Walkthrough | Chapter 1-2 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! And sorry for taking so long. I’ve been “testing” RE2make hehe. And I’ve been adjusting a lot of details based on the feedback we received after the first video, too (chapter 1-1).

Here goes the (almost) finalized version of Chapter 1-2!


Like last time, I speak in Spanish in the video. But it has Spanish and English subtitles. Sorry for the bad audio quality… I had to use a low quality microphone this time. I’ll use a brand new mic in future videos. 🙂

What’s new in the video compared to the July 13th release pack:

  1. All characters, enemies and their accessories are remastered
  2. I’ve corrected some details people commented on in previous posts
  3. All weapons and items are fully remastered (in the inventory, in-game and examine view)
  4. All background images are fully re-created
  5. Some minor 3D adjustments
  6. Some lighting and effect adjustments
  7. Remastered fire and blood textures

And here goes the video. Enjoy it!!

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87 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 1-2 Fully Remastered”

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but I can tell from the details in the description it’s awesome work, once again. Looking forward to finished product.

  2. NEGAARMAX says:

    Me encantan esos pequeños detalles de agregar manijas y llaves a los objetos que se abren o los que se deberían abrir peor no se pueden :,v y en especial los juegos que estas empleando con las luces y las sombras incluso parece que el juego tuviera habilitado la opción de SSAO se ve bastante bien,
    quedo a la espera de mas noticias ya sea updates del parche u otro gameplay que la verdad solo hacen que me den ganas de jugar el RE4 de nuevo.
    Un saludo.

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias por el comentario!
      Ahora a por el Del Lago! 🙂
      Bueno,este fin de semana descanso. No estaré por aquí XD Pero después vuelvo a ello 😉

  3. BlackHood​ says:

    After I watched this video it remind me to DMC 4 graphics (Not PC version ofc xDDDD)​ the specular in the eyes, object, lighting and a darker atmosphere. Everythings is so good man. BTW according to the last picture in the begining did you just got access to depth buffer? Nice! Actually​ you know what? Not gonna lie but it’s looks more detail than RE2 stage tbh xD. Keep doing a great work!

  4. [ROLO] says:

    Excelente como siempre, ya esperaba con ansias este video. El único detalle que noté es que las granadas de fuego (las rojas) tienen un tono rojo intenso medio rosado en el portafolios pero se ven de un rojo más tenue y anaranjado al examinar, no sé si sea algo que se te pasó o tiene que ver con la iluminación o algo similar.

    • albert says:

      Ese cambio de tono debe ser porque las texturas de los objetos en el inventario son todas más brillantes que las del juego/examinar, para que se vean mejor en ese contexto. Seguramente debe ser ese el motivo. Al aclararse se ha “rosificado” un poco XD

  5. black goat says:

    no se si es algo raro pero en la versión de ps4 también pasa lo mismo pero en versión física pero en pc versión
    física no lo e probado pero en la versión steam no me pasaba eso en cuanto a la jarra de cerveza fíjate bien hay
    algunas texturas mal ubicadas y en el castillo las jarras de brindis para el rey en una de las armadura cuando agarras el caliz del rey al rededor en una de las armaduras hay una mal ubicación de los brazos del modelado 3D

    • albert says:

      En PS4 también?? haha si es que no arreglan nada de nada… madre mía…
      Podrías enviar alguna imagen mostrando esos errores? Tengo una carpeta donde guardo imágenes de todos estos errores para asegurarme que no me olvido de corregir ninguno.

  6. Daniel says:

    This is like a porn. So hot!
    JK! XD
    Fan-freaking-tastic work my dude!
    Love it!

  7. Harban Vassbakk says:

    This looks smashing! Great work.

  8. Gamer says:

    Theres a light flicker before the truck, doesnt have a light bulb either unless its behind the wrecked building

  9. HHH207 says:

    Please post comparison images like before

  10. Yannis says:

    As someone with a lot of experience in remaking/reimagining Resident Evil art assets, how have you been finding RE2 Remake from an art perspective?

