Walkthrough | Chapter 1-3 Fully Remastered

Hello again!

It’s been an entire month! I thought this chapter would be easier to polish but I found a lot of things that could be improved. And that’s what I did. So, now all Chapter 1 is fully remastered (but awaiting for your feedback, of course)


I tried to make a shorter video this time… but I failed XD I can’t do brief explanations! At least, the audio quality is good this time! As usual, it has Spanish and English subs.

What’s new in the video compared to the July 13th release pack:

  1. Leon’s model has been slightly improved.
  2. I’ve corrected most of the things people commented on in previous posts
  3. The snake texture is now fully remastered
  4. All weapons and items are fully remastered (in the inventory, in-game and examine view)
  5. All file background images are fully re-created
  6. Some minor 3D adjustments
  7. Lots of lighting and shadows adjustments

And here goes the video. I hope you like it!

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106 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 1-3 Fully Remastered”

  1. Michael Hoffmann says:

    Looking great, thanks a lot for your hard work! 🙂

    Just one wish for the web site: Could you update the progress summary? I take a look in there on a regular basis, but it hasn’t been updated for five months.

  2. kaludio says:

    diablos me ganaron con el primer comentario :'(

  3. V I D A L says:

    Looks great but I’m losing the plot here. Was easy to follow the progress when you had the comparison photos that was show further and further parts of the game and we never quite got to the end.. Now you’ve been posting this play through. What is the road map like at this point?

    • Sean says:

      We already have seen tons of comparisons, now they are showing off the near-final version, though obviously its the later half of the game that most of us want to see, they have shown so much of the first half but very little of the later stages of the game 🙁 but by this time next year they will probably be finishing up the final release hopefully!

      • V I D A L says:

        Yes but we haven’t seen the comparisons through the end. I honestly don’t wanna watch this type of playthrough video as I rather play it myself. This series seems more like something for after release. They were getting into characters updates but stop at the village… Where is El Gigante texture updates? The castle enemies updates.. the island.. etc. I’m just confused and feels like progress stopped.

        • albert says:

          Hello! It’s quite easy to explain. The videos not only show the enemies and other stuff that was missing in the July release but also some refinements in the stage.
          I know they are not that obvious, but for the sake of making a complte walkthrough I’m doing it this way (a walkthrough video is something I’ve always wanted to do :)).
          I’m doing the final touch-ups, remastering the new stuff not remastered before (enemies, files, etc) in a chronological order, and uploading a video when the chapter is finished. So, when all chapters are done that will mean the project is finished (just awaiting for feedback and any edits Cris want to do, of course).
          It’s just the enemy and character variation in these first chapters is very limited…
          Thanks for the patience!

  4. Bto480 says:

    Muy buen vídeo!! Es entretenido para mí toda tu forma de explicar y hacer notar los detallados de el equipo de RE4HD!
    Unas sugerencias:
    • En el vídeo al 39:36, he notado que a los árboles le hacen falta un poco más de rotación en sentido de reloj para que estén bien de cara al sol o la fuente de luz.
    • Las cajas de municiones que están en la mesa de la tienda del buhonero, dentro de la cueva, quizá necesitan que les dé un poco más la luz, o algo de efecto specular.
    Que tengan un Buen día! Y suerte en el Bingo.

    • albert says:

      Gracias por los comentarios! 🙂
      Me imagino que te refieres a la posición de la sombra respecto a la iluminación, es así? quizás sí que necesita rotar la sombra ligeramente de dirección.
      En cuanto a la munición, en principio no debería brillar, ya que son cajas de cartón, pero me fijaré otra vez si necesitan estar más iluminadas o no.

