Walkthrough | Chapter 2-3 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Here goes a new video 🙂

Again, it took me more time than I thought. But I think it worths the effort!

As usual I’ve been touching up previous chapter details according to some feedback we’ve received, but Leon’s flashlight has been a struggle for sure…

4K image! Click to view at full size

I’ve done the typical work on new enemies, stage textures and 3D final touches and lots of light edits and effect adjustments (mostly light bloom restored effects)

4K image! Click to view at full size

Finally, you’ll find a surprise in the middle of the video (I hope you like it!) and a short explanation about the steps we follow to restore/re-create a texture at the end of the video.

“Where am I…?”
[ 4K image! Click to view at full size]

Have a nice week!

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63 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 2-3 Fully Remastered”

  1. metroidguy says:

    This is absolutely amazing work. Albert you are by far the most talented and dedicated person I’ve known of to be in existence. The attention to detail is absolutely perplexing, all of the things that you have learnt for the minute edits you do which at the same time add so much value to the project itself. I’ve been a devote follower since 2014, when you started your edits on the Wii version in Dolphin, to when you were working with Chris all the way to the last ‘Look familiar?’ post. Over the years you’ve been expanding your attention to detail therefore widening the criteria of what you would consider ‘complete’. I rarely leave comments I am more of a silent follower but I check on your page almost every day. I hope you keep the good work and I hope everything is excellent on a personal level as it is on this professional level of work you are delivering to this community.

    Best regards,


    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your message! It’s really heartouching some people is following us since the very first day!! 😀
      My main goal is to keep the “completed criteria” as is once and for all haha

  2. Mauricio says:

    Amigo, quiero agradecerte por tu dedicacion con este juego. Para mi, es le unico titulo que mas he rejugado de esta saga y el que mas me gusto de lejos. Y realmente, es un honor disfrutar de estas mejoras que haz estado implementado en todo este tiempo.

  3. V I D A L says:

    Well you know I don’t care much to watch the playthrough part of the video, but seeing all the work that goes into those textures at the end of the video earned you another donation. 😉
    That is awesome! A lot of fun to watch it coming together.

    • V I D A L says:

      I didn’t find the surprise in the middle of the video though.. where is it?

      • albert says:

        Thanks a lot! I think a lot of people will like the texture re-creation part ^_^
        Start at min 23 and wait 😉

        • V I D A L says:

          Oh lol.. Saw it now. I was literally search for in the ‘middle’ of the video.
          Crazy stuff . Neat idea. Would be cool to have all the behind the scenes info about the project, credits and stuff. Look forward to see how it will look at the end.

  4. NEGAARMAX says:

    para empezar los cambios la linterna como te mencione la vez pasada me gusta mas esta pues la otra aunque mas realista esta sin duda es mejor.
    Los reflejos en el area donde abres las puertas de las rutas junto con la mesa con metal son detalles y arreglos que se agradecen bastante.
    la habitacion estra yo siempre creí que daba con el otro lado de donde esta el gigante (donde esta tapado antes de tener llave) pero esto de la habitacion secreta es asombroso, aunque a mi me gustaria que se pudiera enfrentar en esa habitacion al super Dr. Salvador siempre he querido enfrentarlo en la historia, pero bueno una sala de trofeos no suena nada mal
    El detalle de la lampara me encanto y mas porque en la version antigua de PC si tenia luz en la linerna
    y el tutorial de las texturas es asombroso, sin mas que decir, espero el siguiente update

  5. Sean says:

    Yay! Its always fun to see your updates 🙂

    Nitpicks: really wish you could improve the enemy AI so enemies dont get stuck spinning next to ladder/edges, and fixing the pro difficulty. I think the chainsaw lady should stop foaming at the mouth after she dies. The way Mendez’s eye rolls out of his head could look better, the shadow cutting through the middle is distracting since it doesnt blend/curve properly, also can you make the pupil/color a bit more visible when it rolls?

    Ideas for the new cave: should make it a little more hidden, like place a destructible/movable object infront of the new path. At first I thought it would be cool to see a boat with the ability to shortcut to various locations, but theres already teleportation mods so I guess it wouldnt be very good, though it would make sense for the merchant to have secret shortcut tunnels!

