Leon, Ada, Male Ganados and More…

Let the party begin!

It’s time to show all the work I’ve done on Leon, Ada’s textures and models, and the male ganados’ textures. Well… the Spy Ada costume and tactical vest for Leon are also ready, but this post is way too long… So, I’ll save them for another occasion.

What I’ve done:

  • Re-created textures (Ganado textures are based on Cris’ work. As you know, some of them were already included in the last release pack)
  • Rounder fingertips during cutscenes
  • Real eye shine
  • Rounder shoulders, sleeve, and flashlight for Leon (the non-coat version)
  • Leon’s shoulder holster (left band) doesn’t clip anymore through his shirt
  • Hi-poly heads for Leon and Ada
  • Hi-poly arms, hands, neck and other details for Ada
  • Restored Ada’s dress physics
  • Ada’s dress and ribbon are now dual-sided (they were transparent when seen from the opposide side; see pictures LAGC_34.jpg LAGC_36.jpg LAGC_36.jpg)
  • And days and days of normals adjustments for vertices and bone weight corrections X((((

There are still some adjustments to be done here and there and for the first time I’ve been playing and recording the video at 60fps. Even though the recording program (Fraps) always generates some slight frame rate drops, you’ll notice the HD Project parts of the video run smoothly 🙂

I hope you enjoy this loooong video and all these comparison shots!

Have a nice weekend!!


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284 responses to “Leon, Ada, Male Ganados and More…”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Realmente se ven bien los cambios, en especial Leon que ahora si tendra continuidad con la ropa ya que antes le quitaban la cazadora y le daban un holster y una cangurera con cosas utiles.
    Ademas ese brillo en los ojos se ve espectacular.
    Ya quiero ver más avances.

  2. stevens says:

    Eye shine looks really cool on screenshots, but kind of strange on video… Also, maybe Ganados eyes should be shineless, to distinct them from “real humans”? Everything else is great as always!

    • Silver812 says:

      I was thinking exactly that, ganado’s eyes should be like the dead eyes of blind man.

      • Thiago Vidal says:

        It makes no sense in the lore. Ganado’s eyes should be like any other human.. They don’t get dead eyes or blind man’s eyes. They are not undead.

      • albert says:

        Hehe some people are asking the samwe thin but they are still humans with fully functional organs (they even use bathrooms XD). You are asking they have zombie eyes but you know… Leon’s first reaction to the Ganado is “He’s not a zombie” 😛
        The only physical signs they are not normal people is they have some exaggerated veins here and there and they neglected their hygiene…. oh! and their eyes glow red randomly in dark places

    • albert says:

      They are still humans, but controlled. But I agree the shine should be reduced a little 😉

      • stevens says:

        I mean, yeah, by the game’s lore they are controlled “real humans”, but sometimes it’s ok to have some inconsistency for the sake of rule of cool (in this case the rule of scare?). Here is a quote about John Carpenter’s The Thing (interview with the movie’s cinematographer): “…So we were looking for some kind of a subtle way, to say which one of these (men) might be human. You’ll notice there’s always an eye light, we call it, a little gleam in the eye of the actor. It gives life.” Does it make sense? I don’t know. But it’s something cool (probably less noticeble in the movie, than it would be in the game).

        It’s not like there is something wrong with eye-shining Ganados (well, it would be wrong if only their eyes are shiny and Leon’s and Ada’s are not), at this point it is an artistic choice, so you decide =)

      • [ROLO] says:

        Yeah, I agree that the shine should be reduced a little bit, but for everybody. On the video in some cutscenes the shine makes Leon and Ada as if they were about to cry =P

  3. victor says:

    Ver nice.. amazing job

  4. Luiz carlos says:

    Really an amazing job you guys are doing!

  5. vasya says:

    Oooh looks great! Nice job folks.
    Why da hell Capcom hadn’t made all of this :/

  6. aymj says:

    Incredible work as always !

  7. The Porkinator says:

    Everything looks great, except one thing that’s bothering me.
    Would it be possible to make it so that the Ganado eyes don’t reflect light like the human eyes do?
    Something about it seems off. Maybe it’s that they seem too human/alive?

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’m sure Albert will reply, but please note that the first time you post, we moderate the comment (this helps prevent bots). That’s why you submitted the comment multiple times without seeing it post. Thank you!!

      • The Porkinator says:

        Thanks, and sorry, I got pretty confused since I didn’t see a prompt when I tried posting so I tried modifying it various ways to see if it hadn’t met certain comment qualifications.
        I was pretty worried that it would wind up posting multiple times, so that’s a relief.

    • albert says:

      Yes, I’ll touch up that shine a little. But they are still human eyes and they are alive. They are not like zombies. Even Leon can’t see the difference until the first one attack him “He’s not a zombie” “Something happens to the people here”. Their creepy look is a consequence of their angry-bitter-crazy facial expression and their lack of hygiene

  8. LunarD3ATH says:

    I can’t lie, Ada feels a tiny bit off. I think it’s how light her eyelids look (specifically the closing edges of them).
    But otherwise, as usual, you’re doing a fantastic job.

    • albert says:

      I think theres a transparency conflict between eyelashes, hair, and other parts or her head model. Let’s see what can I do about that!

      • I think that’s the way the game engine works. Alpha (opacity) textures are very costly, so I wouldn’t be surprised that the game just takes into account the alpha texture that’s in the foreground and culls every other alpha texture behind it. I fits noticed it when playing the gamecube original during the ending. After Ashley falls to the water, I thought that they had made her eyelashes look lik ethat because they were holding waterdrops around them. Later on I would find that it happens with alpha textures in general.

        • kaludio says:

          hahah maybe if they did 3d eyelashes i would not happen, but then they would look very aliased xD

  9. Rafael says:

    What kind of music plays in the beginning?

  10. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Like I said it would be, they shut my mouth, I loved Leon’s shirt! However, the jacket looks like it does not have enough leather shine, though not all leather jackets are so glitzy. And in the white parts of the jacket what was done? I did not notice, did you insert an animal skin type? Maybe I can not notice, my cell phone is only supported for 480p and my computer is in the repair. But everything is very beautiful, I would like to see the ganados at night, because they have yellowed / reddish eyes, do not know what you did or will do about it, but I look forward to see soon, good work, its beautiful!

    • albert says:

      Well, there are several kind of leather and they shine in a different ways. Anyway the specular effect in this game is quite simple and it only looks perfectly ok on wet and jewels, golden surfaces or highly polished metal surfaces. In other materials it looks quite fake and dated so it’s not a good idea to increase the specular effect on Leon’s coat.
      The yellow parts are animal fur, as they should 😉

    • Ha ha ha! I thought about you for a second when I saw the texture and cloth quality to the shirt! “Luciano’s gonna be so happy”. I was right, lol

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Truth Lazaro! They surprised me, as I said, they shut my mouth haha ​​’great work. It really has nothing to do with what I was suggesting and even then I think it’s very good, I loved it! I do not know if you agree with me, but for me the cultists of the castle are the ones who are most afraid, because of their scars, it will be very cool! Unfortunately it can not “vary” the enemies, changing colors of clothing, beard, hair or scars to diversify them a little more, also think there are few versions of enemy “woman”, there are only 2, the one in blue blouse and the blouse yellow, I can not remember the names now. But it would give a lot of work and would flee from the original, unfortunately. Better to leave like this. I want to see how special clothes are right now ? I hope I do not end up giving any problems with Leon’s hat, because a lot of people like to make that business of throwing their hat up, and Leon’s hair is different with a hat, that all right, I trust in their good work.

  11. ItchyTasty says:

    This is the post I’ve been waiting for! Just wanted to share a few thoughts. Leon and the ganados look excellent. You got his jacket texture down perfectly! All other mods have been way off with that. There’s just one stretched UV on that buckle thing around his jacket collar though.

    About the new eye shader, there’s a few instances where it seems to alter Leon’s expression. For instance, in the comparison where he picks up his radio, before he looked serious, now he just looks dazed and oblivious. I doubt there’s an easy solution for this though and I do think it’s preferable to keep it. I like the effect overall.

    Others mentioned that the new eye shader gives too much life to the ganados, but I actually think that’s a good thing. For instance, in what they’ve shown of RE2 remake, the zombies’s faces are way more realistic and it ends up being a lot more unsettling. It brings a new element to the game when you start considering that all those villagers you’re mowing down throughout the game are people who’ve been used against their will.

    I do think Ada seems a bit off as well, but it’s kind of hard to put my finger on it. It might just be a case of the gameplay head looking more appealing or having softer features than the cutscene model. Leon seems so perfect he almost looks prettier than Ada 🙂 Maybe it’s partially her eyebrows? They seem more carefully smoothed and plucked in the original.

    Hopefully this all doesn’t sound overly critical. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the hard work. Oh and one last thing, that car mirror needs more polys in the opening cutscene lol.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the comments! They are always useful!

      About the new eye shader, there’s a few instances where it seems to alter Leon’s expression. For instance, in the comparison where he picks up his radio, before he looked serious, now he just looks dazed and oblivious. I doubt there’s an easy solution for this though and I do think it’s preferable to keep it. I like the effect overall.

      Haha I thought the same thing. I’m not sure why he has this expression. maybe the game freezes his facial expression while he takes tha radio, because I’ve tested it again and he has the eyes, open wide. It’s like he has the eyes partially closed… But that’s not related to the eyes specular effect

      About Ada, well… I guess it’s a matter of taste. She now has the cutscene head model and it has some obvious differences. And yes, the ned Ada’s texture has some “crazy” eyebrow hair here and there XD It’s easy to remove that.

      Agree about the car mirror XD

    • Thiago Vidal says:

      The different face is because the head model is a different one altogether. In the original he has a low poly version during gameplay. Now the cutscenes high poly version replaces the low poly one. In the game, when he picks up the radio he has the low poly head.. now you are seeing the high poly head in there.

      • ItchyTasty says:

        Ah, you’re right. I forgot they used the gameplay model for those short cutscenes of Leon answering his phone. Never mind. I assumed it was related to the eyes 😛 The cutscene model must just animate slightly differently there. I guess there’s nothing that can be done for that then. We’ll just have to assume Leon gets high before talking to Hunnigan.

        • Well, I’d also be confused as hell if some elderly bearded guy attacked me for no apparent reason, ate a full clip of ammo without going down, and then his farmer friends knocked a Range Rover full of police incompetence over a cliff.
          Let’s assume he’s like “How the hell am I supposed to explain this over the radio?”
          (In the original he has always looked kind of high in those camera pans while answering the radio anyways)
          Or maybe, just maybe, since he has a crush on Hunnigan he knows he has to talk to her and gets boner confused, LOL

  12. Marius Johnsen says:

    This looks incredibly nice, just what i was hoping to see. I really don’t mind the shine on the enemies eyes. If you decide to remove it, please have an option in the installer for the mod for those who want to use it as i feel the enemies are even creepier with the more lifelike eyes. Can’t wait to play with this myself.