  5. NEGAARMAX says:

    Me encantan esas sombras como comente antes incluso parece que tuviese el efecto de SSAO.
    Un par de preguntas para saber si es posible hacerlo en el juego.
    1 Es posible aplicar dos mapas al mismo tiempo en una textura, es decir un spectacular y un bump map, lo pregunto para mejorar la ropa aun más usando el bump para los detalles de maya y el spectacular para que se vea como el brillo que mostraste en el vídeo
    2 mas bien es como petición, en el traje de Leon RPD puedes agregar spectacualr mapas como yo hice en mi versión ya que me gusta que brille esa protección que tiene encima Leon :v

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work yet again. Expecting that the project’s imminent release is on the horizon

    • gamer says:

      probably not imminent because hes creating videos for each HD version of the complete or near complete chapters now, people also mention other stuff to improve, so that also adds to it

  7. YX says:

    GREAT WORKS!But is there another month to wait for the next chapter?

  8. EPD Gaffney says:

    This is breath-taking. I’m really impressed. I always am, but seeing it in motion like this, with all the new shadow effects…wow, it’s nearly modernised this game from over a decade ago.

    The one thing that stuck out to me was the dead leaf ground texture at about 7.10 in the video. The texture itself I think is fine, but the way it looks on the rocks is odd. It’s not a huge thing and I don’t know that it’s even really fixable with the engine limitations, but that 2005 technique of slapping a leaves texture on flat planes is really looking like a 2005 technique. Probably nothing you can do I’m guessing but thought I’d mention it.

  9. Rafael says:

    Hi, could you make comparison images in the future please, as before, it may be more convenient for some.

  10. mofail says:

    At 28:06 in the video we see the dial graphics, the weird puzzle to unlock the green cats eye gem? I think it’s like this in the original game but I always disliked the pure white symbols. It always looked like they (capcom) forgot to texture them, it looks like a glitch or a mistake to me. Would it be possible to use a texture for the symbols on the dial? instead of pure white? Maybe a darker metallic silver or even gold colour? Really like these videos instead of just images, best wishes.

    • Spoony says:

      If you look at 28:23, the symbols actually float above the stone surface. Pretty sure they’re meant to be projected/magic. I mean there’s no light source for when they glow either.

      Personally, I like the contrast of the glowing white against the grey stone, and it also makes sense for them to be clearly visible that way for gameplay purposes.

      • mofail says:

        Your reasoning is understandable as is your personal preference, I noticed the weird lighting too. In this project though, structures are being re positioned for the sake of making sense (clipping etc) this puzzles lighting makes no sense. Why the green lights lol? why not whiten them too to match the symbols?It just looks odd to me but its a small matter. I thought that if they were golden symbols or dark dirty silver or even stone then it would look like they were engraved? I guess it don’t hurt to ask though i get we all have personal preferences. The lighting being magical again is just strange because the resident evil lore is leaning towards science. The lighting is just capcoms way of highlighting the puzzle to get the player to it but to me it they just think we’re all dumb. Maybe that’s what bugs me lol

        • Spoony says:

          Yeah I definitely understand the realism aspect and I agree resident evil leans towards sci fi.

          But then I think back to that part in the underground catacombs with the insect creatures (can’t remember their name) and you solve a puzzle by reflecting sunlight onto a stone and that somehow melts it and opens a passageway.

          That part was outright magic and there’s no other way of explaining that. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that in a goofy fun game like resi 4 where a mexican-spanish speaking cult in rural europe wants to take over the world using brain-controlling parasites, I can suspend my disbelief for dumb things like magic glowing symbols and sunlight melting solid rocks.

          In my mind, It’s not that Capcom ever thought the player was dumb but they know they made a dumb game, but a camp, self-aware and fun kind of dumb.

  11. Max says:

    Hey Albert, Since AI Gigapixel exist, does that mean that you can increase the resolution of the pre-rendered cutscenes of separate ways?

    • El Tío Rata says:

      I used the AI Gigapixel, I think that increase the resolution of every frame it’s a good idea, the thing is, the resolution is absolutely trash, even for upscaling, I didn’t tried to do that, but I expect that it will look bad as well. I don’t think Albert will try to upscale each frame of it. I expect that the maximum thing that someone can do, it just replace some shots which are already in real-time on the story mode.

