Walkthrough | Chapter 3-2 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! And HAPPY SEPTEMBER, 28th !!

One month later, I’m back with another video covering the entire Chapter 3-2. I’ve had a great time re-creating shadows all over the area. The original low-res shadows looked quite unnatural at times…

What’s new since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • Slight model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models (not finished yet).

I’ve remastered the zealot’s necklaces and the goat skull helmet. So, now a few texture adjustments and 3D edits for the castle enemies remain to be done. I’ve applied an AI upscaling to the Novistadors’ textures. The organic textures are a perfect target for this kind of upscaling. I’ll probably do some manual adjustments here and there, but they look quite good right now. And Ada received some mapping adjustment in her face as well as some minor texture and 3D edits compared to the first remaster work I did to her model

And there are lots of extra improvements here and there. I comment some of them suring the video. I simply forgot to mention some of them as usual XD. Enjoy it!

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50 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 3-2 Fully Remastered”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    El ganado muerto de las alcantarillas se ve genial
    Los Novistadores se ven bien, pero no logro apreciarlos correctamente, pero lo que pude se ve bien
    En la parte previa al laberinto 1:02, desde el ultimo release he sentido que la luz de la luna es muy brillante crees que es posible que la bajes un poco, mas o menos al nivel de la luz que hay en el laberinto?
    De ahí en mas todos los cambios se ven muy bien.
    Esperare a mas updates.

    • albert says:

      En realidad ya he bajado la intensidad de la luz respecto a la versión de julio de 2018 en esa área, que a la vez ya era más baja que en la versión original.
      La verdad que es normal que en la zona del laberinto la luz sea más oscura, ya que si miras a todo tu alrededor esa zona está envuelta por un montón de estructuras altas, mientras que en la zona anterior el cielo nocturno cubria completamente el área.
      Cuando haga la comparativa de original-HD project en imágenes se notará mejor 😉

  2. Sean says:

    As always everything looks amazing! but I do have a few questions.

    When you first enter the sewers, I feel like its just a little too bright. Maybe its just me but I feel like you could make it a little bit darker in the sewers, at least that first area. If you compare the White Lightbulb at 16:10 to the large flame at 16:18 they give off the same amount of light as the tiny candles in the beginning, I think those tiny candles are giving off wayyy too much just (just IMO) but its not a big deal really 🙂

    The butterfly lamp is very detailed, and I think because of how detailed it is, you should make the wings of the butterflies match the jewels that are placed in them. The one jewel is green(same as the wings) but the other jewels are red and blue which look odd with the green wings. Maybe you could make the wings blue and red on the opposite sides? just a minor detail though

    I think you should make one of the cells dark with a broken lightbulb, just to mix things up slightly 😛

    Is it possible to reduce the hit detection on the novistadors? I feel like you are shooting them with your rifle even though your not aiming directly at them, like your crosshair is next to them but slightly away from their bodies yet you still hit them. On top of that, the change in transparency makes things easier. I guess its not a big deal, just figured I would ask.

    Did you leave the upside down blood at 27:20 like that intentionally? is it not possible to have it flow downwards?

    At 43:07 the stairs cast a shadow over the enemies clothes, is that something you can fix or is it not in your control?

    The pictures at 47:47 look stunning! same with the following cutscene right afterwards.

    I noticed something weird about Leons elbow at 49:58 whenever hes holding the shotgun a sharp pointed corner sticks out from his elbow, can that be smoothed out? it doesnt seem noticeable with any of the other weapons though

    If you had managed to knife one of the birds at 1:02:48 i would have shit my pants lol xD

    The clouds passing by the moon at 1:03:13 looks amazing!!!!! though the moon could maybe be slightly bigger and more detailed, still looks great though 🙂

    I know you probably wont do this, but I wish you could add something to the hedgemaze 🙂 I was always disappointed that the large gates were never used. They should open up and unleash a chainsaw guy or something !!! i know you are not adding extra enemies but if you could just take this one tiny liberty please do it!!!! just one additional enemy would really bring the hedgemaze to perfection IMO

    At 1:08:27 leons flashlight appears unlit (maybe cause its a cutscene?)

