Walkthrough | Chapter 1-1 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

As I promised, I’ve uploaded a video showing the final (or almost final) version of Chapter 1-1. There are no comparison shots this time. I’ll compile some of them when the entire Chapter 1 (1-1, 1-2, and 1-3) walkthrough is completed. 🙂


I speak in Spanish in this video. It’s the first time I’ve made a narrated video on Youtube, and I was a little nervous haha. So, no way I’m gonna do it in English because I don’t want to make a fool of myself. XD

What’s new in the video compared to the July 13th release pack:

  1. All characters, enemies and their accessories are remastered
  2. I’ve corrected most of the things people commented on in previous posts (Leon’s hair and ears, Ganados’ faces and hair, etc…)
  3. All animals are also remastered (cows, crows, dogs, spiders, bats)
  4. All weapons and items are fully remastered (in the inventory, in-game and examine view)
  5. All background images are fully re-created
  6. Some minor 3D adjustments
  7. Some lighting and effect adjustments (the shadows being the most noticeable)
  8. Remastered fire and blood textures
  9. “Press any button” title screen RE4 logo position is fixed
  10. Some minor edits on the title screen background image

And here goes the video. Enjoy it!

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113 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 1-1 Fully Remastered”

  1. ElTioRata says:

    very nice!!1!

  2. Sergey Tokarev says:

    Nice) I think you saw that already in youtube comments, but can you enable automatic captioning for this video, please?

    • albert says:

      I’m trying it , but I can’t find an automatic option anywhere!
      I only found the manual captioning 🙁
      Is the automatic captioning possible for all videos?

      • Sergey Tokarev says:

        Yeah, I looked for google support page about auto-captioning and it seems like a “beta” kind of feature. Anyway, if you can’t enable it – not a big deal, I enjoy your gameplay as it is 🙂 Too bad we’re losing your “tech-related” comments, though.

        • albert says:

          I’m also trying an audio-to-text software but the results are quite terrible XD
          Thank you! 🙂

          • MAGG says:

            Creo que debes ajustar el idioma del video a español, y atomaticamente te deja el CC.

            Por cierto, nunca habia notado que el policia español habla ingles consigo mismo xD

          • albert says:

            Haha ya ves, es absurdo!
            Ya he incluido subs en Español y en Inglés (inglés muy malo, pero se entiende)
            Por suerte Youtube sincroniza muy bien tiempos y subtítulos

  3. HawkX says:

    Super awesome work!! My wife never played the 4th game… so whenever there is a file availlable from start to finish we’ll definitely play it! 🙂 Already got the game on steam so just need a finished version 🙂
    Thanks for all the hard work and happy new year to you!

  4. Gonzo says:

    When will be this available???

    • albert says:

      We still don’t know. As we always say, we don’t think about dates. We work as fast as we can during our free time 🙂

  5. Kael Silva Pinto says:

    and cutscenes separate ways. Will they leave in HD as well?

    • albert says:

      That’s not possible. Only Capcom has the files (if they still have them) to re-render those scenes at HD resolutions. Those cutscenes are simply video files. There’s no way to remaster that

      • gamer says:

        have you tryed making those videos cleaner looking though like use deblocking for example ? Or impossible ?

      • Dilapidated says:

        Perhaps you’ve done some research into these already but there’s actually some AI video upscaling that could do this for you. Here’s an example of one called TecoGAN.

        • HawkX says:

          I was actually going to write about that 🙂 It probably wouldnt be that hard to extract the videos as frames, run them through a batch upscalling like that SRGAN method, then rebuild the video in premiere (as long as we know what codec the game is using)

          • albert says:

            I’ll tell you later (I have to check it when I’m home) which codec exactly it uses. If you can find a way of creating hi-res free of articarts and RE4 compatible videos with that codec I’d be able to recreate the rotating bridge scene and the end cretits at least 🙂

        • MAGG says:

          Even if they do it, the game does not allow high resolution videos.

          • ItalicMaze says:

            I found this and there’s mention of overriding video resolution: http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/9765/ultimate-trainer-companion-v1-raz0r

          • HawkX says:

            Considering the link posted by ItalicMaze, and that Albert (creator of this amazing mod) is already in that post mentionned as author, then i’m pretty sure it would be possible to batch improve the videos from the game 🙂
            I am surprised that that particular tool was only released on dec.17! That is very recent…

            Anyway, if albert deems it possible to play improved video, I dont mind volunteering to help out and uprez them (even doing a batch frame-by-frame and recode) I have worked on many mods before (DQXI, Skyrim, Xcom, FF6) and I really want this to be as amazing as it can be 🙂

        • albert says:

          This is like magic! When all video software will include this algorithm?? :DD haha

          • Kaludio says:

            maybe you can use this algorithm on the original stock textures that were recovered, that could help blending them with they recreated HD textures.