  12. Alvin says:

    I’m very intrigued and enthusiastic about this series. The dedication and motivation is truly inspiring.
    You remind me of a fellow student of mine at the school of graphics.. 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hehe thank you as always 😛
      I’m sorry for people who is waiting a lot for the final version… but I think partially the “travel” to the final product is also a good part of this project. Anyway, we can’t do it faster XD

  13. Spoony says:

    Looks great as always!

    One thing that bothers me though. At 57:45, the punisher looks very scratched and grainy to the point that it almost looks like wood. Could you do what you did for the starting pistol to make it look more sleak and shiny?

    Vanilla punisher looked a lot more metallic:

    Could also make it look like polymer like the real life weapon:

    Depends on whether you want to go for realism or stick to the source material.

  14. Alucard says:

    2 things still bug me from the beginning of when i first touched Ultimate HD version:

    1. Can you restore the depth of field effect found in Gamecube Ver
    2. Can you somehow add the dynamic shadow of characters like in cut-scenes?

    • Gamer says:

      I think I know, DOF cant be done right now unless they had source code, and those shadows are glitchy if used in the game, those new shadows they are using look similar though and also affect other characters

    • albert says:

      The DoF is completelly broken/lost. I have the feeling this is something that depended somehow on the GC/Wii hardware, but it’s just a wild guess. And it got lost during the HD conversions.
      The dynamic shadow cannot be enabled when there are more than 4-5 characters at the same time on screen. Otherwise the game crashes. Also, the shadows doesn’t match the floors/walls/other 3D stage models at all. They are casted over the invisible and much more simplistic collision models of the room which doesn’t match at all with the stage models. And it usually get hidden under the floor or has any kind of transparency conflicts when there are shadows in the floors/walls and the casted shadow gets cut… This game engine is too old I guess

  15. Superblunt85 says:

    What kind of impact will this have on performance?

    • albert says:

      Some people notice some slowdowns in certain areas of the game. But I’d say most people with a good PC should not notice anything. It’s needed more VRAM that’s for sure, and it may take a few extra miliseconds-1-2-secong to load certain texture packs. But that’s it. The light and effect edits don’t/shouldn’t generate virtually any impact to the performance.

  16. [ROLO] says:

    Great video. I loved the illumination when you break the lamps in the cave, but I feel the fire from that explosion could still use some work, it looks plain and blurry.

    Gracias por todo tu trabajo y esfuerzo, volveré a donar en cuanto pueda.

    • albert says:

      Well, the fire effect in this game is somewhat cheap (in comparison with current gen consoles, of course)… the most crisp the fire texture is the most noticeable will be the fire are simple 2D sprites and the lack of one extra effect around all the fires that was in the gamecube, but broken in the PC is what makes the fire more plain than in the original GC/Wii versions.
      But I want to try something that came to my mind right now…

  17. Spoony says:

    Also 32:55. I noticed the original release has this problem as well, but the water in the lake near the rocks looks kind of janky/broken while turning, like it’s glitching out.

    Is there any way of fixing that?

    • albert says:

      Oh yes, I know what you mean. It’s just how this effect looks… there are several kind of water effects in this game. This one distort the image to a certain direction and the last pixel vertical line on the left of the screen is heavily stretched. I’ll see is something can be done about that without making the water effect to look worse 😉

  18. Sergey Tokarev says:

    Great showcase, as always. I also like there’s a way to read your comments via subtitles, thanks)
    PS: You probably noticed, but your video in this blog is showing as a link and not embedded video like in previous posts.

    • albert says:

      Don’t mention it!
      About the embeded video, I’m seeing it correctly. that’s strange… hummm But thank you for the headsup anyway!

  19. Superbegita says:

    Ah there you are ! ^^ Huhu well very nice explanations and chapter as well..

    So for Resident evil 2 remake…well it’s king of strange..very strange.. In France at least i know that we have well the true version (for me) the no censured one…

    I only know that the Japanese version is censured (and yet…in reality it exist only in uncut version so no censured at all.. the famous Z version).

    Hummm honestly you have missed much things if it’s the case… (dismember but not only that.. The headshots by example just made the heads all black if i remember.. In the uncensored version the head just explod and some brain is splash on the floot and distributor by example (example the famous zombie who keep hitting the distributor of soda/chips etc to the very beginning).

