Chapter 2 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello! Here is a summary of the entire Chapter 2 in the form of comparison images (a huge compilation) without the terrible Youtube video artifacts.

I’m now doing the final refinements for Chapter 3 and remastering all the enemies, files, and everything not included in the 2018 release. So, I’ve been doing progress during the latest weeks 😉

And here’s a present for your patience: You can download a new 4K wallpaper by clicking this image…

I didn’t notice until now the TMP model Leon is holding in Chapter 3 background image. Interesting…

I hope you like the edits. Keep in mind even some changes may seem huge they have more sense in motion. You can take a look at the previous posts videos if you haven’t done it already.


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99 responses to “Chapter 2 – FINAL Comparison Images”

  1. Silver812 says:

    Que trabajo más magnífico estas haciendo Albert. Te lo habrán dicho muchas veces, pero quiero decirte que lo que estás haciendo no tiene precio. Nos llenas a todos de alegría por darnos la oportunidad de ver el juego de nuestras infancias en este mejoradísimo estado. Que ganas tengo de jugarlo ya!!

  2. NEGAARMAX says:

    realmente se ven tan bien los cambios en especial los de las plagas que por fin puedo verlos a detalle al igual que la de Mendaz, de verdad ya quiero ver los cambios finales en los Zealots y el castillo, muchas gracias por hacer esto posible.

  3. HussainiuM says:

    Hi.. These changes look absolutely amazing i can’t wait for the final release..i was playing with a trainer for the game (razor’s to be exact) and i swapped characters every thing works fine except if i add krausers bow to the game and hit inventory the game crashes can you guys fix that .. and i know im asking for alot here but just a quick question: of all the guns in the game the Matilda doesn’t have a quick camera turn function so the question is .. is it possible to patch the game so that you can quick turn with the matilda.. Thanks alot guys for all the hard work you have been doing

    • albert says:

      The inventory crashes because Leon’s inventory doesn’t include Krauser’s weapons. When you swap characters the inventory loaded is still the original character inventory. So, the game don’t find bowgun nor other character exclusive weapon models when you enter the inventory and it crashes.

      Some of the other character’s items are not in Leon’s inventory and viceversa. Besides, I removed other unused Leon’s inventory items in order to optimize the file size, otherwise is not possible to improve inventory/merchant weapon, ammo and health 3D models. If Leon inventory file size exceeds 1,3 MB the game crashes.

      The only way to add all the other character weapons inside Leon’s inventory file is to make all 3D models lower-poly.
      (But I think Raz0r trainer also break the polygons limits, but other trainers surely won’t make that possible)

      So, I can create a separate download including Leon’s complete inventory low and high poly versions when the project is complete.

      But you’ll have to remind me about that when the moment arrives. There will probably be a “pre-final” release and we’ll wait some time to collect people’s feedback in case there are some bugs, requests (no grain pacth or no flickering plight patch, for example) or something else.

      Strange enough, the other character’s inventory (which is just one file for all of them) has no size limits

    • albert says:

      Oh! I forgot about the Matilda… you know… I had no idea about that! We can’t edit animations, so that’s not possible right now…

  4. CiTRiC says:

    Muchas, muchas gracias, Albert. No tengo nada más que decir mas que agradecerte por tu gran trabajo. Saludos desde Chile.

  5. Jim says:

    Looks great, but is there anyway to get leon’s wristband to have the same jagged wrinkly highlight as the original? it suggests the wristband isn’t a smooth cylinder, but crumpled fabric

    • Jim says:

      Actually, looking at it more, are they part of the gloves??
      The first two pictures show the ‘wristbands’

      • albert says:

        In fact, they are part of the arms. And the hands are separate models that change depending of the weapon you are using.
        So, I guess this shape is the more natural choice in order to avoid weird animation distortion/clipping issues.
        About the specular effect looking more “prominent” in the original is partially because the bumpmap is more detailed now and partially because the specular effect possition in the entire game is slightly changed. It looks better in motion. But I guess I can edit this bumpmap in a way it looks better because we are constantly seeing Leon’s glove.
        I’ll give a try 😉

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome footage. These screenshots don’t do enough justice to show how much effort you guys put into the remastering process of Chapter 2. Good work, looking forward to the final product.

