because it used to be brownish and murky, and reminded me of several times in which I had to wade through similar water (don’t ask me why), but the new, more refractive effect looks amazing as well, as I admit that the old one was a bit oo flat (or maybe I’m making a mistake here, I was too busy dispatching novistadors with a shotgun, so maybe it did look the same and I was just splashing around a tad too much).

  59. Sidney C says:

    Hi, Albert
    I got a issue after using this patch, the color filter “1” which emulates GC display on TV is broken, now which I turn it on, the screen looks like the cold filter with extreme lightness. The other options seem fine.

    • Sidney C says:

      Don’t know why, but after I tried to reinstall the HD release and the patch, the filter works correctly again.
      I guess some files were modified by game itself after first running, anyway, thanks for your great job.

    • Sidney C says:

      Now I’m facing new problem here, the game crashes everytime when I open the mine gate, the one you need to destroy the rock in front of it to pass. (chapter 4-1 las plagas mine , before the two giants battle) I’ve already apply the 4GB patch btw.

      • albert says:

        Hello! could you check if you have (and their file size) of the following files?

        Resident Evil 4\BIO4\st2\r223.udas
        Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD\44000223.pack

        Also, can you confirm the following files ARE NOT there anymore?

        Resident Evil 4\BIO4\st2\r223.udas.lfs
        Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD\44000223.pack.lfs

        (they are the original files, same name but with the extra .lfs extension, they shouldn’t be there anyomore)

        And finally, dis you install any other mods?

        • Sidney C says:

          yes and yes , I’m not using any mods, the file sizes are
          Resident Evil 4\BIO4\st2\r223.udas.lfs 12640KB
          Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD\44000223.pack 115155KB
          but I do have some other files with extra .lfs extension and yz2 extension, is that normal?

          • albert says:

            Yes, it’s normal there are other lfs and yz2 files. It’s not a problem!
            It seems the room files size is the correct.

            Please, download them again and see if it works (just in case your files are corrupted)


            Place them in the Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD\ and Resident Evil 4\BIO4\st2\ respectively and try again.

            If it still crashes, could you tell me which version of the game are you playing? 1.0.6 or 1.1.0?
            Which language?
            And which weapon Leon is equipped with and which costume is he wearing?

          • Sidney C says:

            After I reinstall the entire game and HD pack/patch,the game works fine now. Thank you so much for spending your time on my question. At last in case you need these:
            game version 1.1.0
            language: english
            default costume
            weapon: black tail

          • albert says:

            Great to hear that. Then maybe some file got corrupted …I guess!
            I hope you can enjoy the rest of the game without any extra “surprises” 🙂

  60. elilypolly says:

    Hey guys ? please help me. After installing the whole hd project and this latest patch, im having some trouble with the sounds. Its like its late registering. For example, while im shooting continously, not every gunshot has sound like it supposed to be and sometimes its not making any sound at all. But i think i dont have any problem with the background sound, its just the sound while using weapons and knifing boxes, and some enemy sounds. But all in all your project was fantastic. I love everything about it ??? Thank you in advance.

    • albert says:

      Did it happened before installing our pack?
      Do you have problems with other games?
      If not, I don’t know what the problem is. The only sound issues we’ve encountered after installing it are some missing enemies’ sound effects (which solution was already found and it’s in the troubleshooting table) and some audio sync problems during certain cutscenes in some computers. But the issue you are mentioning doesn’t seem to be related to our project files and it seems your computer is powerful enough to run this game smoothly even with our files installed…
      Does somebody here have some suggestions? Maybe your computer needs some optimization or the antivirus is making the game slower… I really don’t have an answer for you right now :/

  61. Rafael says:

    Do you have a holidays or are you updating the models?

    • albert says:

      We are doing a lot of things at the same time. So no, no rest for us yet. We are dealing also with a lot of feedback from the latest release and we still have some pending messages to answer…
      I guess we’ll post something within the next pair of weeks.

    • Johaan says:

      eh, your comment gives off rude vibes man.

      This is isn’t their job, so don’t expect fast updates.

  62. edgard says:

    alguna forma de cambiar la ruta de instalacion?? y es posible solo instalar el silenciador para leon?? de ante mano gracias

    • albert says:

      Si te refieres desde el cmd, escribe la letra de la unidad de destino. Por ejemplo, si estás en C: y quieres pasar a D: simplemente teclea d: y pulda intro. Y a partir de ahí escribe la ruta de la carpeta donde tengas instalado el juego.