    Sorry for the long write up, I know my little nitpicks are annoying 🙁 but everything really does look damn near perfect! great work guys! really enjoy seeing the paintings in HD

    • albert says:

      Thank you for all the comments!
      -You are right about the litlle flames casting the same amount of light the big torches cast. I may take a look at that trying to not deviate too much from the original lighting.
      -The lamp suggestion: I never thought about that but that’s a good idea. I think I’ll give a try too! 😛
      -about hit detection. that’s impossible for us to edit… but I always used that trick. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to preserve those small “bugs” as something people can take advantage of. maybe they were done on purpose.. who knows…
      -upside blood: i think the blood is right if you see that … thing… from the other side. It’s an effect linked to that model surface, so it can’t be changed. the effect will flow all over its surface, so, it will be always flowing the wrong direction when you look at it from one side, but it will look ok from the other side.
      -shadow at 43:07: that’s the zealot shadow XDD that’s the shadow casted by the enemy that is at the floor/steps height. The characters shadows clipping issues in steps areas in this game are terrible X((
      -leon’s elbow: yeah.. well. that happens in real life too, but it’s just… we have more polygons XD I’m afraid if I change that vertex bone weights it will look worse with some other animation

      “If you had managed to knife one of the birds at 1:02:48 i would have shit my pants lol xD”
      Is this even possible? haha

      – the moon is the same used in other areas. it’s detailed but its so bright that some detail is lost. but it would look dull if I make if less bright. About it’s size… hum not sure if it would look too unrealistic. moon size is really small, although some movies shows it at huge sizes sometimes haha
      – new enemies: that would be too much haha. I’m sure the creators wanted to use those gates at some point, maybe unleashing the dogs¿?
      -leon’s flashlight: yep, he’s not using it during the castle section of the game. there’s no light coming from his flashlight in any areas. I guess the castle is well illuminated hehe

      Don’t worry about nitpicking! some things are easy to fix, some others are impossible because modding this game is a pain, and some others have an explanation about why I decide to keep things like this. It’s good people take so much attention to our work and as you know we change a lot of things after reading all the people feedback
      thanks again!

      • Sean says:

        – yea the lighting in the sewers isnt bad, just thought it could be a little creepier
        – whos changing those bulbs anyway? 😛
        – i get that about hit detection, just thought id ask 🙂
        – oh i see, yea no biggie
        – it is possible for the moon to appear larger on certain occasions, like theres something called a blood moon, but i guess it wouldnt make sense to change size within the same night
        – ahhh that hedgemaze is lacking imo!!! lol maybe you could add it separately, like as an additional download after you complete everything else

        well thanks for the response 🙂

  3. CiTRiC says:

    Como siempre un genial trabajo Albert. Todo se ve estupendo.
    Con respecto a Ada, lo que siempre me ha parecido extraño es su textura de pestañas, que crean una sombra muy oscura.
    Más allá de eso, comparé la versión actual con la que publicaste el año pasado y no sé si es la luz, pero su pelo se ve más claro.
    También le quitaste la sombra al candelabro que se ve atrás.
    De todas formas, espero con ansias ver la muerte de Luis en HD, jaja. Saludos.

    • CiTRiC says:

      Ignoré a propósito los demás cambios como las pupilas, las orejas y la tela del cuello de Ada porque se ven muy bien y no dan problema .

    • albert says:

      hehe buena comparativa XD así se ven los pequeñísimos ajustes que he hecho en todas partes 😛
      El pelo ahora tiene un suave brillo especular como el que le he añadido en su versión “ingame” de Separate Ways, por eso en algunos ángulos puede notarse ligeramente más brilante.
      La sombra del candelabro está, pero es más natural y sutil. Como comento en otro momento del video, la otra parecía un dibujo en la pared. rozaba lo ridículo…
      lo de las pestañas bueno… en parte es un problema de transparencias. Este juego y las pestañas tienen una relación amor-odio… tengo que darle un par de vueltas a las pestañas de las chicas, a ver si consigo que no parezcan postizas 😛

  4. Vlados says:

    Hola hola Gran trabajo! Quiero preguntar si habrá trazado de rayos en el futuro?

  5. B-to480 says:

    ¡Saludos! Buen vídeo el de este mes, no paras de entretenernos con tu humor y deleitarnos con el maravilloso trabajo que haces en este mod HD!!
    Quisiera dejar unas sugerencias:
    – Las alcantarillas podrían ser mas oscuras y las bombillas de luz deberían ser de un color mas cálido, y menos intensas. Así las sombras llegarían a destacar mas y puedes añadir que se use la linterna de Lion para esa parte.
    – Las zonas de exterior, donde la luna da con su luz, pueden ser un poco menos brillosas, o las sombras ser mas oscuras. A mi da la sensación que es muy clara la visión, mas de lo necesario, al hacer los cambios, ¡las luces dinámicas durante la acción molarían mas :)!
    – Las escaleras de las alcantarillas pueden tener una apariencia mas sucia o gastada (quizá no esa posible por no haber mas modelos o otra razón pero seria un buen toque).
    Menudo Ray Tracing aplicaste a los mapas de interiores de ese capitulo XD, aunque también hay unos detalles pequeños para agregar o cambiar pero eso ya es MUY minucioso, y no nos alarguemos con ello, hasta allí, ya hiciste mucho!
    Gracias por tu trabajo y un abrazo!