    …if ..well your Steam is display in …Spanish version for his language or other? Because…Biohasard 2 would be the Japanese version… (in Europe and US as wel it’sz called Resident evil. ).

    At leats i miss something i am very surprised for that inconvenience… – –

    My version is well called Resident evil 2 and is uncensored…

    Can you take some screenshots for see that?

    In USA for sure it’s only uncensured version….and Europe too (well officially …maybe some exceptions ?).

    And myself was thiking that i have had some torubles for make the game not crashing anymore… (

    I have just noticed that since the update (and even before..) the game was broken for some people.. meaning/ specially freeze (and crash just after to desktop).

    Only woraround i have found after the updates was to play in ..Directx 12..
    No more the infamous Directx11.cpp 5672 (or whatever) error that occures since the update.

    Honestly…the game is excellent by itself but the optimization for stability is…a big messed.. (HDR is completely..borken and miss….I advertise you by the way if you want at almost “true one” to use that mod for the false HDR. Really nice and much better than the true one inside the game itself).


    I have posted myself a topic on jeuxvideo.com for advertising people for ^^

    And there is some nice too…for Claire by example for making his face less…hard (something like that and look like a bit more than his original).

    And the Directx12 is bad in the game too: worse performances than the Directx11 …and have had some weird issues long time before (audio ones as no voices displayed and play during the cutscenes..but the sounds themselves yes…. – -)

    Since the Resident evil 2 update the 20 February i think that ..they fix DX12..but bork the DX11… I haven’t at all audio issues since gameplay in DX12 (obliged to since the have had a new type of error…resulting in freeze and crash the game…)

    Well in all cases… kepp the good work i wish you all the best ^^

    • albert says:

      Thank you for all the info about RE2! I’ll take a look at that HDR mod… as soon as I get a new computer that can handle this game at its full graphic glory!
      I think my problem is I got the game for free by a code the came from … Japan… maybe and that’s why I got the BIOHAZARD RE:2 version (which is multilanguage aswell). No matter what I do, I can’t change that once it’s in my library. I even tried to buy it again XD. But replacing the exe and the entire HUGE 20-30GB file from someone that bought the game normally solved the problem… but I lost all the achievements X((( Fortunatelly, all the savegame data is still there

      • Superbegita says:

        Yeah exactly ^^ I have fallen on someone that..well on the Resident evil 2 discussion have one of his brother who live in Japan..So for offer the game to his brother who live in UK (something like that) he had connected himself on the Steam UK account to his brother. The thing is that…hu his game was in ..Japanese version so censured …so as you.

        Apparently according to what i have learn if you contacte Capcom they will told you to told to Steam to give the European version of the game.

        (i mean for that see the problems that occurs yet in Resident evil 2 you ar ebetter to contact directly Capcom Europe for both os us).

        Like ypou his game have some kanjis etc for the writing and be called Bio hasard 2..not Resident evil 2.

        The game is indeed locked region sadly. (and judging by this story…look like they look where the money come from…In this case the person must have been with his Japanese Paypal account it seem…).

        But i can confirme to you the game is not censured at all in Europe. Just in Japan.

        It’s the contrary over there to being honest: sexuality doesn’t make some problems..but the violence..yes completely.

        Scenes are censured, no dismembered corpses etc.. (and the head goes black..and doesn’t exp^lose at all..between else).

        I have lok the Japanese version and i don’t see the point to for the occasion..

        By example to the very beginning when you meet Elliot well..i don’t know if you see that already but ..his body isn’t anymore cut in two…he just have some bloody on his body…that’s all… (and no bite….).

        Humm yeah in fact you can’t change it (game is locked it’s hardcoded…i don’t even think you oculd change the .ini file for this..).

        By the way i have found a way to…unlocked the true framerate for the far zombies animated…in the .ini file. You have to change some codes line and it’s made the trick ^^

        The zombies (even the ones that break through the windows by example ..won’t be anymore in 30 fps litteraly ,but at least 60 fps.. This problem occurs often in the game. (zombie who keep punch the soda distributor by example..or the one just after who made the same thing on the window…to the far).

