Quick update about Chapter 2-1 (II)

Hello! Since this chapter is taking me more time than I thought, I’m posting this update before posting the walkthrough video just to let you know the work hasn’t stopped at all!

It’s just that the El Gigante textures and countless seam issues all over his body have been really time-consuming… And I’ve already made all kinds of stage corrections here and there.

What’s left to finish the chapter:

  • Revise some stage models, shadows, and textures (mostly copy-paste from the daytime version of the same areas). The Merchant cave in the lake is finished and the other areas just need minimal corrections.
  • Finalize Saddler (currently 75% complete)
  • Finalize Ashley (currently 90% complete)
  • Re-create the Ashley Instructions Manual screenshots.
  • And that’s it!
A small reward for your patience!
Right click and open in a new tab to see it full size
El Gigante eating a poisonous mushroom
Right click and open in a new tab to see it full size
HD ballistics (yeah… it was foreseeable…)
Right click and open in a new tab to see it full size

Have a nice week!

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23 responses to “Quick update about Chapter 2-1 (II)”

  1. V I D A L says:

    Excellent. I love the look of the teeth and gums of El Gigante.

  2. Diego Estevez Ortiz says:

    Wow, impresionante la primera imagen

  3. El Tío Rata says:

    Es muuuy bueeno.

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    The texture work looks like it’s coming along great. Keep up the good work guys.

  5. Steven says:

    This is all well and good, but I’m here to ask the most important question. What about Ashley’s panties, did you give those the HD treatment? (Hey what are you looking at? OH! YOU PERVERT!)

  6. Steven says:

    Your chapter complete screens look too perfect. They’re missing that blur and overexposure lighting that I admit they probably used as a stylistic choice to cover up the up-close low resolution game-cube era textures, but that’s a stylistic choice I think you should try and emulate for that nostalgic feeling and to keep the mod true to its goal of being as close to the original games style as possible.

    • albert says:

      Oh no problem. I’ve been also thinking about this. But the game adds some bloom effects over the image when it’s showed on screen. This is probably what generates that blurry and overexposed look and it also makes the image yellowish.
      In the original render they looked like… wax or porcelain statues ¿?¿? Their faces were clearly redrawn oven the render and they look terribly soft to my eyes with no reason. It looked like a romantic videogame end of chapter screen XD. And it doesn’t happen in other renders in the game, just a few of them.

      But you’ll see how it really looks ingame when I upload the video ;D

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • Alvin says:

        I agree with everything you’ve just said. Your rendition of the end screen looks much better. It indeed looks as if it’s a anime still. Only thing missing is some sparkles and twinkles. xD

      • Steven says:

        Yeah they really do look doll like in the original. I noticed that too.

  7. Sean says:

    Small thing I noticed not a big deal but, the shadow from Leon’s hair kind of makes it look like he has a black eye

  8. Daniel says:

    Awesome guys great work as always

  9. Daniel says:

    Ashley just need a little bit more of polygons (if possible) in her legs and boots

  10. SLH says:

    About the end of chapter 2 render, Leon’s left hand looks too open. It would be better if the fingers were more bent. The original render is a good reference:

    • Alvin says:

      They do looks slightly more bended. But taking note, I realize the fingers are not holding onto anything. The hand underneath the pistol is simple to rest the gun into the hand palm for more grip.

      • SLH says:

        Well, if you imitate holding a gun with two hands, you’ll notice that your supporting hand (which, as you said, just lets the other hand rest on it) will have the fingers a bit bent (mostly the last two phalanges). In the original render, the fingers look just right, but here, they look a bit off because they are bit extended. Apart from this little detail, the new render blows the original out of the water.

  11. Joel says:

    Awesome work, as usual.

  12. Joseph Lefaver says:

    Just a suggestion, but Leon should probably not have his finger on the trigger, as he is a trained professional. I do understand staying true to the original artwork/intention, so I will leave that up to your discretion. It’s not a big deal, just wanted to point that out. Everything is looking great!

    Joseph L.

  13. Rey says:

    umm, could you add more polygons on her twin mountains? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Graccio says:

    Hi Cris and Albert
    it is true that it is still early to talk about future projects, but I would like to put a “flea in the ear” (an Italian expression), a masterpiece that would need you, and not alone 🙂

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