    And of course what do you think of it from a game perspective? (I can answer for you here – it’s really good!)

  11. mofail says:

    I wonder what this game will look like with a good enb?…… Have you tried this remastering game with an enb Albert? I haven’t played this in a very long time but when this modding is finished I certainly will play re4 again & again. THANK YOU for all you effort guys!

  12. verdugo7 says:

    Hello albert, it’s me the guy who complained on the shotgun before 😀
    In this video I do not have any complaints at all, but I just wanna say thank you for considering my suggestion about the shotgun’s distortion in the previous video 🙂

    And just like you said, it’s all a matter of taste so, I see everything is perfect in this video, no complaints 😀
    Keep up the good work my friend, I wish you guys the best of luck!

  13. Nacery says:

    Hey albert have you checked the reupscale project? I’m curious what’s yoiur opinion on AI enhanced textures packs

  14. X6205 says:

    Outstanding work as always ! Meanwhile i will replay RE1 HD remaster with this mod..

  15. Ian Schimmel says:

    This is so fucking cool man, thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work.

    I don’t know why, but the house with that door puzzle has always been one of my favorite areas in the game. Somehow it feel more “handcrafted” than other areas, like the developers really had fun putting it together.

    Anyway, seeing it redone like this is breathtaking. I remember playing as a kid on the Wii, super jealous of the fancy graphics on my friend’s 360, just imagining how glorious this game could be if only the textures were higher res. Your project could not be closer to my childhood daydreams… it’s like you ripped it straight outta my head. Fucking stellar work dude.

    BTW your commentary had me giggling…

  16. Zohar666 says:

    Fantastic work, my friend! Will you upload patchs with these finished fully remastered chapters or only when all the chapters are done?

    • albert says:

      When everything is done. Because it takes a lot of time to prepare packs and to answer all questions and problems about the installation process.
      We’d love to share packs more often but it would take us a looot of time and it would delay the project even more…
      Thanks for the patience!!

  17. Greg says:

    Como siempre un trabajo fantástico Albert. Sólo comentarte una pequeña duda: En el minuto 38.12 cuando veo la puerta observo que tiene el pomo a la derecha, pero a su vez veo que en el lado izquierdo tiene varias cerraduras dibujadas. Esto me ha chocado un poco, porque la verdad es que no tengo ni idea de si ha estado toda la vida así o es un error en la textura que se ha podido colar. Por lo demás todo perfecto, seguid así cracks!!!

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias!
      Ciertamente, no es problema que una puerta tenga varias cerraduras, pero… tienen que estar en el mismo lado XDD No sé cómo se me ha pasado semejante pifia 😛
      La textura original era tan borrosa que no se reconocían esas cerraduras, pero la puerta original las tiene y decidí conservarlas, pero no me percaté de este detalle. Ahora tengo que ver si al otro lado de la puerta le pasa lo mismo. Tiene fácil arreglo en cualquier caso 🙂
      Gracias por el aviso!

      • Greg says:

        De nada jajaja! Por cierto, he echado un ojo a ver si a mi me salía el bug del maletín al comprar y ni siquiera eso. Directamente me pasa lo que a ti cuando intentas comprar la segunda vez (tan solo me aparece la cuadrícula y el objeto que voy a comprar sin el cajetín debajo, y sin importar cuantas veces lo haga). La prueba la he hecho en una edición ultimate HD de pc, recién instalado y sin tener el juego físico.

        Estaría bien que si hay algún modder leyendo esto que sepa del tema os echara una mano.

        Mucho ánimo y saludos.

        • albert says:

          ¿Qué versión del juego tienes? la 1.0.6 o la 1.1.0.
          Aparece en la pantalla de “pulsar cualquier botón”, abajo a la derecha.
          Es posible que en la 1.1.0 eso esté solucionado, pero tengo que confirmarlo

  18. mariano says:

    faltan las sombras de los aleros de el primer mapa no afectan a leon pero si al suelo

  19. mariano says:

    faltan las sombras de los aleros de el primer mapa afecta al suelo pero no a leon
    2 en el minuto41:30 y 49:05 marco de la puerta se ve muy borroso

  20. Onakita says:

    You’ve done a great work, can I ask when we can get new updates to download?

