Examine view Weapons and Items!

Hello everyone!

We’re back with new regular updates about our project. This post covers the remastering progress for the textures and models displayed in the “Examine View.”

As some of you know, the weapons are based on real life models. I tried to be faithful to the original RE4 textures while using those real life weapons as reference. It was interesting to see why some of the weapons’ original textures look grainy. I always thought it was a cheap trick to give the weapon some texture detail and that it looked quite bad. But nothing could be further from the truth — those weapon materials are made of some kind of plastic that DOES have that grainy texture.

Regarding the items, fortunately only a few of them really needed a total remaster process. Others only needed partial touch-ups, and a few more just need a few Photoshop filters. Finally, a decent bumpmap did the rest.

As you can see in the video, I’ve applied custom specular values to every item. It’s even possible to apply different brightness to different parts of the same model! This is great because we can make wood and different kinds of metal and plastic shine at different intensities and with different specular values.

My next post will cover how these new models and textures look in-game. Enjoy the pictures and video!


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70 responses to “Examine view Weapons and Items!”

  1. Thumba-Umba says:

    One point:
    The model of a holster stock for the C96 pistol does not have the hoel in its rear; which it should have, because, you know, the pistol grip sticks out when you holster it.

  2. Nordeck says:

    Just…speachless. Awesome work guys, keep it up.

  3. Ernesto León says:

    excelente, de todas las updates, esta es la que más he estado esperando, sin embargo, tengo algunas dudas, en cuanto a los modelos de las armas

    ¿no se modificarán los modelos para hacerlos más semejantes a los reales?
    ¿no se incluirán las marcas de las compañias en las texturas? (H&K, Springfield, FN, etc)
    se puede hacer que cada arma expulse casquillos correspondientes a los que utiliza el arma en la vida real? por ejemplo, en lugar de que todas las armas utilizen el mismo modelo de cartucho genérico

    • albert says:

      En principio no, las armas que hay en resident evil 4 no son armas del mundo real, son armas “basadas en”. Y el objetivo es conservar todo lo relacionado con el diseño y remasterizarlo tal cual está. Cambiando el diseño de las armas entraríamos en el terreno de los “mods” y nuestro objetivo es hacer un “remaster”. Y lo mismo con las marcas, del mismo modo que acabaremos quitando todas las marcas del mundo real que quedan por aquí y por allí en las áreas del juego (en monitores, marcas en tarros de comida y aparatos electrónicos), en las armas tampoco dejaremos ningún nombre comercial (creo que se ha colado alguno, pero ya lo modificaremos)
      Lo de los casquillos es más fácil. Cada arma tiene su propia textura para el casquillo de bala, es cuestión de que cada una sea diferente 🙂

      • Ernesto León says:

        vale, no hay problema, otra cosa, piensan aumentar el número de polígonos en los modelos? mi visión no me deja distinguir si ya lo han hecho, viendo los screenshots

        • albert says:

          En algunoscasos ya hemos hecho algún pequeño retoque. En principio solo ajustaremos aquellos modelos que realmente se vean pobres y que tengan alguna “pieza” que resalte por ser peor que el resto del modelo.

  4. E.P.D. Gaffney. says:

    This is the best news I’ve received in a while. These are gorgeous. And I learnt that the Chicago Typewriter has two models. I’ve rarely used it, and when I did, I just didn’t see the point in picking Leon’s non-mafia outfits, so I had no idea there was a version without the drum.

    • albert says:

      Haha and I had no idea that using the mafia costume Leon receive a different type of weapon. I thought that model was only for Ada 😛

  5. Majora says:

    Hey, Albert and Cris, long time follower of the blog. Great progress as usual. Not to try to tie you guys down to any specific number, but if you guys HAD to throw a number on a percent of completion for the project, what would you put it at? Once again, not as a way to sort of ask “WHEN IS IT DONE?!” but more so out of sheer curiosity on the state of everything as it just seems so far along in the process. I can’t imagine it not being finished in 2019. I’m going to fucking miss these post once you guys finish up, I feel like I like I enjoy the blog more than I’ll enjoy the content itself. =P

    • albert says:

      Haha I can’t tell… 75%? 80%?
      I’m not sure how complicated the characters and enemies restoration process will be
      I’m glad you like the updates! I’ll miss doing them too 🙂

      • Majora says:

        I feel like there’s no way characters and enemies will be nearly as complicated as everything else. I’m sure it’ll suck, but there’s just so much detail in the maps and lighting and yadda yadda. If it was a more modern game, it would take ages but there’s only a handful of enemy types plus bosses per island. I say that as someone who hasn’t played in like 15 years, so maybe my memory is a bit faulty. Thanks again for these constant updates!

