Walkthrough | Chapter 3-1 Fully Remastered

Hello everybody! I finally went deeper into the castle the last weeks and here are the results in the form of a video as usual.

What’s new since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • Slight model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models (not finished yet).

I’ve also touched up a lot of things in the Village area according to the feedback we’ve been receiving lately (specially lighting adjustments) and this is another reason that made me to take so much time to finish this chapter.

Enjoy the video! 🙂

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71 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 3-1 Fully Remastered”

  1. Sam fisher says:

    Thanks man you’re work is fantastic
    But unfortunatly cant test it because of huge size is there any repack of youre work ?

  2. EPD Gaffney says:


  3. Sun says:

    You realize that if you keep this up capcom just might buy this project from you and release it officially.

    • albert says:

      That would be great! but I think the chances are scarse… 🙁

      • V I D A L says:

        Maybe not that far from possible.. New generation dropping next year with PS5 and new Xbox… Capcom would love a reason to release yet another version of RE4 and this remaster is the only thing that would justify release it on consoles again.

        • albert says:

          I’d pay to see it running on RE engine.
          New lights, effects and our remastered textures. They could easily improve the 3D models by increasing the poly count using some professional batch process and a quick model and rigging revision… and for God sake, a decent quality control. I’d love to be there to control the entire process myself XD
          And, of course, a complete re-creation of Ada’s cutscenes. At this point it shouldn’t be that hard if they use some money.
          I’ll keep dreaming haha

          • Gamer says:

            if Capcom let people use mods on console than Iam sure it could be used like an option, no need to say its a new game, unless Capcom did buy the project.

          • Sean says:

            How about if Capcom releases it with compatibility for next-gen PS5 VR2 with motion controls =O i always thought re4 would be the perfect game for VR cuz of the wii controls being so damn nice, not sure why devs havent figured that out yet lol

  4. NEGAARMAX says:

    Los cambios en los zealots y en especial el garrador que me fascino se ven increíbles y mas aun sabiendo que dices que no son las versiones finales, se ve magnifico.
    los fails del video son geniales en especial el ultimo con la granada de fuego, simplemente no pude dejar de reir en esa ultima parte.
    Con respecto al agua de esa bajada se ve bien, mucho mejor que la original, pero no se, no me convence del todo seria cosa de verlo en primera mano ya que aunuqe lo puse en patalla completa el video y en resolucion maxima pues no es lo mismo.

  5. Marius Johnsen says:

    Love seeing these updates. Incredible work.

  6. Sean says:

    Wow very surprising to see another video so soon! I wasnt expecting 2 in the same month!

    Thank you for improving Ashley! The ghost face effect has certainly improved, and so has the wrinkle in her sweater! I still think theres occasional moments when she seems a little bit too shiny like plastic, but its not as bad as it was before, so good job on that! I know Im just being picky, but something about her seems off though, mainly minor clipping I think? Or maybe Im just not used to being able to see her panties so easily lol, but overall she looks really good especially around candles 🙂

    I really enjoy seeing your work on the Castle areas because I never realized how interesting the artwork was before 🙂 The plagas heads that popout are really gross and scary lol, and everything looks really great! I know you said you are still working on Salazars right hand & Verdugo, but you gotta make their faces really scary! I just wanted to point out an odd lighting glitch in their faces, seen here —> https://i.imgur.com/8LPCV3Y.jpg

    You mentioned changing the face on the door at 43:55 you said it was originally sad/crying? I guess its not a big deal but maybe the devs chose that for a reason? I also think the blue light in the blind guys cell was intentionally blue for atmosphere, I think it looks less interesting now without the blue (at least a little bit) because its like a dungeon so it should be a bit darker/creepy. I found a picture of the prison cell, and theres clearly a difference between the color of flames from upstairs to the color downstairs —> https://i.imgur.com/KRH4EjQ.jpg

    One other tiny little thing I noticed (but its not a big deal) is the blacktail seems really shiny, especially in the front when it spins and points directly at the camera, the whole front end turns white. None of the other weapons are like that, so it kinda stood out to me.

    Oh and the stomach/chest of the blind guy is crazy realistic lmao! Kinda weirds me out 😛 Anyway, thank you again for all your hard work, great stuff!!! Cant wait to see the fight with Salazar XD

    • albert says:

      I thinks this is more or less the best we can get with this old graphic engine

      That brown patch on the Verdugo’s faces is really weird XD I guess the black area is just a really small portion of texture that previously was completely black and after the remaster process it got some brown pixel and this appeared. The typical super stretched mapping issue.

      The door in the face was NOT originally that sad/crying as it was in the July 2018 release. That’s why I revised again making it less agonic.

      Good point about the torch light colour! Then I should find the middle point because you can see both torches donw there at the same time and it’s really obvious they cast different light color.