  13. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I do not understand one thing, in some versions (I believe in that of ps2 and the first one of the pc) those “torches” that you shoot that have crystals inside do not break, and did remaster for ps3, xbox 360, pc and they started to break when you shoot them, it’s kind of useless to say, why they might have added things like ada’s clothes and Leon’s shirt wrinkles when they move, but no, they changed what happens with a torch ?? why? ???‍♂??‍♂? and they did remaster for pc, ps4 , xbox one and in matters of quality, does not even come close to this mod. It’s kind of revolting that two guys are doing better than a team that was paid by the game company to do it. Unfortunately, physics can not be changed, but they are giving us graphs that they should have done in previous remasters. we’ll have to wait a long time for CAPCOM to bring a remake of RE4, nor 3 left yet.

    • Thiago Vidal says:

      Because the PS2/PC versions were heavily downgraded from the GC version.

      • gamer gamer says:

        yeah although at least Capcom gave Ada some dress physics for PS2 that wernt added to other versions until now

  14. Lucas Mendes Garcia says:

    For those talking about ganado’s eyes, you guys know they aren’t really real zombies, right? They talk and all, they are not dead(Just really fucked).

    • Sean says:

      Zombie = brain washed, or mind controller

      The ganados in re4 actually ARE real zombies… but they are NOT undead

      I understand the developers put the line “hes not a zombie” into the game but the fact of the matter is most people dont know the difference between a “zombie” and the “undead”

  15. EPD Gaffney says:

    This is seriously incredible. What a great update. I don’t see anything wrong with almost any part of it. My one problem is Leon’s jacket has loads of stretched UVs, but they don’t seem too noticeable in motion. The fur accents on his jacket could stand to be rounded out a bit if you can add more geometry without breaking something, and the inside of his collar has the most obvious (to me) stretched UVs. Now that everything else looks like utter perfection, unfortunately, stuff like that stands out. Same with his zipper, which now looks unrealistically large and blocky. If that stuff is fixable, great, but if not, don’t lose sleep over it, cos the rest of it is making me unbelievably eager to play this game again. I’m sure I’ll forget all about these minor things if they have to remain.

    • albert says:

      I’m sure we can improve some of these things! I just need to be cautious with the poly-count

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Brilliant. One more noticeable one is this pouch:
        The one you’ve added looks great, but the one I’ve marked looks comparatively flat. If possible, if I were doing this, I’d add some geometry to the flap and to the button, and I’d fill that pitch black rectangle on the side with a leather texture.

        • albert says:

          The black part it’s just there is supose to have something inside (ammo, treasures…) It seems it’s empty right now.
          About adding more detail. I’m not sure if this is possible right now because of some limitations I’ve mentioned. I’ll try to optimize it as musch as possible, but if I can add more polygons I’d add them in the arms because you see them more often and at closer distance than that lateral pouch.

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Oh, ammo, that makes sense. About the limitations, I’m curious, then, how’d you add the other pouch? Honestly, I know you’re trying to be faithful, so maybe this doesn’t work for your project, but I’d just as soon remove the flat pouch, move the new one over to the left a bit, and maybe use the polygons you’ve gained to flesh out his arms and jacket. Personally, to me, his arms don’t bother me but the collar and zipper do. But that’s your call. I’m sure you’ll do whatever will have the best overall outcome.

          • albert says:

            Hehe I can add more polygons to the Leon With Jacket model because there are no cutscenes with lots of enemies and Leon/jacket appearing at the same time. The problem is in a pair of cutscenes that take place later in the game when in the same camera angle you can see Leon and a lot of ganados at the same time. So, I can imrpove that pouch in the Leon with jacket model, but not in the Leon without jacket and Leon with tactical vest models.
            The collar part has the same problem.
            But I still have to talk to Raz0r from the RE modding comunity who is developing really useful trainer and dll file that can break those limitations! I just need to be sure the game is 100% stable for everyone using his .dll file
            That would be great!
            About the zipper it’s just a matter of adjusting the texture 🙂

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Ah now it makes sense. Wow, modding this game is rough. Fair play to you and Cris. Very excited about that trainer. That would open up loads of possibilities. And yes, the game needs to be stable for everyone, of course. Thanks for the explanations. Can’t believe how I’ve seen this project grow. Looking forward to the next updates. We’re getting close to the end now, all things considered.

  16. Lukas says:

    Leon’s cut in the original texture is more like a scar while in your texture is looks much more fresh.
    Other than that, amazing job!

    • albert says:

      Yes, it’s done on purpose. The wound should remain fresh at lest during the first day, then it comes the scab that should take a few days to fully detach his skin, and depending on the type of wound it would remain a scar or not (but there is no scar in RE6)

  17. Pliskin says:

    Amazing like always. I really like the eye reflections on Leon, Ada, and the Ganados; it adds more depth and realism to their expressions. I disagree with those who dislike the effect on the Ganados, it makes them more off-putting because they look more human, it makes it harder to shoot them when they have that glimmer in their sad eyes. Leon’s red eyes now look terrifying in the scene where he tries to strangle Ada.
    You also put Ada’s dress physics back in, thank you! I remember pointing that out to you a long time ago, it really bothered me. It’s a shame you can’t update the cutscenes in Separate Ways, it’s going to be so jarring to see the texture quality difference.
    Your edits also brought my attention to the minor detail inconsistencies I hadn’t noticed before, like how the holster band that goes across Leon’s chest isn’t in the in-game model. I just wish Capcom had added a little more detail in the game, for example, the police officer that’s burning at the stake, by the time Leon makes a return to the village after encountering the Chief his body should have been only a skeleton or mostly gone assuming that Leon was knocked out for a couple of hours but the model stays exactly the same at all times. The Ganados should be more bloody and filthy toward the end of the game if it is to be believed the same ones over and over again. Leon’s body should turn black like the Ganados after dying by flames. Animations for characters when they have been standing for a while like in re5 and 6. I understand the hardware limitations that existed at the time but they could have added cool stuff like this for the “ultimate remaster.” Anyway one can only dream; keep up the fantastic work!

  18. Axel says:

    Awesome! Loved the eyes, leather and everything. Ada for me is perfect.
    But if I could suggest something is:
    . Leon’s ears are too dark;
    . His “mustache” that you removed is still a bit dark, like there’s something there and is a bit distracting for me. I don’t know how to explain better, but it’s like there is a repeated layer there;
    . His zippers on the jacket are a bit large, you could repeat more the texture;
    . I know this one may not be possible because the polygon limitation, but it would be great if his jacket could be more rounded on the sleeve and shoulder, add some thin transparent layers on top of the inside of his jacket to simulate fur, and the same on ganados hair and beard.

  19. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work as always. ou never cease to amaze guys

  20. MAGG says:

    Como siempre un trabajo increíble.

    El nuevo efecto de los ojos se ve muy bien, incluso en los ganados, pero queda a su considereacion si disminuirlo o eliminarlo basado en los otros comentarios. Solo tengo una sugerencia. El primer ganado (me parece que es Don José) tiene cejas muy gruesas, en mi opinión. En la versión original son mas difusas, y la piel alrededor de sus ojos es mas oscura. Esto hace que la versión original se vea un poco mas macabra que la HD. Obviamente, al pasar al HD se pierde ese aire tetrico que dan las texturas pixeleadas, pero tal vez seria posible arreglarlo un poquito para que se siga viendo como un humano enfermo y afectado.

    En todo lo demas, como siempre, increible trabajo ¿Pueden creer que han pasado 4 años y medio desde esta imagen https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery/leons-jacket/comp001.jpg ? No los seguí desde el principio, creo que solo llevo dos años, pero no deja de fascinarme la constancia y dedicación que han tenido con el proyecto. Son un ejemplo a seguir. Saludos!

  21. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    These “half-purple” veins that they have in their arms could be added to their faces as well, to make them more apparent that they are with the Plaga. But if it stays that way, it’s also good, outside I think that jacket has to have a little more leather shine and highlight more animal skin in the white parts of the jacket, I really think there is nothing else to do, I think the shine in the eyes of the ganados should stay, but you could put in a subtle way, red veins thicker than those that remain in our eyes when we do not sleep haha ‘ ?, I think this would solve what the people are saying about them being “very humans”. With veins jutted in the face and eyes with those red veins would give one more tone of fear haha’ and would give the impression that they have something in the body, which are not normal. I’m crazy to see the cultists, who have their whole face bruised and scarred, will be scared! Keep up the good work!

  22. Mikey says:

    I love all the texture work here, but have the same opinions as some of the others on the eye shine. I like the idea of it, but they just look a little bit too wet. Leon looks as if he is on the edge of crying on the car ride, if the shine could be reduced just a little bit it would be perfect.

  23. Bonk says:

    This basically looks perfect. Incredible. I found myself saying wow so many times looking at all the detail put into Leon and everyone else.

    Keep up the incredible work. Can’t wait for the final release.

    The eyes do look a little unsettling at first for the Gnados, but it may be beneficial once you get used to them. I think it’s another worthwhile option to be able to disable. (Like that nasty motion blur shader only used in certain areas of the game)

  24. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    When I speak of the shine of leather, I do not speak of a strong and exaggerated shine, and perhaps the skin of animals in the white parts of the jacket is not perceptible because you made these skins uniformly, it looks like a contour in the jacket, its is square. Maybe you should have a messy skin instead of that uniform. To leave them messy would be more noticeable the appearance of skin.
    The image on the left has a slight shine/ reflection on the jacket, which seems to be enough.
    And in the picture to the left you can see the animal skin messed up, which would be more noticeable if you guys use it. Obviously everything would have to be converted to the colors of the game.


    And I realized that in the cutscenes, on the side of Leon’s head, in the hair, a black hole appears, can it be remove or covered?

    And I know this is not good to use, I am showing these images as an example. Unfortunately i can’t show a screenshot of the black hole in the head now 🙁
    Even so, I loved what you did with Leon’s shirt and jacket, these things are just small details that I think could be better, but overall this is great.

    • Alvin says:

      I know exactly what you mean. It’s a black spot in Leon’s hair on right back of his head. Really weird and it’s only on the cutscene head model.

      • albert says:

        Yep, that’s the head model that surpasses the hair model XD. I can fix it. I noticed it in the screenshot when he’s getting out of the car

    • albert says:

      Thanks again for the pictures. As I said, it’s terribly dificult to control the specular effect in this game. So it’s impossible to obtain a realistic shine like the one in the image.
      About the animal fur, we are being faithfull to the original texture. There are thousands of animal fur textures, if the game design used a clean and regular fur texture, then we use a clean and regular fur texture aswell. and it can’t be more irregular because of polygon limitations. I’ll try to smooth the jacket fur parts but I’m not 100% sure if this will be possible.
      About the black hole, I can fix it! 😉
      I’m glad you liked the shirt and jacket!

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Yes, thank you Albert, I knew I would surprise me haha’ you guys do a great job, I knew that even though you was not using some of my suggestions, I knew I would like it, you gave a slight wrinkle in Leon’s shirt and left his muscles more marked on the shirt, and that’s pretty cool! Like I said, I know that not all leathers are so shiny, and that animal skins would have limitations to be made, I understand what you mean, I just noticed. Glad you know of the black hole I’m talking about, so I will not have to catch the exact moment it happens, it would be hard for me haha ‘ ? It’s like Leon’s skull was black under his hair, and his hair is moving and it’s showing, I’ve noticed it in other versions I’ve played. I’m looking forward to see Luis sera and Krauser, it’s going to be really cool!
        Keep up the good work of always, and thank you for the attention with who admires your work!

  25. Alvin says:

    Insanely perfect. Only thing I’m worried about are the seams on the neck of the enemies and the eyebrows of the guy Leon shows Ashley’s picture. Everything else looks stellar.