      • mofail says:

        Nice work on the items!
        Will you be using the original capcom textures for the characters/enemies or creating fresh hi resolution skins?

        • albert says:

          We’ll completely re-create them but being as faithful as possible to the original low-res textures. Exactly the same we did with the stage textures. We don’t have the HD source pictures they used for the character’s enemies, but that’s not a problem 😉

          • mofail says:

            I thought you guys were using the all original source high resolution capcom images for almost every thing, recreating the faces will be tricky so good luck. It wasn’t as straight forward as a wall or floor for me. I found the faces & hands skin wrinkles very hard to recreate so am looking forward to these new graphics very much. Also I tried to add hair on forearms, that was tricky too because women enemy use the same hands as men. Giving men hairy forearms & hands looked odd on the women buy if you are faithful to the original design then I suppose such extra little details won’t be part of your plans anyway. Can’t wait to see more updates bravo guys!

          • albert says:

            Oh no no, I’d say only 10-20% of the stage textures are based on the original pictures, 20-30% are based on new pictures of the places Capcom visited on 2000 and the rest are all re-created from zero textures (this is a wild aproximation, don’t take these numbers too seriously).
            We’ll use real human textures to recreate all the characters. I don’t think it will be a problem. I’ve already remastered one character’s face and there’s no “uncanny valley” in the results 🙂

            Thank you!!

          • C. says:

            Something about the wood looks slightly off. I think I would make it like 10% more smooth, but it’s hard to tell with these pictures on my 42 inch. They still look a little rough, which to me is not quite right. Faithful in that sense is just bad.

            I think work on the wood grain of the weapons just a tiny bit more, but whatever it’s not a gigantic deal. You did a really nice job here on most of it. I would need to see a better picture of the wood up close to see what it really looks like.

          • C. says:

            Okay so yes after viewing these screens up close the wood is too sketchy and wavy in places without looking very realistic. The originals are fairly different in places too. I would definitely like to see a smoother and more detailed wood grain for the weapons if you ever get time. It looks to gamey and random and not like wood at all.

            But that is my only real criticism. The brunt of all this looks absolutely mindblowing.

            I know you are trying to be faithful, but wood really stands out when it’s bad. One of the reasons I really like Halk’s Witcher 3 HD Reworked project. His wood generally looks ten times better than the original.

          • albert says:

            Hello! And thank you for the feedback!
            I’ll take this into conisderation for sure. Maybe I used a too “complex” wood texture for those weapons or at the wrong proportion. The one I used was a fine and clean wood texture, so it’s not rough at all. It’s just their grain is quite contrasted.
            But I’ll take a look at more real life chicago typewriters, etc… to make sure how the wood grain should look like.

            Anyway I’ll probably emphasise the wood grain a little for aesthetic reasons 🙂

  6. Jeff R. says:

    I’d bet that the original modelling team had to use airsoft replicas, which were likely made of cheap plastic. I wonder if they just 3D scanned them in and tweaked them slightly.

  7. NEGAARMAX says:

    L chicago y la handgun se ven tan hermoss, no puedo esperar a ver el proximo update, en especial cuando se vean ya sea en maingame así como en el maletín.

  8. Pliskin says:

    Yes finally, I’ve been waiting for an update. Looks great, I was wondering though if there’s a mod that removes the stock from the Matilda pistol. It should have been an option to have a stock like any other weapon in the game. Anyways great work can’t wait to see the characters model update.

  9. Lukas says:

    Splendid work, as usual!

    I have been following your project from the start and have made some (very) minor suggestions throughout the years. I’m not as obsessed about them as before maybe, but I feel I might as well list them here now that the project is close to completion:

    Missing underline on the notice.

    Best of wishes. And congratulations for getting this far!
    The symbol on the typewriter is an ankh.

    The ganado corpse could be made gorier; ripped apart by the verdugos.