  7. Julio says:

    congratulations for the wonderful work! Do you intend to make an updated release like the one made in July 2018 before the final release? thanks;)

    • albert says:

      Thanks! the next update will probably be a “pseudo final” pack. Then we’ll wait some time to get people’s feedback in case there are bugs or any problems and then we’ll release the definitive pack 🙂

  8. Adam T Redmond says:


  9. Bonk says:

    Incredible work. As always. Thank you for what you are doing.

  10. ramonrir says:

    tú trabajo es increíble, me ha gustado los cambios en la iluminación, y las sombras, espero pronto echarle guante al juego con tu trabajo instalado, sigo la pagina desde que hicieron el primer pack de la villa, y ha evolucionado, de manera impresionante, de nuevo felicidades y como fan de resident evil, muchas gracias por esta joya, saludos.

  11. Sean says:

    Everything is amazing, but one thing I noticed is Ashleys waist seems to catch the lighting in a weird way. Not sure if Im the only one bothered by it. I see theres like a wrinkle in her sweater, but it seems really odd the way light bounces around her. I think the problem is the orange color looks shiny/reflective, almost like it glows.

    Its hard to see with so many changes from the brightness around her eyes, to darkness in her cheeks, to brightness on her chest, to darkness on her stomach, to brightness on her waste. Same goes for Leon, but hes not as bad. Maybe you could make the lighting and shadows slightly less drastic/more subtle and smooth on the character models? Or maybe its just the moonlight thats too strong?

    The close-up picture of the note on the bed looks amazing, especially the handwriting, but I think you brightened it up a bit too much. The top right corner of picture 74_B seems a little dull and might look nicer if it was a little darker, like in the original. Not a big deal though 🙂

    Aside from Ashleys waste everything looks amazing!

    • Sean says:

      One more thing about Ashley, if you look at picture 20_B it appears as if Ashley is much brighter or more lit up than Leon, its like Leon is in the shade and Ashley is in the moonlight. Seems kind of weird how they dont always match. They also look kind of weird in pic 54_B because it seems darker/foggy yet theres still some light source hitting around their eyes and on their chest.

      Maybe its just me, idk.

      • Alvin says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong but I recall Albert mentioning it’s got to do with the brightness or saturation of her texture compared to Leon’s.

        • Sean says:

          Not sure how its done, but I know they have done lighting edits. I understand they are going for the gamecube look, and the photos we see in the original version are more yellow, but cris/albert have made it more blue/grey which is fine for the most part, but it makes faces/skin look washed out, and when combined with the new shadows
          it really over does it, because the areas of the character models that lightup from the moon are sooo much brighter than the areas that are shaded dark.

          I actually had not watched the recent video posted last month of ch2-3, but I just went back and skimmed through some parts and I have to say, Ashley looks strange in the video. Sometimes her hair is almost white, sometimes her face looks like a ghost/zombie, and her sweater/body is shiny from moonlight, and Leons flashlight barely even brightens her up when shes standing right in front of him

          • albert says:

            Hehe yes, I know what you mean with Ashley’s “ghost face” XD
            to be realistic the characters should look almost always completely dark, but they aren’t for playability reasons. I guess the developers lights choices were based on the idea the game was a SD game. Now that we can play this game at HD resolutions the characters doesn’t need to be fully highlighted all the time to be decently visible. So, I took the choice of making the character’s models illumination to match more with the environtment colors and illumination.

            “I understand they are going for the gamecube look,”
            In fact, we just removed a broken effect and the gamecube colors appeared without the need of extra edits, so, the blueish tone is not and approximation, but the real gamecube colors.

            “it really over does it, because the areas of the character models that lightup from the moon are sooo much brighter than the areas that are shaded dark.”
            I think this is not a bad thing. It adds more dynamism to the illumination. When you get the “ghost face” effect you just need to turn the character (Ashley or the enmies) 180º and you’ll see the face more illuminated. It’s a random effect that matches (or try to match most times) the direction of the according to stage shadows and lights.

            “Sometimes her hair is almost white”
            Yeah.. that’s the problem with the more bright textures Alvin mentioned

            “Leons flashlight barely even brightens her up when shes standing right in front of him”

            Yep, that’s completely intentional. When someone is in from of you with a flashlight it will just illuminate a portion of your body. Leon’s flashlight now has a realistic diameter that gets bigger and fadded with the distance.
            The ultra huge light comming from the flashlight in the original looked simply ridiculous to my eyes, even when I played the game on the Gamecube…

            As always, there is time for some quick adjustments and I’ll probably will do them without reporting it XD So, the final product will be surely sliiiightly different 🙂

        • Sean says:

          Heres a video of the gamecube to compare it to.