    It would be cool to have a custom shooting range or mercenaries style minigame, where endless enemies attack you and you just see how long you can survive, though instead of dieing it just kicks you out of the shooting range.

    Another idea is to have it just be a simple short tunnel that leads to the other path with El Gigante, except it puts Leon up onto the higher ledge that you cant normally access, allowing players to get an easy kill on El Gigante. Then if you had other ideas you could save them for a later part of the game, since it seems kinda early to be placing anything too special.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for all comments and ideas as usual!
      unfortunately we can’t edit enemies AI this is beyond our knowledge (right now) nor anything else that requires some kind of programming like adding a mini game or make it to go back to the normal game when you die.
      Yeah… those shadows during cutscenes being slightly upper than the floor level is really distracting at close distances. I’ve tried everything but it seems it’s not controled by the room files

  6. Joseph L says:

    Everything is looking good. I don’t have any ideas for the room. The only thing I’d have to nit pick is the amount of times you died. It was truly upsetting. I’m just kidding, of course. I’m actually surprised you didn’t edit it to make it look like you didn’t die. We never would have known until the end card of the chapter.
    But I do have some unsolicited gaming advice. For the El Gigante fight, I just use the TMP with the stock. I can get him to his knees after 40-50 rounds to the face. I didn’t think the stock was that effective, but I’m also not sure if your TMP was at its highest firepower stat at that point in the game.
    For the Mendez fight, Incendiary and Frag grenades are the most effective way to take him down. 4 incendiaries in his walking form, then for his monkey form, use the explosive barrel and 3 or 4 hand grenades to finish him off.
    Here’s a link to my walkthrough for that chapter if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4WRechIVjs
    I will now patiently wait for the next update. Thanks for the all the hard work you guys do!

  7. M4nu88 says:

    Ufff que buena pinta tiene todo sacarás el pack totalmente restaurado del pueblo como ya hiciste anterior mente o todo pack cuando lo termines completamente ??

    • albert says:

      Imagino que lo sacaremos cuando esté todo terminado, ya que las diferencias con la versión de julio pasado no son tan exageradas como para sacar nuevos packs. Y además, reprsenta un gran esfuerzo y tiempo preparar y sacar packs luego atender a los problemas de instalación que acostumbra a tener la gente.
      Gracias por la paciencia! 🙂

  8. Ali says:

    Nice work with the hidden room down there.
    I think some treasure chest would be awesome or placing diamonds in its walls for Leon to shoot down.

    • albert says:

      I’ll probably add something like that, but it should be something of little value. As I mentioned, we don’t want to change the game mechanics nor difficulty. If I include a lot of money or treasures (or the silencer as someone mentioned) it would be an easy way to obtain extra money that originally wasn’t there thus a way of prematurelly upgrading weapons. It should be a “neutral” area 🙂

  9. Mariano says:

    tengo 2 idea para la habitacion secreta puedes reciclar la escopeta que esta fuera del mapa despues del pueblo en la granja se voveria muy interesante entrar por eso y (CREO en un papel Luis sera menciona que habia un lugar oculto)

    • Mariano says:

      tambien hay una animacion secreta en que si usas un bote con ashley ella tambien sube

      • Mariano says:

        Ultima idea para que sea mas secreto puedes colocar las maderas que estan en la vias que se rompan con el cuchillo

        • albert says:

          Gracias por las ideas! Efectivamente, Ashley también puede subir al bote hehe.

          Lo de las maderas… quizá sería contraproducente, porque destacaría más al notarse que… eh! eso no estaba ahí antes XD

  10. Max says:

    Hey Albert, I wanted to ask you,if you use the original gamecube textures and use topaz gigapixel to enhance the resolution…will both re4hd project and the original by comparison look good?

    • albert says:

      Hello! the textures of this PC version (the original textures mode I mean, not the HD mode) are already exactly the same Gamecube textures. I already tried AI on them but he results are only good in very few cases (mostly organic textures) and none of them can’t compete with a really re-created texture.