      I’ll take a look at the Blacktail specular effect 😉

      Thanks again for the feedback!

      • matheus says:

        Congratulations for the amazing work. Maybe if the torch had another model would make it looks less strange.

        • albert says:

          We were talking about the light color from both torches down there was not the same. Why do you think the torch model looks strange?

          • Matheus says:

            I meant if the torch model was different between downstairs and upstairs the fact that the color is different would looks less strange.

          • albert says:

            oh, no no, I meant the 2 torches donwstairs, The one next to staircase cast yellow light, but the other next to the cell cast white light in the original

  7. Arad says:

    Nice bro i cant say anything its just … AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE

  8. Frank Nitty says:

    The textures look amazing. Can’t wait for the final product

  9. SLH says:

    Great work as usual!
    I just wanted to point out that the big room at 53′ (with the horde of enemies) has the same painting all over the place. I think it would be better to make each of these paintings unique (or at least, have a couple of different paintings and use them in an irregular order to make it appear as if there’s variety). That’s a liberty with the original that could be an improvement. (paintings from other rooms or from the village segment could be reused here to make it easier.)

    Also, I think Luis’ hair doesn’t look really good. The highlight on his hair seems to be drawn instead of being the result of the lighting, and so it looks like a crown drawn on his hair. And overall, I know his hair is supposed to be dark brown, but it looks like dirty/muddy hair. I know it’s really close to how it was in the original, but maybe making the hair darker and/or more uniform in color and getting rid of that drawn highlight would look better, because the overall look doesn’t look as good in hd as it did in the original, at least to my eyes.

    • mofail says:

      Agree with this 100%, please consider more variety as the same painting reused was just laziness from developers.

  10. Max says:

    YAY!!! You finish chapter 3-1. Now there’s only 10 chapters left to go.

  11. Ernesto León says:

    Buenas, ha sido corregido el error ortográfico eb ma caja de munición de la escopeta y de la handcannon?

  12. mofail says:

    So many things to see! Where to start…? The video is a little frustrating because I want to look closely at the zealots, they look good though their hands need more details it seems? The Garrador (blind warrior)looks great! Would it be possible to make the parasite on his back more slick or wet/slimy? In fact all the parasites that replace enemy heads look very dry. Perhaps that shiny effect that is on weapons? light bouncing off the surface to make it look metallic & shiny could work on the parasites?..?..?…

    Paintings look super detailed now! Incredible! All the lazy blurry messes capcom made have been replaced with detailed architecture, furniture & colours everywhere!

    I wish the sky areas looked more interesting they seems extremely barren & dull in the video, no moon or stars just a few dull clouds.

    The waterfall section is fantastic! I hated the water pouring down the slope it seemed to make no sense physically in the original. I much prefer the steps approach in the video with calm pools of water on each step. Looking forward to more of the castle ! Please show us more of the improved zealot models with comparisons of before & after? Especially the zealot with a goats head/mask? Thank you Cris & Albert best wishes

    • Sean says:

      I agree about the parasites looking to dry, is there anyway you could add like a stringy/slimy effect when they first popout of a zealot or when attacking/biting?

      I’d also like to say that I prefer the slanted water, even if it was physically impossible it looked fine. It would be cool if you could make it look like its flowing down, although its not a big deal if you keep the steps, but I’d like to suggest a few things… Is there anyway you can make the front edges line up with the sides better? like maybe curve the corners inward so it looks more built in to the sides here —> https://i.imgur.com/iW4whEM.jpg

      Overall I’d say its too many steps, the top-middle pool looks odd because its soo small. Maybe reduce the number of “steps” in the water area? Right now you added 4 steps with 5 pools of water, but it might look better with only 2 steps and 3 pools.

      Or maybe even just have one large lower pool and dont have any steps with upper pools. Also, instead of adding a “waterfall” effect, maybe you could add a Spout in the wall with little stream of water like this —> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/A1z5vL5Gv2L._SX425_.jpg but just 1 or 2 at the most, instead of 4?

      Just suggestions, sorry to nitpick =P

      • Sean says:

        *Sorry to repeat an old question, just wondering if there was any updates or progress on the waterfall section?

        Copy pasted: “I’d also like to say that I prefer the slanted water, even if it was physically impossible it looked fine. It would be cool if you could make it look like its flowing down, although its not a big deal if you keep the steps, but I’d like to suggest a few things… Is there anyway you can make the front edges line up with the sides better? like maybe curve the corners inward so it looks more built in to the sides here —> https://i.imgur.com/iW4whEM.jpg

        Overall I’d say its too many steps, the top-middle pool looks odd because its soo small. Maybe reduce the number of “steps” in the water area? Right now you added 4 steps with 5 pools of water, but it might look better with only 2 steps and 3 pools.

