Chapter 1 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello! As I promised, here comes a HUGE summary of the entire Chapter 1 in the form of comparison images (including the latest edits) for everyone that prefers them instead of videos.

In the meantime I’m remastering Chapter 2 and I won’t edit anything else from Chapter 1 until we release the final pack and we get the “last round” of feedback from you! 😉



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79 responses to “Chapter 1 – FINAL Comparison Images”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    hermosas comparativas simplemente no puedo dejar de verlas y el monstruo de el Lago se ve espectacular y jamas note que Vitorez tuviese una cicatriz realmente ya quiero que sea liberado, pero seré paciente.

  2. DarkShinobu says:

    El HD Remaster que mereciamos, pero que Capcom no quiso darnos, Gran trabajo Albert, Cris, siempre sera impresionante ver lo que lograron, realmente asi debía verse este juego

  3. gtamike_TSGK says:

    Excellent work and faithful to the original.
    But for feedback I would say only the water needs improvement. Some kind of effect would be great to make it more realistic and hd. I have no idea of how the engine works but some nice shader, bumpmap/normal map/spec map, real reflections, strong refraction etc.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      That would be greta… unfortunatelly the game engine is so old… but it’s a good thing I managed to somewhat fix the terrible jelly look it had!

  4. SLH says:

    Great job! This is incredible, it looks so much better! I only have a very small issue: the car looks a bit too clean compared to the original, but it’s just a little nitpick. Looking forward to chapter 2!

    • albert says:

      Thanks! I did it on purpose… the original texture was a way too simplistic “metal” texture with some dust on it used all over the car no matter if it was the door, the upper panel, etc… I don’t think a police car gets that dirty by a simple route in the forest

      • Sean says:

        I don’t think a police car gets that dirty by a simple route in the forest

        how do we know its a simple route? They passed over a rickety wooden bridge, and reached a point where the car could go no further. I doubt they are within a mile of the police station or even nearest big town. I always assumed the village and castle are supposed to be in a pretty secluded place

        It could also be a sign of the police being lazy, you see one of them urinate on the side of the road which isnt a big deal (cuz they have been driving for a long time) but along with the smoking and their somewhat sarcastic demeanor it shows the cops as being less than professional. Why else were they unable to defend themselves from their attackers? The audience is supposed to see them as careless

        I think the developers went through the trouble of adding mud on the tires and rust along the bottom of the cars body for intentional reasons, which I notice you kept a little bit of that rust, but I think you should bring back some of the dirt

        I also noticed a rough edge (not really a big deal) I would never notice if it wasnt for the side by side pics —>

        Other than that everything is great 🙂

      • SLH says:

        As Sean said, we don’t know the context regarding the route they took and it could be possible that the car was already in this shape when Leon met with these policemen (since they definitely don’t seem very professional). I am not saying to put the same amount of dirt as in the original, but at least, bring some dirt back (mostly the parts closest to the road, such as the tires and the bottom of the car doors etc). It’s just that the car looks almost new, instead of used and dirty.

  5. Pliskin says:

    I love seeing the comparisons side by side, thanks for updating! How far do you guys think you are from full completion?

  6. Night Waker says:

    That is great! But, Albert can you make leon’s fingers more roundness? They still looks not realistic.

  7. cikame says:

    Everything looks fantastic, i only have 1 very minor thing to mention and that’s the shotgun on the wall, the ejection port is on the wrong side.

  8. LeonVendetta says:

    And the winner for the “Best of Show” Award goes to………
    *Jacket receives the Award*

    • Spoony says:

      Makes me even more sad that Leon loses it so early in the game…

    • albert says:

      Haha I’m glad you like it. we were worried about the jacket and the feedback about it but it seems the results satisfi most people 🙂 I’m glad of that!!