  6. Bobby says:

    Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve commented so apologies for this being long, but I recently caught up on all the chapter 2 changes. Here are some things I think that can be improved (keep in mind these are mostly nitpicks, I think your guys work is amazing).

    1. To start with I feel that the lighting in many outside areas of ch 2 are off. The moon is not visible during any part of ch 2 because it is covered by storm clouds and rain, it doesn’t appear until ch 3. Yet almost every area is now lit as if the moon is present, changing the atmosphere and tone of the original quite a bit.
    2. Even some indoor areas have this issue. The lighting in the original looks much more natural for the inside of a cabin. It also no longer matches the cutscene lighting which has no white light.
    3. Some areas in the original also had nice shadows that really added to the mood. Look at the lighting on Leon, Ashley and even the bear traps, things just look more sterile now.
    4. I know that the HD version broke many things and made the lighting warmer/orange but even the Wii version is not moonlit and has the shadows.
    5. El Gigante has similar lighting problems, as his skin appears too white. In the last image the second El Gigante and even the Red9 look like they are directly under a white light.
    6. I also think that the skin texture on his arms makes them look rough and grainy, like they are made of stone. I understand that this is promotional artwork but I think does a good job of showing in hi-res what the skin should look like.
    All of the changes to the lighting in chapter 2 add up and alter the look of the original a bit too much IMO. I should add that most of the lighting changes have been for the better and that ch 1 and 3 look great so far.

    7. The dog’s nose and fur could use some extra touch ups, plus his eyes should not be so rotated.
    8. The blood soaked bandages in the original looked more realistic. The blood soaking through the cloth would not be thin stringy lines like in your version, it would also become darker when it dried.
    9. I was curious why you added extra parasite veins to Leon in the cutscene, seemed like an odd change.
    10. As for the note you asked people to vote on in ch 2-2, I would say use the unrolled version simply because no other note in the game is rolled up and it stands out.
    11. Finally I like the idea of the new room you are adding in ch 2-3. The only suggestions I have are to remove the text on the jump over prompt that is before the door, that way it is hidden and a secret for people to find. Second you should keep the room small, you do not want players who have not followed the project to find it and be confused why there is a giant underground area that does not go anywhere.

    Hope all is well and I appreciate all the time and energy you guys have put into this project, cheers.

    • Sean says:

      I said the same thing about the moonlight, I dont like how pale it makes things especially characters, also wood appears blue instead of brown. Unfortunately, Cris&Albert have insisted on this change because they believe it is more “realistic” and I dont think they plan on going back and redoing the previous chapters at this point. They keep saying that you can bring back the yellow tint using filters, but I just wish they would tone down the moonlighting a little bit. It is especially noticeable with certain indoor areas, like the little wooden shacks which seem to allow way too much light to shine through walls

      • frank says:

        Hmm that’s interesting if realism is what they’re going for isn’t that the point of #1 that ch 2 has no moon. I wonder if they’ll do a second and third pass on the lighting, like they did for textures. Ch 2 probably could use it.

      • albert says:

        Oh, I changed the lighting of the nighttime part of the village according to similar feedback we received after posting the videos (maybe it was yours? XD not sure… I mentioned somewhere else). So, the final result won’t have that exagerated moonlight coming from above all the time 🙂 It’s just I didn’t post any screenshots about these final touch ups.
        Also, the light colours in most areas are untouched. I just changed the light colour of the lights that reach characters and enemies to match the stage lights. before that, the stage received a more pale light while the characters received a different colour light !!! (mostly yellowish light). now both stage and characters receive the same light colour and everything looks more integrated and natural imo 🙂

      • Vick S. Kennedy says:

        I completely agree with Bobby on basically everything (outside of the rolled note, which i think is a nice touch). Regarding lighting, these two things should always be considered:

        1: In most rooms, the original had a fake warm light on Leon, which gave the game that particular atmosphere during the night (a bit like in the original RE2, in which Raccoon City feel SUPER oppressing and atmospheric because of the lit streets opposed to pitch black, hopeless skies).
        If this light (which also served to make Leon model better looking) during the day was mostly unnoticeable and made sense because of global illumination (they removed it anyway), it wasn’t at night, but could also be in theory explained in “real world rules” by him being lit by a sort of extreme GI caused by his own flashlight (which was in fact warm in the original) diffused by the fog present in the village.
        Cris/Albert decided to remove that light completely (even if fake lights on characters to make them look better are used in even in RE2 Remake), but by doing so you make Leon super dark and desaturated, and that’s the reason for moonlight.
        And i’d pick a blue moonlight (present in the original in the castle area) over a dark and desaturated Leon every single time.