        Game have yet some problems actually however… (freeze and crash specially).

        Hhee it’ snothing it a pleasure to help you if i can ^^ .

        But ask Steam directly for this the can change this for sure.

        • albert says:

          Well I solved the mistery. I obtained the game based on a Japanese code I have and I guess that’s why I got the multilanguage BIOHAZARD RE:2 (Japanese and censored edition)
          Anyway I was able to obtain all the files from a regular purchase and replace them and now I have the RESIDENT EVIL 2 and uncut version pheww….
          But yes, I guess coctaction Steam or Capcom Europe would have been a good option too haha
          Thanks for the clarifications and info!
          I also noticed the low framerate of the enemies at the distance but I thought it was a problem on my PC. Anyway, my PC in not good enough to enjoy this game at its best graphic configuration anyway. In fact I have to heavily reduce all the graphic options if I want to play is without graphic bugs (being a gradual extreme dark image the most noticeable problem)

  20. Ernesto Antonio León Cabrera says:

    Buen trabajo, solo tengo una duda, al final implementarán la escena eliminada de los novistadores?

    • albert says:

      No he podido localizarla en esta versión de PC, pero de todas maneras no creo que la hubiésemos incluido esa escena puesto que es un elemento “beta” de una versión no finalizada del juego que olvidaron eliminar de los datos del disco. Los desarrolladores decidieron cambiar esa escena por el simple sonido que se aproxima a ti (para enfatizar que es un enemigo que puedes oir, pero no ver). Y ese tipo de escena es usada cuando el Verdugo que manda Salazar se acerca a ti (y cuando Ashley es secuestrada de nuevo por un Novistador)

  21. Zohar666 says:

    Fantastic as always. Are there any date for the complete release of the mod with all these upgrades?

    • albert says:

      Thank you! No no date yet. We are working on this during our free time, so it’s impossible to make a time estimation right now.
      Thanks for following us!

      • Zohar666 says:

        Thanks for the answer, can’t wait for the full mod to be released! Do you recomend any reshade preset for this mod?

  22. Vick S. Bateman says:

    Just incredible work on those shadows and lights Albert, the game looks amazing! I couldn’t enjoy this series more, thank you so much for all the insights.

    Only suggestion i could think, Del Lago would imo look much better with proper specular effects. I mean, it’s a slimey creature and is also actually in the water..
    Other than that i’m just not the biggest fan of the Punisher textures, and i think the stalagmites still need some work. But for the rest, just WOW.

    P.S. Please always be safe, i really don’t trust the EU (and the entire world) these days.

    • dreadfield says:

      i tought the same
      i rememeber seing del lago very shiny
      maybe his still working on the texture and forgot to ad the specular map
      almost all the monsters in this game had the shiny slime effect

      they are killing it
      all the touches on correcting lighting direction , and adding more polys on everything really ads more and more detail and realism i love it

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Yes, Del Lago has really noticeable specular effects. it’s just the video kills somewhat that effect. But now it looks much more smiley and wet than before 😉
      I’ll take a look at the Punisher scratches (they are a little too much and it’s quite noticeable the mirrored texture in the upper part of the gun. Other than that I’d say it’s really accurate to the examine view texture
      The stalagmites, you mean the 3D models, right?

      I still have a faint hope on human kind XD maybe things will. According to Prof. Steven Pinker, we are living in the less violent time of the entire human history. This is just one graphic of his researches


  23. BlackHood​ says:

    Hello Albert.
    I df​on’t know if you saw my comnent in youtube video yet but some small details texture looks wrong (the bell)
    I don’t know if it just me but it’s strange…
    BTW those shadows are really amazing! Love your work!

  24. BlackHood​ says:

    Sorry for 2 responds but I just want to make it clearer about the bell texture.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the image!
      But that’s not the bell. It’s just a simple structure I added because the real bell (which is in a lower position) was floating inside the tower.