  11. mofail says:

    The hidden room could have a two typewriters there for players to save their game?
    One is the original game version & next to it the new HD typewriter?
    A museum with mannequins of villagers again originals placed next to HD versions?
    Merchant maybe down there?
    Is it possible to hd the effect of yellow slime on the big cheese boss?
    @ 1:07:35
    @ 1:12:11
    Also the same effect in chainsaw sisters mouths @ 19:11

    • SLH says:

      I think the museum idea is great. Actually, every single remastered character and object could be exhibited, alongside the original ones, so we can see the differences. There would be different sections like the weapons section, the main characters section, the bosses section, the treasures section etc. The character models could have a breathing animation. So basically, it would be a big overview of all the work done during this project.

      • mofail says:

        Let’s hope so but I imagine it would take a lot of work, still can’t hurt to ask lol
        There’s certainly enough room down there for such things, what about portraits from the castle old next to new? I guess there’s endless things that could be placed down there it’s such an enormous area…there could be those two cops walking around as museum security lmao !

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the ideas!
      About the effects, certainly there is space for improvement for some of these effects yet…

      • mofail says:

        take your time & pace yourself guys this is a tremendous effort & appreciated. The museum thing does seem a spoiler especially as its early in the game still & to see every model on display so early is a spoiler for new gamers. That’s why I thought non hostile villagers on display would be nice to look at them without any fighting. Like dummies in a shop window? The slime effects seem very ugly to me, maybe if they were just more transparent? can they be more transparent?

  12. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work as usual. On your video you mentioned that you are unable to play in 1440p due to hardware constraints in order for you to screen capture video footage. Out of curiousity I would like to know what CPU and GPU is currently in your system?

    • albert says:

      Thanks you!
      I have:
      i5-4690 3,5Gz
      GTX 750 Ti
      16GB RAM
      Not bad but I can’t play RE7 and specially RE2 with a decent graphic configuration for example

      • Mariano says:

        se puede reescalar un poco la imagen pon en las configuraciones de gpu escaldo por gpu o pantalla completa ganaras mucho rendimiento sin perder tanta calidad otra cosa es bajar gamma al maximo con la calibracion de color despues subir el brillo NO FUNCIONA PARA GRABAR

        • albert says:

          Gracias por los consejos!
          En realidad para jugar me basta con 1080, lo que quería era que youtube no deteriorara tanto la imagen. Pero bueno, casi mejor, así cuando la gente juegue por sí misma será más impactante 🙂

  13. Mainagioia says:

    Everything perfect as always, the new area disturbed me with that extremely scary song, where did you find it? A strange thing is the eyes of Ashley and sometimes also of Leon, it seems that the light does not reach them, in real life the eyes catch the light so they are almost always bright, I hope you will be able to solve

    • albert says:

      Thanks! The specular effect in this game is quite cheap, so it’s near impossible to get a total control of how things shine.
      About Ashley, her ingame face, eyes and specular values for her eyes are not remastered yet 😉

      The music is just the start of chapter screen for Separate Ways 🙂

  14. Kaludio says:

    en el ester egg deverias darle un espacio a todas esos modelos que no usaron en juego como por ejemplo los que se muestrabn en esta pagina https://www.unseen64.net/2008/04/16/resident-evil-4-beta/

  15. Hammer says:

    ¿Que qué le pasa al Ganado que da vueltas? ¡Pues que el Ganado está Perdido! Jua jua jua… (Venga va, ya es la segunda vez que hago el chistecito de ganado y perdido, mejor no lo gasto…)

    En cuanto a la sala nueva… no sé si será plausible, pero, ¿se podría poner un activador, o algo así, para devolverle a Leon su cazadora? Ya que ha quedado tan bonita…

  16. ItalicMaze says:

    El Gigante: Farewell, Leon. It was nice knowing you. *sheds a tear*

  17. Gabooz says:

    I laughed at the trucked starting in a rush at 60fps!
    It’s true that 60fps is not working really well, but even so I don’t play it because I don’t have same feeling, when it’s at 60 I feels as if it’s too fast for this game or something like that, like too much action feeling and not enough scary, maybe I’m not the only one.
    Your secret Room could be a lot of things, scary tortue room, blacksmith for their tools/weapons, strange room with bed and everything including a teddy bear cut in two (the kind of strange detail in a place like this), so many possibilities and I haope you could surprise us 🙂
    Don’t worry too much about the video quality, Youtube compression will in the end waste quality and it’s enough for us to see until we can play it.