      El silenciador estaba ya incluido en el juego por defecto, pero es un objeto oculto entre los archivos al que sólo se puede acceder mediante trucos o usando un trainer. En el pack que distribuimos el 13 de julio el silenciador había desaparecido (por cuestiones técnicas me venía bien hacerlo desaparecer), pero al parecer bastante gente lo usa mediante trucos y trainers, y el parche que publicamos una semana después restaura el archivo perdido. Pero no lo hemos añadido como parte del juego, simplemente hemos devuelto el archivo que incluye el silenciador a las carpetas del juego.

  63. Anoynmous says:

    Hmmm… I was watching a livestream recording of your HD Project, and noticed two issues:

    1. That the cart with barrels flickers intensely when paired with the Ganado’s new light sources for their torches:

    2. Shot-down lanterns don’t cast light:

    Hope you can fix these in a patchor later release or something.

    • albert says:

      Yep.. I notice the flickering thing too. I have to investigate what’s causing that.

      About the lantern not casting light that’s because the entire place is really dark. The light casted by those oil lamps (and other kind of lights) affects more the models around them the more light-coloured they are (this is how this game works…). But it really cast light. Just do some test by breaking it near to you and you’ll notice that. Besides, the oil lamp here and after climbing the ladder is the same element but repeated. They are both identical with identical properties. If I make it more intense in the cave area the other one will look like an atomic explosion XDD

      • Y.Z. says:

        “The light casted by those oil lamps (and other kind of lights) affects more the models around them the more light-coloured they are (this is how this game works…). But it really cast light.”

        Another engine quirk, huh?

        “[T]he oil lamp here and after climbing the ladder is the same element but repeated. They are both identical with identical properties. If I make it more intense in the cave area the other one will look like an atomic explosion XDD””

        You think it could be possible to alter the RE4 code/structure to create a few “edited copies” for weird “edge cases” like that, then?

        • albert says:

          Unfortunatelly it’s not possible to create multiple entries of the same breakable object in the same room and make the game to load different files. That’s impossible to do.
          I’ve done this. Do you think is well balanced?

          • Y.Z. says:

            Hmmm… I think you’d have to show me how your original settings for the oil lamp explosion lights looked for proper comparison; though I must say that the explosion in lighter rooms DOES look a bit too strong.

          • Y.Z. says:

            But only just a little bit too strong, to clarify.

            (Also, what I meant with the whole “edited copies” thing was to add a new object to the game’s file structure for the game to load – a near exact copy of the oil lamp, tweaked for dark rooms – that would be used (only one or a few times, but still) alongside the original object/file (in lighter rooms) that would still be in the game. But if it’s still impossible, then it’s impossible – I understand there isn’t much that can be done with an engine like this.)

          • Y.Z. says:

            Also, given what you told me about how water works in this game, it probably isn’t possible, but: Are you also able to make the water when the shot lantern hits the ground and explodes quote-unquote “reflect” the explosion and/or ripple intensely (as if the lantern object was a shot player bullet)?

          • albert says:

            Oops nope, that’s impossible too. We’d need to reprogram the game to achive these kind of edits.
            Also, all the mirrored effects you can see in certain areas are just duplicated models and effects that are placed upside down, there is no actual regflection.
            I already said it somewhere else but what we’ve got with this remaster project is almost a miracle… and we got a lot of luck and patience because this game is a reeeeeal pain to mod.
            Everything is very very restrictive…

      • Anonymous says:

        I see… dissapointing.

        By the way, I found another issue in that same series of livestreams of your project that I hope you’ll fix; luckilly this is more of a “3D level geometry & textures” issue:

        Obviously, you weren’t meant to see that feature-less “bottom pit” (since the RE4 dev team didn’t model it), but the controllable camera kinda breaks that quite a bit. If you could add some more to that specific “hole” (more trees/foliage, a gradient fade to black, etc.) the next time you do another pass on this area, I think that would really help.