        2: Albert is playing the game, and doing all edits (and posting all videos and screenshots) with the game brightness turned to the MAX. That’s because gamma on every version post Wii is apparently fucked up and it was the only way to achieve a 255 white, since the Brightness option of the game is more of a Gamma option.
        This change made the whole game different in terms of brightness to any other version though (you don’t notice in comparison screenshots since both are captured with the same brightness), and with this i mean that compared to this Mod screenshots and videos, when i play the game on GC or Dolphin not once i feel the need for Ambient Occlusion, since the game looks perfect as is. Dark areas are as dark as they should and bright areas bright as they should, everything is shaded properly and the game looks stunning. It’s like the original used the Default Brightness for dark areas and magically +50 for lights.. maybe that was the function in the original game of the now infamous broken filter?
        Anyway, because of this reason i would be EXTRA CAREFUL when altering Leon brightness (or fake shadows intensity), since there’s a good chance that there will be problems once the Gamecube brightness is restored (via Reshade etc.).

        • albert says:

          As I mentioned before, I slightly edited the lights reaching the characters during the night-time village areas but I didn’t show the results
          The problem is some rooms had those fake lights, some othres doesn’t. Some rooms had them in a quite decent position and some others had that light in a completely crazy potition to the point flashlight reached charactres behind Loen. After seeing all this chaos the only thing that came to my mind is: that was a rushed job.

          The brightness set to te max make the game to look exactly like the GC/Wii played on dolphin (after removing the broken effect that makes everything reddish/yellowish). I’m using from time to time the colour filter that emulates more contrasted image (like in the wii/GC played on a tv and I’d say it looks ok too 🙂

          I’d say people using reshade are the ones who need to be careful 😛 But I understand what you mean! I thoght the same and this is one of the reasons I topuched up village lightings during night again 😉
          Thank you for all your thoughts! As always they are helpful to see things from other points of view!

          • Vick S. Kennedy says:

            Thanks for the response Albert.

            “The brightness set to te max make the game to look exactly like the GC/Wii played on dolphin”

            Are you 100% positive on this?
            I ask because i definitely saw some noticeable differences in dark areas based on the videos and pictures (but not only in dark areas, skies appear a bit brighter on the Dolphin in r100 for instance), but if you say that +50 on the UHD edition (which i don’t own yet) make the game identical to the Dolphin version in terms of gamma after getting rid of the broken filter, the “problems” i have with some rooms shown in videos (r201 and r207 in particular) are due to the lighting changes.
            I should post comparisons shot to better illustrate what i mean but can’t at the moment.

            “I’d say people using reshade are the ones who need to be careful 😛”
            You are totally right! I’m not a fan of these things usually but i think i would use it here to turn the brightness down a little bit (without altering the white peak of course).

            “Thank you for all your thoughts! As always they are helpful to see things from other points of view!”
            Thank YOU, as always and forever.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for all the time you took to send us your feedback!
      First of all, I already made some changes based on feedback similar to yours. While I’m keeping the cold tone, I’ve changed in a way the light doesn’t reach the characters in a so vertically way to avoid “ghost faces”.

      1, 2 & 3: As I mentioned, the lighting on characters doesn’t look like the videos pictures I posted.
      4: For comparison purposes, the wii images should be captured via dolphin emulator to ensure the capture method for both GC/Wii and PC is the same and there are no brightness/colour differences caused by the video output cable of the console.
      5. El gigante in this area looks like this because Leon’s flashlight was really dull in the original. Now it has the same intensity than in the other areas. Also, the lighting in the final version will be slightly different for the reason I mentioned at the beginning.
      6. I’m almost sure the textures in this promotional art are the same low-res textures used in the game. The new textures… hum … more than grainy I’d say they look like hardened and heavily creased skin. I’d say it looks pretty good and it keeps the original details too. Maybe it’s a matter of taste.
      7. Yep! the dog needs a touch up for sure! I have it in my list. I want him to look much better in the final version. He deserves it ;D
      8. I see what you mean. Since the surface is a bandage it doesn’t make sense the blood is staying there like that and it should look more soaked
      9. Hehe they are the same ammount of veins in his arm, it’s just the textures are HD now 😛 About the face, the position of the veins changed because the 3D face model is now different and the veins effect probably follow some kind of “from vertex “x” to vertex “y” ” route. And the vertex order is now different. I can manually hex edit the veins effect and try to make them to match again the original positions. I have it in my list of final touches, too 😉
      10. I take note of that!
      11. Oh, hidding the prompt.. good idea! Not sure if that’s possible but I’ll try it. the room still is in a very early stage… who knows what will be the final shape.

