«Too Far Gone» Interview about our re4 HD Project + Halloween HD render present


And a custom render as a Halloween present! [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT FULL SIZE]



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59 responses to “«Too Far Gone» Interview about our re4 HD Project + Halloween HD render present”

  1. MAGG says:

    Justo cuando estaba por olvidar el eccehomo jajajaja.

    En la universidad, en una clase de arte, un restaurador profesional nos platicaba del trabajo detrás de la restauración de cualquier obra, y la inmensa investigación que había detrás de cada pieza. Lo hacia con una pasión tan increíble que daba gusto cuando lo escuchabas. Eso mismo sentí en la entrevista; una gran constancia y pasión por uno de los mejores juegos de todos los tiempos. Muchas gracias por su trabajo.

    PD: A mi también me duele que REmake y RE0 no estén renderizados en HD desde la fuente original jajajajaja. En teoría, podrían hasta sacar los RE de playstation con fondos renderizados con alta calidad y nuevos modelos 3D y se seguirían viendo increíbles. Tal vez algún día.

    • albert says:

      Yo a veces siento que mi profesión frustrada es la de restaurador. Debe ser tan entretenido a la vez que interesante. Y paciencia no me falta para ello!

      • Boringtv says:

        Albert, on chapter 1-3 as soon as the chapter start(after the cutscene), if I do a quick turn, the game will freeze for about a second or so.
        The freeze does not happen when I run straight to the watergate area. But it will still freeze if I turn left to the lake(from the lakeside cabin).
        I wonder if this happens to anyone else too?

        • Boringtv says:

          I’m sorry. It’s chapter 2-1, not 1-3.

          • albert says:

            Oh yes, I also noticed that, In my case it freezes during just less than half of a second. I need to so some research and find out what causes that (textures? models?) It’s not really that annoying because it just happens one moment and one time but it would be great if I can fix it.
            Thank you!

  2. EPD Gaffney says:

    Great interview, Albert. You conducted yourself really well. And that custom render is beautiful.

    • albert says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like it! It’s the first time I do something like that and maybe Leon’s pose seems a bit forced haha

  3. Pliskin says:

    Interesting read, the custom render looks awesome! XD

  4. Harban Vassbakk says:

    Great interview, but your work is consistently refered to as “upscaling”, which is just wrong! As far as I know, you haven’t fallen back to upscaling anything. That should really be corrected.

    • albert says:

      I’d say it’s only a way of talking. At least I didn’t notice this inaccuracy while reading it.
      You can send them a message. I’m sure they will change it if someone tells them that word is wrong and should be changed to something like “re-created” instead of “upscaled”

      Thank you! 🙂

  5. Genial entrevista y lolazo de render (¡Ese Leon y su erorismo…!)

    • albert says:

      Hehe gracias! Tenía ganas de tomarme un descanso de “trabajo en serio” y pensé: “Voy a hacer un render así molón XD

  6. Irvin Smith says:

    About render: when a statue has more detailed hands than main character 😀
    Oh, a carpet has a crease.

  7. Frank Nitty says:

    The textures are gorgeous on the customer render… Thumbs up back at ya

  8. togan says:

    *Thumbs up Albert & Cris*

    Remember nothing is perfect, just do best work you can <3

    Hope to see the finish RE4 HD Project release soon !

  9. Nameless says:

    Hey Albert, great interview. I’m a Blacktail fan too, I always preferred it over the Red9. Partially because I always use the handgun to set up ganados for melee attacks, but also the Blacktail takes up way less space than the Red9+Stock. That lets me have room for the TMP+Stock, which I also like to use to set up melee’s. Suplexes are my favorite thing ever in RE4.

    Looking forward to the final release, keep up the good work!

    • albert says:

      Thanks! Yes, the space the Red9 needs is also a good reason, I forgot about that one hehe

      • Suckable_Lemon says:

        Hey Albert, this isn’t related to the article, but seeing you talk about the Red9 and Blacktail made me remember how much of a maximum damage upgrade they were given in the PS2 version, and subsequently all following versions. The Blacktail’s maximum damage was increased from 3.4 to 4.5 and the Red9, an increase from 5.0 to 6.5.

        The reason i bring this up is because I’m curious about whether you have any intention of adjusting any damage values, since you have made a few changes previously based on your decision to make the game more similar to the original GC version. Personally, I always preferred the game balance on the GC version as I think the damage boost that certain guns received made the game easier. I can completely understand why you would consider this an unnecessary thing to change though.