          • albert says:

            The algorithm in that video probably takes extra data to calculate the final result from the before and after frames. This is something that can’t be done with a single picture
            But now I’m using a new software that upscales textures in a crazy way (in the good way) Topaz A.I. Gigapixel. It’s incredible with certain textures and passable in other textures. It all depends on the original source picture quality. The clearer and more detailed the original low res textures is, the better are the results, but if you use as base a low res picture that alreadly looks slightly blurry the results will be like upscaling it in Photoshop.

          • Dilapidated says:

            It’s really amazing how far technology has come and you’re correct regarding your assumption of that video I shared. Using AI on videos from what I understand would require that AI to be trained specifically to gather information on previous and following frames before producing a result. If you were to dump the frames individually, run them through standard AI, then stitch them together I’d presume there would be weird artifacts. Regardless it’s still worth a try as I know you’d love to have HD cut-scenes before the big release. 😛

          • albert says:

            Hehe of course I’d love it :DD
            Is there any actual software that can do it easily on videos, even if it’s during a trial period? so I can give a try at least

          • Dilpaidated says:

            That’s a great question, there’s different types GAN’s being developed and released everyday so it’s possible. I looked through a lot today trying to find one for you. It’s really crazy how many different sorts there are and for different use applications. To kind of put it in perspective, I’ve found this: https://github.com/hindupuravinash/the-gan-zoo It contains a list of all the different GAN’s. I found 18 hits searching the string “video” but none seem suitable for our application currently. It’s a big list, some have githubs and others are just papers. It also looks like it hasn’t been updated in 3 months so who knows how many more have released since. Perhaps there’s already one available and I’ve been unable to locate it, I’ll keep looking for you 🙂

          • albert says:

            Wow! That a huge list!
            I’ve been doing some research today myself too in the entire thread:
            and I can’t understand a thing about all this stuff and how people manage to do this upscales. Anyway it seems they are just talking about static images
            Topaz A.I. Gigapixel does a similar process but it’s not as good, but the results are quite impressive aswell
            (scroll down untill you find “Download Topaz A.I. Gigapixel” Current Version: 2.1.1)
            I hope someday some sort of GAN software with lots of calibration parameters that even let you select and apply different algorithms in selected areas of the same picture appears haha
            I guess it’s a matter of time…
            Thanks for taking the time of looking at all this! Right now I’ll focus on the project and I leave the movies for the last thing just in case some miraculous video tool appears in the meantime 😛

  6. mofail says:

    Great ! shame sub titles don’t work but ima download & watch this later anyway lol

  7. NEGAARMAX says:

    Como que no se notara #PrayforIngridHunnigan
    Las imágenes de los manuales rehechas de pasaste realmente se ven espectaculares.
    Las armas de los ganados es algo que ya esperaba, muchas gracias por hacer ese cambio.

    Pues me vi todo el video bastante bien los cambios que se han hecho igual les deseo un Feliz Año.

    Por cierto en el capitulo 1-2 (iba a hacer un video pero mi net es mala para subir) en el inicio al final de las escaleras hay bug de colisión ya que las atraviesa al final al igual que en la parte superior de la casa donde consigues una de las piezas exagonales uno de los postes también tiene ese fallo de colisión, y hay otro mas con los arboles al salir del pozo e ir a la casa de Mendez los atraviesas.

  8. Will this have Gamecube controller support with the proper button prompts? If not, will this mod work alongside a Gamecube controller mod?

  9. Pliskin says:

    I liked the walkthrough and the comments you made. Thank you for addressing the comment I made about the burning police corpse on the pike at 36:21, but what I meant was if you could make just a single different texture for him after Leon fights with Mendez in the house and sees Ada for the first time. Not deteriorating in real time but just make his body look more charred and decomposed in the second encounter; that would add to the realism and detail.