      Thanks again for all the feedback and thoughts!!

  7. jim machuga says:

    I like what i’m seeing it’s almost a remake graphically at this point the lip movement is the only thing truly dating it

  8. mofail says:

    The castle area is much more complex & detailed section of the game than the village. Every room looks intensely detailed now & the furniture looks beautiful ! In fact the environment looks so great now the enemies are dull & out of place. Kinda like that final fantasy 8 steam so called “HD” release, where the new models were placed on old environments & it epically failed to impress fans. When the enemy zealots are redone with their new hd bling jewellery it’s going to be fantastic. Amazing work as always! The shadows & structure corrections are very much needed to give this game more atmosphere & make more sense. So many things looked just odd & lazily put together in the original. At 46:44 Did you guys just upscale the deer head? I just wondered about that. Your textures really stand out but if it saves time & energy I can’t blame anyone for that. Well take your time here in this castle please? the environment in every room has tons of details that will look amazing in hd with this project. Good luck !

  9. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work indeed.

  10. Marius Johnsen says:

    The redone shadows looks really nice. The addition of the lamps for the labyrinth area, the moon and the moss along the sewer steps was a nice touch.

    I agree with bobby that the blood soaked bandages in the original does look somewhat more realistic.
    However i’m ok with the lighting changes throughout the game. Some areas will have a slight change of atmosphere, but in my opinion it all adds a bit of pseudo-realism.

    Incredible work

  11. dreaddfield says:

    hi Albert
    the lighting changes i saw in the last video are for better!! don’t listen people with nostalgia googles or because they rememeber his first gameplay in a broken game..
    the game has a cinematic night lighting is the way it is, all the games, during nigh,t have strong night shadows and very white lighting coming from the moon
    i love the changes, keep it up and use your nice taste on things
    please do not make any broken light coming again because capcom did rush so much on this game
    the only thing i will ad , don’t be afraid to make the interior new baked shadows that looked amazing a little more sharp and not so diffuse, and would be nice to ad less light in sewers section if you dare,
    but am sure people would start saying that is too dark ,
    i would like to see how remake the leon death animation when HIS FACE MEALT BY THE ACID OF NOVISTATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you bro.

  12. Superbegita says:

    Hey this is still excelent i have to say.

    Well ii have try (since the time) your last big pack from June /July 2018 and i have some questions technicals

    So the first one that is strange very strange in fact because i don’t see what AA filter have to do with excessive dark brightness…

    Here it is i have notice something:

    Of cours eio hvae applied the 4go patch (no crash indeed) and the patch for the pack AFTER after applying the 4gh patch.

    It’ only after i have launche the game from Steam (no problem so far).

    Here is it however:

    When i load a save when i launch the game..the game with filter 1 (the one from the Gamùecube version as you know).

    The game is MUCH much darker than usual. By example the ground of the house in the Ganados farm is very black..

    So after some try i have notice that is i put the AA filter activated and AFTER that…i désactivated it..the game look absolutely normal. I will try without the Gamecube filter (number 1 so on the 4).

    Second question is..

    I run the game in 4K/ locked 60 fps.. with G(synch on in fulscreen mode (i think it’s important to quote judging the problem).

    So..in game…they are visibly some tearing when i move Leon or other (when i raise the camera from the ground in the air by example there is clearly some..tearing big tearing who is happening).

    So i was wondering..since ùmy configuration is very powerful. (i9 9900K at 5ghz on all cores overclopcking manuel with a Geforce RTX 2080 Ti oc too , 32go ram at 4200Mhz

    I know my system is 100% really stable (tested during 8 hours on realbench who have AVX instructions very hungry and devours cpu/ram etc).

    No problem with Resident evil 2 remake by example.

    In Nvidia options the V-synch, triple buffer and other are désactivated just the G-synch HDR is on.

    As i thought in locked 30 fps there is indeed less tearing but the game is REALLY laggy (i am on a 4K/144Hz monitor so i have the habit of high refresh rate and fps).

    So i was just wondering no no it’s just the game…and the 60 fps who make some.problems.

    Other games look fine withgout propblems.

    No Motion blur activated of course and AA itself.