        • Sean says:

          I always preferred the game balance on the GC version as I think the damage boost that certain guns received made the game easier.

          I brought this up a few times in the past, but it would probably be better to discuss this on the modding forums, because more accurate testing needs to be done.

          I agree the Gamecube version was far better balanced. The PS2 version had many changes made to balance the game and more changes were made to the HD versions. I don’t know if its just me but the gamecube version has always felt more challenging, especially on the professional difficulty.


          From the above link: I hope to god that this is just a mind trick or something, but Professional Mode for me is SOOO much easier than Normal mode on the PS2 version. I walked into the Village with one thing on my mind “Conserve” and I went about shooting and slicing like I normally do, and I walked away with more ammo than I did when I played thru on Normal (read Ammo Rarity for more). I’m right after Ashley gets carried off by Novistadors and the game seems SO much easier and I don’t have any power weapons (CT, IRL or HC). I’m going out on a limb with this, but I think Capcom may have coded Normal and Pro mode wrong; they may have had Normal the hard difficulty and Pro the easy. I hope they didn’t pass up something that obvious.

          I can confirm this is true for the new HD version too (xbox360/ps4/etc)

        • Sean says:

          Also from the link above: It seems that ammo is MUCH rarer to come by, or Capcom has upped the baddies health on Normal mode, because I’m running out of ammo quicker, and I’m a conservative. I never ran out of ammo in the early part of the first encounter in the village town, but I ran out of bullets fighting the third Ganado! It seems Capcom got complaints about how there was an abundance of ammo in the game, so they toned it down in the PS2 version.

          NOTE: I believe I’ve found out why you run out faster. Ammo is coming in smaller packages. I’m finding Shotgun ammo more in 2s and 3s rather than 5s and 10s. Handgun ammo is coming in the 10s more often than 20s. Rifle ammo seems to come always in 2s.


          My belief is that the with the PS2 version they had to reduce the number of zombies, so they also changes weapon values. Unfortunately, newer versions of the game have retained some of those changes and not for the better. They might have replaced the missing enemies but they did not correct damage values.

          And before anybody brings up the fact that dieing reduces the difficulty and lowers the number of enemies in the area, yea I already know that which is why I always reload instead of continuing when I die, because I enjoy playing on professional but the only way I can truely do that is on the gamecube or dolphin versions 🙁

          • albert says:

            I also notice some differences and that “professional” mode being not that hard as expected but I’m afraid we don’t know how to edit these kind of things. All this data is probably stored in the exe file and there’s nothing we can do about it right now… 🙁

        • Luciano Oliveira says:

          I like of the idea to increase more damage to enemy to.
          If, the GameCube was like this ?

  10. Luciano Oliveira says:

    Maybe not at all, but I already noticed it.

    I researched something I watched, no matter if it plays in normal or professional, the game adapts to “your gameplay”, that is, if you play well: enemies are stronger, intelligent, leave items without much use or money, in addition to increasing the number of enemies.

    If you play badly, there comes a lot more ammunition, less enemies and are killed more easily.

    Regardless of the difficulty, this would be the level of play “secretly”.

    I’m not saying that I play well, but I play this game for almost 13 years, I have it in Ps2, Xbox 360, Ps4 and PC and what I said above is always worth it.

    No matter the difficulty, I almost never take damage and the ammunition appears difficult, almost always it is money.

    And when I rarely take damage, I almost always die, or the energy bar is almost zero, even playing in normal.

    And when my friends, or when I see another person playing, is very different, lots of ammunition, “dumb” enemies, rare ammunition like magnum and mine thrower.

    So I researched this, and there are several videos about it, confirming, and even theorizing demonstrating the difference between playing well and playing poorly.

    But this has never been confirmed by Capcom.

    And I do not know if these things happen in the Gamecube, but in the versions I quoted, that’s the way it is.

    • Luciano Oliveira says:

      Magnum and Mine-Thrower*

    • Pauls96 says:

      Ammo drops depend on what you have in your inventory, if its more than X, you don’t get it. So, being conservative can backfire at you, if you try to go more risky and waste health, instead of bullets you are full of. Only crates always have same ammo, and change only after you die to other loot.

    • Sean says:

      Its a lot simpler than that.