        Or maybe even just have one large lower pool and dont have any steps with upper pools. Also, instead of adding a “waterfall” effect, maybe you could add a Spout in the wall with little stream of water like this —> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/A1z5vL5Gv2L._SX425_.jpg but just 1 or 2 at the most, instead of 4?”

    • dreadfield says:

      hi there
      the new changes are pretty amazing , we can see huge updates on lighting, shadows , gamma and colors , so well gamma balanced
      i agree with some comments above

      Las plagas need much more slime effect on them , they look too dry or maybe we can not see this effect on the video, adding more specular makes a more impressive effect.

      the sky are OK to me, but is true that during progression, along castle rooms ,seems sometimes the sky look very different from each other rooms, sometimes look like night sometimes like morning, but in general are pretty.
      characters are not finished yet.
      new shadows,dynamic lighting and corrected lighting is the best changes a see on this grandpa game
      is really that different and important, the room with table on the middle looks impressive because the baked shadows!!!!!!!
      you balanced that pretty well in the other rooms its glorious cant wait to see more please!!!

      the waterfall is a tricky one , is the more hard to do without shaders. and this effect is broken on this port , in the original GameCube i remember the capcom use a mix of a texture animated running from up to down with a shader on top maybe don’t know
      the water glided smoothly down the slope, with a very soft foam effect and it is really difficult to achieve without the shader tools, maybe if could get a texture the soft foam the water that runs down, could achieve something similar to the original, but if it is not possible to fix it that way, the option you shown is very good

    • albert says:

      Yes, the zealots are not finished yet hehe.
      About the hands, I’ll try to make them better if the polygon limit is not a problem.
      As usual, I’ll post comparison shots when the entire chapter 3 when it’s completely finished and it will include all the new enemies 😉

      And the Plagas already have a specular effect and a nice bumpmap on them, but it’s only noticeable at certain carema angles, when it’s moving. I agree you won’t see it unless you pay closer attention to it, so I’ll try to find a different specular configuration and a bumpmap that make it more obvious!

      • dreadfield says:

        and Albert , i hope you can cheq an extra revision on the lighting and the shadows you can create in all the village section , i know you can do amazing changes right now , don’t know how much you changed ,but the are many rooms that you can create a really amazing baked shadows on them, like the room that has water on the floor, with the two tanks , there is light above the door behind those tanks , if you ad a baked projected sahdow that room will look more frightening and decayed !, is the one that has the hidden mask behind the wooden bars, another example in the same scenario is the hall in u form, that has the craked ceiling , before the Ganados , that throw you grenades constantly, that part would be amazing if you changed it with baked shadows that come projected from the craked ceiling, in much darker way, because right know has this magig yellow lights coming from everywhere so dull, the game really has an outdated mod to lighting and shadows, all those room would benefit for more changes on lighting, you already fixed a lot of those, in the castle, please consider, more for village areas!!
        many thanks and i send you a bro hug!

  13. AwesomeMods says:

    Do you can have port this mod for old Re4 game because ENBSeries only work in this version and dont in hd ultimate edition

    • dreadfield says:

      hi you can use resahde 4.3.0 is pretty easy to use, you just load the game exe and then the effects are in game to tweak in real time and it works with re4

  14. Аleksandr says:

    The game uses anisotropy 16 filtering, why is the image so blurry? Your high-quality textures lose clarity at a distance. It looks like Trilinear filtering. Is there any way to fix this?

    • albert says:

      I’m not sure, I don’t see it blurry, maybe it’s the video compression ¿?

      • Аleksandr says:

        Albert great videos, I really like to watch. I learned a lot about the game, thank you for explaining everything in detail. I’ll use ReShade to improve sharpness. It’s all right now.

        • albert says:

          Thanks again!
          Yes, reshade it’s a nice option to improve the sharpnes.
          The game has a slightly blurred look if you set the antialiasing option to the max. But the anisotropic filtering works perfectly well. Also, the mipmap setting we are using is optimized to make the textures slightly sharp at the distance. So, reshade (just a slight sharp filter) would definitely be the ultimate final touch to get the sharpest look this game can look 🙂

          • Аleksandr says:

            OK, thank you for the detailed explanation.
            Strange but the ps4 version looks right in 1080p. But with the PC version is clearly something wrong. Here’s another screenshot in 1080p https://imgur.com/a/qivyUux I turned off the game, then turned the picture increased. Maybe the game uses some other resolution instead of the specified one?