    Thanks you by advance and have a nice day Albert/ Chris ^^

    • albert says:

      Hello! I’m not used to all this kind of stuff because my monitor doesn’t display anything beyond 1080p, but I know this game was poorly optimized and some computers (even powerful computers) have some slowdowns sometimes, but that’s it. I never heard about brightness issues O_o!! Could you send us some screenshot? And does it look ok if you deactivate the colour filter?

      Also, did you have these issues before installing our pack?

      About the other graphic card options being activated and deactivated, does someone else here experienced similar problems or can share a solution or suggestion for Superbegita’s problems? Maybe the game works better using some specific options.

      My experience with my i5, geforce 750 Ti 2GB, 16MG ram, 2 x 2TB HDD (game installed in the same HDD the OS is):
      – Original game works perfectly fine at 1080p 60fps. Only some occasional slowdowns here and there, mostly because I have a lot of software opened at the same time maybe…
      – The HD project files impact is almost unnoticeable, just a pair of slowdows here and there because of the game loading some textures on the fly.
      – When I force the game to run at 4K with the HD project files (even my screen won’t display it, my card can render it at 4K) it runs the game ok at 30 fps, and at 60fps if the AA is deactivated.
      – When the game is running at 4K, 60 fps and AA 8x it gets a massive slowdown!!! (1fps XD)

      • Superbegita says:

        Ah yes ! I have found it myself ! Ok so it look like that the fullscreen mode IN 1080p get some problems with tearing obvisouly..

        I have tested in windored (with the light white bar above the screen of the game nrl) and yes..not at all tearing…and no problems for the rendering of the colors (no excessive darkness).

        And i have tested G-synch it’s not the problem of course. (Resident evil 2 remake in fullscreen on Directx 11 is perfect).

        So for the fix for the colors darkness…you can use (for the others members in case or or putting that in the tips on download section i think).

        For fixing darkness problem you can eithger:

        – Activated AA filtering in x2/x4 or x8…

        Going to the game itself..And after that you just have to desactivated again !

        Normally..colours will return to the normal. (same for the filters no matter the filters use).

        Or…you can play DIRECTLY in windoered mode (my case right now).

        For the BIG tearing problems:

        – Play ONLY in Windored mode..NOt in Fullscreen you wil have tearing problem who occurs no matter the resolution or fiexed fps (tested on 30 fps very VERY laggy game and 60 fps much better).

        Of course the lower the fixed fps are…the less noticable the tearing will be but honestly i have used to 144Hz now and yeah… 30 fps is VERY laggy…it’s awful.

        Thanks you you Albert in all cases forf your kind help ^^
        I stll wait the final release for “make some donations ” as Lors Saddler huhbuh

        So for playing in the best conditions:

        Play ONLY in Windored mode and fixed 60 fps (otherwise game is very laggy in fixed 30 fps). With filter 1 for Gamecube tone/colors and set MAXIMUM brightness in brightness option).

        You wil have no tearing at all and good motion. and colors/toned for the massive slowdonw it happen indeed myself…

        Solution is to load again the map you are in and it will be good (normally of course).

        And IF you dare put fps above the 60 fps game will be in slow motion… (in others words…you deleted the limlit of the natural V-synch of the game).

        I know that some games are made when you do this. If you want to have fun try to make run Skyrim above 60 fps you will be..amaze of the game going crazy haha ^^ horse will be mad making some flip around and camera go insane.
        Ay yeah as you saif

        Yes in fact you can use the DSR option in Nvidia control panel (i think you already know it but just in case).

        BNBeware DSR made some problems sometime i have notice a big problem on Resident evil 2 reake with the famous SMAA filter…

        No problem however in true 4K (without DSR).

        Hummm for me all my games are on my ssd NVMe (pci- 3.0 x4 Samsung ones).

        Loading times is immediate of course. But hve notice very rarely some slowdonws (but not in continue of course).

        Apparently it’s a game problem juding the wikipedia on the game here:


        I quote: Random slow downs • Link
        If you’re playing the game and it suddenly slows down, load the map and exit.[citation needed]

        • Superbegita says:

          Yes no problems for sharing some screenshot ^^ I will do that with the selected graphics options .

          But the problem occurs in fact when: the game is ONYLY in Fullscreen mode.

          When it’s in Windored mode you notice quickly that the colors of the menus change radically.

          Honestly i don’t remember having these problems before instaling the pack well i mean specially the tearing one who surprise me. But for being honest…since i am on 144Hz monitors therefore i have the habit there is a very long time of the ps2 version who was in 30 fps (wel and yet it have already some majors slowdowns when to much ennemy).