          Ashleys skin is pinkish, not pale. Her sweater is not shiny, and her hair is dark yellow. I dont mind that cris/albert have chosen to remove the yellow tint for white light, but the pale skin tones, heavy shadows, and reflective body surfaces are a major eyesore, at least with Ashley

          • albert says:

            Oh the cutscene has the same colors in our version compared to the GC/Wii game running on Dolphin. Only the last scene (when they both are outside after jumping out of the window) has pale tones because I removed the yellow light that came from… nowhere.
            Ashley skin color is constantly changing depending on the area she is. Inside the church it’s more bibrant and live, outside in darker, cloudly rainy areas her skin looks much more pale as the rest of characters and stage models. And her skin looks much more reddish/yellowish inside the castle 🙂
            It all depends on the environtment


          • Taitass says:


        • albert says:

          Yes, you are right! but Sean is right, too…! In that particular case the difference is too much… And I’m checking the file right now and…. yes! both characters have 2 different ambient lights (instead of a common light that reaches both) and Ashley’s light is more intense in that portion of the room

          Good eyes, Sean, and good memory, Alvin! 🙂

          • Alvin says:

            Ah so you solved it. 🙂
            Looking at the screenshots with different lighting reaching the characters is strangely satisfying. I really like the darker unlit shades too, so please keep those and don’t over-brighten the ‘ambient’ lights.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback as always!
      I know what you mean. I looks well to my eyes, maybe because I’m used to it. The explanation is simple: most light comes from the sky but the characters doesn’t cast shadows to their own model polygons, so, all polygons that face up will receive that light. The polygons of the sweater wrinkles at her waist height are included. Of course, when she is close to other light sources, this effect disappear and all her model is illuminated.

      I can’t wait all of you try it by yourselves. I think it all makes more sense in motion and without the “before” image as a reference 🙂

      • gamer says:

        I thought they are more colourful outside in GC version because of fake lights, I guess not for this then

  12. EPD Gaffney says:


    Marry me, though?

  13. Both games still looked very similar to each other. The handful of textures more than the newer version offers just was not enough for anything..they even made louis look more polygonal after.. nust darkened everything and threw some improved textures gere n there

    • albert says:

      It needs to be seen in motion. Luis differences are not because the new textures, but the camera angle and illumination and it constantly changes while he moves 🙂

  14. Axel says:

    This is great! The light changes most of the time feels a lot better and even darker.
    I would point some changes, but that’s just my personal opinion:
    . On picture 30B the light is too white for a red fire. I’m pointing this picture, but sometimes the white light doesn’t match the environment and fire, even though you’re aiming for the GC look.
    . Sometimes the light feels too dark on the characters, like in 31B, 54B. It was not real, but maybe the artists were trying to compesate for/simulate indirect light.
    . On 55B can that red beam cast redish light on Leon and environment?

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the comment and feedback!

      – On picture 30B the light is too white for a red fire
      That’s because of the flashlight 😛
      In the original, the flashlight is very dull in this area (I don’t know why, see picture 29) I made it to match with the rest of areas flashlight intensity and Leon’s white flashlight is pointing to the flames in that picture which makes a lot of light is condensed there hehe

      – Sometimes the light feels too dark on the characters, like in 31B, 54B. It was not real, but maybe the artists were trying to compesate for/simulate indirect light.
      Yes, I’m sure that was the reason and the game being a SD game, too. the light is dymanic now, so when you turn you’ll see character’s face more illuminated. I’d say it’s more realistic and it brings dynamism to the lighting. It’s better in motion. I’ve just answered Sean about this same problem a few minutes ago, there’s a more elaborated answer up here 😉

      – On 55B can that red beam cast redish light on Leon and environment?
      Oh! good idea! I’ll try something subtle but noticeable 😀

  15. Matdiez says:

    No sé si soy yo, pero creo que hay lluvia adentro de la estructura en la imagen 27_B, en la 27_A no hay lluvia (porque están bajo techo) pero en la 27_B si.
    Espero haber sido de ayuda, gran trabajo!