    • albert says:

      Yep, I’d need to edit the enemies textures to make those seams to disappear. It’s better than adjusting the mapping because an edited model (even if I don’t add any extra polygon) it’s slightly bigger than the original bin model.

  26. Thiago Vidal says:

    Phenomenal work! I love the eyes shades and it is a incredibly nice touch. It’s great that you listen to feedback but don’t let the purists make you give up on that. I understand where they come from, as the eyes now give it a bit of a different look that tempts a bit with our nostalgia goggles. It just make them look a bit different from what we remember but it’s worthy and an improvement through and through.

  27. Max says:

    Oh my god, i just noticed that when Leon is wearing the jacket, his flashlight and his sheath holding his knife and gun is nowhere to be seen including 2 large bags that are on his butt.
    Also did you change the flashlight model from pentagon to round circle?

  28. Draedfield says:

    hi guys, amazing details on this update, characters looking smooth! i am happy that you find a way to replace the low poly parts, of th characters models, from the high ones, really looks more cohesive and awsome, i am dying to play with those all the time, everything to me,looks perfect, maybe some minor thing,s on textures, are still in low resolution, but i know, you continue to update, all the time, the only thing, i can point out right now , are the shiny specular on the eye balls and iris, i think, ads new depth to character expressions , BUT maybe, the glossy, is to high, maybe tone it down a bit ,like more subtle way, would look even better , that the specular eye map should be all the eye ball , it seems taht the iris have his map too, so that make a weird effect on the ey,e you should maybe test it, to affect all the eye, and not the eye and the iris, am sure you guys you will keep adjusting this , very happy to see this updates ,so much time waiting to see how you make them, it really looks beautifull congratulations!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the message! I will definitelly do some more testing on the eyes’ specular effect. Now it’s using a bump map, that’s why it looks like the eyes have some kind of relief. It’s a matter of changing a value to make it simple specular effect with no bumpmapping, but I though it looked more appealing this way. I’ll collect all the feedback and then We’ll make the final decission about this 😉

  29. gamer gamer says:

    for assignment Ada on Gamecube, they always used her movie model for all the gameplay ?

    • albert says:

      I can’t confirm it right now (too much info in my head XD) but it they didn’t I will correct it if possible 😉

      • gamer gamer says:

        I ask because you mentioned that Capcom used PS2 version for Ada`s main story even though there was another before that on GC

        • gamer gamer says:

          I guess they used a differnt simple model for GC version gameplay, was a silly question to ask really lol

  30. radzio2k says:

    In HD they look more friendly 😀

  31. Carlos Padua says:

    Hey guys! First of all, thank you for your hard and amazing work again XD!
    Well, the changes and fixes look great overall, but I have some points and questions that might be helpful in some way:
    * Some ganados’ neck and chest skins look a little stretched out and mirrored, so I wondered if maybe you could make them look better.
    * It might be just me, but I didn’t notice any changes on the ganados’ head accessories. Have you guys not changed them yet?
    * Have you guys already improved the textures of the ganados’ weapons? If not, will you do so?
    * I know a lot of people already commented about it, but the eye shine, not only of the enemies, but also of the characters look just a little more intense than necessary.
    Well, that’s it! Thank you for your attention and good luck with the project! 😉

  32. Rafael says:

    It seems the faces of the enemies have become more cartoony (as in the game Wallking Dead Quest). The original is more close to realism. Maybe this effect is created because of too black contours at the edges at the edges of the parts. Maybe if you add a little transparency to the black lines it will be better?

    Leon is too square collar, it seems there are not enough polygons, it should not be so square, it seems you need to add 2 more lines of polygons on top and make something like a circle.

    The rest is cool!

    Do you have plans to improve other Resident Evil or maybe other games? In Resident Evil 1-3, can replace the back backgrounds with 1600 by 1200, and also replace models if you are interested.

    Also please post sometime a video tutorial on how you improve textures so cool that other mod creators can also make HD mods of their favorite games.

  33. Irvin Smith says:

    New textures show that models have to low polygons. Especially when you looking on hair. The deep wrinkles on ganados looks like comix style (Telltales games or Borderlands series).

    • Dreadfield says:

      yeah i think that too! , i am sure is because the are to hard marked, they need to be toned down like 70 percent to blend more..

  34. OCTOBER says:

    Hello. Everything looks great but maybe it will also be possible to make nails on the hands’ fingers more realistic, they kind of lack realism.

  35. Arthur Yunix says:

    on your website, do you recommend playing at 30 frames per second ……but the video was recorded at 60 frames per second……so with which one is often better?

  36. ItchyTasty says:

    Just got a few more nitpicks, this time with the new photo of Ashley. In the new photo, I think the people in the background should be removed and the whole background should be blurred more. The color of her sweater is way more saturated in the original too, but I know you’re still working on her textures anyway so maybe this isn’t final. There’s also more sunlight on the tree leaves in the original which makes it look more idyllic. The buildings behind the trees in the new one give off the reverse effect of appearing more industrial. I know it’s probably next to impossible to find exactly the right photo, but if you’re able to, a few adjustments might help. I always thought it was weird that there weren’t fold marks on the photo, but I guess that’d be straying too far from the original intent. Thanks!

    • Luciano de Oliveira says:

      Maybe the sweater is less satured in the photo because they are doing the sweater less satured in the game too. Well, i guess, we do not see Ashley yet.

  37. ¿Qué puedo decir? Estoy sin palabras. Es un trabajo alucinante. La nueva textura de poros más limpios hace que Leon parezca, además de guapo, real en algunas de las capturas. Me encanta el brillo de los ojos. Es cierto que en algunos ángulos pueden quedar algo “llorosos”, pero he oído que lo vas a retocar levemente, por lo que si ahora es alucinante, retocado será poco menos que perfecto: añade mucho a la expresividad y realismo de los rostros de los protagonistas (Ada está preciosa), y hace que los Ganados parezcan más humanos y den más mal rollo.
    El modelado de los dedos, las texturas de la ropa, los brillos especulares en movimiento de armas y vestuario, el alucinante broche de Ada y su brillo (como he dicho, Ada está perfecta), el nuevo brillo de los prismáticos… está todo perfecto.
    Tengo, sin embargo, un par de críticas constructivas muy menores, espero te sirvan:
    1-En la cara, no me había dado cuenta antes, pero la sombra de la quijada, en el ángulo del maxilar, está algo adelantada en la textura nueva. Bajo algunas iluminaciones, hace que parezca que la quijada de Leon es más pequeña. Además, como ya han comentado otras personas, la sombra del poro acústico y el canal intertrágico de la oreja está muy oscura y se destaca demasiado. Creo que bastaría con mover la sombra de la quijada algo más hacia el cuello y aclarar la sombra de la oreja. Como no me gusta torear desde la barrera, he hecho este fotomontaje, con mi idea de cómo debería estar:
    Me imagino que parte del problema de la oreja es que el modelado y las UVW de esa zona parecen un sindiós. Soy dibujante y me fijo enseguida en eso. En este tutorial mío para dibujar orejas (LOL, síp), verás cómo el canal intertrágico (la patita de la “P”) se para mucho antes de llegar al lóbulo, pero en el modelado de Leon parece llegar casi abajo:
    Estoy seguro que con desplazar lo primero y aclarar usando parte de la textura original en lo segundo lo solucionará.
    2-Los dientes de la cremallera se me hacen muy grandes, pero, claro, en la textura original ya son así, es que eran unapasta borrosa y no se notaba. Mi padre tuvo una coreana con una cremallera de dientes muy grandes, de modo que sé que existen.
    Como ves, son cosas muy menores, por lo demás estoy verdaderamente boquiabrierto y deseando ver más (por cierto, superfan del ganado con patillacas a lo Cordobés)

  38. Dos preguntas:
    ¿Cómo has conseguido la Ashley en HD de la foto?
    ¿Cómo has logrado mantener el efecto de la textura animada de las venas?
    Alucino con los resultados. Genial trabajo. Ahora, las escenas de video empiezan a parecer de película de animación (y me encanta que cuando Leon mira por la ventana se “intuye” el Leon veterano de RE6).

  39. Alex says:

    Excellent work as usual! p.s. Please-please-please update progress summary bar! 🙂

  40. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Don Esteban, the white-haired ganado, is called Lula here in Brazil haha’ ? its a President, was years ago. If you look for the google “Lula president of Brazil”, you will find Don Esteban in real life ?? At the moment he is in prison, and wanting to be elected president in these elections we are having now ?? “Don Esteban” is crazy inside and outside the video game ?
    With this remastering in it, it’s even more similar, the youtubers gamers here are talking about it a lot and that the work is great too.

    • Mark says:

      > Don Esteban, the white-haired ganado, is called Lula here in Brazil haha’ ? its a President, was years ago. If you look for the google “Lula president of Brazil”, you will find Don Esteban in real life ??

      HAHAHA oh my God you’re right lololololol

  41. MrSerzhB says:

    Thank you so much, you, for your excellent work from the entire Russian community. This is an incredible talent – to recreate the original texture in such a quality. I have been watching for a long time and can not get enough of it)))
    A small request, redo more gamepad icons, they look disgusting from developers and do not match your quality!


    would you consider to match up some textures?
    through, the game looks hundred times better, those inconsistencies of color, textures bother me a lot. mostly the game’s barriers. like those, we have in the cabin part. those slopes are unnatural as well as the ground, sometimes.
    though, up ahead at the part where you get to see the Granados running on the hilltop. you guys did such an amazing job on those cliffs.
    is there something you can do to make it looks even better?

  43. deSeRt says:

    What I noticed: The body models of enemies and characters have not changed? I mean, not the items of clothing and equipment; exactly a body model. The texture of the nails could be made much precise, thenf. For example, the enemies ears remained unrealistic. Like the space between the eyes and nose at Leon (and sometimes in the corner of the eyes too). Ada’s eyelashes are probably too big.

  44. Dilapidated says:

    Everything is looking really good. I agree with most of the people here about the eye shine on enemies being a little out of place. I like the effect but it’s off a little. Perhaps the teeth can be improved some as well. I would assume it can be pretty difficult working around limitations which brings me to my question.

    Considering the biggest issue is poly count limits I realize there’s only so much you can do but maybe you can work around it. I see there’s mods such as this: http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/8709/ultimate-trainer-companion-resident-evil?page=1
    Any plans to incorporate this or something similar to allow for more high poly models / more refinements?

    • albert says:

      Oh yes, I’m aware of that. But this is causing me some issues game freezes and longer loading times, right now it’s not 100% stable. And I’m not sure if making things too hi-poly would make the game unplayable for some people… There are a few factors we can’t control right now, that’s why I think it’s better to not rely on third party dlls until they are perfectly polished. I have to contact Raz0r and tell him about the issues I run into when using his dll/trainer…
      Thanks for the interest! 🙂

      • Dilapidated says:

        You’re very welcome and thank you for the reply. What you said makes sense, hopefully raz0r can fix these issues. He talked recently about it being almost ready for release so perhaps he’s worked out some of these bugs.

        About it causing issues for others having too many hi poly models… Perhaps you could have these set as an extra download or optional files so those who can’t run it will just use the main download and those who can run it can just grab the main download + optional files.