          But there i really notice the problems. (motion blur on it’s very foggy, 30 fps very laggy but that i was expecting).

          Hummm i know that Winodws 10 had problems when taking picture mean screenshots in HDR mode..But the game in SDR so it will have no worried to take some ^^ (i assume).

          I will do that thank to Geforce Experience or directly on the keyboard.

          I have just som setting for the Nvidia control panel and my monitor.

          But i don’t think it’s those…seeing how excellent others games look at.

          I will take the picutres and upload them on noelshack or sending them to you if you want ?

          Have a nice day Albert ^^

          • Superbegita says:

            Ah there we are ! Ok it’s was what i thought so for the big problem of the tearing it’s simple.

            Long time i have heard that V-synch (who is naturally on and set in Resident evil 4 despite we desactivate ourself it)… is compatible and may be add to the G-synch..

            Proof is that it’s not the case here.

            I have just tested it with GF-synch on in fullscreen mode (in Nvidia control panel there in fact Fullscreen mode and bordeless screen mode).

            With G-synch on…the game in Fullscreen mode had some big tearing…

            But ! When you desactivated quickly the G-synch in Nvidia control panel…here we are !

            The is NO at all tearing as if i was in windored mode in Resident evil 4…

            So as in windored mode of course G-synch is not active ..it’s was logicial that there was no tearing at all.

            The game can run above 60 fps but judging the big problems (qte will be MUCH faster….without others aspect of the game including damage to the knife who will be deadly…as Resident evil 2 remake. Same thing: the more fps you get…the more deadly are the physical weapons. ((knife, blades, axe etc not for the bullet for the hitbox).

            And for the problem of the colours…

            The thing still happen when you activated the fullscreen mode in Resident evil 4

            Since then you have two choices:

            Either you just go back in Windored mode (sad) or…you do as me: you just activated the anti aliasing in the options (x2/x4 or x8 no matter just to activated it)….

            And just after that..you desactuivated it !

            You just go back to the game…tada ! It just work.

            As Nvidia CEO say: It’s work the way it’s mean to play! haha ^^
            So no worried for the tearing it’s was the G-synch fault (or rather the game is not able to handle V-synch + G-synch).

            For the colours…So if desactivazted your filters or put on 1…no matter the colours problems will be here.

            Of course for the others 3 you wil have very MUCH darker blue or reddish color (warm so).

            Ah only the last one can be set the 4th one. I have noticed it was much contrast and colours but not at all to the point to be very dark.

            I will mke some screenshots as promised

            Have a nice day.

            I will make a test in Ris of the Tomb Raider i know that the game had a 60Mhz mode in his options (120/144Hz too).

            I think it doesn’t have natural V-synch on so i will se if it’s really that who put some troubles definitively for Resident evil 4

            I will keep you in touch ^^

  13. SLH says:

    As usual, great work and great commentaries! It’s a big improvement over the original version.
    Here are some suggestions:

    -About the last part of the previous video, I was wondering if you are planning to put different paintings in that big room full of zealots where you have to use cranks. It’s a lazy job on Capcom’s part to use the same picture for every single painting in that room. You could reuse paintings from different parts of the game or use a database with hd version of European paintings so that each painting in that room is different, if you are considering making this change.

    – I wanted to know if the gatling gun and Leon’s death by novistador have already been remastered. For the latter, I think Two-Face from The Dark Knight and Gus Fring from Breaking Bad would be the best visual references.

    -Ada’s hair looks way too bright. I guess this is mainly due to the newly added specular effect, so to balance it, the hair color must be darkened accordingly. It would be a big improvement if it were much darker (as dark as in the original, or even more). Asians have really dark hair, and even in a well lit room, it can still look quite dark. Here’s a reference from other games and Retribution: https://imgur.com/1DIavRR
    Also, I didn’t get a proper look at her dress in this video, but it looked fine. Anyway, Ada’s dress from Retribution is a great reference for any further improvements. I like her eyes as they are in the video, but maybe if the eyelashes were shortened just a little bit, it could possibly look better.

    -Ada’s skin looks smooth, especially on her hands and arms. Are there any plans to make it look more natural with a grainier texture (but not too grainy)? I love the work you did on the nails!

    -Lastly, if it’s possible, it would look better if Ada’s fingers were less chubby (based on the screenshot used to illustrate this post). Not a big deal, but it’s noticeable on a screenshot.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • CiTRiC says:

      I completely agree with all the points you make regarding Ada. I made a quick edit to see how Ada could look with a darker hair and it looks better in my opinion.
      I think its Ada’s hair texture what makes it look grey, because it has a lot of static shadows drawn into the texture. Maybe there’s a way to have a darker texture, while also making the light that reaches it make more contrast (if it fmakes any sense)?