    • albert says:

      Oh yeah, I know, but that’s not possible because the game loads exactly the same files and I can’t change that 🙁
      And don’t mention it! ;P
      I can do it for Ada because the room at the start of Separate Ways and the second time you arrives the Village are different room files!! But it would make no sense the corpse changes in Ada’s game but not in Leon’s game…

      • Suckable_lemon says:

        Perhaps the burning police corpse could simply be far be more charred/blackened the first time Leon enters the village. That way, when you return later it isn’t so distracting how fireproof his corpse seems to be.

        • albert says:

          I’ll think about that! I don’t want to deviate too much of the original, even what you say makes sense. Let’s see if I find the perfect balance!

  10. V I D A L says:

    This looks ridiculous. I do have hopes this project gets picked up by Capcom and made it “official”. Like a free DLC on Steam and maybe even on consoles.

  11. dreadfield says:

    hi albert
    happy new year hd project!
    impresionante video , very interesting info and fun to listening too,
    To be the first video you make, your talking, is very well commented, really liked,
    well done!
    I cant say nothing, about graphical nitpicks, really looks perfect.
    Nailed everything and more..
    only that the shotgun seems to have some minor texture corruption, or superimposed, on the wooden part,
    it was noticeable, on the menu , looks like dark rectangle , seems to me, an edit error, sure you already fix it, 😉
    i am ok with eyes effect right now, looks natural and not disctracting,
    is true that one of the officers, look like his going to cry, like a girl, in any moment, maybe he knew, he was going to die, XP forever and over and over again

    awsome start of 2019!
    wish you both only the best
    kind regards

  12. AndOne says:

    Hi, amazing work as always. I see you’ve restored the old gamecube cloud intro. Would you be able to restore the games old violence warning that it used to have back in the day? It doesn’t “feel” the same without it :p

  13. Khabib N says:

    Will this have Gamecube controller support with button prompts?

    • albert says:

      Our pack doens’t include any controller/keyboard/mouse changes. It’s only about graphic improvements. The rest will remain as is

  14. Frank Nitty says:

    Video looks good. Awesome work as always

  15. TheWachinMas says:

    Que lindo laburo se estan mandando wachos! esta bellisimo

  16. English in not my first language either says:

    Next time do one of these videos in english.
    “don’t be afraid to look like a fool if you want to learn!”
    I know it sounds like a cliche but seriously this could be a great way for you to improve your english.

    • albert says:

      Haha yeah I know. But then I couldn’t express all my thoughts and ideas properly, and make some jokes once in a while as I did in the first video. I’ve added English subs in the video. They are terrible (automatic translation and just a quick revision) haha but I think people can understand what I’m saying now 🙂

  17. Fali says:

    Hola Albert!
    He visto el video completo y me ha venido a la cabeza que seria una buena idea hacer lo mismo que has hecho del bitmap para las sombras de los arboles,etc. Hacerlo tambien cuando Leon entre en una de las casetas de madera, como la del minuto 18:12. Yo creo que podria quedar guay, que la iluminacion bajase un poco en Leon, porque queda algo raro cuando entra dentro y sigue igual de iluminado que fuera.

    Aun asi, menudo curro os habeis metido. Os felicito, esta quedando de lujo!

    • albert says:

      Gracias por el consejo y el apoyo! 😀
      Efectivamente, hay ciertas casetas en las que debería disminuir un poco la iluminación en cuanto entra 😉

  18. Arun Shanmugam says:

    Hi Albert,

    I am so thankful for what you are doing to us, but I have few humble requests from you:

    1. Can you fix the “clipping issue”, for example, @12:49 Leon’s shoes go through the carpet.
    2. “dark lines” in Leon’s hair looks too sharp and has sharp edges, can you you fix that by softening the lines/increasing the polygons/etc.? eg: @5.54 and @16:14
    3. I love you made Leon’s hair parting look natural, but the parting does not go all the way back like the original version, instead it ends in the “center” of Leon’s head.
    4. Also can you make transparency of the laser more realistic?

    I am really sorry if I am troubling you, I just want to see whether you can fix this. many thanks in advance.

    • albert says:

      And thank you to for the feedback! 🙂
      1. This is really rad to fix… the entire game is full of these problems because the irregularities of the floor. I’ll take a look at it but I guess the only way would be to change the position of the floor and carpet, but that would force me to change a lot of things to adapt it ingame… Maybe the shadow position should be lowered… hum…
      2. The proble with this is the hair would look blurrier at normal distances. About the polygons, I’m afraid It almost reached the limits.
      3. Yes, I noticed that, It’s strange… sometimes happend and some others doesn’t. I guess I’ll be able to fix it!
      4. I don’t have an answer for this because I don’t know how to edit the laser transparency… Sorry!