  64. elilypolly says:

    Hi albert, i was able to fix the sound by reverting the version of the bio4.exe to 1.0.2. I don’t know why it was like that haha. I was okay with that but sadly i cant change the laser anymore cuz its only available at 1.0.6. But i remember last time, when the village and castle section were released, i also got trouble with the sounds. I was using 1.0.2 back then, and i updated it to 1.0.6 and it was fixed after that. And now it goes the other way around hahaha Anyways, thank you guys for making this wonderful project. Im still looking forward for the super final release hehe. Goodluck ??

    • albert says:

      Hello again! Maybe if you update to 1.0.6 again the sound will be fine.
      But I can’t see the relation between our project files and the sound issues described. That’s really strange…
      But it’s good you found out a way of fixing it! 🙂

  65. dreadfield says:

    hi guys i just noted that , the visual upgrade is amazing i noticed in the area after the first encounter with krauser i mean the one , with knifes, the next area leon enters in some kind of fabric with hot obens, weel before that there are a tsras to left and there seems to be moon lighting that shines trough ceiling windows, but when you watch the ceiling there is only a cement ceiling , can you ad windows to that ceiling to make it have sense?? i mean this si something capcom didnt fix they are only two windows on left up to the stairs but clearly the lighting on the floor depicts there was windows on the ceiling to, is like a greenhouse room is before you enter the hot room with the three ovens on right.
    take care

  66. tanyaaynat says:

    Hello, the game crashes after equipping the rocket launcher. I already patched the game and try reinstalling it but still not working. Please help. Thanks

    • albert says:

      Are you using some trainer, some mod or something?
      Is this related to our project? I mean… Did this happen before installing our pack?
      The rocket laouncher data is inside the Leon’s model udas file and we didn’t edit that file yet.
      No other players can equip the rocket launcher, otherwise the game will crash. That’s why I’m asking if you are using some kind character swap method

      • tanyaaynat says:

        It didnt happen before installing your project hehe. Oh i used a mod to make leon look HD. I also use trainer just for infinite ammos but i tried not to use the trainer, it still crashes. I dont use character swap either hehe

  67. mofail says:

    um…so guys when will my comment be approved? been a couple days already? How many days should some one wait before comment approval please? I mean to avoid double posts?
    I’ll try to post again below in case there was some type of error?

    • albert says:

      A lot of work to do this week and I forgot this message was pendant of aproval.
      The David Cameron picture is a placeholder. I’m sure Cris will replace iy to some other free-use pictures of random people
      The bottle caps zoom is impossible to edit right now. This is something probably hardcoded in the exe of the game. There’s nothing we can do about it

      • mofail says:

        Well if that photo is changed that will be appreciated, I really don’t mind the other photos since I don’t recognise any one else but that RAT david cameron has no place in this game. He wasn’t there in the original game either. The back to the future photo was very cool though, I did enjoy seeing that very much. I suggest if you want a photo of a rat then please replace david cameron with a photo of an actual rat, that would be 100% an improvement & most welcome. The camera response is a damn shame but thanks for answering. I always found the distant camera pointless since you can never really see the models close up why did they even bother with the model display with distant camera at all? Anyway good luck with your work on this game.

      • F4RR3LL89 says:

        The game crashes as soon as I enter an area or appear through a door with a loading screen
        The installation of the project was successful.
        I do not use a trainer, no mods except that (re4HDProject) no cracked version.
        it works only if I change in the options of HD on ORIGINAL.

        • albert says:

          Hello! Did you take a look at the Troubleshoot page?

          • F4RR3LL89 says:

            hello and thanks for the feedback, I overflowed everything and looked at the Troubleshoot page. the errors persist

          • albert says:

            If you applied the 4GB patch on the bio4.exe file then I have no idea what else could cause the crashes 🙁
            My only suggestion is to make sure your downloaded pack is complete and it has no corrupt files (It should be around 28 GB uncompressed)

          • F4RR3LL89 says:

            I also ran 4gb, but I found the mistake. it was my reshade. Nevertheless many thanks. Great work and follow your work since 2014. It always makes me happy to receive a message and to see new screenshots. I like to read the descriptions. I would like to ask you what you are currently working on. maybe character models?

          • albert says:

            Oh! It was reshade fault. It’s good to know!
            It’s curious because I also use it sometimes and I have no problems with it. Maybe the ammount of filters or the version of reshade is the reason… who knows…
            We’ll try to post something this week 😉
            Thanks for following us all this time!