  18. kaludio says:

    tambien queria decir que voy a extraniar como funcionaba la lampara de la actualizacion pasada. En realidad si se veia muy bien no se porque la gente se quejo :/ creo que lo unico que me gusta mas de la lampara “vainilla” de esta actualizacion es que aluza a ashley de una manera diferente que al entorno. si se pudiera hacer eso con la lampara “realista” digamosle de la actualizacion pasada fuera perfecto. como siempre esta actualizacion quedo de maravilla, felizidades, todo se ve “al chingazo” como dicen aqui en mi pueblo. Hahaha estoy que brinco de enseniarles el mod a mis amigos que jugaron re4 cuando salio en la gamecube junto a mi.

  19. Alvin says:

    Great video and awesome update Albert. I have no criticism about anything. 😀
    It’s great to see you optimize the game’s structure by using dummy textures.
    Haha and we finally got the Easter egg room now! For ideas:

    1. The music of the cave is fantastic and suits the game very well, I do think the volume should be adjusted a little. (Not sure how loud it is compared to the save room theme, it should be on the same volume.)
    2. Ambient sounds at places to indicate the reverb of the cave. Drops falling, wood creaking, perhaps some bats.
    3. Flames on top of the other blue merchant lights. Perhaps some smaller default lanterns at some places. (It’s the contrast between cold blues and warm orange flames that’s always been an eye candy to my eyes)
    4. Parts of the wooden bridge are decayed or destroyed and they have to hop over stuff or jump to get across.
    5. On the main deck we see one of the most awesome and dedicated moments of the project.
    f.e. How you found the real life locations of some texture sources.
    6. At one part of the tunnel, the wooden path completely stops and you have to venture forth into a cave section ‘similar to the one after the cable card ride’. Just so you have more variation and more space to explore.

    For goofs and laughs:
    1. A happy merchant that doesn’t want to sell Leon anything but does randomly choose dialogue when interact with.
    2. Cris and Albert, you guys as actual npc’s or enemies.
    3. Bear traps placed around a corner.

  20. Alvin says:

    ‘Wait!’ *In Leon’s voice.
    I do have one point of criticism. The eye ball taken from Mendez. To further improve the look of the eye:

    The sclera is convex, the iris is concave, and the pupil is a hole in the iris. The cornea has no texture and is not visible except for creating the specular. The light reflected onto the cornea and will distort the specular so it never really overlaps the pupil.

    • Sean says:

      I agree the eye needs more work, it doesnt look good imo, especially the shadow cutting through the middle in a perfectly straight line

  21. Arad says:

    This project without a doubt is a GREAT PORJECT in world of games.
    One idea for your awesom Easter Egg : I think putting a text file containing memories of gamers from this game inside a box in that secret room is a interesting idea . i hope you see my comment.
    Thanks for your Great Work

  22. Greg says:

    Aún no he tenido tiempo de mirarme detalladamente este video y su anterior en busca de errores, pero les he echado un vistazo y tienen muy buena pinta. Respecto a ideas para la habitación, podias hacer un wallpaper de esos que te salen tan bien con todos los personajes del juego en plan foto familiar, añadiendo un efecto de envejecimiento y estilo parecidos al de los cuadros de Saddler que hay distribuidos por el juego. También se me ocurre poner un documento/archivo con la info del proyecto y todo lo demás que quieras incluir. En cuanto a objetos, se podria meter algo que sea muy valioso como joyas de las caras o algún arma tipo lanzacohetes. O porque no, munición a montones por si hay alguien que vaya muy escaso de balas al pasar por allí. Es lo que se me ocurre así a bote pronto.
    También añadir que estoy viendo muchos proyectos últimamente que hacen uso de la IA para modernizar las texturas y demás de los juegos antiguos. Creo que anteriormente se dijo que era complicado de aplicar esto a los vídeos de este juego que aún están en resolución prehistórica, pero no pierdo la esperanza de que alguien invente algo por ahí antes de que el proyecto sea completado.