  19. Gamer says:

    Did they change the camera for the chainsaw ? Thought it was more close or is there different versions ? Also would be interesting if Salavador could affect other enemys when he swings at you.
    And I noticed Leons jacket clips in the menu, Iam sure you notice it and maybe mentioned it before so Iam guessing it`s not modable

    • Gamer says:

      seems the GC version for the camera is similar, guesss not then

    • albert says:

      No, we didn’t change any camera angle. Unfortunatelly we can do the enemies interact. But that would make the game easier haha
      Yes, maybe someday we’ll be able to edit the animations. Then we’ll fix that 🙂

      • Gamer says:

        yes it would make the game easier, I just thought it would be impressive to see Salvador affect other ganados trying to get to Leon, maybe the ganados just move backwards like they do if you melee one of them and theres more next to them. Maybe a mod then

  20. mariano says:

    espero tu respuesta podrias mejorar la atmosfera ejemplo mas niebla,ect. por ejemplo esta atmosfera le da un efecto mas de re4 no se si me entiendes o ponerlo opcional como filtro fotohttp://oi57.tinypic.com/14wsmzl.jpg. tengo enb series de esa foto

    • Gamer says:

      Theres already a fog version of the game so maybe a less foggy version with that filter
      Ya existe una versión de niebla del juego, así que quizás una versión menos nebulosa con ese filtro

    • albert says:

      Ese cambio es demasiado drástico y no encaja con las mejoras que estamos realizando. Lo que me comentas se trataría de adaptar la atmósfera del juego a los gustos concretos de ciertas personas y eso no podemos hacerlo, ya que mucha otra gente preferiría dejarlo como está en el original. Y por desgracia no es una opción que pueda activarse o desactivarse. Si hiciéramos este cambio quedaría así para siempre, sin posibilidad de que pueda cambiarse la intensidad de niebla.

    • NEGAARMAX says:

      Usa Reshade y ajustalo tu mismo con el efecto de Magical Bloom o fake bloom, a su vez puedes usar el efecto de tonemap para darle ese tono de color cafe sin necesidad de usar filtros dentro del RE4.

  21. Greg says:

    Hola, llevo siguiendo el proyecto bastante tiempo y la verdad creo que estais haciendo un trabajo realmente extraordinario. Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones (ojalá que Capcom tome nota jajaja).
    El caso es que no se si ya os lo han reportado o no, porque no he leido todos los comentarios, pero creo que hay un bug justo en el minuto 30 en la figura de Leon, cuando estais dentro del menu de inventario, maletin, etc…(en la chaqueta/pantalon). Por cierto, el estilo del video (comentarios, detalles, curiosidades…) creo que está perfecto, casi ni se nota que es el primero que haces, asi que seguid así, que nos morimos por ver el resto de areas terminadas jajaja.

    Un saludo.

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias por el apoyo! El segundo me resultará mucho más cómodo. Solo tengo que vocalizar un poco mejor XD

      Te refieres a que la chaqueta queda dentro del cuerpo de Leon ¿verdad? Este es un problema de origen. Resulta que dentro del inventario, todas las animaciones físicas (movimiento del pelo, que la chaqueta tienda a caer por el efecto de la “gravedad”, etc) están desactivadas, lo que deriva en que la chaqueta es completamente rígida. Y como Leon está un poco inclinado hacia adelante, la chaqueta se adentra en su cuerpo. Con Ada pasa lo mismo. Si te fijas, la cinta del cuello que cae por su espalda no se ve en el inventario. Está metida dentro del cuerpo totalmente rígida. Si algún día consigo una herramienta para editar las animaciones, intentaré arreglar estos fallos!

      Gracias de nuevo, por la paciencia!!

  22. C. says:

    Great work man. Keep it up. For me though that youtube video is just way too bright. Maybe your gamma on your screen is different, but to me it looks pretty lit up like that. but I understand to see some of the new details, but yeah I need RE4 to be dark and mysterious so will not really be touching brightness setting much.

    I wish you well on the next few parts.