    I’m pretty sure the seat of the chair is supposed to be plastic with paint spilling on it, not ripped leather with foam (like the backrest, which is perfect.)

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the images! I think you already send them to us some time ago, right? I still have them around here.

      About the ankh… I’m no so sure it is really an ankh. I’ve examined during several minutes and I’m seeing something else when looking at the texture in Photoshop… some kind of sarcophagus maybe…

      • Lukas says:

        Yeah, I have sent all these on different occasions during the last four years.
        I’d still bet it’s an ankh with some modifications though. It is an egyptian symbol of life which makes sense in the context of the purpose of the typewriter. And also “Amenhotep” was a pharaoh.

      • Lukas says:

        After searching for pictures of sarcophaguses now I see what you mean.

        You’re probably right. That must be what it is. Also makes sense in the context. In any case I’m a 100% sure it’s something egyptian.

  10. Frank Nitty says:

    It’s freaking awesome the amount of detail goes into refining the lackluster job that Capcom did when putting this remaster together… You’re some modern day digital blacksmiths turning shit into sugar 😉

  11. Ernesto León says:

    Las imágenes tipo preview de las armas, en el menú del buhonero están actualizadas acorde al mod?

  12. Miguel says:

    It would be amazing if the shadow on the Chess Board was dinamically cast, just saying

    Anyways, amazing work! When everything is finished I’m pretty sure I’ll replay this game

    • albert says:

      Hehe yes… my thoughts exactly. Those shadows don’t make much sense… I was tempted to completely remove them or replace them with simple round and soft shadows…

  13. Alvare says:

    I think it’s hilarious that the noise effect we complained about was the look of the actual real life materials. xD
    Everything looks top notch as always btw, I completely blown away by the texture work here.

    • albert says:

      Hehe yes. I think another problem (an actual problem) was that kind of coloured grainy noise used here and there in metalic surfaces. In the shotgun and Chicago tw for example…
      Thank you! 🙂

  14. Ernesto says:

    Soy yo o la striker no tiene el agujero por el cual se expulsan los cartuchos disparados?

  15. Ernesto León says:

    mmmh, y las armas de Ada?

  16. kisamee says:

    hy this is very good looking hair mod for leon did you seet before http://www.modinformer.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/LeonHiRes.png

  17. chaoxian2006 says:

    Excuse me, when can the role model be high-definition? I can’t wait for the most important step. Thank you so much for your previous work, it’s been great. Your great achievements gave me a little higher expectation of the character model texture. The HD environment is a much more visible backdrop to the shabby character models and textures. If not, I still thank you very much!

    • albert says:

      We are working on them. The remastered characters and enemies will also be part of the final pack. Everything will be remastered 🙂
      Thanks for the patience!

  18. Shinra94 says:

    Special Request!

    Can you make the chicken hyper realistic! 😛 More than it has to be! Haha!

  19. Annimo says:

    Help! i’m my game when i try playing The Mercenaries in the Waterworld stage the screen keeps blinking in black

    • albert says:

      You should ask in the Steam forums. This issue happened in an older version of the game. I’m not 100% sure but I think it was fixed in the latest 1.0.6 version of the game.
      People at the Steam forums will give you the answer to this problem

  20. kisamee says:

    hy could you make parts of broken things like box for exemple to not disappear also when ganados die their clothes and some puddle of decomposed flesh to stay and not disappear

    • Shinra94 says:

      The engine probably isn’t designed to accommodate that and it would be quite a programming task to implement it I’d wager.

      • albert says:

        Yep… we can’t do this kind of edits. And things disappear because the game engine can’t render the huge ammount of polygons all the corpses and broken things have. That’s why they disappear

  21. Lukas says:

    Finally looked at the new release and noticed you hadn’t put in the original chair I found :'(
    A commenter in the original village release even said that the re-created chair looked worse than the original, so I’d suggest you put it in there.

    Also you are right about the symbol being sarcophagus.

  22. Lukas says:

    I sent a mail but you need to reply to it for me to send an attachments!

  23. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I can not imagine how the rays of P.R.L 412 will be, it’s going to be very good for what you’ve been doing, I wanted to be rich so I can give you money and resources for what you’re doing ??

  24. Varun preet says:

    Awesome i need these images
    Thanks for these guns images,?????