      • BlackHood​ says:

        Ah I see. I’m bad at english I don’t know what does it called so I call it a bell. Thanks for pointing iut xD

  25. Sean says:

    At 27:40 the symbols on the dial are not centered, not sure if thats intentional or if I’m the only one who noticed? the symbols seem like they are slightly too far to the left, especially the symbol at 10 o clock its very noticeable how the white ring doesnt fit perfectly centered within the gray circle

    Am I the only one bothered by that? lol

  26. Sean says:

    I feel like the visual appearance of Del Lage is sort of ruined by the visual clarity of HD, like in the original Del Lago was harder to see (due to being blurry) which added to the fear of not knowing what exactly Del Lago is

    I know this probably isnt possible, but is there any way you can maybe add like fog or some more water effects around Del Lagos body? or maybe make the surface of the water less transparent? actually I think that is the problem is how transparent the surface of the water is, you can fully see his underbelly and his hands… like wait a minute I didnt know he had hands!?!

    Anyway, the illusion of him disappearing under the water has been removed due to the amount of transparency the water now has, and I really think you should try and bring back the murkiness of the water somehow, as it destroys the illusion and fear of not knowing where he is (which is an important factor in that boss fight)

    Otherwise, everything is awesome 🙂 thanks!

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      Ah I knew I wasn’t able to see its whole body before. I think that would be a good idea. I just hope that other bodies of water can still be transparent, though, as some of those look much better this way.

      • Sean says:

        “I just hope that other bodies of water can still be transparent, though, as some of those look much better this way.”

        Yes I agree, and I know they have talked about the difficulties of water before, so I’m sorry to be nitpicking the water but I think its kind of a big deal considering its the FIRST encounter with a monster and big boss fight in the game, so its really important to set the tone right… I know RE4 has a silly sense of dialogue, but the atmosphere is anything but silly.

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          I agree. I don’t think it’s awful or anything now, but it would be great if they could work something out for this.

    • Sean says:

      The water should be darker or even cloudy if possible, casting a heavy shadow around Del Lago when hes underwater, add some fog if you can too and maybe even a little more splash effects, otherwise that fight is going to look silly

      I also want to say, I looked at gamecube footage and saw the fingers so that made me lol cuz I never noticed before, but my issue has more to do with Del Lagos silhouette. The outline of his body has no contrast between above water and below, which makes it looks almost like hes flying instead of swimming through water

      • albert says:

        Yeah. I also made the comparison and the only difference with the Gamecube version is another broken effect. In fact I think what generates this broken effect is the same that made possible the DoF and the halos/intense light around fires. It’s just a lowres and blurried realtime render of the screenimage. It also was used in certain areas (for example, room 109, El gigante area daytime) when yuo look at the sky you notice a subtle Dof when you look at the sky. It’s also present in a lot of water surfaces (The lake, the cave lake before El gigante battle, etc)
        And this blurriness is what made the monster to look less visible underwater
        I’ve been able to add another effect that replicated pretty well that effect on water surfaces a few minutes ago. now all trunks, monster, etc, parts underwater look slightly blurried 🙂

  27. black goat says:

    no se si puedes cambiar la textura negra de la puerta azul por una luna rota en cuanto a la versión de mi juego si es la 1.1.0 y no tiene el error al momento de comprar al buhonero y la bandeja de hierro o se va o se desubica

  28. Ernesto Antonio León Cabrera says:

    sonará persado pero creen que puedan revisar las paginas de la wiki (en ingles) sobre los capitulos de resident evil 4? lei cosas interesantes que podrian arreglar, (por ejemplo, en una nueva partida +) los 3 ganados que corren a alertar al pueblo no salen

  29. Kaludio says:

    I want to say that the shadows look impressive, it gives more cohesion to the overall look of the game. Something that i notices on the video is that the secular effect on guns on the examine model look odd… i mean the gun shines unlike the bumps in the texture, ignoring the details in the normal texture. Also the boat’s motor texture does not look as good as everything else, it looks a little out of place…. I was also thinking if it would be possible to changing the button prompts. Some say the originals are too colorful, I do not mind myself, but what does bother me is that they clash with the dark atmosphere of the game, specially the arrows, like, I know how to press buttons capcom xD maybe creating a set of new button prompts for xbox, gamecube, playstation and keyboards that share the same atmosphere as they game would be the perfect solution, but however thats my opinion, things look awesome as they are right now and i am very thankful. That would be all, as always, thanks for taking the time, y muchisimas gracias por el esfuerzo que le dedican al proyecto, un caluroso abrazo desde mexico de mi parte.