  9. Diego Estevez says:

    A pesar de que los sigo casi desde el inicio del projecto y conozco la calidad de su trabajo, estos posts no dejan de impresionarme, excelente trabajo
    No puedo esperar para pasármelo por millonésima vez con este mod

    • albert says:

      Casi puedo contestar lo mismo que le he dicho a [ROLO] haha

      “La verdad es que creo que la gracia de este proyecto está más en cómo evoluciona que en el resultado final. Porque al fin y al cabo todos lo hemos jugado ya millones de veces haha
      Pero ya tengo ganas de acabarlo y que todo el mundo tenga la versión final de una vez!”

      Yo no se si seré capaz de jugarlo de nuevo una vez terminemos… bueno… sí que lo jugaré, para qué engañarnos XDD

  10. [ROLO] says:

    Wow, tengo años siguiendo este proyecto y no paro de impresionarme cada vez que lanzan una nueva actualización. Haré otra donación en este momento. Gracias por dedicar tanto tiempo libre a este proyecto y compartirlo con nosotros.

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias por el apoyo constante y la super paciencia ^_^
      La verdad es que creo que la gracia de este proyecto está más en cómo evoluciona que en el resultado final. Porque al fin y al cabo todos lo hemos jugado ya millones de veces haha
      Pero ya tengo ganas de acabarlo y que todo el mundo tenga la versión final de una vez!

      • [ROLO] says:

        jaja sí eh, ver la evolución ha sido muy emocionante. Una vez terminado voy a extrañar estar entrando a esta página para ver las nuevas actualizaciones, pero también ansío rejugar uno de mis juegos favoritos usando esta remasterización tan increíble.

  11. Arthur says:

    I’m sorry, I’m of Belarus and I don’t know how to explain more clearly through a translator. I hope you understand the screenshots

    • albert says:

      Thank you! I don’t think this is a problem. It’s just the differenet pieces are at different heights and the camera angle makes the moving circle to look slightly upper than before. But before the round parts that contain the emblems weren’t completely round and they were a flat 2D plane. Now they are 3D elements and the perspective generates some visual effects.
      After all, the absolute perfection doesn’t exist not even in real life decorative elements 😛

  12. Jeff R. says:

    My god guys, incredible work! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come.

  13. InfiniZoid says:

    How far are the other chapters?

  14. V I D A L says:

    Awesome! Simply fantastic. I missed those comparison shots. Not a big fan of the long playthroughs videos… Much more comfortable to follow the progress through these.

  15. Rennan says:

    Congratulations albert, 9.9 score, just let the del lago teeth less white, its looking he did a dental clarify, maybe more yellow and less bright.

    • albert says:

      Hello! and thanks! This is the original colour they have and it’s so fast in motion you can’t see then unless they have a bright colour anyway hehe

  16. Aaron S. says:

    Looks amazing, great work! My only concern is the water in the lake seems too fuzzy and blurry in my opinion.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback. In fact this is the way it looked in the Gamecube. There was a blurry filter on some water surfaces and being a “dirty” water in a foggy ambient lake it makes sense you can’t clearly see whats underwater. It’s much better in motion! 🙂

  17. Frank Nitty says:

    The effort and extra detail that went into this is freaking phenomenal. Thanks Albert and Cris, looking forward to seeing the follow-up preview to your future updates.

  18. Cassimiro says:

    Great job, the only thing i noticed that might need improvement is the texture of this box, i am not sure but to me it seems that it is not only wood but some kind of cloth.

  19. Alvin says:

    I like the underwater blur and the lack of dirt on the car. Both changes are for the better.

    • SLH says:

      Yup, having some underwater blur is definitely better. However, I feel that the car looks a bit too clean now. If it could look midway between the completely dirty car in the original and the almost new car we have here, it’d be ideal I think.

      • Spoony says:

        Kinda have to agree the car is too clean now. Maybe it’s just the glossy texture, but I feel like it stands out too much from its surrounding environment.

        Fair enough to think the car wouldn’t be as dirty as in the original, but these are police officers who patrol a rural area. Or even if they normally patrol somewhere else, I doubt those police officers who are portrayed as lazy/irresponsible would keep their patrol car as pristine clean as that.