    • albert says:

      Gracias! bien observado, por suerte no es un fallo. (me había asustado XD)
      Es simplemente que el pantallazo en B lo he tomado un poquito más atrás que el pantallazo A, y en ese punto la cámara ya se encuentra fuera del mini establo

  16. SLH says:

    The improved textures look great, amazing work!
    Here’s my feedback for some improvements:
    -The wall on 2 B stand out too much. The colors look too vivid. Too high contrast I guess. The color contrast in the original is just right, more muted.

    -The dog’s eyes are oriented differently in the hd version (61 B). And the new texture for the hairs doesn’t look that great. I actually prefer the original texture. The orientation of the hairs in the hd texture should be sticking closer to the original hair pattern, especially on the snout area. The hd textures for the mutant dogs on 18 B are great and really well done, so I don’t know why the remastered good dog doesn’t look at least as good.

    -On 68B, Leon’s sideburns look off. It’s like there’s an invisible line where the hair stops. On 68 A, the sideburns look natural.

    -The leather straps look more angular in the hd version, while in the original, it looks curvy. It’s obvious on pics 13 A B and 43 A B. Very sharp angles that don’t look as good as in the original.

    – Regarding the last video, Leon’s hair in the inventory menu could be improved by making the hair parting a little narrower, like this for example:

    Leon’s hair looks fine in cutscenes (and in-game too, if the same model is being used), but apparently (I may be wrong) his model in the inventory menu is a different one, since the hair parting looks a bit wider.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the feedback!
      – Wall: that’s because the flashlight settings are different now. It’s not because the texture. As I mentioned somewhere else, lights affect much more brighter colors and the corners of that texture are almost white. So, I’ve darkened the brighters areas of that texture to reduce that effect –> Fixed
      – The dog’s eyes differneces are consequence of a remapping work I did to match the 3D model. And the hair differences are consequence of a really hardtime I had remapping the rest of the body XD
      It was plenty of seams and badly mapped polygons that weren’t almost noticeable whith the low-res texture. And now that I look it closely I agree it needs some revision.
      The Colmillos texture has a different distribution and it was much easier to remap while the “good dog” texture reuses a lot of timeas the same piece of texture for different parts of the body. that’s the reason.
      – Sideburn: Fixed. It was a texture seam. I thought that part wasn’t visible.
      – Leather straps: Fixed. The bone weights for those vertices needed some edits to avoid some terrible clipping issues with the body. I readjusted 2 vertices weights and that’s it.
      – Leon’s head and hair models are exactly the same for the 3 cases: Ingame, inventory and cutscenes. Maybe it’s a visual illusion.. hum not sure…

      • SLH says:

        Oh ok, since it’s the same model being used, it must be a visual illusion or simply a result of that specific angle. Great to hear that you’ve already taken care of most of these small issues. Keep up the good work!

        • Alvin says:

          Never seem to have an issue with that case myself.
          I think Albert’s re-texture didn’t cause it. You probably know about mip-mapping, Because at a certain angle, textures are being dynamically halved in size to avoid aliasing, the distance between the hair and skin gets smudged. Especially for transparent textures, it’s more apparent because of that, probably..

          • SLH says:

            I don’t know if it’s a case of mip mapping, it might also be the lighting. Or, it’s also possible that my eyes are tricking me. Here’s a collage showing how the parting seems to show slightly more skin in the inventory menu. (The faces in the other pictures are not exactly in the same position but some are close enough I guess)

  17. Whitegold says:

    The dynamic lighting and textures look amazing. Keep up the good work and best wishes!

  18. Mariano says:

    (mi nostalgia)en las ultimas 2 fotos siento que se aleja un poco del original por que las cadenas tienen mucha luminosidad tampoco quiero que quede tan oscuro , la foto vieja tiene como un toque de mas antigua y como que tiene una luz en medio de la foto

  19. Martin says:

    Looks amazing, can’t wait to see it in motion! Is the pack totally complete once the next release is out, or are there any chapters left? Thanks for your dedication, it’s truly amazing!

  20. iguanabeyourdog says:

    es increible, los cambios en la iluminacion son una pasada y el juego de sombras en el personaje y la rectificacion de ellas sobre los escenarios son alucinantes… me encanta que se vea mas oscuro, y como lei por ahi arriba en la imagen 20B espero que si finalmente vas a ajustar la iluminacion entre ambos modelos la iguales a la de leon en lugar de a la de ashley, porque leon en ese espacio tiene una iluminacion perfecta.