    Como siempre, saludos y mucho ánimo.

  23. Ernesto Antonio León Cabrera says:

    Podrías arreglar el error ortográfico en la palabra Hybred en los cartuchos de escopeta? Deberia decir Hybrid

    • Ernesto Antonio León Cabrera says:

      oh y otra cosa, la caja de cartuchos de la handcanon dicen ”.5 caliber” lo cual es extremadamente diminuto, deberia decir .500 (pues la handcanon está basada en una pistola que usa munición .500 S&W Magnum

  24. SLH says:

    Great video as usual, and it’s always interesting to see the remastering process behind this project.
    I just wanted to mention that Leon’s hair in the inventory menu could be improved by making the hair parting a little narrower, like this for example: https://imgur.com/LEw88nd
    Leon’s hair looks fine in cutscenes (and in-game too, if the same model is being used), but apparently (I may be wrong), the model of Leon in the inventory menu is a different one, since the hair parting looks a bit wider.

    About the false eye, it looks a bit off, but since it’s not supposed to be a real eye in the first place, it could be left as is (in the examine mode, there are like 4-5 light spots on the eye, I don’t know if it was like that in the original, but it seems a bit much).
    Also, the piece of furniture seen at the end of the video looks a bit wonky. The frames for the glass panes seem a little crooked.

    Anyway, keep up the good work with the Transformer castle!

  25. Matthew McNamara says:

    Amazing video as always. Informative and very entertaining. Great work on your not-so-secret-anymore area. I think it is is a great idea to leave your and the other project members mark on the game. You have already demonstrated some clever level design with your improved walkway in Seperate Ways.

    I agree with others that a museum comparing assets is a great idea. You should check out Metro Last Light’s Museum level for inspiration. Otherwise I’d suggest you exercise your creative skills and maybe add your own area to the game and add anything that you feel RE4 would benefit from. If it is a loading area for the warehouse then perhaps explore what the ganados are importing or exporting? (Plaga from the castle mines for infecting the village or rare paintings for Salazar. You could even include a photograph/painting of your own as an Easter Egg).

    I’m excited to see what this room becomes. Whether its something serious, fun, or a mix of both we’re all looking forward to it! Be sure to take your time and take plenty of rests. Seeing what goes into a single texture looks so demanding and you’ve done it countless times. Thanks for your continued hard work.

  26. ItchyTasty says:

    I like the idea of the secret area being a behind-the-scenes type of place to imply how the merchant gets around the island. The music is a perfect fit and you’ve already got the blue torches so I think if you put rail cart tracks along those wooden boards like someone else suggested and have a part where the path diverges into an area you can’t get to it’d be perfect. The part where it diverges could just be a part where the rail tracks go across, but the boards are broken underneath so it blocks your path.

    The player should definitely not be able to pick anything up down here though because a lot of people in the future will play this game for the first time using this mod and it shouldn’t have an effect on the overall game experience.

    If you also want to use this area to show off some of the work of the project then you could have framed side-by-side comparison images and maybe a few old models next to new ones. There could maybe even be a portion of the cave that has a bit of the castle’s foundations poking through.

  27. Sean says:

    Mofail: “I thought non hostile villagers on display would be nice to look at them without any fighting.”

    This ^ made me think of something… did we ever actually see anybody mining for las plagas? its mentioned in the story, but only shown in text and pictures right? I know you go underground after the castle and theres a section with the minecarts and the it monster, but we never actually saw workers digging!

    what if the new cave is filled with Ganados at work, like in the beginning of the game, only this time you cannot disrupt them, if you shoot/kill them they just keep working and going through the animations as if hypnotized. Maybe you could add a little elevator to make it seem deeper underground, make a little work area with mining equipment, and there could be some Ganados digging/mining for something since the las plagas were discovered underground and we never got to see

    instead of pushing barrels of hay and dumping water and using pitchforks, they could be moving barrels of rocks and buckets of dirt and digging or axing, or maybe even driving that machine with the spiked spinning wheel hidden in the trap door of the castle (ya know the one), that would be really cool imo

    Mofail: “The museum thing does seem a spoiler especially as its early in the game still”

    I agree with this^ too, you shouldnt put spoilers in the early part of the game. Thats why a simple scene of some miners at work digging seems best IMO, it would fit the story without being a spoiler, maybe you could include some animals or zealots too, but I wouldnt go too far this early in the game, wait to add a full museum until later in chapter 5 and make it difficult to find.