          • F4RR3LL89 says:

            I like to follow you. No problem. my reshade version was very old. With the current 3.4.1 it works wonderfully

  68. mofail says:

    Okay so I know these are not glitches but A couple questions for you guys please?
    WHy oh why have you placed a photo of David Cameron (former uk prime minister) in my favourite game?
    WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYY? was this photo really in the original game?
    Please can you replace this photo of this clown with another photo of some one else? Any one else preferably somer one not a political scum bag? I really don’t like the rat lol

    Also another question is about the models we can collect from the shooting gallery.
    The first image is zoomed all the way out by default..
    The second is zoomed all the way in
    Is there any chance you could make the camera zoom much closer to the model? So we can see their eyes? I would really like to examine the models much closer, it just seems the camera is too far away all the time?

  69. zhe xun says:

    Hi , I have found a peom when swicthing the weapons and keys treasures on the inventory interface ,which said :生死去留,棚頭傀儡, 一线断时,落落磊磊.

    • albert says:

      Hello! Not sure if I understood you. Do you have a problem with item descriptions text during the Separate Ways and the other mini games when using Chinese language?

  70. Alan Rizky Wardana says:

    When I toward the door before going to villager farm’s, I opened the door and the game suddenly crashes. Help

    P.S : Sorry for my bad english

  71. Alan Rizky Wardana says:

    I did, after I patched the bio4.exe, the 0xc000142 appear. What should I do?
    I didn’t install any mod on this, this is purely RE4 for steam

    • albert says:

      Did you cracked the game in any way?
      These kind of crashes appear when people use pirated or cracked versions of the game and they use the 4GB patch.

  72. MartyDreamy says:

    Heyo may I ask how to use the alternative costume for ada? Ty

    • albert says:

      You must start the game selecting “Special 1” costume (You need to clear the game once to obtain it if I recall correctly).
      Leon will wear his RPD outfit and Ada her “Spy” uniform. But it will be changet to her RE2 clothes if you install our pack.

  73. xFlaminz says:

    I’m having issues installing the latest release files, when downloading the files ending in z01,02, etc. I can’t extract them using winrar, and my friend is having the same issue trying to extract the files using 7zip. After attempting to extract it gives me an error code that says “! C:\Users\Name\Downloads\re4hdproject-release3-20180713.z01: Unexpected end of archive”
    I’ve tried all of the links to download but they all give me the same result. Any fix to this?

    • albert says:

      First time hearing about this. You must uncompress the 8 files using the .zip file as the “starter” file, not .z01
      All files must be named EXACTLY the same (only the extension must be diferent (zip z01, etc…))
      If you still get the error warning you should download it again. Maybe some part got corrupted while downloading… :/

  74. Thumba-Umba says:

    Meanwhile, about that silencer:
    If you use it as Wesker in Mercenaries, in-world model of a silenced pistol looks all shiny and good. But if you try to add this thing in the main campaign, it reverts to using the old low poly model with those grainy, dirty-looking textures.
    Which is… weird? Like, why is there even two models for this thing?

  75. Kaio says:

    Funciona com resident evil 4 hd edition?

  76. Raphael says:

    I having trouble in the first (V) Gate. The game just keep crashing when I try to pass through it.

  77. Jonathan Hebert says:

    My game crash when I step through the doors, how to fix this?

  78. Santiago Gómez Damelines says:

    ¿Qué tal equipo RE4HD? tengo una duda, ya tenía instalado los 2 paquetes anteriores (del castillo y de la aldea) ¿es necesario borrarlos, o qué debo hacer para que esos archivos no interfieran con la instalación? (aún no instalo nada, estoy en proceso de descarga), aprecio inmensamente el excelente trabajo que están realizando, un saludo desde Colombia.

    • albert says:

      El script hace un backup de todo lo que se reemplace, lo cual en tu caso es un paso un poco innecesario porque lo que hará es mover los archivos de nuestros anteriores packs (entre otros) a la carpeta backup. Y esos archivos tienen un peso muy grande. Así que tienes dos opciones:

      1. Borrar la carpeta resident evil 4 por completo y hacer una verificación de archivos en Steam (es decir, reinstalar el juego). Y después instalar nuestro nuevo pack y después el parche que sacamos a la semana siguiente.
      2. Instalar directamente el nuevo pack y a continuación el parche que sacamos a la semana siguiente. Después borrar la carpeta backup, ya que será una carpeta muuuuy grande con archivos que no necesitarás para nada (siempre puedes volver a reinstalar el juego desde Steam o desde el disco si surge algún problema)

      Saludos desde Barcelona! 🙂

  79. Xtremo says:

    Could you please add the option to remove the film grain? I really love your mod but I hate that grain effect. I get that you want your project to remain faithful to the original game and I commend you for that – but that grain effect makes the whole picture look so noisy and takes away from the enjoyment for me.