  21. mofail says:

    41a 41b & 55a,55b
    are my favourites ! just look at the before & after details on that eye scanning gate!! Amazing ! The endless improvements needed for this game has almost been reached after years of passionate educated editing thank you Cris & Albert.

  22. dollmaster says:

    Please update Progress Summary.

  23. CyberRazerX says:

    Hola! Sé que soy un poco quisquilloso en este sentido pero en la imágen 24 (tanto 24_A como 24_B) la pala parece estar flotando ya que su sombra se proyecta lejos del mango, el cual estaría tocando la pared.
    Sé que no es un detalle muy importante pero lo había notado ya en el video que subieron a YouTube y la verdad es que le quita bastante solidez a la habitación a mi parecer.
    Fuera de eso es un trabajo impresionante y sé que muchas veces se les escapan detalles. Saludos!

  24. dreadfield says:

    cris albert i was replaying the game and something that bothersme dont know if already fix this, old game there many rooms in particulary in the daytime before village area and during village area that inside this cabins are way to much light coming from nowehere there are some projected light coming from windows but then you have a wall completly iluminated like is outside , is really distracting
    can you redo a real interior lighting if is nedded that will respect the lighting physics if there isnt any window you cant have light only by cadle or fire or electrical, turn it more real , there is a room in village area that is together the double door , the one you coming after you encounter first time with mendez and ada, it has lighting inside like as if I didn’t have a roof and all the floor very iluminated, and the roof is almost black this is from the original game o know they did this to make the boxes of lot, visible, but if you fix this interior rooms fake lighting, to real lighting ,even if they have to be in dark the better!..
    is too distracting, i hope you can make this changes, to make the game more coherent, now we are in 2019 and no more sd resolution!


    best regards

  25. dreadfield says:

    hi i share with you a link with pictures with some really minor visual bugs i encounter

  26. Sean says:

    I skimmed through the video from last month and took some pics of places where the lighting seems off, I did this kind of quickly so if you’d like I can try and be more specific

    • Sean says:

      I really think it would look nicer if you toned down the moonlight and give ashley a very subtle light to reduce the contrast of shadows and ghosting in her face, you keep saying its more realistic with the dynamic lighting but its not pleasing to the eye. I’d rather have visual clarity to see her face properly, without her chest being super bright

      • dreadfield says:

        maybe is because the ashley model have attach some lighting to her so she stand up to much , maybe turning it off just fix it

      • albert says:

        Thanks for the feedback. I knew the lighting changes would imply a lot of comments hehe
        It’s really hard to properly calibrate the lights. Not because they are hard to edit but because every model has a limit of light sources they can be reached by at the same time. And I only can apply 2-3 “atmospherical” lights to the characters in every room.
        This is one of the reasons Capcom used so many times the fixed lights. So by using just a light the characters are bright enough all the time no matter the camera angle you are facing, but this generates an unnatural feeling, specially at HD resolutions.
        But I’ve done some changes that I think will please everyone 😉

  27. Alvin says:

    Eh, Sean, I think you have to know how lighting works in 3D.
    It’s simply a matter of if the normal aligns with the source or not,
    even if the character is not facing that way. Vertex lighting, which this game uses, is even more limited.

    You should make a test scene in Unity. Import a character and create a point light. You’ll see what happens when you disable shadows. Occluded geometry doesn’t cancel out a light source naturally. (It goes through walls, floors and ceilings if there’s no shadow) It’s occluded/masked out by the shader. Since this is an old game, it doesn’t have that technique. You can’t expect Albert to get that perfect.

    • Sean says:

      I tried 3D modelling once even took a class on CAD many years ago, and I understand that c&a have done an excellent amazing job on this project. I have posted a lot of little nitpicks about minor things over the past few years which are not a big deal (been following this project for a long time), but if I had to give one major complaint it would be the way Ashley looks, and thats a really big deal IMO. im not asking for perfection, but when the original version of Ashley looks more pleasing to my eyes it throws off the entire project for me, and I dont think its a minor detail.

      In my previous post from the other day I pointed out how glitchy Ashleys waist was and cris agreed that he would spend a little more time fixing her up, so I do hope that he can smooth out that wrinkle in her sweater around her waist (and I have faith that he will), but the fact that her chest appears shiny in the moonlight while her face looks half shaded and ghosty just really doesnt look right.