        As always, great work and thank you for replying back to me. I’m looking forward to the next update 🙂

  45. Marco says:

    Hombre, la parte donde habla por radio quedó brutal, de lo más cutre que recuerdo en el juego original. Excelente trabajo como siempre.

  46. Bobby says:

    Wow this is incredible, you guys did a fantastic job! If I were to offer a few suggestions they would be:
    1. The tape on Leon’s knife holster looks too wrinkled and sloppily placed for a special agent 🙂
    2. The yellow on Ada’s dress looks a little muted, especially the flower in the middle.
    3. The zipper teeth on Leon’s jacket, seem uneven in size, some of them are to large.
    4. The ganado with the white hair and beard, his chest has odd looking stretch lines.
    5. The bald ganado looks a bit to pale.
    6. Is the black ribbon around Ada’s neck thicker?

    I can’t believe how good the screenshot of Ada jumping down from the tower looks. Also I like the eye sheen 🙂 Keep up the great work guys!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      1. It was like this in the original texture (maybe not that much wrinkled, I’ll check it again!) We never take into consideration oficial artwork because the images are photoshoped
      2. Same as before. I tried to be faithful to the original texture colours, but I’ll double check it aswell.
      3. Yep, I agree, I’ll fix the size of the zipper!
      4. That’s a mirrored texture, the chest texture is the wrinckled neck skin XD. I think we’ll have to remap that mess…
      5. I need to do some extra edits to all ganados faces, so I’ll take that into consideration. Keep in mind the remastered pictures have that reddish and brighter wrong tint removed and this makes all the faces to look more pale.
      6. Yes, it’s the cutscene ribbon, all differences in Ada’s head come from her cutscene model 🙂

      Thanks again!

  47. Reven says:

    So I see you guys broke your word, Leon’s jacket was going to be the last texture redone. Nice to know we can’t trust you to keep your word.

    I kid of course, the work you guys are doing is great, and seeing the coat has given me optimism for how close the project is to being finished.

    • albert says:

      A change of plans. I wanted to make sure there is no problem with Leon model edits and I took the opportunity to do my first attempt on his textures and collect feedback about it.
      Anyway, we are not promising anything to anyone, this is just a hobby we are sharing with people who has interest on our work… and are really grateful to everyone for that! 😀

      • Reven says:

        Yeah I figured that was the case. The first bit was a joke. I really appreciate the hard work you guys have been doing to give this classic the graphical update it deserves.

  48. Dreadfield says:

    guys in the game, and in the video always bothered me that think leon has on the side of his head, below his perfect curtain of hair … that looks like a bug(cocorouch) ,, can you remove that?? W T F is it? in the minute 0,24 wheon leon turn his head to the window this thing can be seen…

    thankyou as always.

  49. mofail says:

    FINALLY ! we’re starting to see the new enemies! Some of us have been waiting for this day a very long time I salute you! This is the most interesting part of the project to me, so much to do! the zealots & the soldiers also still to come! I can’t wait lol I really like the details of the ganados shoes, as some one that still mods the Ubisoft game this is just heavenly work here! The clothing wrinkles & shadows, the neck & hands skin details & the hair & the eyes. It’s all extremely good looking now. Looking forward to the sisters being revealed! fun fact for the em12 sister (fat lady) from the Ubisoft version, she has no ears! I didn’t notice it until I tried to mod her lol is it the same for the steam game? Also I tried to give her bare foot in sandals but the foot model is so thin she only showed three toes. Are these the same issues in steam game? thin feet & no ears?

  50. metroidguy says:

    mint fucking update as always

  51. togan says:

    Mighty fine work Albert & Cris
    May I suggest to record game footage, if you have Nvidia GPU try Geforce Experience “ShadowPlay/Share” feature. It has less performance impact than FRAPS.
    PS. When are we going to see work on Ashley…besides the photograph of her 😉

  52. Alireza says:

    Hello there you guys.
    nice work and I gotta say I’m very impressed especially with ada’s dress effects those are really cool and also the movement of characters eyes and many extra details alike.
    so I have been thinking about something that might also be in other people’s heads too, can I ask what is the requirements hardware for your project to run in 1080-p 60-fps or other options?
    If you could just post something about minimum and recommended system requirement now or after the project is done, it surely will be useful and clarifying.
    best wishes

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Yes, once the project is finished we’ll do some testing and we’ll see the system requirements. They are probably the same. Only more VRAM is needed

  53. Luciano Oliveira says:

    You could also retouch Leon’s and Ada’s fingers, and curls like bones on the back, elbows, knees, ankles, and Leon’s elbow, and the straight mark on the back that Leon’s shirt marks for being stuck, who knows some details of defining the muscles of the abdomen and arm a bit more as well. Although it is great, it should make it more apparent.
    If it is possible of course, I do not know if there is a too great limitation for these things. Anyway, it’s just minor details.
    And I have a question, in special clothes 2 (with hat) I do not know if this is a fault or was intentional of the creators, but the hat is blacker than the suit, you will give a touch up for the suit and the hat to be the same colors or you guys will do with that different contrast that is in the original?

    • Alireza says:

      definitely agreed with you specially about the fingernails.

      • Luciano Oliveira says:

        Oh, thanks man! Yes, besides the fingernails, I think the fingers should also have wrinkles above the nail, on the part that we move them, Ada does not have, and never had the contour of the breasts, although not all women have full breasts. And I think Leon might have more definition in the arms muscles, but I do not know how much it is possible to add these things and what the limitations it have. But I’m sure they’ll do what they can about it, and keep up the good work of them.

  54. BlackHood says:

    Hello there.
    Great job as always! Well somehow Leon ‘s hair have a dot on his hair is there any way to fix this? Also WE almost forgot about decapitated model. You should retouch it. It’s might be hard because you have to re-mapping the uv map.
    As always. Thanks for all of you hard work ?
    PS.Time for using real codename xD

    • dreadfield says:

      oh shit ! not only! what will happen when leon with his hd head get attacked by a novistator and his acid deatch scene ????must ba a pain in the incert here to match that animation and texture with the new head! ?????? maybe they already fixed…. do they?

    • albert says:

      It won’t be a problem to edit that head model 🙂
      About the black dot. I’ve already fixed it. It was his head model that slightly surpased the hair model (they are separate files)

  55. Physkomere says:

    Something I’ve noticed that always bothered me was the fact that Krauser was the only character to blink within the item/weapon menu while all others stared blankly ahead (with the exception of HUNK since you could never see his eyes anyway). Is this something you’ll be able to fix too? But amazing work as usual. ?

    • albert says:

      Right now we don’t know how to edit animations (what I did with Ada’s dress was a file replacement, I actually didn’t edit anything). If we learn how to do it, we’ll certainly do something about that 😉

  56. Luciano Oliveira says:

    I do not want Leon stay look like a porn actor ?, or that he is “the hottie” ?? – it would be more from the logic, not that every government agent has to be strong and pumped, but not that simple either. It would be more a question of aesthetics too, in the matter of the “logic of the cool”, because I know that in the original there is no such thing, we will never know if it was to have or not, only the muscles of Leon that appears on the cape of game, because at that time it was difficult to demonstrate this kind of thing, elbows, knees, ankles mark a few muscles in the abdomen and the back straight that I mentioned. And Ada also does not have the contour of the breasts, “that rounded one”.
    I do not think anyone would be angry or unhappy with these things. I know they are not from the original, but it does not have to be 100% original. Of course, if possible, if it’s not, all right, not all women have big breasts too, it’s just a matter of aesthetics.
    I will leave here examples for a better understanding, this one of Leon is of low quality, and I am not suggesting increase of Leon’s muscular mass (the size of the arm) only the traces of the muscular definition, neither increase of the breasts of Ada, only the outline of them , but to understand better and see how it would be, if it was done by your hands would be better, but as I said, only if possible, I do not know if this can give problems or not, this is good too, it is for aesthetics like I said , look better.

    To Ada and Leon https://i.pinimg.com/originals/97/d5/54/97d5548cf48fd3c2a8c3238656db54jpgjpg

    And as you can see on the game cover, looks like Leon have this definition on his arms that i talking about


    And onde more time, if it was possible and no give trouble, its just a opinion!

    • dreadfield says:

      albert and cris always say the will stay true to the original design.
      only high resolution and more polygons over the existed ones can be added.
      i do not think is a good idea to touch characters models to change aesthetics afinities that dont match original design.

      • Luciano Oliveira says:

        I understand, but if you notice, in the newer versions, it has these details of muscles, but they are hardly noticeable, I’m talking about highlighting a little more. And not everything is original, the Plaga painting on the part of the island they remade, Leon did not have the equipment showing up when he was in his jacket, these things are not in the original, and even then they were added. Unless that interferes in the performance during the game, or give some problem or can not add for something, I do not see any problem. What I mean is, Ada has contour in her breasts and Leon not having her arms like a toothpick would not ruin anything just because it’s not in the original.
        But i understand what you mean.

  57. Luciano Oliveira says:

    On the cover of the game, Leon has these muscle-defining details on his arms, but just like the wrinkles on his shirt, he probably would not look good, but who knows.

  58. […] More information on the Resident Evil 4 HD Project can be found on its official website. […]

  59. […] More information on the Resident Evil 4 HD Project can be found on its official website. […]

  60. […] More information on the Resident Evil 4 HD Project can be found on its official website. […]

  61. ESTEBAN says:

    hola albert me preguntaba cuando sale la versión final? así la descargo 🙂
    SALUDOS! desde Argentina

    • albert says:

      Pues no tenemos ni idea!
      No nos planteamos los tiempos para evitar presiones psicológicas. Simplemente vamos trabajando lo más rápido y mejor que podemos 🙂
      Gracias por la paciencia y por seguirnos!

  62. lookingforthis? says:

    Nice! Can’t wait for this to play! Btw, can you guys unlock the fps limit? The game doesn’t work properly on 60 fps limit on some PCs, like we all know, but with unlocked fps limit it should work fine. I think so because I have the same problem with 60 fps limit in RE7, but if I unlock fps limit the game works just fine.

  63. […] Modders Albert e Cris publicaram novas screenshots de uma nova e inédita versão do Resident Evil 4 HD Project, mostrando novos […]

  64. […] Modders Albert e Cris publicaram novas screenshots de uma nova e inédita versão do Resident Evil 4 HD Project, mostrando novos […]

  65. [ROLO] says:

    Superb job as always! Thank you for this.
    One little thing that puts me off is that I always pictured Don Esteban with very short curly hair, but in your retexture it’s not very curly.

    Here’s a (somewhat) real life example

    I just checked the GCN art and it also looks curly

    • albert says:

      Yes, this is somthing I want to revise. The original was a mess of… something… I was not sure if that was curly hair or just a really cheap hair texture hehe

  66. Guitar Player says:

    Ok, i come here, first comment i see : “Ganados eyes should be shineless, to distinct them from real humans”

    Are you guys here to criticize and criticize only ?

    Don’t touch the eyes Albert, are you really gonna reduce the npc eyes lighting because of those non-sense suggestions ?
    I guess you will delete this post, please don’t.
    Everyone can give their opinion.

    • dreadfield says:

      i think they should tone down the shine on them like 70 percent and left a bump map afecting only the eye ball and not the iris, then they should leave the color of the aye balls less white and clean and more dark and semi red yellow like the original , if you se close you can se they light up the color of the eye balls , that makes them stand out more.