    • albert says:

      We’ll release it when all characters, enemies, files and menus are finished. For now only the July, 2018 release is available to download
      Thanks for the patience!

  21. Max says:

    Hey Albert, i correct me if i’m wrong, but does Leon shirt have low poly model? If you look at the collar, it’s not round. It looks like an octagon, right?

    • albert says:

      Yes, I didn’t improved that because of polygon limitations in certain cutscenes (Leon ingame body is the same used during cutscenes) I Improved arms and shoulders but not the neck. Maybe I found out a way of optimizing other parts of his body and I finally can make his shirt collar rounder…

  22. Art says:

    Is there any way to make the screen which shows the item you just picked up semi-transparent like it was in the original? Or is it broken beyond repair? It was always bothering me since the day this PC version was released. It was working fine in PS3 port, but it seems that QLOC broke it in the process of bringing Gamecube version of RE4 to the PC and modern consoles.

    • albert says:

      Oh unfortunatelly I tried really hard to fix that but it’s completelly broken… Another thing they broke during the conversion it seems… btw, they ported the X360 version instead of going back to the original GC or Wii versions, which is the reason of other bugs like the lack of reverb sound in certain areas and the use of low poly items in the inventory…

  23. Suckable_Lemon says:

    Hey Albert, as always this project looks great, but I have a nitpick about part of Leon’s character model. I don’t know exactly what they are called, but I’m referring to those small rectangular brown bags that hang from Leon’s chest strap, just above his waist.

    Put simply, I don’t like how they look now. They seem too glossy, sharp and reflective and no longer look like soft, brown, leather material. I know you have no doubt objectively improved them, increasing the resolution or adding polygons, but I find myself preferring how they looked before.

    For reference, this is a spot in both your video and a random PS3 playthrough for comparison:

  24. Lachlan says:

    Looks excellent! A few bits of feedback: you may have discussed this previously, but I think the water in the upstairs boiler room should be much more still- is it possible to adjust the calmness of individual bodies of water? Also, while I don’t think everything should look realistic, I do think the reflections off the metallic parts of some guns in the view model can get eye-searingly bright. It is like looking at the sun from some angles. Lastly, I don’t know if this would be wise for gameplay reasons, but is it possible to stop the “light sprite” which highlights items from clipping through objects (like the chest in the bedroom)?

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      – About the water, yes, somebody else mentioned this (only one person if I recall correctly). I’m not sure if I can reduce just slightly the water movement. The water effect is really hard to calibrate. But I’m always ready to do some trial-error tests 😛
      – About the specular level for the weapons. I guess I’ll do some final refinements when all the weapons are done and I collect all the feedback. It’s also quite difficult to get the perfect bright because the game engine is quite limited, but I’m taking note of all the comments and I even have an idea to improve some metalic parts of the weapons (not sure if it will look ok, but I’ll try it)
      – Yes, the light sprite for all items can be replaced to all kind of item “aureola” or even deactivate it. As you said, that effect is there for gameplay reasons. But I’ll try a trick to avoid the clipping in that particular case hehe

      Thanks for all the feedback! 🙂

      • Sean says:

        How about adding a small water leak from a pipe somewhere, to give a purpose to the water movement 🙂

        • Roy says:

          Why though? What’s the purpose of it, besides being slightly aesthetic?
          Btw, I’m gay, in case you haven’t noticed.

        • albert says:

          Hummm… that’s a good idea, but I’m not sure if that would be too much work (And it would need some water sound effect and this is something I don’t know how to do it…). I’ll think about that water and what can be done with it 😉
          Thank you for all the ideas!