    Also I want to add, that I’m glad you added the option to turn off the flickering lights and remove the added motion blur. Giving the option to turn off film grain would make this mod perfect to me.

    Anyhow: Thank you for all your efforts and the amazing job you’ve done so far!

  80. Gustavo Silva says:

    Ola, eu instalei por torrent e os personagens nao estão remasterizados, qual arquivo ainda devo baixar?

    • albert says:

      Hello! The latest updates are not available to download yet. The post we publish are just infomative and because we want feedback about the progress we are doing.
      They will be available when we release the final pack. But we still don’t know when we’ll finish the project.
      Thanks for the patience!

  81. F4RR3LL says:

    as soon as I start resident evil over steam, I get the message (files are examined). then I have to re-execute the script. Can I do something there?

    • albert says:

      Hello! that’s really strange! it’s the first time I heard about it. Anyway, if you re-execute the script it won’t work because all the files were moved to the game’s directory and the installation folder is empty now. You need to unpack the downloaded file again.

      About the (files are examinated) maybe it’s some kind of Steam preference that force the game to constantly check the files integrity.
      Does somebody here know something about it?

      Also, you can check on Steam forums, maybe someone there knows what’s that message…

  82. kushal says:

    I have noticed an issue with leons gloves when i aim the gun , the ends of the gloves move inwards

    • albert says:

      Do you mean when Leon aims the weapon and after a second he slightly turns the hands to better grap the weapon?
      If this is what you mean, I think this animation was done like this on purpose.

  83. eric says:

    i’m having issues with character model’s textures not loading in during cutscenes especially leon’s. leons face is all colored polygons, no textures. eyes blank and everything

  84. Danrley Cabral says:

    Hello. After you install the patch, after starting the game and going to load or start the game, it stops working. How to solve the problem?

  85. Meet says:

    Hi , i dont get any errors or issue when i install the bat , but when i start the game nothing was change ???.
    im using w8.1 and steam version .

    • albert says:

      Could you check 2 things for us?
      – Is the “HD” texture quality option activated in the Video Settings menu?
      – Can you check a random file (for example, file 44000100.pack in the BIO4\ImagePackHD\ folder) has only the “.pack” extension and not the “.pack.lfs” double extension?


  86. Rick_Shitty says:

    Yo man I’m having an issue of crash when I open the first gate in the beginning after you let the dog free from the trap. Right when I open the gate it does the swirl thing and then crashes right there. Not sure if it was going into a cutscene or what but crashes every time and I just dl’ed the 4gb tool and put it in the bin32 steamapps/common/Re4.

    • albert says:

      Hello! You don’t need to place the 4GBpatch there. You have to run it and select the bio4.exe file inside the bin32 folder as the target file to patch. Then the 4GBpatch will patch the game exe file in order the game can load huge textures 🙂

  87. Rick_Shitty says:

    When I dl from torrent and I notice the entire file is

  88. XokX says:

    hey guys great works the mod looks awesome!!! before i download does this mod work well with the ultimate hd version or do i need the 1.10 for everything to run smooth? p.s since it’s been almost a year how are you guys doing in terms of launching the final version?

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! This mod is designed for the Ultimate HD version, and you don’t have to have version 1.10. In terms of launching the final version there isn’t a specific date. That said, it’s now simply at the point of final refinements. Sorry to not have a more specific answer!

  89. Nox says:

    Hola! Instalé el parche de 4gb y aún se me crashea en la parte del laberinto previo al encuentro con ada.

    • albert says:

      Hola! Este fallo parece que es bastante común desde que el juego salió a la venta. Desconozco el motivo, pero no está relacionado con nuestro proyecto, es cosa del juego… Prueba a desactivar el antivirus y comprueba si eso hace que deje de crashear. Creo recordar que alguien mencionó que eso le solucionó el problema… A ver si hay suerte!