      • albert says:

        The problem with the original texture is it’s too… plain or simple… it doesn’t look like a car texture. And it looks exactly the same in doors, hood, roof… that’s why I decided:
        1. Using a real car texture
        2. Made it cleaner because it didn’t made sense (to my judjement) it has the same ammount of dirt all over the entire surface no matter if it’s up, or down, etc…
        3. Even a car is dirty, it has some kind of glossy effect unless is a completelly rusted car. And judging by the interior (which looks pretty clean even in the original) I guess the car was pretty clean and/or new before the trip

        I’ll think about it anyway!
        As usual all the feedback is helpfull!

    • albert says:

      Thanks! 😀

      • mofail says:

        With all due respect the car looks like a toy car lol A bit more dried mud/splashes/stains near the bottom outside of the car maybe worth a try? & perhaps some flat textured documents/files on the back seat or boot of the car to make it look more used & scruffy could be worth a try?…. As always this modding is most pleasing though. Fantastic work.

        • albert says:

          I guess I won’t spent much more time with that car (for limitaion of time reasons), but I already have a list of refiniments I’ll do at the end, and I guess it will look better 🙂

  20. Max says:

    Hey Albert, was it really hard to remaster Del Lago since it’s always constantly moving?

    • albert says:

      Well, that’s not the problem because I can open the 3D model on the 3D editor and the textures in Photoshop. So, it’s basically the same effort other models need. But this was the first 100% organic texture I remastered. The A.I. upscaling new methods helped a lot for some minor details, but anyway 75% of the texture is remade from scratch.

  21. mofail says:

    074 & 074zzz images still with those horrible pure white symbols that look like capcom forgot to texture them. They look like missing textures to me, even if deliberate they are crappy that way & just plain laziness by capcom. I sure wish you guys would reconsider leaving them like that. A real missed opportunity to improve that look.

    088zzz why not use the in game grenades for that ammo box? These dark round grenades on show here are never used in game by Leon?

    • albert says:

      074. They always looked likw some kind of.. lights or something… I really have no idea what can be done with that. and because of that I kept them as is. If someone has a good idea (picture reference) of how should look, I’ll keep it for the final refinements stage 🙂

      088. There are ingame grenades on the table. In the original they both were different grenade models (none of them used in the game). But anyway… the Merchant never sells you grenades. So that’s just “stage props” I guess XD


      • mofail says:

        So to me it seems like the (white symbols) should be engraved into the stone tablets, this is what i thought they were meant to look like but due to laziness I think they were left as blank white symbols. They just look like models with out textures. The symbols could be metallic silver, bronze , copper or even golden symbols that are a physical part of the stone.
        At the very least the green lights could match the white symbols please? White symbols give off white lights when selected instead of white symbols giving off green lights please? I hope you will reconsider & thank you for all the patience with all these requests.

        • albert says:

          Haha yeah… I know what you mean. I’ll think if there is an easy balanced and faithfull to the original way to get a nice look to those symbols 😉

  22. bloodyhunter says:

    Absolutely perfect! There’s nothing else to say. Just out of curiosity, have you been approached by Capcom? (whether it is to acknowledge your work or simply to congratulate you)

    • albert says:

      Yep, there was contact with them a few years ago. But there’s nothing else we can do. Someone at Capcom was really impressed with our work and he did what he could, and we thank him for that, but Capcom Japan has the last word of course.

  23. dollmaster says:

    Looking at some original images, it’s hard to believe Capcom was so lazy in making this ‘HD remaster’.

  24. Bobby says:

    Wow the amount of comparison screenshots is impressive! Since you said you are not editing anything else in chapter 1, I’m not sure if any of this is worth pointing out. Hopefully its more helpful than annoying 🙂
    1. Texture lines
    2. – If possible the base of this background could blend in better.
    3. – Texture looks low res and should look more like the one Leon holds.
    4. – The parasite worms in Del Lago’s mouth look like metal robot limbs. I think they should be a little more pink.
    5. – The specular effect seems a bit much here and makes it so you can not see as much detail on the binoculars.
    6. – Both types of traps are easier to spot now, especially the tripwire bombs which are much brighter than before.
    Lastly I see some comments discussing the police car. I understand you guys are in an impossible situation when it comes to pleasing everyone. My opinion is when a change is a bit divisive its better to stick closer to the original. After all part of what makes you guys and this project so amazing is your commitment to “remain true to the original visuals and artistic intent.”