      The thing that worries me is lets just say when the project is finished, if I dont like how ashley looks I would hope that I could download a different mod for Ashley and overwrite c&a’s work on her, but that wont be possible if its the overall lighting and not just her body that is the issue. They have mentioned they will include the option to return the yellow tint/gradient, but Im not so sure that will be enough to improve her shadows. I realize they are putting a ton of work into the lighting, and for the most part 99% of their work is awesome! but seeing ashleys chest glowing while her face is dark just looks so bad imo

      Im really sorry if it seems like Im making a big deal out of nothing, but the character faces are more important to me than the entire rest of the project. I also think the lighting on Leon and even Luis is a little off, but I can live with that. Its just Ashley looks like a total mess to me, and I’d rather speak my mind now before they get to a point where its too late to make any corrections.

      Thank you c&a for all your hard work, and an even bigger thank you for listening. I know you guys do take feedback into consideration and that is really awesome and makes following this project a lot of fun. Im just a very dedicated fan of this game since its original release on the gamecube 🙂

    • Sean says:

      I also just realized something, I wonder what would happen if we choose to use one of the alternate outfits? or even swapped characters using a different mod? would that cause problems?

      • Alvin says:

        I like the term: ‘Porcelain doll’, of course the characters look waxy with lower ambient lighting. I know exactly what you mean. In terms of lighting however, I prefer the change Albert made over the original lighting. Not necessarily because it would or wouldn’t enhance the graphics , but because of the physical accuracy in the way a character is lit. It’s like, after this step, it’s just a matter of having a shader upgrade with sub surface scattering and shadowing in the face and it’d look insane. It’d rather have a lack of shading, than doing a tons of fake lighting for aesthetic purpose just because the engine is old. In my opinion that shader possibility alone would be worth this sacrifice.

        • Gamer says:

          capcom should of used pixel lighting for this port, and not kept with vertex, if dolphin emulator can use pixel light, thenthe should also

      • dreadfield says:

        hi there
        it wouldn’t be any visual difference, different skins are texture and geometry the same light affect the same way any material(texture) and model(geometry)

        • albert says:

          I guess he’s talking about conflicts with new file structure.
          I’ve added new textures inside 07000000.pack file and also a few into several room, item, evd… pack files. But the modded character models call to the modded pack files. So, there are no other files related to that. It should work just fine.

    • albert says:

      Vertex lighting is terrible. I notice it more and more the more I edit this game XD
      Btw I guess the final lighting results will please every one 😉
      As usual, the feedback helps a lot and I think the “ghost face” won’t be a problem anymore, but I’m keeping that obscure feeling the new lighting has at the same time. And I even keep that ghost face in just the 1 or 2 more “contrasted” areas (but remember the ghost face is not always visible, it depends on the camera angle) just for the variation sake. Every area has its atmosphere and it would be boring if the light is constantly the same.

      • dreadfield says:

        great! i cant wait to see the changes!!!!!XD

      • dreadfield says:

        albert can you bake the shadows like you did in this one=(chapter2_09_B) and in the cabin with louis, but in all the game rooms?
        the are many rooms that need that kind of shadow love, to make the 3d arquitecture standout more!
        i will callthem projected shadows
        the louis mustache looks cool

        • albert says:

          I’m doing it were is a nice imporvement, when it’s not distracting and in places where the shadows are really poor. But it’s not necessary to use it everywhere. It would look a little forced in some areas like night or cloudy outside areas which just difuse shadows are enough. As usual, I’m doing it by “instinct”. When I notice some place is too plain or visually boring 🙂

          • dreadfield says:

            i completely agree with you,
            yeah during cloudy day time shadows are fuzzy, and there isn’t projected shadows, but those interior cabins need less light inside
            you are awesome!!
            thanks man cant wait!

  28. Max says:

    Hey Albert, when is the next update?