    • albert says:

      Take into consideration the first areas are daytime. During nightime and darker areas the game looks much darker even when the brightness is set to the max. But you are right about the monitor callibration. It also depends on that and on personal taste 🙂

  23. bloodyhunter says:

    I watched and listened to your walkthrough with great interest from start to finish! It’s really interesting to hear all your anecdotes about the remastering process and the game itself.

    Regarding the models and textures shown in the video, they all look incredible. Just got one nitpick: it is really obvious the size of Leon’s buttpack was reduced. Any reason why you couldn’t you keep its original size? Judging by your video, it doesn’t seem like it would clip with the jacket.

    Aaaah can’t wait to see the next chapters and learn more through your comments! Thank you for all your hard work and patience dealing with all our suggestions haha.

    • albert says:

      Thank you too for the patience of watching the entire video haha! 🙂
      Yes. That pack was reduced because it clipped the jacket when he perform certain movements ingame and/or during cutscenes (I can’t remember which was the exact moment/s it happened. Anyway, this is something I have in mind and I want to double check if there is some way of making it less obviously smaller…
      Thanks again!

  24. ian says:

    Truly mind-blowing work sir(s). When you release the final product will there be a way to pay for it? You’ve literally made my dream come true and I’d very much like to pay you for that service.

    I love the houses you added to the background in the area right before you find Luis. If you didn’t tell me they weren’t always there I wouldn’t have looked twice! I did notice, however, that the texture on the underside of their roofs is identical to the one on the outside, which doesn’t make sense. Any chance you could just steal a texture from another house in the game and slap it on there?

    Again, you guys are actual angels for doing this thank you thank you THANK YOU!

    • albert says:

      Hello! and … good eyes!
      You are right, both sides of the roof are using the texture with the tiles and leaves haha
      I’ve already fixed it 🙂

      There is a “donate” button at the right of the page
      Thank you very much for the support! 😀

  25. Stuart Arias says:

    Mi unico criticismo es esa extrana arruga blanca en la barbilla de Leon. Me parece demasiado detalle en ese caso, porque se supone que Leon tiene una cara bien suave y joven. A mi, personalmente, me destrae mucho, jaja. Ademas de eso, increible trabajo, caballeros!

    • albert says:

      Ya le echaré un vistazo a ver si noto esa marca demasiado exagerada y encuentro alguna manera de “rejuvenecerla”
      (algunos comentarios se quedan a la espera de ser aprobados manualmente por nosotros. por eso no los veías aparecer ;))

    • Alvin says:

      Buena vista social club ^__^

  26. Tomas says:

    Albert is awesome!

  27. Cenk says:

    Nice work! Any chance to rework the analog layots in binocular and in the scope rifles? Capcom made them so big and its ugly. Make it new with more simple modern look and small to left or right bottom corners 🙂

  28. Vick S. Bateman says:

    Albert i just love you, these videos where it all comes togheter was just insanity. Also being italian i somewhat understood everything you said, i’m going to watch the hell out of all these videos.

    Just please consider adjusting the Ganados eyes, because they still look weird imo. The shaders were fine even before, the problem with those is that there’s way too much contrast between the pupil and iris, and that the iris silhouette is too dark. I think the original had the pupil black level a step of two of brightness more from absolute black for main characters (as it should be), and a few more steps for Ganados. They sometime also had different eye textures based on the scene i mean, i think some sort of opaqueness and maybe just a bit of shading in the corners would really make a difference, even just a little. I know it sounds insane nitpicking, but get something as hard as eyes right is like this. Just try, i think you will agree.

    Thank you again for all these incredible updates, wish you and Cris a great new year.

    • albert says:

      Hehe I’m glad you liked the video 🙂
      About ganados, eyes, I’ll double check the originals. thera are so many ganados eye’s textures and they are so blurred… maybe this is one of the reasons they look so different,
      […and maybe just a bit of shading in the corners…] <-- This is a good idea. I'll try it for sure! Thank you too and also have a great new year!

  29. Bobby says:

    It took me a while to figure out why the cutscenes in the car looked off to me. Everything on the inside looks too pristine/clean, especially when compared to the beat up look of the outside. I think since its the first cutscenes players watch its important for it to look like it all matches.
    1. https://imgur.com/HLHpGlJ – The original seats look more worn and scuffed up. The new textures look like a brand new seats/interior.
    2. https://imgur.com/D8O6xn1 – The speedometer/air vents have metal parts which look more expensive and modern, they should have a cheaper plastic look like the original. The CD player in the middle also doesn’t fit as well as the originals cassette player.