    • stevens says:

      > Are you guys here to criticize and criticize only?

      No, we are here to give feedback. Some changes here are really awesome, some changes are kind of questionable and probably need more tweaking. Constructive critisism is better than dozens of “yes men” replies.

  67. Guitar Player says:

    Also i want to add that i didn’t read all other comments, im just amazed after seeing this new video of the models and textures, and i see no mistakes, and i want to drop bullshits SO negatively neither, i know you both persons completely mastering the subject, and i don’t have the weakness to critisize your convictions that are closed to perfection for what it is, a video game.

    Don’t do what people ask, all the time, a litte more that you already did 😉

    • [ROLO] says:

      Actually, Cris and Albert like to get feedback from the community (obviously when is done constructively), they are really perfectionists and take into account the comments, but in the end, they make the final desision, and that’s another small thing that helps to make this project so perfect.

  68. Martin Sp. says:


    The new improvements are looking absolutely great and they are so close to the original!

    But i habe one question: did you notice, that on the photo the left sleeve of Ashleys sweater is missing? You can see her bare arm in the lower left corner. Is it on purpose or is it just a missing texture?


    • Thiago Vidal says:

      Good catch.
      The answer is simple, Albert capture her from the game, which she does not have sleeves. Capcom probably capture from an earlier version of the model and never bothered to update the photo or intentionally photoshoped a sleeve in for some reason. But considering how she is wearing the same sweater in the picture as the one in the game, makes more sense to leave the shoulders exposed as Albert did.

      • albert says:

        Yep, that’s he reason 🙂 I open her model in the 3D program, created a few lights and I generated a new render. Photoshop did the rest

        • I asked that very same thing on a previous post, I figured that was the way it had been achieved. Pretty clever!
          You should post the HD Ashley pic so that we can print it and ask people around if they have “seen the girl in the photograph”, lol.
          Hell! If you do, I promise to write a “Do It Yourself: Print your own Leon’s photo of Ashley” article about it in Gamuza!

  69. Guitar Player says:


  70. Luciano Oliveira says:

    After getting a good resolution of the video on YouTube, I realized that in fact you put the pieces of skin in the jacket, and I understood, maybe you can give a little more “sharpness” in the skin, highlight the wires more , or something like compressing, seems to have been a little stretched, and it seems that the color of these skins have darker shades that give some slightly greenish reflections, at least for me. If possible, you could give a more yellowish reflection, a slightly darker yellow instead of that green.


    Here ?? are the parts with a darker green half tone that I spoke of, I do not know about the others, but to me it, seems that those darker tones tend a little to the green color, it is in all the skin parts of the jacket, i guess. If you can trade these green ones for a little dark yellow, I think it would look better. And if you can, as much as possible, leave the skin parts, especially the wires, and get that impression that the skin parts are “stretched out”, it will look perfect. And you could put some veins in the ganados face, something light, not exaggerated, but that give of the impression that they are not well. But as you said, there are limitations to this, and I understand. They are just suggestions. (It’s my opinion, I do not know if everyone think like this) I know that you guys will do what is possible about that.
    I could also see better what you did with Leon’s shoes and ganados shoes, and with Leon’s holster, the details of the sewing on him and wow the difference is absurd, before I do not even know if the shoes had shoelaces, they was looked like a painting ??

  71. Por cierto, ayer fue la charla en el festival de Hemoglozine sobre los edificios que aparecen dn DMC, Haunting Ground y RE4. Salió bastante bien y la gente se quedó muy contenta. Les hablé del RE$HD project, enseñé el proceso de lo que estáis haciendo, y hasta usé músicas de los juegos para ambientar

    • albert says:

      Me alegro que haya ido bien y que te haya servido el material de RE4 para la charla! Alguien lo grabó??
      Madre mía la de mensajes por contestar XDD Me va a dar un síncope!

      • A falta de que suba su grabación la gente de Gamuza (te avisaré en cuanto esté), los organizadores hicieron un streaming en su Facebook. Se me colaron un par de errores menores (hago mención a varias tumbas con la misma textura, y eso es en el RE3, no el 4; y también me equivoqué con la inscripción del acueducto de Segovia, que no decía nada de agua, sino del “ojo del mal” o “ofrecer almas de los gemelos al mal”, pero en directo me equivoqué), pero espero que te guste:
        ¡Normal que haya un porrón de mensajes! Este update nos ha puesto a todos los dientes largos.
        Lo dicho, si me pasas por correo la foto de Ashley hago un artículo de ello (ya hice uno de “hazte tus propios Bisondólares, LOL). Podrías aprovechar y poner un pantallazo del visor perspectiva con Ashley en modo sólido con la representación alámbrica encima, a modo de making of (como la imagen de la zona de las tiendas de campaña que me pasaste) y así tienes un micro update, LOL
        Por último, y sin ánimo de marear, ¿viste lo que te comenté de la sombra de la quijada de Leon?
        Como siempre, super hypeado de cara a futuros updates

        • albert says:

          Me ha encantado el video! haha Vaya pasión con el asunto como se nota que te gusta y entiendes del tema!
          Unas correcciones tontas (no quiero parecer repelente XD) Es “trencadís” (trencar en catalán es romper) y “castillo Raglan”
          Muy guai, lo de la casa Batlló siempre me ha fascinado, y tu análisis estilístico le da otro enfoque más profundo. Lo mío es un simple: “mira la misma ventana” sin entrar en detalles de estilos ni si la arquitectura del lugar tiene sentido o no.
          Y bueno, lo de los ladrillos e incluso baldosas de 1 m x 1 m en el techo… eso sí que tiene delito XDD

          • ¡Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado! La verdad es que es un tema muy curioso y es fácil mostrarse emocionado hablando del mismo (eso y que soy un poco así de ciruelo, que también). Seguro que a tí te pasa igual cuando te sacan el tema (lo de emocionarse, no lo de ser ciruelo).
            Madre mía, qué fallo lo del trencadís, y si fuese decir que solo lo he pronunciado mal, pero ahí está mal escrito y grabado para la posteridad, XD
            Si luego lo suben los chicos de Gamuza al canal de Youtube, te pasaré enlace (y pondré una fé de erratas en la descripción del video, LOL).

          • albert says:

            Haha si si que me pasa, y a los 5 minutos paro y pienso… dios se pensarás que estoy obsesionado XDDD
            Perfect! Ya me pasas el link en cuanto esté 🙂

  72. frank says:

    Reading though the previous comments, I figured I would offer my 2 cents and hope that its helpful. I have no issue with the Ganado eye shine, I only noticed it on Leon anyway. The Ganado with white hair/beard does seem to have short curly hair, but I don’t think it matters one way or the other. The tape on Leon’s knife does look a bit too messy. The final thing I would add is that the lines and wrinkles on the Ganado faces seem too dark and or pronounced, which gives them a slight Telltales Walking Dead or Borderlands type look to them. With all that said your work is phenomenal and I can’t wait to play it when it’s finished.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback. It seems some people is seeing the same issues so we’ll take them into consideration for sure! 🙂

    • Luciano Oliveira says:

      I agree with you about the holster tape, but they did not do it wrong, it is not bad done. Unfortunately in the original is also so all wrong, it seems that Leon was not very keen to roll right haha ‘
      I suggest to take some of the shine off the ribbon, and straighten the last glue that was glued lower,
      Actually this was not even a tape, I think, if you see the cover of the game, Leon uses a kind of elastic to hold the knife, but during the game a tape appears.

  73. Igor says:

    O jogo esta cada vez mais lindo!! não vejo a hora de lançarem a próxima atualização pra instalar no game.
    A espera é torturante mas vale a pena! Parabéns pelo trabalho!

  74. kaludio says:

    man i cant stop looking a this pictures… for real, one thing i wanted to comment is that the ganados textures are really acuarte to the original texture representation, and it amplifies the problems of the original as well, i think it would be better to re-texture . for example trying to make a more convincing vest and pants without worrying about the color map and folds of the original texture. Like capcom did in other games where gandos are shown… but better. I think main characters and faces in general are really important to get right, but enemies body textures are open to a more fateful interpretation from the concept art rather than the og textures. Also i think that in rooms that use the screen space reflections (the room in the castle where you need to pull down a staircase from the ceiling ) of water should be changed to another kind of method to achieve a similar effect, and that is because it tends to flicker and in my opinion is poorly optimized and it does bot look that convincing.

    • kaludio says:

      also re-maping ganados could be easier than trying to make the mismatch attempt of mapping by capcom look good in HD… one would think, then again i dont know much about tetxuring and you guys CLEARLY know what your are doing since this project look AMAZING. Thank you guys for taking the time and effort. I love is and all of the updates, makes my day anytime you guy upload them, thanks again.

      • albert says:

        Thank you too for the continuous support!
        At the end, I’m also remapping the enemies faces to fix a few issues and to make sure there almost no trace of any seams. And I’m seeing the only difference between ingame ganados and cutscene ganados are the ears. I’m porting the hi-poly ears to the ingame models. I hope the game’s engine can handle those few extra polygons.

    • albert says:

      Good observation about the enemies textures. I also find the male Villager textures a little too simplistic. I’ll also take a look at folds and wrinckles in the original textures and I’ll see if I can “bake” new shadows or something that matches perfectly with the enemy model. Some fake wrinkles must be on the texture for sure because the enemies models are quite low-poly compared to character models.

      About the water flickering texture… Did it happen before installing the texture pack? It only happens at 60 fps? I never notice that until I try the game at 60fps, and it happens randomly…

      • kaludio says:

        yeah it happens in 60 fps, and don’t recall happening before the HD pack, then again is’ been a while since I’ve played it without the hd project. I’ll have to go back to 30fps and sd textures to be sure. Also there ganado seem to go silent for some reason, I think i read somewhere that it is a know issue, i hope it can get fixed… although its a small price to pay, sure makes ganado more sneaky xD

        • kaludio says:

          yup it happens only on 60 fps and it also happens with SD textures… my guess its because the effect is not well optimized for 60 fps, I’m not sure if directx 9 can handle screen space reflections that well ether. Then again it the engine fault. It would be super cool if we could move to a more reliable method like you guys did with the flickering light sources or the incorrect placement of light sources. then again i don’t think it is within the project scope. It would be cool see the 60fps bugs wrinkle out, so it would become the definitive way to play re4 without compromises. Sometimes i think we should make a petition to get the Q soft source code, or maybe get it leaked somehow ;D i dunno maybe after the project is done capcom would be more willing… lot of things could happen, hehehe this projet blew away any expectation i had, so maybe it could happen, or not, it late at night and i like to ramble, keep it up guys ur doing great, and dodnt forget to take breaks xP

  75. Luciano Oliveira says:

    Hello again, as you said, in the original version the skin parts of the jacket are uniform and straight, and the ones I showed were “tooled up” I agree. Okay, maybe this example is better to explain, these parts of skin are uniform but the skin strands are more apparent and detached, they do not seem to be all hairstyles without any relief as in the original. Originally these pieces of skin look only white details on the jacket, nor are they noticeable that they are made of skin. What I mean is, it’s fine as you did, but you can only see that something was changed on the occasions where the camera is near, if you did something like in this image ?? leave the skins uniform but with the fur strands more apart , loose from each other and detached, would look better and I think it would still look like the original, but much better.