    • albert says:

      Thanks! and don’t worry!
      It’s just I won’t do any more edits to this chapter until a “pseudo-final release” is published. Then we’ll wait a time to collect the feedback of the netire game (graphical innacuracies, bugs, etc… and then we’ll fix as much as we can (They will be fast and minor edits I guess) and that’s it!
      It’s just I don’t want to get stucked to Chapter 1 anymore
      Now I’m doing good progress with Chapter 2-1. There are a lot of new models and enemies to remaster (Colmillos, Plagas, Gigante, Ashley, Saddler, Zealots with bowguns) But I’m pretty satistied with the results so far 🙂

      I’m keeping all the pictures 😉

      1. water: engine limitation with water effect
      4. humm in Photoshop the colours are identical, So it must be caused by the new specular effect. Anyway, they look perfectly fine in motion. It’s true the still picture they look like metallic industrial tubes or something XD
      6. that’s because the lights are blinking and the second screeshot was taken when the light is more intense. And the same with the fog. The fog is more intense in the first picture because it’s moving but the remastered version has the same ammount of fog. it’s just I took the picture in a moment the fog was less intense.

  25. Marco says:

    It all looks great! I have some feedback:
    The church in the distant background in image 15 seems to have lost a lot of its ambient occlusion under the rooftops in the remaster. Just something I noticed.
    Some effects like flame grenade explosions and water splashes are low resolution compared to the rest of the remaster. I’m assuming this is an engine limitation.
    I’ve been following this since Chris posted his first attempt to remaster Leon’s shoes back in 2014. It’s come so far since then!

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      You have eagle eyes! haha
      I’m taking note of that

      About the effects, some of them are already remastered (see fire in 006 and 012) also the blood. Not sure which video/picture are you looking at. Maybe is outdated.

      Thank you for following during all this time! :DD

  26. SLH says:

    Some more feedback (I know you are hard at work on chapter 2, but I hope this can be helpful for the final release):

    1. In screenshots 76 & 77, the color of the water looked quite nice with the sun rays. Now it’s all gloomy and grey. Is it a stylistic choice or is the sky 100% cloudy so there can definitely be no sun rays hitting the water? It’s fine either way, but I just wanted to know the thought process behind the change.

    2. I agree with Bobby about the harpoon heads in the small boat (in screenshots 99 & 103 for example). This granular texture looks weird. It would be better if it’s just a smooth matte metallic texture, with some rust here and there, like in the original.

    3. Too much brightness (nitpicks of course, but I think it could look better with less brightness):
    – Screenshot 5: that book with the blazon on the cover. It looks too pristine and/or there’s too much light. In the original, all the books are in the shadow. Maybe putting back some shadow over that book would be better.

    -Screenshot 34: the chain was in the shadow, like the other elements of the background. Now it’s shiny, as if there was light directed at the chain specifically, which is weird. I think leaving it in the shadows like in the original would be better.

    -Screenshot 39: I think there’s too much brightness on the door, even without comparing with the original. It’s as if the sun was above that location. I think it would look much better with much less brightness.

    -Screenshot 51: the bars at the head of the bed and the cupboard are super bright while Leon is in the dark. They stick out too much, for no reason. It’s as if there’s light directed at these objects only (since Leon and the rest of the background look dark). There should be no specular effect or very very little, because it’s all old pieces of furniture with no maintenance. For the bars, there was just a touch of brightness with most of it matte and rusty in the original. Now, it’s shiny, pristine kinda like gold. The cupboard could benefit from having a darker wood and less brightness / specular effect, because this lighter color makes it stick out too much from the background and look almost new.