    • albert says:

      Not sure yet. Maybe I’ll post some quick update before the video, because there are a lot of enemies to restore in this new chapter and I’ve been appliying some edits to the previous chapter accorging to the feedback as I always do.
      Stage edits are done, just some enemies textures remain to be done for chapter 3-1
      Thanks for the patience! 😉

  29. kaludio says:

    yous i really like the changes alber and chris are making, sirously they shine a new light on one of my favorite but old games… please, for the love of god dont complain thta i looks diferent or that i is not diferent enough. I have full faith on their dedication and take any changes as a invitation to expirence a better but slightly different game… at least wait for the relase so that we can gat a better look on what is changed… also albert could you reconsider the moded flashlight as a viable option going forward in the future? i find the olther flash light more appealing, maybe we can combine them both…. working as a light source for object and as the old flishlight for models….i don’t know… i am not good at modding.. anyways thanks for the timea dn effort. This project keep looking better each update

  30. dreadfield says:

    about the lighting on the characters,
    is very simply to fix, and Albert knows deeply
    Albert just have to make the characters receive the same amount of lighting in the same place they can be,
    but some rules on this old game can be broken ,a modern game like evil within and many other modern games,can have the main character in complete dark because it uses modern lighting and works fine , but in this game you cant do that, with all this baked lighting and shadows over the place, would be nice if albert would rebake all the lighting and shadows of every corner in the whole game,…with this old lighting system he must be careful to watch that lighting do not make the model look overexposed (broken exposition ghost face) crashing whites or very black.
    its obvious capcom did cheap tricks to the game of that time, like Albert said ,he keeps finding secrets of development , and is very fun to watch and participate.
    about the flashlight the first custom change he did about the position the light, from the flashlight, aligned with the leons waist it looked fun and better to me. real world rules are better for immersion, but i know maybe is hard to see in some places on this particular game even so , this game never reach a pitch black ambient. he can make a vote about that and see what version people want.

    • mofail says:

      I like the idea of patches, the more options for players the better ! The lighting in this game always was ridiculous but I haven’t even seen all the new changes to the full game, After a full release of this mod it will be better to judge how things are. I remember there was a filter being shown in the last video..?..& I really hope the dark filter will be an option with the next release as it looked fantastic to me.

  31. Anas Khalil says:

    Hi, There’s a problem in the Mercenaries, When you choose 60FPS, there are a few enemies, But in 30FPS there are alot more, and they appear quickly when you turn back unlike 60FPS, Can you fix it so that the enemies numbers are the same
    I hope you understand what i mean

    • albert says:

      Is this a problem that was already there without modding the game?
      Do you have the 1.0.6 version of the game?

      We can’t fix 60fps related issues. This is one of the reasons I always suggest to play this game at 30fps. It was designed this way and the porting team did a bad job during the conversion to 60fps. So, I simply ignore the 60fps mode exist…

  32. TJisbae says:

    I know that this would be very hard, but is there any chance that cutscenes in which Leon uses a weapon get reshot and made so that depending on which weapon he posseses, he uses said weapon in the cutscene. For instance, the Chief mendez boss battle: If the Punisher was in the inventory, it would be in the cutscene as well. As well as the whole body armour not being in the cutscenes

    Also, is there a way for me to mod the game so that those cutscenes waste 1 pistol bullet

    • albert says:

      I’m sorry that’s impossible… The cutscenes use just the models stored in the cutscene files and there’s only the first handgun model and there’s no way to make is changes the model depending on what the player is using.
      In other words, the only thing the game takes into consideration while rendering the cutscenes is which custom the player uses. Other that that, everuthing else is completely fixed.

  33. C. says:

    Great work man. It looks really nice. I think the only two criticisms I have here are the shot with the girl and the candle where the room is very warm in the original, and the candle doesn’t give off much warmth in the HD shot making it very cold. It makes her face a bit odd looking in the dark, but that just might be how it is with all the upgrades to lighting.

    My second thing was the vampire wolf. I think maybe a little more work on blending that wolf fur might help IDK. Not really anything huge though. I can only see screens. Maybe darken the wolf a tiny bit? Really great stuff man keep it up.

    • albert says:

      About the picture of Ashley and the candles behind her. I already answer about it a few times. But I understand the concern because the difference is huge.
      Oh the cutscene has the same colors in our version compared to the GC/Wii game running on Dolphin.
      The original PC colours are WRONG. It looks warmer and sometimes a loooot warmer, brighter and overexposed because a filter was broken during the porting process and it changed the colours of the game. Some areas have slightly yellowish colours, or reddish, and with different intensities. Some other areas have no problems. So, it’s not a general issue of the game, it depends on the area.
      This is how it looks in the gamecube (i don’t know the capture method used in this video, but it’s a good approximation:

      and here’s an animated gif using a screenshot I’ve taken riht now (sorry for the cursor XD)