    I noticed that both Leon’s starting pistol and the blacktail magazines are blue when reloaded for both Leon and Ada.
    3. https://imgur.com/CsBs6YJ – An earlier version on the right doesn’t have this problem.
    4. https://imgur.com/WOs8q5V – The magazine for the blacktail looks much better in the right most picture from the cutscene. Also the increased size of the higher poly model makes it clip through Ada’s hand more noticeably then before.
    5. https://imgur.com/xep8SL9 – The metal slide on Leon’s gun looks way to scratched and comes off more grey in color than the originals silver look.
    6. https://imgur.com/MjEWufh – I also think that the back side of Leon’s gloves should be a darker black, like in the original.

    Everything after this is me just nitpicking, I don’t think any of it is particularly important.
    7. https://imgur.com/ZTBUJn9 – The in game/cutscene knifes have different color handles blue/black, as well as slightly different color blades. I think I prefer the shinier cutscene blade.
    8. https://imgur.com/G1XBi7R
    9. https://imgur.com/rIvNmsT
    10. https://imgur.com/Hs2C4Al
    11. https://imgur.com/6VLldYS
    12. https://imgur.com/X7dQe2I

    I’m sorry if this post was a little long, I wanted to do my best to give good feedback because of all the hard work you two have put into this project over the years. Please know that I think the work you guys have done is incredible, and I am always excited any time you post a new update. I hope some of this helps and I wish you both the best this new year.

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to post all this!

      1. Agree!
      2. Agree!
      3. The blue one is the right version. I checked at real life magazines and it seems Capcom artists mapped the magazine the wrong way: they mapped the blue part on the thinner part (the one you can’t see and the silver part was the thick side, but it’s the opposite. I need to make sure the entire game is the same (ingame and cutscenes).
      4. Haha it really wasn’t almost noticeable in motion XD Let’s see what can I do with Ada’s magazine.
      5. I’ll double check it! Maybe it’s true the metal part looks too “used” in comparison with the rest of the weapon. Well… there are antique weapons that doesn’t look that scratched after all haha
      6. I’ll double check it, too, because during certain cutscenes the gloves already look almost black. Maybe the specular corrections make the gloves to look slightly brighter ingame…
      7. Haha eagle eyes you have! Something else I need to unify along all the game 😉
      8. Easy to fix!
      9. Agree!
      10. I already fixed it, but it seems I reversed the correction when I made the cutscene to load the room texture instead of the cutscene pack texture to optimize file structure. Easy to re-fix!
      11. I need to know if this is caused by the animation or if it’s a mapping issue (the mapping issue can be fixed)
      12. This is going to be tricky to fix, but feasible 🙂

      Thanks again! Have a great new year you too!

  30. ivan says:

    gran trabajo que estan haciendo chicos con este gran juego una pregunta
    ¿sera posible cambiar el hud?
    o cambiar el sonidos de las armas seria bueno

    • albert says:

      Si se trata de solo el aspecto, sí. Si se trata del tamaño, eso ya sería más complicado, pero posible. Aunque esto entraría en el terreno de los mods, más que en el de la remasterización.
      Y el sonido de las armas: Ya hay mods por algunas webs que cambian el sonido de las armas (supongo que aquí estarán: http://residentevilmodding.boards.net ), pero al menos yo no me veo capacitado para hacer ningún cambio, ya que no tengo ni idea de como suenan en la vida real haha

  31. verdugo7 says:

    Hi albert, it’s me again verdugo7

    anyway, 1st of all everything looks brilliant to me, no complaints from me.
    But one thing that catches me is that, did you change the inventory model of the shotgun again xD ? Because it looks different from your latest release. (The one in your latest release is higher poly, and has a more defined “C” curve in grip of the stock).
    I see the textures looks a tad better but the model is kinda, idk low poly (?)
    Hope you can improve it (or, use the model from your latest release)
    Thank you for reading!

    I’m sorry if I sound nit picky on this one but it looks kinda odd to me xD
    But everything else is fantastic! Godspeed ma man! Thanks for everything you do for us, good luck!

    • albert says:

      Hi! and no worries
      You are right about they look different! It seems I took the wrong model when I compiled the ss_pzzl.dat file. But they have more or less the same ammount of poligons, only the shape is different. The one in the July release match the examine model shape. The one in the video looks more similar to the original inventory model, but hi-poly.
      Thanks! and good eyes!

