Waking Up without a Jacket

This update comes from the section of the game where Leon wakes up having lost his jacket. 🙂

One comment I’ll share about this area is that there’s a white rock wall in this section that has noticeable seams (meaning even though the texture repeats itself, it doesn’t line up correctly as it goes from one instance of the texture to the next). So, we’re doing our best to eliminate these seams (even though it may not be possible to correct everything — especially when correcting one seam makes another seam appear incorrectly).

Also, thanks again to everyone for your encouragement and support!

And finally, please consider these images a work-in-progress.

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31 responses to “Waking Up without a Jacket”

  1. V I D A L says:

    How can Albert keep finding this stuff in real life is beyond believe… How? How? =D

  2. KALUDIO says:

    wow the texture work looks better than some of games AAA games i’ve played, it looks super professional. i wonder what kind of fields do you guys work on IRL xD

    • crisdecuba says:

      Haha in real life I’m basically a project manager at a bank. Nothing really related to gaming, unfortunately. 🙂

  3. Cenk says:

    Nice Works! You guys will add the fake shaders on barrels right? There is lot of fake shaders on objects too. (feedback)

    • crisdecuba says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Personally I’m not sure whether the fake shading specifically on the red fuel tank is a good thing or a bad thing (because it is so obviously fake), but I haven’t decided yet. 🙂 Thanks again!!

      • crisdecuba says:

        And actually, Albert just finished adding the fake shading to the barrel and it looks great. 🙂

        • V I D A L says:

          All shading in the environment is fake in this game… all cast shadows and highlights… I think its better to keep them in order to preserve the original look of the game.

        • Luis garcia says:

          Any pictures of the updated barrel shader shader?

        • luis garcia says:

          looks great!. leons globes also use shaders, looking at your original texture’s picture in your steam page(it has really good shaders on leons globes) and the updated globes are missing it.. try to be careful not to miss shaders in the hd recreations.

          • crisdecuba says:

            Oh, Leon’s textures aren’t finished. Those will be the last textures we finish (because they are so important! :))

  4. Fahad says:

    you guys are not real , you are on your way to put capcom on shame again.

  5. Luis garcia says:

    I was about to mention the missing shaders effects in the red fuel tank.. Nice work!!!

  6. terminator says:

    Wesker eso de la imagen bonus que es?

    • crisdecuba says:

      Hola! Eso fue simplemente una imagen para mostrar la prueba que hice en esa textura para ver cómo se aplicaron las diferentes partes de la textura al modelo 3D del sofá.

      • KALUDIO says:

        se ve bien, sobre todo porque es un brillo bastante sutil, tambien me impresiona aun mas como se ve todo lo demas en conjunto. me encanto que subieras la foto para ponerlos al tanto de como estan las cosas. aveces piesno que seria genia que subieran fotos o actualisasiones un poco mas seguido. no nesesariamente tendrian que ser tan representativas del trabajo en el que se estan enfocando. tansolo con que fueran fotos de texturas previamente demostradas en diferentes angulos o oreciones decribiendo en lo que estan trabajando bastaria. de la misma manera se que podria requerir tiempo y esfuerso inesesario el cual se pudiera estar usando en el projecto, pero pienso que cual quier cosa siera bueno aunque sean updates de oreciones cortas ala twitter. Otra cosa, seria bueno tener un disclaimer que pudieras usar en las actualisasiones en la pagina ya que he visto que responden ciertas preguntas repetidas veces y pues no parece ser algo divertido xD pero bueno, pasensela bien este verano, tomen agua y muchas gracias por su tiempo 🙂 xD

        • crisdecuba says:

          Gracias por las sugerencias, KALUDIO! Subir más imágenes definitivamente tomaría demasiado tiempo y retrasaría nuestro progreso. Pero sí creo que su idea de updates verbales cortos (al estilo de Twitter) podría funcionar bien. Voy a hablar con Albert sobre esto y ver lo que podemos hacer! Y – lo siento si cometo algunos errores en mi Español. Fue mi primer idioma, pero ahora no lo practico lo suficiente.

  7. Terminento says:

    Great work! I was thinking, regarding the caves, did you find the original textures? Because I think they might be heavily based on the Skocjan caves, in Slovania:

    I came across theese while looking for Kartic caves on google

    • albert says:

      Thank you Terminento! I’ll take a look at those caves just in case!

      We recreated these textures. These kind of stalactite/stalagmite formations are pretty common and I’m guessing Capcom searched for those textures in the Internet just like many other textures of the game.

      I “enclosed” a map of the places Capcom staff visited in person and as far as I know there’s no cave like this nearby these places. So they could be from any place in the world.
      Most of the natural textures used in the game are heavily edited textures. Sometimes several textures mixed to create a new one. This makes the research for the original texture an almost impossible task.

      Thanks again! 😉

  8. X6205 says:

    Outstanding work ! I might even but a RE4 on Steam just for this 🙂 I’ve just PayPal-ed 50 USD to you..

    • crisdecuba says:

      Your generosity is humbling, thank you! We will continue working hard each day to provide the best graphical experience possible for RE4!

  9. Cenk says:

    Its nice too see fake shaders are included guys,its a great work thanks! I think without fake shaders, the game maybe will look just flat. These effects fake or not, they are there because for a reason by developers. Its a great work you guys still adding them, thats good to know 🙂

  10. Mitchh says:

    2 guys are doing what an entire gamestudio is to lazy to do. For shame capcom. And congratz to albert and cris with the progress so far the game is looking awesome! Any ETA on the next demo? I apologize if this question was asked before.

    • crisdecuba says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! Right now we’re focused on making progress as quickly as possible, so no information yet on a second demo download. We will continue posting updates periodically as we go, though! Thanks again!

  11. fahad says:

    where is last weeks progress ?? I checked your website like 50 times from yesterday. wish I had found out about your project when it was finished and ready to play, can’t wait to play.

  12. Geoffrey says:

    Gonna donate more soon. By the way, where is he finding the original textures?

    • crisdecuba says:

      Thank you for the consistent support! I’ll let Albert comment in more detail re: how he finds things if he’d like, but generally speaking some things he finds in real life throughout Spain. For other textures, over the years he’s been able to find textures via Flickr, various stock photo websites, personal blogs, etc. Thanks again!

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