    And I also go back to talk of the dark parts that exist on the skin parts, they seem to have a slightly greenish tone, in the original that there was also, I suggest covering those dark patches with the same white / yellowish color of the skin parts, causing these dark spots add up. However, I fear that the limitation of polygons would give problems ? as you said there are several types of skin, but this way it would be better, if it does not disturb anything.


    Anyway, keep up with the good work.

    • I see that the volume in the video is pretty low. I thought I was the only one with that problem with the ingame volume. Does anyine else have this problem? (The game sound volume being too low?) If so, does anybody know how to solve it?

  76. Max says:

    Hey Albert, when doing leon textures, did you remove all of Leon’s outfit in order to apply the textures?

    • albert says:

      I’m sorry, I think I don’t understand the question…
      Leon model is made of pieces, there are no clothes over Leon’s body, I’m not sure if this is what you mean

    • dreadfield says:

      below leon jackets there is nothing , is all an ilution really, a character model must save polycount to make the game fluid ,so the things you cant see in a character, simply doesnt exist.
      so the jacket over his t shirt below, is one piece pasted and cuted, but divided by diferents textures , when you see his tshirt touch his jacket thats it, is not prolonged below leon jacket , they are pasted together, then to ad a texture to a character there are many ways to do it , but the most used it, is opening part of the 3d model and turn it to flat, , like example leons face, then you paste the texture over those 3d flat maps of the model, when you spend days and days with photoshop,the 3d program then, just close that open model to the original 3d form , and leon save the day.

      it was fun, i hope you do 3d modeling XP someday.

      • I can answer to that one. In most 3D editing programs, such as 3Ds Max, you don’t directly edit the texture on the model, and you don’t “flatten” the 3d model itself. Instead, there’s a separate window for that, called the UVW editor. In there, you can opt for one out of two ways to work:
        a) You “unwarp” the selected polys in the editor, which at this point are untextured, that unwrapping can be done automatically or manually, and with the schematic of the unwrapping (an outline of the unwrapped polys), you go to photoshop or some other software and paint the texture over the UVW layout
        b) You paint the texture in advance, apply it to the object, then open the UVW editor and manually unwrap, stretch and edit the polys to fit the texture
        There are now programs like sunbstance painter that allow you to import a 3D mesh and directly “paint” the different maps of texture over it, but even so, the object has to have it’s UVW texture coordinates properly set up in advance in the 3d editing software.
        In order to make the most out of the reslution of the texture, and hava proper and decent ammount of detail, models usually sport different textures for the head and the body (the head having just as much resolution as the entire body, since it has to hold up to closer scrutiny). In order to allow a single model to have several textures, material IDs are used, indicating which set of polys will use which textures.
        In the case of Leon, I’d bet that the head has one texture, the entire body has another one, and the jacket has a separate one, as I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen a standalone texture for the jacket somewhere. Quite possibly, they didn’t bother creating two separate body textures, modelling the jacketless body first, then modelling the jacket and erasing the unnecesary polys, then adding proper UVWs and a separate material ID for the jacket.
        I hope I was able to… satisfy your curiosity, LOL

  77. Luciano Oliveira says:

    I do not know if this has already been corrected, but in the letter that Ada leaves for Leon before entering the underground mines where there is that stage where you go in the wagons, it is written “agult” instead of “adult”.

    Here ??

  78. Arun Shanmugam says:

    I cheeked all the images and I have to give you the following feedback. hope you would take them in positive way. I just want to improve the already amazing work of yours.

    1. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_01.jpg
    outline of Leon’s lower lip looks weird and unnatural

    2. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_02.jpg
    original ears look better for some reason

    3. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_03.jpg
    shiny eyes do not suit the graphics

    4. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_06.jpg
    Why added a strap around Leon’s t-shirt? (just below leon’s chest)

    5. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_10.jpg
    again shiny eyes do not match the graphics of this game.

    6. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_12.jpg
    eyebrows look too thick?

    7. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_13.jpg
    Can you make the color of the thread that holds the button Dark blue?

    8. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_14.jpg
    Leon’s hair Parting looks natural and better on the original. becuzz of the sharp edges on the “hair lines” of HD project hair?

    9. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_17.jpg
    can you fix the lower eye lid? it looks too thick on both the images

    10. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_18.jpg
    this is another example where the original hair parting looks better since the dark color hairs near the parting looks softer on the original pic, maybe due to low rez texture, but the parting on the HD project image looks unnatural due to too sharp edges. please fix this.

    11. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_32.jpg
    weird line on Ada’s upper lip looks weird. can you fix her tooth as well?
    12. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_33.jpg
    lower lip of Leon looks weird.

    13. https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0150-leon-ada-ganados/LAGC_40.jpg
    eyelashes of Ada are bit too long?

    Apart from these, can you make the character models and their cloths and etc hi -poly? becuz low poly model with Hi-rez textures kinda looks weird.


    • Johaan says:

      TLDR: Elbows too pointy, would not play.

      Most of these seem like extreme nitpicks that you wouldn’t even give a second thought while you play.

    • Luciano Oliveira says:

      I agree with you about this hair division line, in the original looks more real, as it appears the “leather hair” (lighter skin part of the head, the scalp) and in the remaster it do not appear.

      I assure you all the other things they’re already working on, but what about the “strap” around Leon’s chest, this is the gun holster that Leon wears when he is without the jacket, which appears out of nowhere, along with other equipment. Now they’ve made these things appear since before of Leon lost his jacket, so we do not have to figure out where those things came from (…?) it’s even more logical for these things appear.

    • dreadfield says:

      i like this feedback i am sure they taking in it, you really took your time to watch them in detail side by side, as an artist this feedback its really helpfull, when you are inmersed so much time ,with an image, your eyes, come tired, and cant see diferences

      • Luciano Oliveira says:

        Hello dreadfield, thanks! (I’m not sure if you said this to me, I’m Brazilian, so my English is not perfect, I’m still confused by some things, and sometimes the translator trolls me haha ​​’) but if it’s for me thank you! Although I am only 20 years old, I play this game for 12 or 13 years, I have already cleared it for over 100 times, I believe, so it gives me a good knowledge about the game, and although it is the best game ever released in my opinion , with so many years playing, I know many defects, like the one I suggested the holster to appear with the jacket and the bag in the back. I always wanted these improvements, I knew many, but I had no one to ask or to speak. Unfortunately, after the remaster for the PS4 I lost my hopes, because the changes were minimal, and no mod until then caught my attention, it was then that a gamer youtuber that I accompany “FunkyBlackCat” presented the project on his channel, “RE4 HD PROJECT “the release of the scenes and remastered items”, and left the project link in the description, it was then that I started to participate, I had already been impressed with the images of the project in google years ago, but never knew or tried to participate until see this video I said , it’s good that I started on time because more cooler to see your favorite game win the remaster you deserve, is you can contribute to that, depending on how useful our comments and suggestions are, and that’s very cool !

    • albert says:

      Thanks for taking the time to analize all the pictures. I’m already fixing some of the things you are poiting out

      Why added a strap around Leon’s t-shirt? (just below leon’s chest)
      This is the equipment Leon wears when the Ganados steal his jacket.

      Apart from these, can you make the character models and their cloths and etc hi -poly?
      This game has some strict polygon limitations. This is not a bad thing because the environtments aren’t perfect either. It would be really strange a few caracters are perfectly round and detailed while all the elements surrounding them have a slightly blocky look. It’s a matter of get a good balance of the entire thing and nothing stand outs too much for beeing too bad… or too good! 🙂

  79. Guitar Player says:

    I repeat that the shine of the eyes is PERFECT.
    It just shines like any person in the world
    Even in movies it is the case but you wont notice it because you’re just simply not focused on it.



  80. abi says:

    In my opinion, eyes should be slightly darker, outlite from the iris is very noticable and looks cartoonish. I made my version to give an example but this is just personal taste. https://imgur.com/0BQ21Vh

    • albert says:

      Yes, the white part of his eyes should be slightly darker. It’s not a problem. I’m working on little details like this right now 😉

  81. Luciano Oliveira says:

    I do not know if this is my impression, but the Leon chop in the original was brown and now, it looks little orange.


    Closer is more noticeable. Maybe I’m just a little surprised for being a little different.
    In remastering the chop has a more different hair color than the chop color in the original

    It must be boring this phase that you are going through ? , since most of us have Leon and Ada as idols, we want they be the perfection, so we suggest and try to give positive reviews at all times, to then they be perfect, if I were you guys, I would have presented characters like Sadler, Krauser, Louis and would leave Leon and Ada for the final, so the worst and most notable part of the criticism would be for the final. ??
    But even with all this, and many opinions, you are still doing a great job and considering our opinions. ?

  82. Alvin says:

    I agree with Leon’s hair parting and the Ganados eyebrows.
    These two should be fixed above all else.

  83. dreadfield says:

    crhis and albert ,
    ¿ is there any diference in poly count, between leons body , arms and legs game model vs leon high poly cutscenes?
    or only is his head? same with ada and ashley and luis.
    can you ad leon hair movement animation to leon bulletproof vest skin? i remember when you select leon bulletproof vest, his hair didnt move, they lost the animation when the game got ported to hd in all plataforms.
    by the way thanks so much for oustanding work.

    • albert says:

      The only differences with Leon ingame and cutscene is the face and the hands. All the rest (including the hair) is exactly the same model.
      Ada ingame and cutscene models are completely different in their entirety (only the hair is almost the same)
      I still need to comparet the other characters. Ashley fac has the exact same shape, but cutscene model has more poligons.
      If I’m not mistaken, the Leon’s hair movement was also lost in the Gamecube. It’s something hardcoded in the exe, so, only a trainer or a extra dll that modifies on the fly the game’s memory could restore that animation

  84. Guitar Player says:

    @Arun Shanmugam

    I must say you’re the perfect example of not thinking before critisize, you just watch without even thinking a single second.

    You are untrusty with regards to those brillant persons, just like many people here.

    I feel so tired for you albert and cris looking at those comments, must be hard to THINK, then read reclamations on things that shouldn’t be taking into account by any intelligent people.

    Damn albert,cris, you’re at your best.

    No need to execute on demand. all the reclamations.

    This project will turn so dull and FLAT, that at the end no one will notice this mod and it will simply remains on a pinned thread on Steam and on Google, as always.

    • I just think that some times it’s just that some of the “nuance” is lost when someone is not a native english speaker.
      Yes, some of the things he pointed out aren’t actually flaws, and some others are a matter of personal taste, but he did raise some valid points (when Cris created his first version of don José the ganado, I myself was the first one to say that his eyebrows were kinda thick).
      He didn’t come across as demanding to me. He even said thanks at the end of his comment, so…
      ALbert and Cris are tow very down to earth guys and they have been very good at establishing priorities when it comes down to what to adress first.
      If only videogame developers did this as well…

      • Luciano Oliveira says:

        I say it, sometimes I will praise it and it seems like I’m criticize or instead of saying “this is good”, it appears as “this is not good”. Or the words go in a way as if I were a woman ??.
        The translator is a complex thing.
        That is why I write myself lately, so if I look like an Indian speaking, so please, dont laugh ??

  85. GuitarPlayer says:

    @Arun Shanmugam

    I must say you’re the perfect example of not thinking before critisize, you just watch without even thinking a single second.