  30. Mariano says:

    Hola creo que tendria que fijarte en estas cosas
    1)9:14no hay sobras en la puerta le pega directo la luz del sol a leon
    2)en el minuto 30:00 es muy dificil agregar el efecto. de reflejo que en realidad son las mismas texturas al revez y en el siguebte mapa

  31. Mariano says:

    hola queria comentarte unas cosas que quisas deverias fijarte
    1)9:14no hay sobras en la puerta le pega directo la luz del sol a leon
    2)en el minuto 30:00 es muy dificil agregar el efecto. de reflejo que en realidad son las mismas texturas de cabeza

    • albert says:

      Gracias por los comentarios!
      1)En realidad si la hay… pero está mal configurado hehe
      Es algo que quería arreglar hace un tiempo. Si te das cuenta, en cuanto avanzo un poco, una luz que le viene de la derecha se “enciende”. Y es que en este área cuando entras en una zona de sombras, en lugar de “encenderde” o “apagarse” la luz que viene de la dirección del sol, le ocurre eso a otra luz… Pero es fácil de arreglar. Así me has recordado que tengo que hacerlo! 🙂
      2)Casualmente acabo de arreglarlo hace 5 min! Ahora ya no es lo mismo de arriba distorsionado, ahora son los modelos de arriba duplicados e invertidos con el mismo efecto de agua pero sin esa deformación en los extremos de la pantalla. Puente y sombras incluídos 😀


  32. Luis Fuentes says:

    Pienso donar mensualmente pero porfavor, ponle mas anuncios a la pagina, en serio te lo mereces.

    • albert says:

      Gracias!! 🙂
      Lo de los anuncios lo lleva Cris, no se si es algo automático o qué, de este tema yo no tengo ni idea, pero al menos creo que da lo justo para pagar el mantenimiento de la web haha

  33. Lázaro says:

    Albert, ya te he pasado lo me pediste. Espero te sea de utilidad.

  34. Jack Fox says:

    Thank you guys so much for putting your time and effort into this, I can’t describe how excited I am! By the way, what are the system requirements? It’ll definitely demand a more powerful hardware than the original RE4UHD right?

  35. Sean says:

    When will it be released?

    • albert says:

      No release date yet. We are doing this during our free time so we can’t do an estimation time.
      Thanks for the patience!

      • name says:

        Is it safe to assume you won’t be releasing an update to the July patch from last year until you’re completely done with your current workload?

        • albert says:

          That’s correct!
          We’d love to share content more often, but preparing the files in order to get an easy to install pack is a real pain. There are a lot of folders and files that need to be checked before repacking everything and most files get some kind of edit. If a single area texture is edited it is needed to download the entire stage pack again (the average size of a room pack is 100-200MB). So, probably a patch for the latests changes we’ve done since July would be again around 20 GB XD

  36. Georgi says:

    I am in awe of all the work that has gone into the lighting and shadow effects. They do so much to improve the atmosphere. Amazing job!
    I was going to comment on how strange it is to see Del Lago so clearly in the water, especially when it submerges, but it looks like someone beat me to it and you’ve already made changes to adjust that.
    Looking forward to seeing more videos! Thank you for all your hard work on this project!

  37. Tesoro Azul says:

    At 26:39 you can see there’s a (maybe 25cm) gap between the church wall and the surrounding wall of the backyard you jump out into with Ashley. I think you should try and close it, as it isn’t there when inside. It’s one geometry error the Gamecube edition had back then, and I can’t unsee it;)
    Absolutely outstanding work as always, too!