          • albert says:

            On PC the picture looks slighty blurred, but’s just a little IMO. The game renders the image at the specified resolution, that’s for sure.
            I really don’t think that’s bad, in fact I like a slightly soft image.
            (BTW, if you set the brightness to the MAX it will looks better :P)

            On the other hand we have the PS4 port: it has a lot of aliasing issues. I think they turn off completely the antialiasing process for this game in order to make a sharper picture and reduce the feeling this game’s textures are a blurred mess, but certain textures at the distance make me dizzy…

          • Аleksandr says:

            PC port as always suffers. It hurts

          • Аleksandr says:

            In any case, thanks to you, and after the work that you have done on this game PC version now looks much better, and I will play it in it.
            By the way, Yes with brightness at +50, the game looks better, thanks for the advice.

          • Аleksandr says:

            Albert here I made a Preset for reshade Re – 4 and screenshots in 1080p https://imgur.com/a/RWr71ty can evaluate here is a link to download https://mega.nz/#!s0s0EYRD!yUDJKwnOZ0nLxgx4YgKLZM10sBwRC1xb-phBXZBt3B8

          • Аleksandr says:

            I prefer to use your gradients, they most accurately convey the original atmosphere of the game. Especially most gradients 1.

  15. mofail says:

    Unrelated to this video, is it possible to redo certain areas of the village floors? So I’ll showcase the second area at the start of the game but in general throughout the village section there are multiple areas where some ground textures seems as though the surface area is either warped/stretched but also some textures appear too large compared to surrounding textures..
    I’m unsure about the castle/island section floor wise but the village shows a lot of this stretching/warping from the very start all the way to the castle.
    Textures that appear much larger than surrounding textures..

    Warped textures…lots of these

    Hay sizes don’t match up also warping/stretched…

    Very obvious sizes here

  16. Willianbr says:

    Olá Albert amo seu trabalho Mais não apenas isso!! sua dedicação persistência. Sei que não é nada fácil o que você está fazendo sou dou Brasil e sinto que esse modo gráfico.. que era pra ter saido prós consoles. Você podia você podia sei lá tentar lança essa versão prós consoles. Se juntar a equipe da capcom porque é isso que você merece e muito mais! Futura-mente ainda hirei jogar mais tinha que ter pra consoles… Se por favor tiver terminando tenta lançar essa maravilha obra de arte pras novas consolas….

    • albert says:

      It would be great Capcom use our project (or part of it) in the future to create a decent HD remaster for nextgen consoles. They already know what we are doing. So, it’s their decision.
      Thanks for your message! 🙂

  17. Аleksandr says:

    Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game, I follow your project from the beginning, this amazing work.

  18. Ascaron says:

    “No voy a gastar una bala por esto” made me laugh! Great work as always!!

  19. Cory says:

    Hey, just wondering since many of the updates are now from Albert, is Cris still involved? Or is he busy with other life things at the moment?

    Regardless, great work, it’s coming along wonderfully, been following since it started (back then I was starting college o.o )

  20. Аleksandr says:

    It’s a small change, makes a more clear parts of the texture, you can see the difference on the screenshot https://imgur.com/a/rraRU7W program, Reshade, set as on screenshot
    https://imgur.com/a/6ePrOCO in the option “Sharpening Strength” – you can adjust the picture clarity.

  21. Rafael says:

    Do you like the older Resident Evil 1, 2, 3? They have backgrounds that can be improved. The third part can be improved with the help of neural networks, but some of the frames do not look very good. In 1 and 2 parts of the neural network can not cope. Perhaps Gemini will make a patch (rebirth), which allows we to replace the backgrounds with we own in the PC version and then we can apply new backgrounds not only in the Dreamcast version.
    There are not many people on the Internet who have texture improvement skills, 3D and love Resident Evil, I would like to know if you can ever be interested in this?

    • albert says:

      I love those games. I’ve seen the RE3 seamless hd project. It looks really good, but yes, some small details can be improved manually with Photoshop. But it would be a really time consuming work.
      I’m also interested on what people can do with REmake. There are a couple of great projects that improve the background prerendered images. I wouldn’t mind helping them… but once this RE4 project is completed, of course XD

  22. Kisamee says:

    Hi when will theare be new donwland pack

  23. BunGuy65 says:

    Hi Albert!

    Thanks for all your hard work; My question is: will there be a speedrunners version of the pack that they can use, but doesn’t change too much level geometry?

    • albert says:

      If I recall correctly, only one area in separate ways has diferent geometry (it has a new “piece of room” at the end of one of the areas). Other than this, the collision data is the same (the 3D edits don’t change the collision maps). We’ve just fixed some details where the playes was able to pass through like small trees, etc.

      But if even these small details are a problem for speedruners, it would be quite easy to create a separate patch that reverts any kind of geometry edits all over the game (and remove the 2 novistadors in area 20a which were exclusive of the Gamecube version but restored some time ago).

      That would be included as a separate download once the project is completed 😉

  24. Max says:

    When is the next update Albert?

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