      • Nox says:

        Al final lo único que tenía que hacer era correr el juego en 30fps. Gracias igual, todo el trabajo de ustedes es verdaderamente excelente. Espero algún día Capcom o alguna otra empresa los considere a la hora de remasterizar otro Resident Evil

    • Eduardo Cruz says:

      Gracias tenia el mismo problema de crasheo, poner el juego en 30 fps pero marea mucho al jugarlo se nota mucho la diferencia, va como mas lento es una pena, xq en 60 estaba genial pero pude pasar mis partes atascadas y terminar la mission de ada wong Gracias!

  90. Badb says:

    Hi there. So i installed the 4gb patch e follow all the instalation tutorial but when i unpack winrar’s arquives a window show me this issues:

  91. Giovanni Gomes says:

    There is no way to play this game at 30 fps. I would ratter see some bugs, because it’s prefferable to play a game with lower textures than 30 fps.

  92. Kleverlande Junior says:

    O jogo estava travando e fechava nas partes onde a porta faz tipo um efeito de velocidade, nas transições com mais efeito travava e fechava o jogo testei com a textura original e foi normal, vou instalar o patch mas não vi lá que tem esse problema.

    • acacio says:

      Para parar travamento você precisa iniciá-lo com os gráficos ORIGINAIS. Depois de passar por alguns cenários você deve salvar e retornar a tela inicial do game, SEM SAIR DELE. você não pode sair do jogo. apenas retorne a primeira dela. nessa primeira tela você deve então carregar os gráficos em HD e ativar o Motionbluer.. É nítida a mudança.. o jogo fica até mais bonito e mais rápido.

      Esse problema ocorre por um problema de carregamento das imagens.. Elas são muito pesadas o jogo não consegue carregá-las de primeira então trava. mas com esse método você da espaço para o jogo se adaptar..

      To stop crashing you need to start it with the ORIGINAL graphics. After going through some scenarios you must save and return to the game’s home screen, WITHOUT LEAVING IT. you cannot leave the game. just return the first one. on this first screen you should then load the graphics in HD and activate Motionbluer .. The change is clear .. the game is even more beautiful and faster.

      This problem occurs due to a problem with loading the images. They are very heavy, the game cannot load them at first, so it crashes. but with this method you give space for the game to adapt.

  93. Eduardo Cruz says:

    Hola Albert temgo problemas con mi juego, juego muy bien y todo, pero a la hora de atravesar las puertas cuando hace el efecto de cambio de lugar oh carga, se me cierra el juego me quede atravo en el capitulo 5 de ada wong y con Leon igual no puedo pasar xq me cierra el juego tengo windows 10 me gustaria una ayuda xq de verdad estoy bn metido con el juego me los estoy pasando todo y completos y moria por poner tu mod HD Gracias

    • albert says:

      Hola Eduardo!
      Has aplicado el 4GB patch? Es una programa que modifica el archivo bio4.exe del juego para que sea capaz de cargar gran cantidad de texturas.
      Está en el primer punto de la tabla:

      • Eduardo Cruz says:

        si lo instale, y me paso lo mismo solucione el problema poniendo el juego en 30 fps y obviamente no es igual, quede poniendo los datos x defaul ya que despues de tanto intentar con tanto videos dañe el archivo :c una lastima xq de verdad me gustaban tus texturas, pero si lo bajo de nuevo tendre que jugarlo en 30 fps, solo se jode cuando crusas las puertas que tienen texto verde, esas que te teletransportan

    • acacio says:

      Para detener el bloqueo, debe iniciarlo con los gráficos ORIGINALES. Después de pasar por algunos escenarios, debes guardar y volver a la pantalla de inicio del juego, SIN DEJARLO. No puedes abandonar el juego. solo devuelve el primero. en esta primera pantalla deberías cargar los gráficos en HD y activar Motionbluer … El cambio es claro … el juego es aún más hermoso y rápido.

      Este problema se produce debido a un problema al cargar las imágenes. Son muy pesadas, el juego no puede cargarlas al principio, por lo que se bloquea. pero con este método le das espacio para que el juego se adapte.

  94. Thumba-umba says:

    Uhh… The links are dead?

  95. Acácio says:

    I did a lot of testing and was able to solve problems installing the texture pack. with the error related to the path of the files.