    • albert says:

      Good eye! I never thought about this and you are completely right. After all, there’s nothing interesting you can see looking at that gap, so nothing is lost if I connect the walls

  38. Bobby says:

    Most of the things I noticed this video were lighting related.
    1. https://imgur.com/VYec1ti – Either the blue on the flash grenade should be darker or the brightness reduced.
    2. https://imgur.com/yQGs5u3 – Similar as above with the sniper rifle
    3. https://imgur.com/QZA4p0y – The lighting in this area seems very overexposed.
    4. https://imgur.com/wsirdHPhttps://imgur.com/VVzxQfF – This is more of a curiosity, why is the lighting more orange in the room before going back to the main village area. Seems like they would be the same.
    5. https://imgur.com/KGrVRoo – The door in the image on the left is too bright.
    6. https://imgur.com/gcw7nic – Also this door is grey/metal in the original. Which makes more sense than wood, because when opened it makes the metal door sound.
    7. https://imgur.com/uiuKnXF – The Ganado’s are too bright/shiny looking here.
    8. https://imgur.com/4v549pp – Same as the last video, the blood should be darker red and not as orange.
    9. https://imgur.com/eU2tIy2https://imgur.com/Covd8j2 – The typewriter has a bunch of little mistakes. The words in the corners are reversed, the number row is backwards and missing the 1 key, the top row of letters are also backwards, the A is upside down, and the 3 needs to be straighten.

    Great work this video, the shadows are really impressive. The graveyard was my favorite and looking forward to the next update!

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for all the feedback!
      I’m keeping all the pictures and I’ll try to fix most of those issues!

      1. You are right!
      2. Yep. In fact, all ingame weapon textures brightness should be revised, just in case.
      3.This is a consequence of trying to match the ingame lighting colours with the cutscene colours. If you take a look in the original game, Leon’s skin is yellowish ingame and it becomes more “pink” during cutscenes. So I ported the colour tone from the ingame lighting to the cutscene lighting files. But I should decrease the intensity, you are right!
      4. Well… this is because every area of the game has an different “lighting configuration”. If it’s not done like this, probably Leon would look plain and dull when he’s inside Mendez house. It also makes “unique” the atmosphere of every area of the game.
      5. Yes… It was even worse before… This is the best I could get, but I think I still can do something else… The lighting edits have its limitations. The lights affect in a different way static and dynamic elements.
      6. well… it’s just the original texture (A door in Roma) is really a wooden door! But it was so blurried before XD So… I still haven’t decide what to do :/ About it’s colour, maybe it’s too saturated, yes
      7. I guess it’s a consequence of all the lighting edits I’ve done in this room. Maybe the rock should be more illuminated since they are in the upper part of the area and the sun light should reach them with more intensity than anywhere else in the room.
      8. Yep, there are lot of things that changed with the new blood textures. They are less blurried and the alpha channel is also more contrasted, whcih makes the textures more opaque and the colour more saturated when rendered on screen even the texture colour is the same than the original. Not sure which picture looks better XD
      9. Lots of things to polish in that typewriter it seems! hehe

      As usual, the detailed pictures are really helpful for us 🙂 Thanks!
      I’m glad you liked the video!

      • enrique garcia morales says:

        madre mia la gente se fija hasta en las teclas de la maquina de escribir! xD en todo lo escrito yo solo estoy de acuerdo con el brillo del sniper de madera… creo que esa madera oscura le da un aspecto menos “cartoon”. Por lo demas no veo el problema, de hecho la puerta del punto 6 creo que luce mucho mejor en madera e incluso concuerda mas con el entorno que una puerta de metal para una habitacion.

  39. Albert Do you use Mipmapping in textures?

  40. Ronald Remmington says:

    The ponds at ~19 minute mark seem to be missing the splash and ripple effect caused by Leon walking them.

    • albert says:

      Yep. Good eyes! That’s a technical limitation of being these 2 ponds in the exact same room and height. The water in this game is reaaaaly tricky toconfigure properly. And even more if we take into consideration the effect is partialy broken…

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