          • Sean says:

            “it would need some water sound effect and this is something I don’t know how to do it”

            oh right, that might not be good lol

          • albert says:

            Yeah! this is something that happens in room 208 (water room after the Salazar first encounter) there is water falling with no sound at all. It’s not noticeable while the music is playing though…

  25. LeonVendetta says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! Very excited for the final release! 🙂 There is one thing i discovered recently & i need some help. Thing is i recently completed the game with absolute blast 60 fps all-time (game version is 1.1.0 -2018-03-19) no dips /slowdown in any area & then i decided to try out the gorgeous texture pack recently released & i installed step by step as mentioned ( installed texture pack, then patch, then 4gb patch tool ) keeping whole original game folder copied separately. Then i launched the game from where HD project is installed & i got slowdowns in entering the village (first binocular scene) then its smooth then again it slows after killing del-lago & waking up -starting of chap-2-2 when you go near the boat & where first plaga heads pop scene & water current scene. I tried to fix it & found that copying the file (r11b.udas.lfs) under BIO4>St1 folder from original installation without HD project (whereas in HD project this folder doesn’t have any .lfs files only .udas files) fixes the slowdowns in entire area but all items & boxes textures are white as if they weren’t loading. This wasn’t an issue earlier before installing the HD project & everything was working perfectly as it should. Please don’t take this as offensive, i’m only trying to help making this project as perfect as possible & don’t really want to go back to original textures (they are blurry as hell) but i also want glorious 60fps enjoyable for HD project as well when developers already fixed it in original. Thanks!

  26. Sandy Cervix says:

    So wait, did you not fix the Sera name to Serra throughout the game? It was left unclear.

    • albert says:

      I’d like to do it, but it’s everywhere writen as “Sera”: in the game, guides, artbooks, etc… The only “Serra” reference is how he pronounce it and the fact that “Serra” is a commons surname in Spain, but “Sera” does not exist… AFAIK

      • Sandy Cervix says:

        I would fix the bug. The guides and artbooks will be fine.

        • Spoony says:

          I wouldn’t see much point in changing the spelling if that’s how Capcom have been spelling it in all their official media and in the game itself.

          Sure it’s probably the wrong spelling by real-world standards but we’re talking about a 13 year-old game where everyone is used to the official Capcom, albeit wrong, spelling.

          Also, I wouldn’t get too worked up about a wrongly-spelled name in a game that takes place in ‘rural Europe’ where its inhabitants speak Mexican Spanish…

        • Sean says:

          I dont know Spanish or the name Serra, but I always knew Luis Sera fom RE4 so to me it would look strange as Serra

  27. Max says:

    Hey Albert, are you going to do the walkthrough of the whole game?

    • albert says:

      Yep! Everythime I finish a chapter (enemies, characters, files, final 3D/texture adjustemnts based on feedback, etc) I’ll post the a new video showing the results. 😉

  28. Jon says:

    Every month (or close to it) will be 1 new chapter finished or when completed. yes?

    • albert says:

      Yes, everythime I finish a chapter (enemies, characters, files, final 3D/texture adjustemnts based on feedback, etc) I’ll post the a new video showing the results 🙂

  29. Max says:

    Hey Albert, when is the next update?

    • albert says:

      Just one more room touch-ups and a background file image and I’ll be ready to record the video. I’ve made lots of lighting adjustments and I’m really happy with the results (I also made some minor Leon model improvements) 🙂