  32. Ernesto León says:

    Chicos, gran trabajo como siempre, se que sobre las cutscenes de separate ways se ha hablado todo lo que se puede hablar, pero tengo una duda (veo que nadie la ha manifestado) han tratado de contactar a capcom por algun medio fiable a ver si de casualidad o suerte tienen los archivos que os permitan hacer esas cutscenes en tiempo real?

    • albert says:

      Pues sí, ya estuvimos en contacto con ellos. Incluso en una ocasión aprovechamos para preguntarles si por un casual no tendrían la biblioteca de texturas que utilizaron en su día y nos dijeron que ya no conservaban dicho material. (Lo cual no acababa de creérmelo porque incluso en Revelations 2 vi una textura de una pared que aparece en RE4).
      De todos modos, si ellos no lo hicieron para la PS4 y todas las versiones HD o incluso en la Wii, dudo que conserven el material de Separate Ways…

      • Gamer says:

        yes, if they had better version, Iam sure they would use it for UHD

      • Ernesto León says:

        Os creo, aunque no hay que subestimar la flojera de capcom, mirad lo roto que están los ports a pc de dead rising jajaja

  33. CrisWithoutH says:

    I love it, but I don’t think that the wrinkles on Ganados’ faces should be this dark. They basically turn from wrinkles into face canyons.

    • albert says:

      I guess the reason is they were so blurry that it was impossible darker lines. Just try to make in Photoshop a black thin 1 pixel line in a 1024×1024 white picture and reduce it to 128×128 and you’ll see what happens to that line.
      Also, I’ve reduced our new recreated ganados faces to their original size and the intensity of the wrinckels is exactly the same the original has. So, that esencially the difference: the resolution of the image.

  34. Booker Overbeck says:

    What other peoples are waiting : Resident Evil 2 Remake
    What i waiting: Resident Evil 4 HD Project ?

  35. Alvin says:

    Leon in Re2 remake looks different. Very different.

  36. Alucard says:

    Very important question, can you restore the depth of field effect in cut-scenes, just like in Gamecube ver.

    • albert says:

      No. This is one of those effects that was broken during the HD porting process and I still haven’t be able to restore…

  37. Chizuru94 says:

    last time I visited this side and installed the mod, my RE4 only crashed all the time 2-3 seconds after opening it (not sure if this mod had caused it, though), but I’m super excited to read you continued to work on it.

    A simple question now, though. How to donwload the latest version? The “latest release” ones still got a date from 2018. Or was the latest version not released yet and just shown in the video?

    In any case, thanks in advance for a reply.

  38. Chizuru94 says:


    Alright, I watched the video and know now. Keep it up, don’t pressure yourselves and I seriously can’t wait for this <3 Will be a pleasure to test it as well. I'll wait with starting the game again then for now.

  39. Nameless says:

    Hey Albert, really great work and I can’t wait to replay RE4 with the finished product. But I gotta tell ya, I’m really jonesing for an update! How are things coming along? Any news you can share? Can you give an update to the progress summary?

    This project has gotten me to reinstall the game and I’ve starting playing through it again for like the 20th time. No third party mod has ever done that.

    • albert says:

      Hi! And thanks!
      I’m working on chapter 1-2. There were some complicated lighting issues I had to deal with but the results deserve it!
      Now I’m working on the Merchant, cultist and Saddler textures and models and I’ll be ready for the next update.
      Oh! I’ve also corrected a lot of small details based on the feedback from the chapter 1-1 video 🙂

      I guess I’ll wait a couple of weeks before I prepare the new post because there will be the RE2make release in 2 days hehe, but I’ll continue the RE4 work in the meantime anyway. Maybe chapter 1-3 will be also ready by that time.

      • Nameless says:

        Cool man, thanks again for your hard work and persistence. This is truly the HD edition that Capcom should have given us. You guys are amazing!

      • Superbegita says:

        Hi Albert ! Huhu as i expected i was surprise that you don’t playe to the already famouse RE2 Remake (i have it too on team..with all the dlcs i am going to play it…no later that…right now hAHA°;

        Ah great news ! So the merchand, cultistst ans Salazar so basically the second big part of the game the Castle? I was wondering it let to both of you…the cultis of the Castle and the mercenaries of the Island thirs and last part of the game and all the boos..

        Ah yes ! By the way i don’t know is you know it but !