    You are untrusty with regards to those brillant persons, just like many people here.

    I feel so tired for you albert and cris looking at those comments, must be hard to THINK, then read reclamations on things that shouldn’t be taking into account by any intelligent people.

    Damn albert,cris, you’re at your best.

    No need to execute on demand. all the reclamations.

    This project will turn so dull and FLAT, that at the end no one will notice this mod and it will simply remains on a pinned thread on Steam and on Google, as always.

  86. Guitar Player says:

    It looks bad.

    Im done with this project guys.

  87. Guitar Player says:

    Here is a picture from the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake:


    Eyes are just shining like it would be.

    For god sake guys give some breath to Albert and chris.

    This is so far the best mod i’ve ever seen. i know you guys know it too.

    Idk maybe go outside take some air, watching people eye to eye a bit.

    • albert says:

      Hehe Thanks!
      that’s why I like how the new eyes look now. I was surprised with the results. I do some extra testing just in case I found an even better look but right now, Leon, Ada and Ashley looks much more alive with this specular effect in their eyes

    • Cris says:

      On a side note, her necklace is floating…

  88. Guitar Player says:

    However Arun i agree about one thing, leon’s hair with the missing line on the top of the skull.

  89. I agree with Guitar player: the project looks fantastic and eyes do shine IRL. Maybe it is a matter of experimenting with the feature and tuning it a little bit, but even the way it is right now makes everyone look more lifelike, less “video-game-y”. Even if they play around with the effect, I loved that it reacts to bump mapping a bit: our crystalline lenses do protrude a little bit from the rest of the eye and eyeshine tends to bend at that “joint”. Maybe skipping out the eye pupil in the bumpmaps or specular maps would be enough, but, hell, they know the inner workings of the enigine waaaay better than any of us do.
    In the end of the day, both Albert and Cris are sensible people, open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and they will fine tune things here and there if they see it fit. Albert himself has said that the ganados textures still have room for improvement, for instance. They have listened to feedback all along, and I don’t think some minor nitpicking is going to discourage them, moreso at this point.
    I think that many times some of the feedback that has been done in these comments may come as harsher than intended because of language barriers. When English is not your native language it is not so easy to be subtle about stuff.It’s just that some expressions don’t translate all that well into English if you try to reproduce them literally.
    Still, to the FEW people that do think that the work being done is not up to par, let me give you something to reflect upon: these guys have gone to the extend of catching a plane and travelling to the original locations where the textures came from in order to have the best source material possible. That is some dedication there. If that’s not being devoted to the project, I don’t know what is. The only other person to ever catch a plane and come over to the UK and Spain to take pictures as a source material was Hideki Kamiya himself when he was making the game.
    Still, I think we all can agree upon the fact that 99% of the people here are happy and SUPERIMPRESSED with the project and it’s results, not only that, but the inner thinking and the process behind it all, fixing UVWs, 3D editting, grabing Ashley’s original model to create an HD version of her picture (mindblown when I saw that!)

  90. That being said, yes, the hair kinda looks a tad darker, but that would be so easy to fix, it’s just a matter of brightness editting in certain areas, that and the hairline. But other than that minor touchup I think that the new hair texture looks amazing.
    ANdf I would have never noticed it hadn’t other people pointed it out. It’s kinda funny how every person notices different things.
    Still, amazing work! Go, RE4HD project!

  91. Luciano Oliveira says:

    I agree with you, I saw on twitter the travel, and that was awesome! It’s too much dedication. Even if sometimes they do not follow what I suggest or propose or is not relevant to them, I know they will surprise me, just as they have shut my mouth on Leon’s shirt and jacket, which I love! I only expect some adjustment on the skin parts of the jacket, but otherwise there is not much to talk about. This of the eyes, it is obvious that they already must be adjusting, with so many people talking, soon there is a civil war because of shine in the eyes ? I only suffer from the anxiety of seeing the next update, so I suggest and comment on so many things so that they can be used or not before they advance. I’m a fan of Albert and Chris, (because they have names of two iconic characters ??) and because they’re giving us what we’ve always dreamed of, but we’ve never been given, a decent remaster … And give to us the opportunity to give our opinions and suggestions, so please do not criticize negatively, I’m afraid they’ll get tired of it, and that would be very sad, now that it’s near the end. I would love that CAPCOM after your project is ready, use as a base this project to make a remake, but apparently only for dreaming, the game has been launched for so many platforms by professionals and creators, and yet 2 guys with fewer resources have done much better, this hard to wait for CAPCOM, and neither Resident evil 3 remake do not has been make yet, so we have to help and wait for Albert and Chris. I just wanted to be rich, to give them all the resources that they do not have ??, so it would be possible to do a lot more things.

  92. mofail says:

    I think these guys know their work is highly appreciated though there are always trolls, they are smart enough to know they have real friends & fans here. I used to think people demands here were ungrateful & disrespectful too but now I ask things all the time too, it’s mostly out of fondness for this special game.

  93. Luciano Oliveira says:

    Hello, I’d like to ask you one thing, which I just forgot.
    Now that the scenarios are ready, I’m not sure if you’ve moved on lighting, from what I’ve seen, it looks like yes and successfully.
    Well, the lantern of Leon kind of practically never served anything, because the night in the game was always as clear as a late evening, and it lights up a few steps ahead of Leon, so the question is, you gave her a more real and longer lighting, and darkened the scenarios in which this night light is “unreal”, so that the flashlight has a greater realism in its effect ??

    Oh, and I do not know if that’s possible, but I think you could leave the guy who comes with Leon that ends up at the campfire, a little more “baked” because he’s at the fire haha”

  94. Steven says:

    The new Leon Textures look really faithful to the original game!

    Thanks for taking all of our criticisms to heart and focusing on making Leon look as originally intended.

  95. Luciano Oliveira says:

    Hello again! You could give a touch to the nails and teeth of the main characters, the nails are like a drawing on the fingers, and the teeth have always been 3 together in the front and others separated. Maybe if you give a “3d” effect to the nail to make it look like it’s not the same thing as a finger, do something that not makes it look like a picture on your finger, and separate your teeth more, maybe give a kind of shine, or a wet effect, as they have always been opaque, and yet some parts of the teeth are yellowish (it seems that civilized characters do not like to brush their teeth at all ??), but the Ganados would be normal yellow teeth.

    Teeth https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f9/0d/4c/f90d4c0a3b153640e187958d3d36252f.jpg
    (Sorry for write teeth wrong)

    I do not know what you can do or not about it, because of the limitation of polygons, I know you guys did the best you could at the moment, maybe you’re already doing these things, I just wanted to emphasize. I saw in a comment that you said Leon’s arms were not changed, I hope have space to improve them too, so they’re as real as they did with Ada’s. I know that wrinkles do not fit well on the shirt as we have said before, but I will leave here an idea (if possible) to give some wrinkles on the shirt in the near part of Leon’s armpits, something subtle, not exaggerated, after all in this part is always curved, a light wrinkle would fit well and he always has his arm stopped the same way in this region, so it would not be strange to move and I noticed that you highlighted a wrinkle in the shirt on the front of Leon’s chest, it would be like that. It would also be nice to mark the back line on the shirt, after all, it’s pretty fair, right? I wanted to talk about these things after researching and looking at the photo of Leon’s shirt, the MK2 combat shirt you mentioned and she appears subtly wrinkled just near the armpit, so I thought, why not? Haha ”

    Combat Shirt MK2 Details

    Keep surprising us with your work! I love it when you show an image and it’s better than I imagined, just like it was with Leon’s shirt and face ?

  96. Ron says:

    Looks fantastic!

    But I think there needs a way to hide the gun sling across leon’s chest for the first half of the game where he has the jacket, it looks wrong in cutscenes and capcom obviously decided not to show it in promo art, not to save polygons or prevent clipping, it is an artistic choice that I think should be mirrored, even though it’s technically wrong

    Other thoughts:
    > eye gloss looks great to me, but I think it should be optional for the player since they werent in the original
    > leon’s fingers and fleece collar needs to be rounder in cut scenes, otherwise they’re fine for in game where nobody will look
    >leon’s jacket shoulders could be nicer if rounder, the jacket seam really draws attention to how low poly they were
    >ada wong’s new eyelashes and leon’s new hair split look better to me, dont change them, ignore everyone!
    >lines on ganado’s face should be softened slightly, and maybe the pores on leon’s face are a bit too much, I’d slightly blur them myself when I get the mod, but keep the originals, its easier to go from detail to less detail

    Please please please update the Progress Summary
    I guess there’s just the remaining characters, Enemies and Bosses?
    Have you retextured the white wolf yet?
    I cannot wait to replay this masterpiece game with your masterpiece mod

    • Luciano Oliveira says:

      I agree with you about the shoulders of the jacket, is a good observation in my opinion.

      But how about the gun holster appear on the chest with the jacket, wrong? How?
      Well, I think it’s fine, but anyway, they’re still getting better, still working, it’ll get even better ??

      • Ron says:

        if Shinji Mikami intended Leon to always have the gun holster sling, then you’d see it on promo artworks as well

  97. Alan says:

    “OBS” is another program that can record without FPS taking a huge hit, requires a bit of setting up though. By they way, how did you restore Ada’s dress physics?

  98. Elon Musk says:

    after thinking over it and taking into consideration the game limitations, I take back my critiques. the project looks astonishing. the truth is, if you look for imperfections you will find them. doesn’t matter how good it looks,

  99. KaynPanda says:

    Awesome work, these HD models look fantastic!
    Thank you really much for all the work you guys are putting into this project!

    Best HD mod ever!!

  100. Thiago Xavier says:

    Maybe you can use this technique to make the flutty fur in the coach more realistic . Just create some shells abothe the orginal blur


    • Alvin says:

      No. This is for pre-rendered graphics. Bad practise in video games.

      • Thiago Xavier says:

        Sorry bro, but you are wrong in some parts they used this technic for games. In Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) all the fur in the colossus are made using this. You cold use just opacity and color/albedo maps for more optization if you want.


        Everything in this project are perfect!! So my comment is just…. a comment. Is just a idea.

        • This can’t be done in the RE4 engine because of the way it handles alpha transparency: the alpha mapped objects in the foreground “cut out” the other objects with alpha maps that are behind them (think about Asley’s eyelashes “cutting” through her hair in cutscenes), so doing this would mean that only the “outer” layer woyuld be seen, and it would be a waste of polygons.
          Besides, it is still a bad practice in videogames because many alpha maps are very expensive on the graphics budget. That’s why the 3D animated Star Wars series have used solid blocks for character’s hair: to avoid Alpha maps as much as possible, since solid objects render much, much faster.
          That’s why “billboarded” textures are usually used in videogames for grass (like this game, or Gran Turismo, do), when not downright solid objects (the grass in Metal Gear Solid 3). As soon as shaders, special foliage rendering (Crysis) and hair techniques were introduced, the SOTC technique was almost never used again.
          Hell! Some modern engines don’t even use alpha blending for transparent objects, rather relying on a series of ditthered pattern of “holes” to achieve the effect, like Saturn games did (MGSV The Pahntom Pain does this, a lot).
          So, yeah, it can’t be done in this engine, and even if it did, it would be unwise to do so.