  30. Bobby says:

    Really love these walkthroughs, keep up the great work. The first thing that really stood out to me this chapter was the sniper rifle.
    1. https://imgur.com/kv9YyJ4.jpg – The ingame version looks very orange and looks quite different from the inventory version. https://imgur.com/nRbwV8X.jpg – I think the color should be closer to the examine view model from an earlier post.
    2. https://i.imgur.com/LkxU854.jpg – The updated examine view pistol looks great! The ingame one still looks too dirty.
    3. https://i.imgur.com/i8wU6aD.jpg – The blood on the Ganados left arm and sleeve looks orange and should be a darker red. Also I like the blood on his face better in the original. It looks like the blood splattered onto his face and is dripping, were the new version looks more like he’s wounded.
    4. https://i.imgur.com/aIlPOf0.jpg – The handcuffs now look cartoon sized, you cant even see the chain connecting them anymore. Maybe just Luis’s should be that size if there are clipping issues.
    5. https://i.imgur.com/U6qOEoz.png – The keypad under the orb seems weird to me. I always assumed Leon was rotating it himself, but if you keep it the keypad should at least match the button prompt. Right now the up/down and left/right keys are reversed.
    6. https://i.imgur.com/rmbCxqK.jpg – I was curious if it was possible to make the ingame spinel pink instead of clear.
    Lastly I wanted to say how impressed I was with how 1 to 1 Leon looked compared with the original, truly amazing. The only things that looked a bit off to me I’ve already mentioned before. This is the last time I’ll mention it as I don’t want to annoy you about it.
    7. https://i.imgur.com/8ZDnwBD.jpg – I still think his gloves should be blacker and that the tape on his knife holster looks to winkled compared to the original.


    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for all the feedback. As always it’s really useful!

      1. It could be caused by the room lighting (a little yellowinsh compared to the neutral colours of the examine view) I don’t remember changing the colours but I’ll double check it
      2. Yep! I still didn’t replace the other textures for the 9mm gun, just the examine view texture. It’s pending but it will just take a few seconds 🙂
      3. About the blood… It was so blurried that I never was sure if thi ganado was hurt, splattered with someone else’s blood or what… He moves like he’s somewhat hurt So, I thought it was a combination of both… Abot the darker blood, you are right!
      4. Unfortunatelly there is only one handcuffs model… I’ll think about another way of solving this small issue…
      5. Hummm If I recall correctly (maybe I’m wrong, I should check it) the original texture also had something similar to some kind of ultra blurred buttons. In my opinion it would make more sense the mechanism works with buttons.
      6. Yeah… The model used ingame and the model you see when you take the item (not the examine model) are exactly the same file. So, if I make pink the ingame texture it will look ultra pink when you take it… I bet this is something controlled by the exe file that makes this specific model to look pink when you grab it, but I’ll search for some file that controls that just in case I’m wrong… I also want to fix this inconsistency.
      7. I think it’s partially caused by the new specular effects on the gloves (btw, now the specular effect doesn’t affect the fingers anymore!) And the tape… well, the original looked too blurry to see any extra detail. But this is how I imagine the tape should looks like in HD. It’s obviously something that Leon made by himself. Also, the new and more detailed bumpmap for Leon’s accessories makes even more obvious the new take has much more detail than before. But I’m taking this into consideration!

      Thanks again!!

  31. PAULO FILHO says:

    me gustaría saber si tendría que añadir algún escenario nuevo juego, en el modo historia o incluso en los minijuegos, para dejar el juego un poco más grande!
    ¡Y me gustaría que usted agregar el silenciador de la pistola de alguna manera en el modo histórico!

    • albert says:

      Hola! Ya que se trata de una remasterización y no de un remake, nuestro objetivo es no modificar nada más allá de la experiencia visual del juego sin modificar la jugabilidad ni nada más.
      Pero gracias por el interés igualmente!

      • PAULO FILHO says:

        de todos modos ustedes están haciendo un maravilloso trabajo, me gustaría saber cuándo va a salir el próximo video de actualización, y también quería saber cómo estar los filtros del juego, creo, que podría dejar los filtros más realistas?

        • albert says:

          Ya estoy preparando el vídeo ;-P
          En cuanto a los filtros, en alguno de los vídeos futuros enseñaré algunos filtros nuevos que he creado. Hay infinidad de posibilidades! Aunque no estoy seguro de que puedan aportar un aspecto más realista. Como siempre, es cuestión de gustos 🙂

  32. ivan says:

    hola me gustaria saber si hay algun mod para cambiar el punto de mira no me gusta usar el laser saludos gran trabajo que estan haciendo.

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