        For the Resident evil 2 Remake…”i have something who might interested you haha” 🙂

        – There wil be a new mode called “Ghost Survivor” …Three of the 4 characters have been displayed (well in the mean revelaed)..but not the 4th one..but i have a good guess..look after.

        – There will be two news costumes adds too: the originals 1998 models from both Leon and Claire (alos in the cinematics who are very funy with that ..we fell very RETRO)

        All of that will be..FREE ! Yes free !

        Other and last thing i have notice..and being very interesting for the future i think add on and lc…

        After after datamine the game… in his foleder i have notice some things who might pointed toward some interesting things…

        – They are indeed some files of the voices of..Chris Redfield and..Ethan

        And what?
        I come to ^^
        In the réédition of the original Resident evil 2 (and all his ports infact) they have a mode caled “Extremùe Battle”

        In this mode four characters was playable: Leon, Claire, Ada and..Chris ! (yeah Chris Redfield who else? huu)

        So basically..if this truein logical Capcom will add in the future…a Extreme Battle mode.

        …other thing..the voice of Ethan…might say that he will be the famous not show again 4th survivor of the “Ghost Survivor” mode !

        Capcom has just saif for the 4th Survivor…. (to the Ghost Survivor mode) it ‘won’t be a character from the canonicals” mean not a character from the mains Resident evil..so as Ethan who is not rightly.

        Here you go ^^

  40. Albert, the difference of the shadow of the low, medium, high, see this video that I cast on my channel https://youtu.be/yKMl95TVs9E looks at Leon’s shadow

  41. Loituma says:

    Obrigado amigo.Forte abraço aqui do Brasil.

  42. Albert see the video of part 2 of theshadows : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljNusrtUdLs Sorry Albert by FPS when I record from FPS falls

  43. cikame says:

    Thanks to a news post about a Final Fantasy 7 texture mod i just found out about picture upscaling software.
    Are you guys aware of software such as Topaz A.I Gigapixel? It’s pretty amazing stuff.

    I know that a lot more work went into RE4HD than just upscaling textures, and it wouldn’t have fixed the games numerous errors, but programs like this really open the doors for texture mods in the future, especially for pre-rendered backgrounds.
    Hell you could probably upscale old FMV frame by frame and recreate it in HD, that would be great to see if original renderings arn’t available.

    • albert says:

      Yep! I’ve got that software already. It dows some amazing job and it’s good for those textures that just need a little extra detail. You can’t say it’s an upscaled image!
      About the movies. I’m not sure that’s possible right now, there are certain technical limitations. Also, there is specific AI algorithms that do the same for video files using before and after frames to generate upscaled frames. I’m just waiting for some software that does that because it would be waaaay better that upscaling frame by frame 🙂

  44. Kantny says:

    Hi….. nice Work !:) i hope if finall version are be soon 🙂 because i really want play this…. you do verry great Project 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you! I also hope it’s ready soon. I’m seeing the light atthe end of the tunnel. But I’m not sure how much time this “soon” will be haha 🙂

  45. Max says:

    Hey Albert, when is the next update going to be?

  46. Sebastian Alejandro says:

    Hola! yo sé que este comentario no pertenece aqui, pero quiero instalar el mod y cuando le doy al script todos los archivos me dicen “acceso denegado”. Ya intente la solución que dejas en un link aparte, la de abrirlo con command prompt y todo, pero no obtuve resultados. Alguna idea de que puedo estar haciendo mal?.
    Tengo windows 10, el juego esta instalado en esta ruta C:\Program Files (x86)\Resident Evil 4 y se ve todo tal cual en la imagen explicativa que dejaste. La carpeta RE4HDPROJECT pesa 28.4 gb. Gracias de antemano!.

    • albert says:

      Hola! Varias preguntas
      – Doy por hecho que la versión que tienes instalada es la de 2014, la UHD, ¿cierto?
      – ¿Estás usando una cuenta de PC que tenga permisos de administrador? (Si solo hay una cuenta debe tener permisos)
      – En el command prompt, ¿estás indicando la ruta correcta?, la que indicamos nosotros en las instrucciones es un ejemplo. Cada uno debe escribir la ubicación donde tenga el juego instalado. En tu caso c:\Program Files (x86)\Resident Evil 4\


  47. Max says:

    Hey Albert, thanks to Topaz Ai Gigapixel. One modder name shiryu, upsacale the entire background of REmake hd remaster. Here