      If you die and choose to continue, the difficulty is reduced for the area you are in. Once you pass the area the difficulty returns to the original setting.

      The game does not get more difficult if you are playing good. If you want to play on the hardest difficulty (professional) without having the difficulty reduced, you have to reload a save anytime you die.

    • Sean says:

      As I said in my previous posts, the Gamecube version is actually more difficult on Professional as later versions had balancing changes that screwed up the difficulty (read the links I posted above for more details)

  11. Luciano Oliveira says:

    Thank you guys! I did not know that.
    Will be cool if they have left the game with the gamecube difficulty, although this seems “irrelevant” to a graphics mod.
    But it would be very cool, if the hard difficulty as you say.

  12. oprink says:

    muchas gracias excelente trabajo,se ve de lujo,estaria bien que restauraras el resident evil 3 jeje

    • albert says:

      Desafortunadamente no tenemos los conocimientos para editar los archivos de ese juego. Y quien sabe si Capcom acabará haciendo un Remake hehe

  13. Luciano Oliveira says:

    How do you intend to do the next update?
    Do you intend to present the female ganados and the Bosses that exist before the castle?
    Or do you want to start with more secondary characters? for example, ganados from the village, then ganados cultists from the castle and after ganados from the island?
    Already anxious, I want to see how are the clothes special and special 2.
    I will miss this anxiety when the mod is over ??

  14. Rafael says:

    Any news? It’s probably time to release the final version of the mod.

    • albert says:

      I’m afraid there’s still a lot of work to do XD

      • Rafael says:

        What else is left? What else do you plan to fix and do?

        • Harban Vassbakk says:

          Well, there are a lot of characters remaining. Try counting all enemy types, including bosses, and friendly characters. Add inn Cris’ revisions and final polishing, for a pretty big workload for two people who are doing this for free in their spare time.

  15. Catbus says:

    “I’d love to help a team that is re-creating the REmake Remaster background images”

    Are you referring to the work Bunny / Flour Bunny is doing?

  16. Guitar Player says:

    “Any news? It’s probably time to release the final version of the mod.”

    Yeah….I think yes….

    (Leon’s word on that picture….)

  17. isaac pavon says:

    please stop deleting my comments. I’m not kidding when I say I’m gay.
    good work by the way!

    • albert says:

      Nobody deleted any comment of yours. I’ve searched your messages and you already said you are gay 8 times !!!!!
      You can be happy when you comes out and you can’t resist to share this with as many people as possible. This is completely understandable and I congratulated you for that the first time you said it, but to repeat the same thing during months/years doesn’t make any sense! And I repeat: Nobody deleted any comment of yours.
      Sorry to sound that harsh, but there are things that go beyond my understanding.

      Maybe you live in a repressive environment and here’s the only place you can say it and not feeling bad, I don’t know how your live is, but if this is the case, I strongly suggest you to search for some kind of LGTB supporting group that helps you. Unfortunatelly we can’t help you unless another member of this community wants to get in contact with you and chat about this matter.
      I’m not judging you, I’m just suggesting that maybe you are repeating it so many times because you are searching for someone to talk about that, and I really wish you luck if this is what are you looking for.

      Anyway, thank you for your support!

    • Roy says:

      What a coincidence, I’m gay too!

  18. JAX says:

    Add many polygon’s to player models Leon and Ada

  19. Sean says:

    When will we see new pictures/updates? Aside from the article, we havent seen anything new in over a month!

    • albert says:

      Yep, you are right. I’m working on so many things at the same time that there’s nothing completed to show. But the work hasn’t stopped! 🙂
      Also, the character’s 3D edits are really tricky and time consuming, but the results are good. Right now I’m improving Leon’s jacked 3D model for example.
      And I’ve already remastered the textures of a few more enemies/characters and a few extra things I don’t want to spoil. I guess next week I’ll post whatever I have completed even if it’s not as much as I want to show.

      I can’t wait to start editing the monsters and those gory textures 😛

  20. Luciano Oliveira says:

    I come here to see if the HD PROJECT have any news, images or something like that, and the only thing that i found, its the guy saying that he is gay again hahaha’

    Be happy gay guy, but we wanna know about re4 ??

  21. ... says:

    when this game is coming out?

  22. Rafael says:

    Hi, Any news?

  23. eric says:

    The download link is dead