      About the dogs, I agree the good dog need some more work, no problem! 😉

      • dreadfield says:

        in the nicely done GIF you did ,
        i can see two minor differences between versions
        i am sure you already adjusted this differences XD

        the line corner of the Ashley eyes, little below her eyebrows, is way to dark,
        and the line from the eyes where her eyelashes are is dark too,
        compared too PC original and game cube Wii versions.

        also this happen on some others texture from Leon trousers and the ears details
        this happen because when we try to retouch textures ( i worked with photoshop) grey tones turn way too dark , all expressions lines try carefully to blend them in with mid tones never apply dark or pure black
        many times many layers gone superimposed, so some effects get multiply and turn contrast way to much.
        the other thing i see is the specular shine on the iris of the eye,
        i think the original ads more depth to the expressions of her face,
        saying this i don’t mean by this that that version is better , it just causes different subtle expression on the eye , idk witch the way to make the eye shine correctly or realistic but is really a minor thing
        incredibly work as always

  34. C. says:

    Yeah the other more normal wolf further down looks odder too. That one I think could definitely use some work on the fur if possible. It just looks a bit scattered with the textures, but this may be a limitation of the bad model. But it’s so minor most would not care. Again, great job man it looks absolutely mind blowing compared to the original shite.

  35. HHH207 says:

    Dear Albert, i saw a gamecube version of Resident Evil 4 and in this version the take items menu (when a enemy is dead and we take items from its body) is transparent and very good that way. In PC version the take items menu is dark and not tansparent. I think making a transparent taking item menu will be very good and much better way from dark-not transparent menu. Please make taking item menu is transparent like gamecube version.

    • albert says:

      Hello! that’s not possible. Whatever it makes that screen transparent or black is “hardcoded” in the exe file.
      What you see in the Gamecube version is a pixelated/blurred screenshot of the scene.
      All the effects that used a blurred low-res version of the rendered frames (which I suspect they were generated by the GC hardware somehow) were lost during the HD porting process when the game was ported to PS3/X360
      And this PC port is based on the X360 port.
      These effects are:
      -Depth of Field during cutscenes
      -Intense fire effect (a faint blurry effect around almost all fire effects)
      -Blurred water (in the lake, in the Merchant caves…)
      -Blurred skies (a variation of the Depht of field, but used ingame)
      -Pick item semitransparent background images
      -When the image gets frozen during the last cutscene, before Ashley asks Leon about having a date

  36. therealest says:

    Hey Albert (and Cris, if you’re reading this)! I know I haven’t given any suggestions in a while, probably over a year, and I must say the project looks spectacular.

    The ONLY finishing touch you may want to consider is making the eyeballs of either hazel to green or dark blue. The reason why is because capcom made most of the people in the village have light eyes, so seeing the dark brown eyes is a little jarring. Maybe even make the eyeballs bright glowing orange, like how the peoples eyes look when super-possessed/activated. Again, I bring this up because almost no one has brown eyes in the entire game. This tiny edit would add leaps and bounds into the immersion factor, because one thing you notice strongly whenever the heads transform are the eyes. You’ve guys worked on it so long you might as well add that little detail.

    Just a suggestion.

  37. Sean says:

    Hey guys 🙂 Im sorry to bother you with little things, you probably wont think these are important but I just wanted to point them out.

    Ashleys eyes could be a little prettier (like specifically the coloring around her pupils) in pic 65_B they look kinda muddy, while in 65_A they’re more hazel, I dont know maybe its not a big deal but I think you have done a better job with other characters eyes and ashleys shouldnt be too dull

    I know weve talked about the color and your choice to use more white and less yellow (which is fine for the most part) but theres a few little things that kinda stand out to me. Salazar is very grey/pale in the face which would be fine if hes outside, but I believe the picture of 65_B is taken inside near flames? not sure

    And my biggest issue is the wood fencing and structures around El Gigante in pic 59_B is way too grey IMO, i wish it was slightly more brown so that it wouldnt clash with all the surrounding grey surface areas (including gigante himself) same with pic 49_A the wood looks better with a little color

    Anyway, I understand if you dont plan on redoing too much of the village, but just wanted to point out a few small things for you to consider 🙂

  38. What should be done when the company says it will release the remastered version, is often just the passing of an image filter to make it smoother, if anyone sees the FF8, it’s one, which, without words …