    4. Chapter 1-2 first optional cutscene. It’s all about the physics and consistency of it. The cracks are all over the different window panes, which doesn’t make any sense at all. The bullet holes should only affect the window panes they went through, so the crack shouldn’t extend beyond them, and certainly not over the muntin (window grid).

    Then we get that shot of Ada: the window grid (muntin) has disappeared, which makes no sense. (Even if it was intended, to make it look better, I think adding back the muntin would make more sense, and it could look just as good).

    Then the shot of the baddie running towards Ada. Here, the bullet holes are almost at the same level, while previously, they formed a 45° angle with the horizontal. Also, the bullet holes are too big from this angle, the proportions are not being respected.

    Then the exterior shot of Ada, fleeing. Again, the bullet holes are badly positioned and a bit too big.

    Then this last shot, with, as always, the cracks are all over the place.

    It is a short scene and I don’t know how feasible all of this is, but, if it can be easily done, then I think it would be better to do these changes. I checked and yes, it was like that in the original version, but this is about physics and consistency within a scene, and I don’t think the end result would look worse anyway.

    5. Leon’s gloves. Since this is one element that the player will see from the beginning till the end, this is more important than everything written above. The main issue is, it appears that some of what looks like specular effect is actually white texture. So even if the character is in the shadows, there’s still some clear white lines or white patches to delineate the different elements of the gloves (creases, edges) which makes no sense regarding the lighting and doesn’t look that good. Some white creases and edges are too white, clashing with the black. The overall look suffers as a result. (and it looks a bit plasticky in broad daylight).
    Basically, here, less is more. Of course, the fabric texture must be kept, but decreasing the many details in white (mostly creases) and making the glove darker will help make the gloves look more uniform and better (even if some details must be sacrificed in the process). Here are some comparison pictures I did with paint, to show how it could look, approximately.

    This last comparison is just to show the overall look of the palm of the glove in the gamecube version as a reference for a more harmonious color/texture pattern.

    PS While the screenshots are the best way to do direct comparisons, I also love the walkthrough videos! The tone is quite convivial and you can see how it looks in-game vs only a screenshot (for example, the tentacles of del Lago look like metal tubes in the screenshots, but it’s completely fine in action). And sorry for the long post!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for all the feedback and the time it took to you to post it!

      1. that’s because I removed the broken filter that makes the entire area to look brighter and reddish/yellowish (We’ll include an optional colour filter that brings back that colour scheme. Even it’s wrong some people like it).
      2. they doesn’t look that bad to me but I’ll take a look at them again ingame
      3. yep, it was a mistake in the new book texture. It was way britgher than the original. Fixed 🙂
      chain: same thing a matter of calibrating the texture brightness
      door: this is mostly because the new 3D detail. it was completely plain before. now all the new extra 3D detail receives light from the sky
      furniture: easy to calibrate
      4. About the windows, there’s no much we can do. We can relocate the effects, but the most important thing (the cracks stop within the glass panel) is impossible because that’s a floating effect. We can make it smaller, but I’m not sure if that would make it to look better. I’ll keep the pictures in my list just in case I figure out an easy an effective way of improving all this.
      5. there’s been some comments about his gloves so I’ll take a look at them again. I guess it will be easy to get a good gray/black balance

      Thanks again!

      • SLH says:

        My pleasure! The work already done here is incredible; it would be a shame to leave out details that could possibly be improved.

        About the harpoon heads, it’s just that with the grainy texture (screenshot 99), it looks like it’s made out of granite, instead of metal like the rest of the harpoon. I think keeping the same texture for the whole object would be better. Here’s approximately what it could look like:

        Just to be more precise about what I said on the brightness / reflection level on the door on screenshot 39, here is what I meant:
        This kind of relates to the problem with Leon’s gloves, where the brightest areas are just pure white instead of grey. The difference between the darkest and the brightest areas shouldn’t be that extreme under normal lighting.