    – When I try to run the script to install the files, I get a “Cannot find the file / path specified” or “Access denied” error. –

    And I also managed to alleviate the constant crashes when changing the scenario.

    Anyone who wants help, send an email to “” I will be happy to help the community.

    regards from Brazil!

  96. artic says:

    The links for the patch are both dead

  97. Glauco Trombini says:

    Albert, não esta funcionando nem o texto antes do ”espelho 1”, vocÊ não consegueria enviar o arquivo de alguma outra forma? (os dois espelhos estão mortos aqui, e o texto antes deles também. obrigado!

    • albert says:

      Hello! Click on “Direct Download” that one works 😉
      Try “right click” and “save destination as” if a simple click doesn’t work

  98. Rigel says:

    my game is crashing the moment I open the door of the “sword puzzles” at the beginning of the castle

  99. Raphael says:

    I downloaded the file and it’s just 45mb. Is that right?

  100. James says:

    Only the first link works, and I get a corrupted archive every time I download it, it won’t let me extract the contents. I’ve tried downloading it on multiple browsers.

  101. Alisson says:

    Hello, the patch is not downloading. The link is broken :c

  102. Yahya AL-Hunini says:

    Bin32 folder is missing

    • albert says:

      Bin32 folder is not included. You need to have a legal copy of the game installed in your computer. We only share the modified files

  103. Fabricio Rocha says:

    Estou tendo problemas com o jogo fechando as vezes quando passo por alguma porta ou passo por uma escada de Loading. Baixei p Patch, mas não resolveu. Observação: Meu notebook atende todos os requisitos para rodar o jogo e o mod. Possuo um Sansung Odyssey com 16 GB RAM. Processador Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz
    e placa de vídeo Nvidia 1050 de 4GB

  104. Frank says:

    Hi, i am trying to install the .bat file, but every time i try in the installation windows said “access denied”
    Im using w10 pro, i already try to use the guide for w10 users but remains the same problem
    thats all, thanks for your work

    • albert says:

      Does you user have administration permissions?
      Is the version of the game you have the 2014 PC port?
      Are you typing YOUR game’s directory path (The one in the instructions is an example, not all the people have the game in the exact same folder)

  105. Matias says:

    Hi, I download everythin but there is no “install-713-patch.bat” file

  106. Hey, first of all congratulations on the amazing work you guys done so far, but I’ve been trying to download the patch and when I try to open the zip file it tells me the file is either an unknown file or damaged. I did was able to download the patch and install it, but for some reason I can’t open the torrent file. Would anyone be able to give me some assistance?
    Thanks !

  107. Giuseppe says:

    Our patch link is broken, i can’t download it, please SOLVE

  108. Igor alves says:

    o download do patch não esta funcionando.

  109. SaMaYelL says:

    Hello, I had a problem installing the original file of the game and the game will not be approved. I checked all the available solutions, but I did not succeed. Please help me.

  110. wandeilson says:

    os links do path e hd project estao fora do ar

  111. Roberto Manfinfla says:

    I open the door of the castle where later the cinematic begins where Leon sees Ada for the first time and the game closes for me, any help?

    • albert says:

      I remember this was an issue even in the original and unmodified game. I read it somewhere on the Steam forums. Not sure what the problem was.
      Did you try deactivating the antivirus and see if you can enter the room? (it’s just an idea, because I remember someone told something about it, but it’s been a lot of years since I read it…)

  112. Arian says:

    hello man , you did a fantastic job but i want to know how i can change the FOV ?

  113. Gabriel says:

    Hello I have a problem, the game works very well but in the inventory the objects such as ammunition, healing plants, grenades, etc. are invisible, they are there but the image is not visible, any solution? Thanks

    • albert says:

      Which version of the game are you using? 1.0.6 or 1.1.0?
      Are you using re4tweaks?
      Are you using the 2018 HD project?

      • Gabriel says:

        Hello! I’m not sure which version I’m using, but I can tell it’s from the “Latest Version” section haha, and no, I don’t use “re4tweaks”. I guess it would be the 2018 version.

  114. ennix says:

    was the patch removed? the file can’t be download due to it missing even the save as link doesn’t work anymore can someone please reupload it. thanks

  115. Irving says:

    Alguien me puede pasar el parche 7/13 Release Patch (Direct Download) lo estoy intentado descargar y me sale 404 error

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