          • THIAGO XAVIER says:

            Perfect response! I don’t know about this. Thank you for your answer. Very complete and helpful. It Is always good see another perspective. I”ll try to study more before post something like this. Thank you again

          • Ron says:

            alpha blending is used for many games, what are you talking about? it’s trivial to blend things in a shader, it does require some overdraw though, some engines/games may decide to avoid this for some speedup in heavy scenes

            >That’s why the 3D animated Star Wars series have used solid blocks for character’s hair
            Totally false, it’s an artistic choice, textured hair would not fit the aesthetic of the show

    • Ron says:

      this would be great, but the RE4 engine would need to be modified to feed the extra textures to a fur shader which it doesn’t currently support, it would be quite tricky without the source code
      I wonder how RE4’s shaders are stored and compiled anyway, it should be possible to replace some shaders, so long as the parameters are the same

    • V I D A L says:

      Regardless of “if” can or cannot be done. (Lets stop assuming what this engine can or cannot do.. They already pushed way past what anyone thought it was possible. The engine was never meant to handle 4k+ textures and this many polygons and yet here we are).. point is, it’s a waste of time considering Leon only wear the jacket for the first 20 mins of game. Doesn’t really worth the effort at all.

      • Alvin says:

        Totally agree Vidal.

        Sigh.. You really need to read back what you said. Cutout falloff on hair is not stylistic choice at all. It’s to prevent depth sorting issues, and it looks hideous. You said Trivial to blending between shaders, which means insignificant. That is indeed what Leon’s fur coat is when viewed in game. That said, I’ve been trying for days on end recreating a whole game level and have it run smoothly on Intel Graphics while maintaining good pc graphics quality. This was both a case of polygon count, clever texture compression and occlusion culling to pull it off. When it comes down to hair or in this case fur.. that is incredibly inefficient because it would require not only double the polycount, but double work to do for the skinned mesh renderer and double the materials. To further confirm it’s bad for performance is the fact that SOTC back on ps2 ran terribly. I mean below 30 fps terribly.

  101. Flappy Pannus says:

    Amazing work as always.

    A Halloween update containing these character models/textures (even in interim stage) would be a great surprise, if that’s possible. 🙂

  102. Rafael says:

    When is the final mod release?

  103. Max says:

    So Albert, i guess you completed Leon, Ashley, Ada, and the villagers textures. The only thing that left are Luis, all the bosses in the game, cultist, soldiers,knights gananos and merchant and Cris final rivision of his textures right?

  104. Gostaria de saber onde baixo as atualizações do mod, eu só acho o download do arquivo inteiro de 18GBs, se puderem me mandar algum link com a atualizações do mod para aplicar no Resident evil 4 fico grato

    • Lucas Mendes Garcia says:

      Esse download de 18gb é o mais recente, as armas e os personagens em hd não foram lançados, a unica coisa que ta pronta é o mapa que no caso é esse mod de 18gb, futuramente quando estiver pronto eles irão postar o resto do mod.

  105. محمد حسین says:

    I want it for ps4

  106. jack says:

    Your work is AMAZING but one question can you make 3d beard for enemies?

  107. BlackHood says:

    NICE TEETH, El Gigante.
    His teeth model looks weird as hell. Even in cutscene.

  108. In order to celebrate the arrival of Halloween, in Gamuza we are doing a Resident Evil live streaming marathon, playing a different game of the series every night. We’ve already played Resident Evil 1 and 2, and tomorrow, we are going to be playing RE4, and quite obviously we are going to be using the magnificent RE4 project on it.
    We are a Spaniard channel, so of course most of the poeple in the live chat will be comunicating in Spanish. I know it sucks, but I’ll try to answer in English whenever possible.
    Those of you who might be interested, you will be more than welcome and I’d love to have you there.
    Tomorrow, October 30, we will start broadcasting our RE4 gameplay session at 22:00 (UTC/GMT +1, Madrid, Brussels timezone), in our YouTube our channel:

    Wish us luck! And thanks to the RE4HD team for creating such a masterpiece. We will try and get as much people interested in it as possible (boy oh boy! I’m soooo going to speak WONDERS of it. Not that it needs it, the quality of the project speaks for itself)

    • albert says:

      Oh thank you!
      Yes we are aware of some of them, but others are new!

      1. I fixed one of these issues in this same room. It seems there are still other misaligned vertices. Easy to fix 🙂
      2. Wow! I have no idea what causes this. This only happens in this area? If this is the case there must be a wrong texture call in some tpl file of this area.
      3. Haha it seem the collision map for the floor goes beyond the window XD
      4. This water flicker bug is really strange. Did it happen in the vanilla version? Does it happen when playing at 30 fps? And it seems it’s a random bug. Sometimes appears, some others it doesn’t…
      5. Yep… I’m aware of this bad camera angle… I don’t know how to fix this, but I’ll try it by editing the collision data.
      6. Hehe I knew about that but I thought: Who is gonna shoot inside there?? XD The bigger the water surface is, the uglier it looks, thats why I didn’t expand it more the water effect
      7. Good eye! Easy to fix 🙂

      Thanks again!

      • gamer gamer says:

        on the 4th video with the torches under the archways ( that is silly design in the game`s story because it would affect the ceilings ), shouldnt there be a mark maybe ?

  109. I have a problem that is not related to the mod, but since there are so many fans here iI hope someone has run into the same issue: I have a problem with audio levels (ingame too low, prerendered cutscenes too high) I already asked about this in the past on Steam, but nobody seemed to have this issue or be bothered about it, which I find hard to believe, as it happens to me in two different computers with different OS (Had the problem some years ago in Vista and now it’s the same in Win 10).
    The game itself, menus, real time cutsecenes, gameplay… they all have a uniform level of sound, but it is a bit low in volume, and I have to crank my speakers almost all the way up to properly hear the audio of the game.
    On the other hand, the sound volume in prerendered cutscenes, like the opening narration, or the ones in Separate Ways, is too high by comparison. While the main game has mostly real time cutscenes, it becomes very bothersome in Separate Ways, as I have to crank my speakers up to be able to hear the game, but every time there’s a prerendered cutscene the sound comes full blast earrape style.
    Does nobody have the same issue? Is there a way to, at least, have the cutscenes and the game play sound at the same volume? I have my game updated up to the 1.1.0 version

    • albert says:

      Es la primera vez que oigo de este problema! Que raro… yo tengo la 1.0.6… nunca me llegó la 1.1.0… lo cual también es raro de narices XD

      ¿No será algo relacionado con la tarjeta de sonido o la configuración del sonido de algún modo en que todo lo que sea “video” tenga un nivel de volumen distinto al que se genera en otros formatos que provengan directamente del motor del juego?. Me acabo de sacar de la manga esta explicación enrevesada haha pero no se me ocurre ninguna otra diferencia entre el audio de los videos y el resto de audios del juego… Como te comento, yo noto el volumen siempre igual.

      Otra posibilidad es que sea un fallo de la actualización 1.1.0 (que solo sirve para añadir subtítulos en chino). ¿O ya te ocurría antes?

      • No recuerdo si antes existía esa discrepancia en el volumen, porque estuve mucho tiempo sin jugarlo hasta que lo reinstalé para instalar el RE4HD project. Lo que sí recuerdo cristalinamente es que, siendo una versión distint, un ordenador distinto, y un OS distinto, el volumen del juego era terriblemente bajo.
        Como al instalarlo en este ordenador nuevo ya se instaló directamente la 1.1.0, no tengo marco para comparar. ¿Habrá alguna forma de hacerle un “downgrade” a la 1.0.6? ¿Alguna idea sobre las opciones de sonido? He mirado y no veo nada raro, y es el único juego con el que me pasa esto.
        Me gustaría saber cual es el problema de cara a futuros stresmings en directo…

  110. This HD re-Texture was one of the best things ever being done for PC modding. It revives the classic Resident Evil 4, which it is one of my favorites in the series.

  111. ENES YILMAZ says:

    When is the final mod release?

    • [ROLO] says:

      There’s no date as these guys work on this awesome project on their free time, but (I’m guessing) probably in the first half of 2019

  112. OTRIX says:

    Albert and Chris, ss it possible that in the future you will add support for a full-fledged Ambient Occlusion?

  113. kaludio says:

    http://blog.mecheye.net/2018/03/deconstructing-the-water-effect-in-super-mario-sunshine/ maybe something like this could be implemented for the sea, shown on the island parts of the game. I mean to minimize the tessellated look of the water texture repeating itself again and again.

  114. Boringtv says:

    Hi, is there a way to temporarily disable the fog effect? I’m having a frame drop on certain location when recording the game.

    • albert says:

      All the effects are combined inside the same file (fog, fire, smoke, light bloom, water…), so there’s no way to deactivate only the fog effect unless someone locate and delete the foge effects inside the eff file one by one for every room…

      • Boringtv says:

        Can you share the name of recording software that you use?

        • albert says:

          I’ve been using FRAPS, but Togan suggest me to use Geforce Experience “ShadowPlay/Share” feature because it has less performance impact than FRAPS. But only if you have Nvidia GPU.
          I Hope it helps!

          • Sean says:

            OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is the best IMO
            and its completely free!

          • Boringtv says:

            Thank you Albert and Sean for your suggestion. I already finished downloading OBS and currently testing it. So far there’s no frame drop like I get when using Action!. I use NVENC decoder and it works great, I really like the recording quality.
            I will try Shadowplay too tomorrow. I’m not rushing because I’m still waiting for the latest release from Albert. Leon’s model looks great, can’t wait for it.
            Thanks for your fantastic job Albert.

          • Lázaro says:

            As Sean says, OBS is pretty good, very low on resources consumption, and totally free. it is the one that I use for Gamuza’s streamings, but it can also be sued for recording (actually, I always record an offline sound test to check that everything is wroking before going live) and the quality is undisputable.

          • Boringtv says:

            You have a youtube channel mr Lazaro?can share your channel name?

          • albert says:

            Thank you both! I’ll try OBS next time!
            I already tried Geforce Experience option and it also works better than FRAPS 🙂

        • Lázaro says:

          Yep, I started doing live streams for Gamuza Gaming, their YT channel is here (not every video is mine, though, but the Resident Evil ones and the Soul Reaver one are):

          This is the streming we did of RE4HD during Halloween:

          ¡Hope you like the videos!

  115. Max says:

    Hey Albert, if you take a look at this picture you’ll notice that this gajados has low poly ears.
    And does this jacket looks low poly to you if you take a look at the sleeves next to his glove

    • albert says:

      The ingame ganados’ ears are even worse. I’ve replaced the ingame models with the cutscene models but I don’t think it’s a good idea to add more polygons to the cutscene enemies ears because it would make some enemies to disappear when you see a lot of them at once in certain camera angles (game’s limitations).
      About the jacket, just wait a little. I’ll post something tomorrow 😉
      Thanks for the feedback!

  116. Boringtv says:

    Hi, can you release this? It looks good enough for me.

    • Sean says:

      they did release most of what they have finished so far, they just havent finished everything yet… did you see the latest release posted at the top?

  117. Andokz gaming says:

    Cant wait for this.. How’s the status of the project?

  118. AndersOneMaker says:

    Meu Deus gente vocês são de mais, espetacular, vocês são os melhores, o trabalho de vocês nesse jogo está maravilhoso. Agradeço muito, por nos dá essa alegria de ver esse jogo maravilhoso lindo assim. Parabéns a todos vocês.