    • Sean says:

      Another idea to go along with the mining scene could be a chained up El Gigante, maybe he could be moving something and tossing boulders. Luis or Ada could be hiding somewhere. Maybe Mendez is walking around but only before the barn fight, if you return to the area he would no longer be seen. There could also be a pit where you see the “it” monster, and it tries to attack but cant reach you then it quickly crawls away! Would be a great scare if players are worried about it showing up at anytime lol

      • mofail says:

        @Sean – The idea about El Gigante covered in chains put him behind a wall/gate with some holes in it so you can’t see him properly! Love this idea lol
        you mostly hear him but can see only a little of him. Come on cris albert what say you guys?

        • Sean says:

          I dont think Gigante needs to be hiding behind a wall with a little hole, since players have already seen gigante at that point, the purpose of this room is to walk up close to him without being attacked. That was your idea originally right? to show non-hostile villagers?

          I think they could have the “it” monster (or maybe a novistador) show up in some hole where he pops out to scare players, but quickly crawls away, since we dont want spoilers we should not beable to get a good look at “it”. Could work nicely (without being too spoilery) to have a new jumpscare like that, so players have this uneasy feeling that “it” could show up at anytime 🙂

          Would be similar to the invisible novistadors footsteps heard in the beginning of the castle… maybe they could add a sound effect for the “it” monster and then when players walk by a certain hole he reaches out to attack (but cant reach all the way through) before scurrying away

          Either way, I hope cris & albert hold off on adding their “museum” until later in the game, like after chapter 5-1

          • albert says:

            I don’t think we can do most of these things come true XD
            The edits we can do are very limited.
            My idea is a calmed and neutral, but full of small “tributes” and details related somehow with the project, but at the same time they should fit and be related with the game itself in a way that someone that plays the game without knowing anything about us won’t find the room as a completely out of place and useless place, but more like a mysterious place that could visually explain some of the early events taking place in the game with no spoilers.
            It sounds complicated to do, but I’m sure there is a way. It’s a matter of creativity and brainstorming 🙂

  28. Ascaron says:

    Nice idea, that new room! The work is excellent, as always!

  29. mofail says:

    I think & there are two mining cart areas in the castle section & no one swings a pick axe at rocks I think….or do they?..damn I can’t remember now. Maybe I get carried away with ideas but fingers crossed for something cool down there lol

  30. Bloodyhunter says:

    Splendid work! It was very interesting to see how you edited and combined the various photos to recreate the game’s textures. I hope we’ll get to see more behind the scenes stuff like that in the next videos.

    Regarding the new area, why not making a “RE Archives Museum”? Like:
    ► One part dedicated to RE1-4 with various official artworks displayed on the walls and 3D models of the main characters and antagonists floating around
    ► Another part focusing on the RE4HD Project to exhibit the pictures you’ve taken during your trips as well as some comparison shots between RE4UHD and the HD Project
    ► And why not a small part to pay tribute to the beta versions of RE4 (artworks, screenshots and the beta outfits left in the retail version of the game -Aviator Ashley + Jill wearing Ada’s beta dress-)

    In any case you should put pictures/models of yourselves (like that weird easter egg with the guy hidden far away in the area where Mike dies haha). This is the least you could do considering what you’ve done for RE4!

  31. Catman says:

    It would be a good idea to hide the Moustache Luis in the secret room you put in this chapter

    Or you could put Moustache Luis as default in the game and hide a “Shaver” item in the room

    And when you pick it up and finish the game then Luis have no Moustache in the New Game Plus of that save file

    And if Shaver is not picked up then he always have a Moustache

    Luis: Did you invite all these Moustaches?, I told you WE HAVE NO MORE THAN FIFTY SHAVERS!


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