    • albert says:

      Thank you! This help me a lot to improve Ada a little more:

      “Ada’s hair looks way too bright. I guess this is mainly due to the newly added specular effect, so to balance it, the hair color must be darkened accordingly.”

      “but maybe if the eyelashes were shortened just a little bit, it could possibly look better.”
      Working on that, the eyelashes are something very important and I need to do some extra tests on Ada and Ashley eyelashes

      “Ada’s skin looks smooth, especially on her hands and arms”
      It is needed to be smooth to avoid mapping and seam issues during the animations. In the case of mans is not problematic because they have veins, muscles, etc… but women arms in this game are really soft and any detail streched by the animations would stand out in a bad way. The arms and hands have detail, but is really soft and it has no color compression artifacts as the original textures had 🙂

      “Lastly, if it’s possible, it would look better if Ada’s fingers were less chubby”

      “About the last part of the previous video, I was wondering if you are planning to put different paintings”
      Not sure yet if that would be a too drastic change. I keep it in mind and I also have to make sure this has no impact because that room is huge and it’s reaching the limits. Some people is having slowdowns in that area and I don’t want extra textures to make things worse.

      “I wanted to know if the gatling gun and Leon’s death by novistador have already been remastered”
      YEP! both of them! but those references you are mentioning inspired me to do Leon’s melted face better ;P

      Thanks again!!

      • SLH says:

        I’m glad I could help!

        About the paintings, maybe you could use some kind of shortcut system (using preexisting paintings from other places in the game) to avoid overloading that room. Of course, the stability of the game comes first.

        For Ada’s hair color, what CiTRiC posted looks about right. I hope the modification you just made looks as dark or really close to it.

        And let’s hope the next chapter won’t be too hard on you with all the decorations to remaster. I’m sure it will look great!

      • mofail says:

        In the 2007 p.c Resident Evil 4 release, that room repeats the same painting a whopping 35 times ! Not only that they only used half of the painting & reflected the image crating an image that made no sense at all lol

        If not replace all the replica paintings in the room why not remove them? Just use 1 or two paintings in that room instead of 35 paintings looking the same?

        THIRTY FIVE PAINTINGS…..did I mention crappers used half of an image reflected?

        • frank says:

          I was thinking the same thing. Instead of replacing them it would probaly be better to just remove all the ones along the outer walls, could also help with performance. Is there any other room that repeats a painting that much?
          Also the shotgun in this video is occasionally leaving Leon’s hands, you can see it at 1:14:58. Was this a issue in the original as well?

        • Sean says:

          I would like to suggest not replacing all of them, but only add one or two new ones, and alternate them.

          So like you could have 2 new 1 old 2 new 1 old 2 new etc

          That way you are only replacing a couple, instead of all of them

  14. Alvin says:

    Hey Albert, you’re doing excellent work here. I was mostly speechless and didn’t want to add any criticism after seeing the other comments.

    Anyway, eyelashes and eyelids are very difficult to do correctly. There’s a lot of thought and planning behind them. I have no clue as to how the eyelashes fold over with the eyelids. Might check this in the mirror myself sometime. xD

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Yes, they are! the animation and the mapping must be done with extreme precision. In this case, I haven’t edit any bone weights because the cutscene facial animations use morph meshes instead of simple bones and vertex weights so, if the textures are done correctly they should look ok.
      Original eyelashes were so blurred that they looked passable in the original. The texture in HD is another story… They look decent now, but they can be improved I guess

  15. mofail says:

    Sevilla’s Cathedral has this painting that resident evil 4 game used & crappers only used half of it lol


    Amazing to see it what it really looks like but sad & disturbing at the same time.
    Good luck with what ever you guys decide to do with the 35 paintings in that giant room…

  16. Oriigin says:

    Is there a Direct Download version? Can’t use the torrent cause my ISP sucks.

  17. ScuffedGravity7 says:

    Can you do a livestream counting down the drop of the final release? It’d be a great treat for those of us who’ve been watching this project from the beginning, and you’ll get a crap ton of subs and donations 😀

  18. Tatacloud says:

    ¡La verdad es que no dejo de maravillarme con cada update que dan del avance!
    Encuentro genial los detalles que están haciendo en los elementos menores del juego.

    Como siempre, gracias por el trabajo y saludos desde Chile

  19. I'm bored says:

    I’m a bored troll

  20. Alexander says:

    This is amazing. Can’t wait for the full release 🙂

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