        • albert says:

          Yes, I also noticed the harpon texture. It really looks weird ingame too. Easy to fix!
          About the lighting of that door. The only way would be to make the entire texture darker. It doesn’t have any specular effect like the gloves have. It’s just the light coming from the sky reaching the protusioned polygons, there are no reflections.

          Thanks again for the screenshots! ;D

          • SLH says:

            Oh then, I guess making the entire texture of the door darker is something worth trying. For a cloudy weather, the light from the sky looks quite intense on these protrusions, as if it was actually a sunny day.

            Thanks for taking the time to look at my comparison pics and comments, and thanks for this project!

  27. Fabio says:

    in this screens, the old texture work in the buildings far away on the left, is more detailed, with shadows and the texture work is no so clean, giving a more realistic look

    • albert says:

      The fog is constantly moving. I simply took the screenshot in a different moment. The fog is exactly the same. We haven’t edit it, so no worries about it 🙂

  28. Raihan says:

    Seriously, u guys do an amazing job!

    Only one thing that got my concern tho, I spotted that the zipper on Leon’s jacket kinda placed on incorrect position. It’s swapped, and it makes me feel a lil anxious tho idk haha.

    Sure thing I can’t wait you guys to release the final version!

    • albert says:

      Hello! and thanks! 🙂
      Could you post an image pointing this problem?

      • SLH says:

        I think Raihan is referring to screenshot 52 where we can see that the zipper tab is on the right. Actually, coats can have zipper tab on the left or right, there’s no rule. And since it’s on the right in the original version, there’s no need to change it.

        I also have some minor adjustments for the jacket:
        1- add a seam line at the top end of the leather shoulder patch:

        2- make the leather shoulder patch less stiff and straight. Basically, make it a little curvy so that it follows the shape of the shoulder and the way it stretches the jacket:

        • albert says:

          Thanks for the observations. There was something off in that shoulder patch and I didn’t know how to fix it. That border would look great. I’ll definitely give a try!
          About the zipper, the jacket I’m using today has the zipper tab at the left side, too 🙂 And I’m asking here in the office and some people have it at the left and others at the right side XD

          • SLH says:

            Yup, a border would not only look good, but also make more sense, from a sewing perspective. As for the way the leather patch curves a little bit in two directions (front to back and collar to shoulder), the original got this part just right, so I hope the comparison pics (+real life photos) I posted can help you.
            By the way, I’m wondering if you are planning to add an option that would allow the players to keep that jacket throughout the entire game. It looks so good and so much effort was put into it!
            Anyway, as always, thanks for all your efforts! (as far as chapter two is concerned, el Gigante is looking fabulous)

          • SLH says:

            Also, there appears to be some kind of clipping near Leon’s thumb in the end of chapter 1 render:
            And sorry to insist again, but the main pad on Leon’s gloves is black on top and white on the sides (it’s as if the pad was originally white, and then just the top was colored in black). Isn’t it possible to make that entire piece in dark grey/black, or at least, make the sides of that pad closer in color to the top? (this issue is even clearer in the latest beautiful end of chapter 2 render and I tried to adjust it a bit):

          • Raihan says:

            actually, im referring to this one:

            and take a look to this pic i took from google

            the position of the zipper teeth make me a little anxious haha, not really a big deal anyway

            sorry to forgot to mention the teeth tho

          • albert says:

            Oh!! you meant the direccion of the “narrow” part of every teeth haha. Not I understand.
            Easy to fix. Just a slight texture edit 🙂
            You have eagle eyes!
            Thanks 🙂

          • Raihan says:

            You’re welcome?
            And oh, by the way if you need some hands, I would take myself as a volunteer, cuz I can’t wait for this mod to release in its final stage

  29. Daniel says:

    Something that i noticed is that Leons and the big cheese’s pupil is still a little bit stretched out

  30. Arthur says: – Shouldn’t it be on the left? In the video scene it is on the left and in the gameplay there

  31. Arthur says:

    I apologize in the video scene it is located on the right but the door opens and closes not where it is located